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WHO Unveils ‘Global Police Force’




WHO Unveils ‘Global Police Force’ To Arrest Citizens Who Post Independent Media Online

The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced plans to rollout a global police force that will be responsible for punishing citizens who spread non-mainstream content on the Internet.

In a session titled “Disease X,” WHO Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus declared that in order to be “better prepared” and “to understand disease X,” the WHO’s legally binding ‘Pandemic Agreement’ needs to be adopted by leaders worldwide.

The Pandemic Agreement would grant the WHO unprecedented control over sovereign nations – allowing them to outlaw free speech and imprison citizens for sharing so-called ‘misinformation’ online.

“This is about a common enemy,” Tedros said, adding “without a shared response, we will face the same problem as COVID.”

He explained that the deadline for the legislation is May of this year and member states are negotiating between countries to implement it.

“This is a common global interest, and very narrow national interests should not come in the way,” he continued, adding “of course national interests are natural, but they could be difficult and affect the negotiations.”

WHO head Tedros tells #Davos #WEF2024 elites that prepping for ‘#Disease_X “is a common global interest, and very narrow national interests should not come in the way.” Report: https://t.co/MwKBZRCcqs pic.twitter.com/tN8EYi2wBq

Here is the full exchange:

Full video: The #WorldEconomicForum2024 Discussion “Preparing For #Disease_X“. They call for global compliance when the next pandemic arrives. Report here: https://t.co/MwKBZRCcqs pic.twitter.com/0MCBGPZzBn

Before the cosy chat, Rebel news reporter Avi Yemini confronted Tedros and asked for his opinion on global lockdowns and vaccination mandates.

He had nothing to say.

🚨 WE GOT HIM! Tedros confronted at the World Economic Forum for what he did in Covid and his plans with Disease X.

This is why we’re in Davos, to pose the simple questions most people want answered and the media refuse to ask.

— Avi Yemini (@OzraeliAvi) January 17, 2024

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  1. The German police apparatus have already moved on cracking down on clowns, morons and leftist shills ,My proof? they’ve arrested Arnold Schwarzenegger at the airport for tax evasion, LOL you’d be hard pressed to find a more deserving fcukwit than him.



  2. Some of you may recall “Amazing Polly” that was sounding the alarms about Covid-19 in the very early days,
    I recall it gave good links to other Doctors & issues at the time, to gain the ”big picture”
    This also gives for thought on just who & what we can trust.

    Phony Covid Dissidents – Beware the Dream Team Narrative Police
    36 mins 31 secs : 18th January 2024

    As the WEF and WHO drum up fear of “Disease X” there is a new set of narrative gatekeepers assembling a phony Dream Team of ‘covid dissidents.’
    The trouble is most of them supported all the mandates!
    Bret Weinstein and John Campbell featured

    She could have made this video much tighter, as in some areas she does rant a bit in parts.
    However it does bring up the deviousness of the ones behind the pandemic & how they are so devious, in using others to push their message to gain controls.
    In some parts I figure she get some small things wrong, but still, it works out in making one think more in figuring it, and it is worth while to check & verify.



  3. I could say with confidence that Dandemic imported international despots to bash the tripe out of anyone that breathed in Victoria, there were many videos at the time, only one out of a group of half a dozen could speak English, had no id badges, special riot gear, it has been road tested in Victoria, the sheep went along with it. People are just happy to give the world’s freedom rights handed up on a plate, this shit was so obvious yet the MSM and all politicians went along with it.



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