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Why Do Double Jabbed People Die Suddenly?




Why Do Double-Jabbed People Die Suddenly?

Previously I wrote a Substack (CLICK HERE) and provided my reasoning that up to 550,000 Australians may have evidence of subclinical cardiac injury due to the Covid-19 “vaccines”.  This injury is not repairable, it is permanent and may reduce longevity.

There are two clinical studies which point to about 3% incidence of laboratory evidence of subclinical cardiac injury post-jab.  Clinical myocarditis has a significant death rate within 5-10 years and prior to the Covid-19 jabs myocarditis it was rare. It is not rare now despite what the snake oil salesmen say.

Now there is further evidence of cardiac injury following Covid-19 jabs. A peer-reviewed study published by Nakahara et al (Radiology, 2023;308(3):e230743) showed radiological evidence that 47% of people Covid-19 vaccinated demonstrated increased effort in cardiac cells vs unvaccinated individuals and this effect persists for 6 months. The statistical probability that this study result occurred by chance is 1 in 1000. This is additional evidence to explain why some Covid vaccinated people die suddenly. The increase in cardiac work effort, determined radiologically, is a measure of heart damage.

The paper is below:


But the TGA and the usual medical commentators (you know who I mean) are sent out to claim heart damage is “rare”…..I believe they know the truth, they are covering up while millions die.


Mead et al (including names like Seneca, Rose, Kirsch and McCullough) joined forces to write a comprehensive review of the Covid-19 mRNA “vaccines”……a monumental effort that includes 293 references. Everything you need to know and references to boot. You can download the paper below:


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  1. It was to reduce the worlds population in the west I believe, the compliant people who had to keep their jobs going etc etc apart from the very compliant ones. Some had what ever poison injected into them and the lucky ones had the mix with some saline solution, or mainly saline In saying that, the ones I know of that have had the jab, have all been so ill with flues, coughs and colds but they do not see nor do they want to see the connection at all.



    • A good friend of mine and I used to have (friendly) arguments about the injection when they first started pushing it. His stance was ‘don’t be a woos mate, it’s safe and effective so what are you worried about?’ and my reply was always ‘I’m not gonna let them inject me with a virtually untested mRNA experiment and I’d rather take my chances with the Covid thank you very much’.

      About a month after his second injection (booster) my friend developed a huge cancerous lump on his neck which they cut out, then reconstructed and gave him radiotherapy. He survived but he couldn’t eat and had to swallow liquified food.

      As he had never had a history of cancer and this was so aggressive and fast growing my friend immediately blamed the injection and he became even more vociferous than me in his anti mRNA stance. He even talked about suing Ardern for attempted murder!

      A couple of months ago my friend collapsed in agony and they found multiple cancers growing throughout his stomach and in his pancreas. A particularly aggressive and (they said ) rare thing called Merkel cell carcinoma.

      My friend was in agony and living on morphine, unable to eat and literally wasting away. He booked himself in for euthanasia, but he died before they could put him down.

      I grieve for my friend. He was a good man and a hard worker and he shouldn’t have been poisoned in that tragic way.



  2. The same study also raised in Canada

    The heart issues that are asymptomatic (not noticeable) post vaccine.\

    The Dark BLACK, Dark RED Heart (Third from Left, or 2nd from Right)

    Overworked Hearts in ALL people injected by the RNA/DNA HARMVAXX

    The 11 minute Speech that outlines these frightening facts are from 15 months of research across 3 continents.
    Nakahara et al. September 2023.

    National Citizens Inquiry (NCI | CeNC) : @Inquiry_Canada
    “If your heart is having to work 46% harder than a non-vaccinated person’s heart, for six months, that’s 18 million beats…
    Every one of those beats is at close to 50% more energy required than a [unvaccinated] person’s heart.
    It only happens after the vaccine.”
    There is now evidence of this from Tokyo, Oxford, New York, and Houston.
    @CShoemakerMD presentation at #ICS5

    12 mins 27 secs :

    The heart issue starts at 3 mins 40 secs :

    The Tokyo study or is the combination of studies that this speech is based on.
    The same slides examples.

    … In our study, patients who underwent imaging 1–180 days after their second vaccination showed elevated myocardial 18F-FDG uptake on PET/CT scans compared with nonvaccinated patients, but patients imaged more than 180 days after vaccination did not.

    It does seem, possibly about 6 months things may, may come back into balance?

    It does point out that, this needs more studies to see that this holds true in replication.
    But there does seem to be some connection via Oxford, New York, & Houston.

    Some seem to appreciate that the ones who took the Covid jabs have also been credited with helping end the series of paralysing national lockdowns that frayed its social fabric of masking etc…

    In the meantime, wear your heart on a sleeve;– be a Corporal Jones:— “Keep calm, keep calm, Don’t panic don’t panic”
    as calm thinking, do not raise blood pressure, no worries, lower the stress level, to not work the heart so hard, 🙂 & hopefully the problem works it way out of your system & you do not have a worn out heart.



  3. Lizziep, A good mate of mine who “ never gets colds or flu’s” had 2 jabs and 2 boosters ,in the last 3 years he’s had colds and Covid around 6 times and he is not happy with himself for being carried along with the rest of the uninformed sheeple ,I did try to tell him to hold off just a few months but his daughter had a newborn baby so he felt obligated to protect the child as the bastards were saying the flu could damage babies and toddlers the lying cnuts.



    • The one for me was don’t touch other dogs no matter what they carry covid!!!! I thought the dogs I know from the park where we go each morning rush up to see me and my dogs so I am never not touching them and I have not had a cold nor flue during the whole time the covid debacle was a con.It shows that conspiracies suddenly become truth if you just wait a while.



  4. its for the good of the planet.
    they were told all along to do the right thing and now they are you lot get all upset.

    let them die its a good thing, do what you can to speed it up, encourage muppets to get their 12th booster. the more that die the better.



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