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Why Do Lefties Lie So Much ???




Whenever you see a lefty open their mouth to say something, you can bet they will always end up lying somewhere in the conversation. Why is it so blatantly obvious that they don’t care that you know they are lying?

Everybody lies, but the lefties have perfected it to an art form. I remember my first lie. I was only about six or seven. I had been in the vegetable garden eating spring onions. After wandering inside, I found my mum at her sewing machine with her back to me.  “Have you been eating spring onions”? She asked.
“Not me” I replied.
“Don’t lie to me”, she said. That threw me for a while as I couldn’t work out how she knew.

Listening, to all politicians, I am constantly asking myself “Are they telling the truth, or are they bullshitting us?” It’s easy when listening to Liarbour to answer that in the affirmative. When was the last time you heard one of them saying something that was truthful?

Social media is a place where lefties gain attention. Most of them use social media hoping that more people will notice their existence. In social media, people choose what they want to show and what they want to hide from people. They create their own life and identity in that virtual world, which is sometimes totally different from the real one. That’s how they gain acceptance from society. They’d said it’s just the way they find their confidence but really, it’s more like the other way around.

Actually, there are many reasons why people lie:

Its to do with fame and glory in attention-seeking.

It’s for political reasons which explains a lot. It is to hide their thinking and agenda from others. Something to attract others to do undesirable things.

It’s a coping mechanism for some. An ego booster for others. In fact, the reasons people lie are as diverse as the people themselves.

The left control (social)media and they are the predominant group. Because of this, and also because of their nature, lefties think it their job to spread the lies and deceit of leftist propaganda and brainwashing.

Even when they are beaten around in a debate, they will still believe they have won. Lefties will not shut up, no matter the outcome of the debate or argument. And they always revert to their stock answer when they realise their argument is crap, by calling you a racist.


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    • Haha! Deluded. It’s very similar to the default response when somebody says something Maoris don’t like. They’re immediately accused of racism, and no further discussion is possible (see Matthew Tukaki on Rod Drury in today’s news). And if anybody says anything against the saintly Jacinda, they’re immediately accused of feeling threatened by a young woman occupying a powerful position.

      Let’s be clear, Ardern is not that young. And whether she is a woman, a man, or any of the 117 genders in between, makes no difference to me. I hate her because she is a lying, thick-skulled, self-serving squid shit politician who’s busy fucking this country up like no other leader before her.



  1. I think they are wired differently.
    I had a run in with my mother over something trivial but it gave me such a fright I never lied again.
    I now find it extraordinary how the left lie.
    At present the Kimberley Kitching story in Australia has been a great example with the arse covering of the “mean” girls.
    All f..n liars .



    • WiseOwl,

      They don’t lie because they are leftists;
      They are leftists because they lie.

      Lying is preceded by a non acceptance of actual reality.
      Liars create their own personal false reality, which is based around what they want but cannot create. Why is why so many leftists are academics, failed fish and chip wrappers, and University of Bullshit graduates.

      Lying is then the dissemination of that false reality in order to get what they want. And like attracts like. So leftist liars seek out the company of others that also trade in false realities, and who feel comfortable in each others company. Friendship is based on bitterness towards others.

      Same as Maori racism, it is based on bitterness towards whiteman. And where they are bitter about what they don’t have, instead of grateful for what they do have, and an acknowledgement that getting what they want requires hard work.

      Virtually none of our leftist MPs have ever produced anything; never had to manage cashflow, meet payroll, produce a product or service that had value and that customers would line up with their hard earned cash in their hands to exchange for said products and services.

      Leftists are theorists where the theory continually and retrospectively changes in order to support and provide justification for their ongoing leftist loser actions. Leftism is a cult where the common denominator is a failure to accept reality, and thereby lying to get what they want.

      If Cindy had stuck at fish and chips, and learnt cooking, cleaning, cashflow, customer satisfaction, innovation, payroll and staff management and opened 40 ‘fresh from the sea’ fish shops nationwide supplied by a fleet of boats owned by the ball and chain, how different would her approach to politics be.

      In an alternate timeline or mirror universe, there is a Jacinda and Clarke Gayford, parked on the parliament lawn, defiantly protesting the vaccine mandates of the government led by Christine Luxon.

      Jacinda: “Fuck this Clarke, transgender Luxon is a freak and NZ is hurting. My father raised me with better principles than to stand for that. Lets join the Democracy Party run by Matt King and make a difference for our children and future grandchildren.

      Luxon is so slimy, I feel like slapping him with a dead Groper.”

      Clarke: “That would make a change from the live Gropers continually hitting up people in the Labour party.”



      • If …
        If Cindy had stuck at fish and chips, and learnt cooking, cleaning, cashflow, customer satisfaction, innovation, payroll and staff management

        It is one of the reasons have a lot of more respect for Pauline Hansen in Australia.
        In politics, she was naive, but her heart was in the right place, and could do some thing, while still learning how to be more effective in politics. 🙂



  2. Their entire philosophy is based on lies that frequently oppose natural laws and the order of life. It’s because they are small resentful people filled with hate, which is a projection of their own self loathing.



    • i.e. they are attacking a perceived wrongness in others that is actually in themselves.

      If they cannot see how they could ever earn enough money to buy a Ferrari, they unconsciously believe that to get a Ferrari they will have to steal or rip someone off.

      So every time they see a Ferrari they are filled with jealousy and the unconscious idea gets triggered that the Ferrari owner got his Ferrari by ripping someone off.



      • “…they are attacking a perceived wrongness in others that is actually in themselves.”

        What proportion of the adult population would think that way?
        In other words, what proportion are “Lefties”?

        Similarly, what proportion of the adult population would be classical liberals (“liberals” in the UK English sense; not the US English sense)?



  3. It’s the leftist liars judgement of the sincere, hard working people who choose to live life truthfully and authentically. If you don’t fit into the leftist perceived reality they will set out to cancel and destroy. They are superior, despicable, untrustworthy and liars.

    Cindy is the worst and she can’t stand that New Zealanders now have her pegged for what she is. A liar and a tyrant who has condemned kiwis she can’t control for what she wants.



  4. Lefties believe they are on a noble cause to save the world from nasty right-wingers.

    When right-wing politicians lie its usually for personal advantage or to get themselves out of trouble. They know its wrong so they don’t do it very often.

    But left-wing politicians believe their cause is just and a means to an end so they’re not guilty about it and so they do it more often.



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