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No Lets NOT do this you perverted pardy

Labour youth camp trial: indecent assault charges withdrawn, accused pleads guilty to assault

A young man accused of indecently assaulting four people at a Young Labour summer camp has pleaded guilty to two charges of assault after the Crown withdrew indecent assault charges. 

On Monday, the 21-year-old, who has interim name suppression, denied five charges of indecent assault against four complainants.

The alleged incidents took place at a Young Labour summer camp in Waihi in February 2018 and the man was arrested four months later.

On Wednesday, the accused pleaded guilty to two charges of assault. 

The Crown withdrew the indecent assault charges amending them to assault, withdrew a third charge and offered no evidence on the remaining two charges. 

Under the Summary Offences Act 1981, the accused could be sentenced to a prison term of up to six months or a fine of up to $4000. 

The accused’s lawyer Emma Priest, indicated she would be applying for a discharged without conviction for her client and permanent name suppression. 

Judge Collins set a sentencing date of November 6.

Here we go again. Name suppression is a given. This was a back room deal sorted out long before it even went to trial. No wonder mummy is not there, but instead is announcing the resetting of some targets.


See the wording has changed

A young man cleared of claims he sexually assaulted people at a Young Labour Party summer camp got caught up in a “political storm” and was never a sexual offender, his lawyer says. 

Cleared of claims my arse. Our Judicial system is fucked when they can make claims like this.


  1. Fuck. Cunts the lot of them. Fucking break the name suppression someone. There must be away to create a blog, reveal the name and then delete all evidence. Use a Russian hosting service or something and a burner e mail . Somebody must know how to do this….



  2. The Labour Party has form in covering up sexual assaults, you have to ask yourself why did they try and cover it up for several months before it hit headlines and why did the Secretary of Labour Kirk resign for the way he handled it. These questions need to be revisited
    because it’s happened before Darren Hughes comes to mind and the lengths they went to to cover that up and if was anyone else they would have ended up with a jail sentence. This is a deal done between the Police Labour and the Laywers because it was a sibling of someone high up inthe Labour Party.



  3. Anyone with access to Facebook should have a look at Hoskings FB from 4 hours ago.

    On another matter, Peter Ellis has just died. What a fucking disgrace the Supreme Court judges have been. They put the case down for November.



  4. For anyone living near Hamilton, there will be a National Party meeting this Friday at the RSA Huntly at 6 pm. Mark Mitchell, justice spokesman will be the guest speaker. We could ask him about this plea bargain. I certainly will but it would be good to have some support.



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