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Why A Vegan Burger?




Calling all burger kings (and queens!): Burger King is officially rolling out a vegan-friendly burger to their regular menu.

The chain first debuted a plant-based version of their signature Whopper—sans the beef—using the cult-favorite Impossible Burger meatless patty, according to a report in Forbes, in 59 store locations in the St. Louis, MO, area. Now there are plans to bring it nationwide to 7,000+ locations by the end of the year.

Impossible Foods, the makers of the burger, debuted their first eerily-similar-to-meat patty (it even “bleeds”) in 2016, and the meatless patty is also available at other restaurants including White Castle, Bareburger, and Applebee’s.

The Impossible Whopper is buzzy—but is it healthy?

Sadly, not so much. “While I think it’s great that Burger King is offering a plant-based burger, I’m not sure I would deem the Impossible Whopper ‘healthy,’ says Amanda Baker Lemein, RD and WH advisor.

It’s lower in saturated fat than other BK burgers, but it still contains more than half your daily recommended amount (13 grams per the American Hearst Association), Lemein notes. “Plus, with a long list of processed ingredients and the traditional side item add-ons, this certainly doesn’t fit the bill for the healthiest fast food options.”

Unless it is cooked on a different grill, whats the point?

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  1. There is no point; it is moronic virtue signalling given the planet probably takes a bigger hit producing all the crap that goes into that compared to a Genuine beef burger. One big animal produces a lot of burger for a lot less drama and the flavour and colour is natural.

    Saw a bumper sticker yesterday about vegetarians. The wording was that vegetarian was the old tribal name for someone to dumb to hunt, fish or light the fire.



  2. They call themselves “Aussie Farms” to give themselves an authenticity.
    It does make a very credible name, a reputation that has been won by very hard working people.
    Can they strip the name off this group as well?

    …. The group registered as a charity last year however the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission has revoked that right as of yesterday.

    Commissioner Gary Johns said: “Charities must stick to their purpose, and maintain their obligations under the ACNC Act, Charities Act and adhere to governance standards.

    “By revoking the charity registration of Aussie Farms Inc, the organisation is no longer able to access Commonwealth charity tax concessions.

    “Revocation of charity status is the most serious action the ACNC can take.”

    The group has been criticised by federal ministers for attacking Aussie farmers who were just trying to make an honest living. …..

    …… Minister for Water Resources, Drought, Rural Finance, Natural Disaster and Emergency Management David Littleproud believes charity status should be reserved for organisations and groups that stick to the word’s definition.

    “As Agriculture Minister, I wrote to the Charities Commissioner asking him to review Aussie Farms charitable status,” he told Stockland.

    “I also worked with the Attorney-General to bring Aussie Farms under the Privacy Act with a maximum penalty of $2.1 million for breaching the act.

    “Charities do not invade people’s privacy and encourage illegal behaviour. Our farmers deserve respect for putting the best food in the world on our dinner tables.

    “These activists put farming families at risk by encouraging large-scale trespass. No one wants 50 strangers invading their backyard where their kids play.

    “Aussie Farms will lose charity tax benefits after being exposed for what they are – militant activists.”

    According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Aussie Farms Inc was responsible for launching a rally that shut down Melbourne’s CBD.

    The group will have a chance to appeal the decision handed down by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.

    Just seeking an income by donations, using other peoples’ taxes, and having no work ethic, but feeling self righteous.
    At last some one in Government called them out.



  3. On behalf of all civilised people out there i say not in my bloody lifetime, if you are a virtuous vegan go for your life i dont care just shut the fk up about it and leave the rest of us to live as we wish without this neverending propaganda



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