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Auckland port move: Helen Clark and SirJohn Key back Northport initiative

Former prime ministers Helen Clark and Sir John Key have joined forces in support of relocating Auckland’s port to Whangarei.

The pair are part of Waterfront 2029 – a new campaign backing Northport, at Marsden Point near Whangarei.

Ms Clark and Sir John spent their political careers on opposite sides of the political divide but are now collaborating on a social media campaign being rolled out by Waterfront 2029.

While neither the government nor the National Party have picked a side at this point, New Zealand First has long campaigned for the shift.

A Waterfront 2029 spokesperson, Michael Goldwater, said Auckland had a once-in-a-generation opportunity to unlock the values of its waterfront for its people and ratepayers.

“Great waterfront cities grow around ports,” Mr Goldwater said.

“But as those cities grow, their ports move to less densely populated areas and less expensive land. Auckland is now decades behind. The time has come to stop the endless report writing and for our government to make final decisions about the future.”

Mr Goldwater said no further development of Auckland’s used-car and container port was viable.

Ms Clark said the move would be a win-win for both Northland and Auckland.

She said it would provide regional development and employment benefits for Northland and could realise benefits for the development of Auckland as a world-class city.

Sir John said it was a sensible initiative.

He had certainly changed his ideas on the she beast. Ten years ago I had the good fortune to have him officially open my new factory. It was a day I will never forget. In one of our conversations, I asked him why he had supported Helen Clarks appointment to her position at the UN. He said it was the furtherest place away from New Zealand he could find for her to be.

As I said last week regarding ex politicians, Your time is over. Go away and enjoy your retirement and leave the countries affairs to those who care.

At the present time I despair at our lack of good quality politicians who will put the countries interests ahead of their own. Once their snouts are in the taxpayers trough, it’s almost impossible to remove them.


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  1. Key said on the AM Show the Port of Auckland land could be worth $6-8 billion. Happy to be challenged but I don’t believe Winston and Shane have factored in the cost of paying for the Port of Auckland if it is moved north? I’m sure I heard a few weeks ago Shane or Winnie brush over the question of payment for the Port of Auckland.



  2. I noted a seemingly considered comment from Stephen Joyce on 24 November taking a view there were other matters that could improve the economic situation for Northland. Getting the road traffic situation through existing bottle necks improved was one. This was more feasible than considering moving the Auckland shipping traffic to Northport.

    There are many issues involved. The two way flow of freight and proximity to customers may practically shift the business to Tauranga rather than Nortland if Auckland was not available as a container port. My reading is that Steven Joyce has the most considered view at this stage. He does not support the proposal to move Aucklands commercial shipping to Northport.

    Part of the motivation within Auckland is seemingly to attempt to create a waterfront vista without commerce. The political drive is as always about getting votes and a seat. Neither of those justifications would make a sound business case stack up. I suggest with NZF, based on their track record, once the seat was obtained, the excitement over actually moving the port would be overtaken by reality and apart from the public continuing to pay taxes, nothing would occur to improve the economic situation in Northland.

    I want the road improved from Auckland to Whangarei. Bottlenecks removed and four lanes to maintain traffic flow. I am with Stephen Joyce on this one. The port shift does not stack up.



  3. Yet more proof of the progressive nature of the National party – just fuck off Key you left wing nutjob. Thank goodness Steven Joyce is speaking sense about this vote-rort for NZF.

    You relocate a port 10-20 kms away not 150kms away, you don’t get goods delivered where they’re not needed. This is simple supply chain logistics.

    Personally, I think this is being used as a Trojan horse to make white elephant investment in rail (using NZF pork-barrelling as cover).

    To break capitalism you must destroy the foundations and having a port where it’s not needed looks like a good first step.

    Everything about this idea smells bad.



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