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Why Am I Not Surprised? Luxon Is Woke





Government boosts Whānau Ora vaccine funding, launches health records app

If you thought there would be a change in vaccine rates and stopping support for them from the Coalition Govt, then you will be disappointed. It seems they are not listening to anyone but the same “experts” Cindy and Liarbour listened to. So much for the drunken dwarf and his promises before the election.

I can see Seeless’s grubby hands all over this. He will never admit he was wrong in his support for the Vaccine mandates and jabbing everyone.

Luxon’s WEF masters will be proud of his actions in funding the health records app. Just wait for the announcement that they are introducing a vaccine passport.


Luxon assures Ukraine’s Zelensky of New Zealand’s ‘strong’ support.

I’ve just spoken with Ukraine President and reiterated New Zealand’s support in response to Russia’s war of aggression.

This too has Seeless’s hands all over it. He and Brooke are both donkey-deep in supporting an unelectable leader and a war that has already been lost by Ukraine.

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  1. FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, I am sure that is part of the deals made with the three parties, Lux flakes and Davos Dave were mad keen on the jab and on the Ukraine as well. Winston wasn’t, but in three way partnerships there has to be something that you give up. At least NZ First got a lot of the parties policies that they campaigned on. Yep the jab was a huge issue and Davos Dave and Lux
    flakes have been very disappointing so far. Winston at least has the members of the other parties under some sort of control, no one could rival him in his speeches and I love how he bests the other parties in opposition. Just imagine if they were in power. JESUS we would be on the road to hell in a handcart financially and in every other way. Flakes and Davos have shown what they would be like if they were in power alone. I am so glad that I voted for Winston and the party vote for them as well.



  2. did they campaign on it? i dont even think winnie promised to end the vax did he?

    once again if you dont want it and havent got jabbed then who gives a fuck, let dumb retards be dumb fucking retards. its not like theyve mandated everyone again.



    • If we don’t keep up the pressure, what’s to stop them doing it again?
      I have no doubt if we listen to the “experts” again, Seeless and Nudenut will mandate vaccines for everyone quicker than cindy did.



      • theyll do it again no matter what we do, remember that essentially the dg of health had more power then the PM/govt combined, politicians were just useful yes men and enforcers.

        i just hope next time around theres more resistance right from the start and not so many ppl fall for the bullshit, nip it in the bud type thing.

        i have no doubt life for the unvaxxed wouldve been far worse had it been a nats/act govt in power when covid started, we should be thankfull of labour/cindys failure to implement stuff very well cuz it saved our arses from far more punitive restrictions and social exclusion.



  3. Was at a funeral in vagas yesterday , most of those there in their 50s were still talking about people like me who had avoided it as not being part of the safety plan . Some know people that had lost their businesses because their staff wouldn’t do it and to do contract work at places like the freezing works it was a requirement. The hurt in those conformists is going to take years for them to get over.



  4. EDs meme of the sign on the man’s back I’ve had personal experience with, we get automotive parts from a business ,BNT who have shops all over Auckland and NZ. ,I walked into the branch on the north shore about 10/15 years ago and was met by the manager who slapped me on the back and said something like “how’s business “ after leaving the premises I went to our bank to do some business and waited in line to be served,as I left the bank a man approached me from behind and said “mate your work mates have set you up” as he pulled a sign off my back held on by cello tape about 200 mm square that read “I’ve got a huge cock” ,the dirty bastard never let me forget it even after I stuck a sign on the back of his car that read “I take it up the arse honk to support me”, those were the days when humour was an art form,LOL.



  5. I went into tjhe daens report TGA in Australia
    It actually has some great search assistance features
    I put in 2016 ro 2020 and “Heart Disorders” and averaged these five years
    I then collated each vaccine and total Heart disorders for 2021 and added as a total
    This gave me some fairly accurate comparisons of reported Heart Disorders over a six year period.
    Started at the oldest and worked down
    here are results of 2021 to five year average 2016 to 2020
    90 Plus up 433% “thoughts” big figure, but age group most likely to die
    80 to 89 up 293%
    70 to 79 up 390%
    60 to 69 up 540%
    50 to 59 up 842% at this stage there is a definite trend, lower the age higher the average of reports in 2021
    40 to 49 up 1200%
    30 to 39 up 1507%
    20 to 29 up 1624%
    10 to 19 up 2091%
    under 10 up 9.75%
    Unknown up 368%
    So the politicians and the health department are really comfortable with these figures, they have been publicly available since early 2022, the only figure not to raise the alarm is under 10, NZ is currently looking at approving this age group.
    Politicians and health officials have to be in this all together, your figures will be no different, the world is going to hell in a hand basket.
    I have sent the chart of these breakdowns these to Chris
    If you are any age and play with this shit you will have a very good chance of being burnt, most disturbing is younger ages, an age group that vitually have very few report of incidences till 2021, now have massive issues and no one in authority gives a shit.



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