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Most electric vehicles take days to charge on household power

Electric vehicles will be taxed to make up for lost fuel exercise a major government income, the extreme shortage of power will force rationing and massive price increase, the electrical grid is old and cannot handle every third house charging an EV — that you will not be able to afford to charge, it will eventually be either charge the EV or have power for you home, you will not be able to afford both.

As intelligent people know the policies of the ALP, Greens and TEALS are going to shut down coal fired power stations — while hypocritically still exporting coal to hundreds of others operating. If they had any sincerity and really wanted to reduce CO2 they would stop all exports and force a reduction.

But the money God will not allow that, so the Australian people’s right to affordable electricity and amenities of life are sacrificed.

These fools in government have not taken the result to the final degree of analysis, when more coal fired power stations are closed and demolished, there is no turning back. It takes years to build a new one, that will hit home when the wind turbines and solar panels fail to produce the required amount of power, there are many reasons they WILL fail, too long to write here.

Anyone old enough to remember the cyclone seasons — Just one major cyclone can take out the wind turbines and many solar panels — as most of the population are grossly ignorant of how global and celestial events control all our weather, they have no ideal of what is coming, weather events run in cycles and we know the damage, destruction and deaths they cause, it is all recorded for you to read.

When extreme weather events arrive as they will as we are still in the Quaternary Glaciation from 2.6 million years ago — the few thousand years of warmth civilisation has enjoyed will soon fade back into an ice age in the close future, but here will be no affordable coal power for future generations and they will not have or be allowed to burn wood.


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  1. Sadly I can’t help but laugh, all these woke people wanting to purchase electric vehicles they do not consider the children who mined for the ingredients for their batteries, then of course is the time take charging them. Bloody good job and as for the Harley well that is the funniest thing I have seen to date. First you ride it then you want to buy it????? I don’t think so, not a good look for a biker person far too woke.



  2. Cook strait failure!
    Power shortage!
    Have to turn electric things off!
    They have turned your hot water cylinder off already!
    But not my electric car charger, says the woke!
    Car chargers should be on ripple control too!



  3. These fools in government have not taken the result to the final degree of analysis…

    And you don’t need an army of state paid contract analysts all on $1000 per hour, workingtalking and drinking for 2 years, to work out the consequences.

    All you need is someone from the baby boomer era or slightly later, who did not cheat on their maths or science exams and had a bit of critical thinking.

    I’m all for the move to electric propulsion. However how we get the power to provide the energy for propulsion is another matter.

    [1] Burning coal to produce electricity is more polluting than simply filling your tank with petroleum.
    [2] The extra demand for electricity has to be met somehow otherwise the demand caused by EV is going to cause shortages.

    You also have to factor in other things.

    [3] Cars bring mobility and independence. You can fill up your tank and few cans and go anywhere. Being tied to an electricity grid hinders freedom.
    [4] The intensive farming we need to produce enough food, requires machinery, heavy duty machinery. Machinery that runs on diesel and petrol. Machinery that cannot simply run on electricity in the scale or duration required.

    “5am. It was warm overnight The sun is up. I’m grabbing my sandwiches and flask and off the head the north paddocks. I should be back 4am tomorrow after doing all of them. No wait. The header and 16 battery trailers won’t be charged from yesterdays heading until the end of the week. And it;s going to rain midday tomorrow.”

    [5] Renewable energy. Hydro is our biggest source of electricity, If there are diesel and petrol shortages either due to banning or a fabricated war with Russia Albania – Wag the Dog, what is going to power the machinery to build the necessary hydro dams?

    Oh, I forgot. the Greens are not keen on hydro, especially when it disturbs 16 snails. And with 3 waters, and hydro project will need IWI permission, planning and Koha, and negotiations that will make the Treaty settlements look like pocket money.

    [6] Power corrupts etc – political power. What tyrant could resist the temptation to quell a rebellion buy having rolling power outages.



  4. I became curious, to remind myself, why has Huntly Power Station not remaining on the gas system.

    …. In 2007, Huntly operated at a load factor of 85% and was providing a large amount of the baseload energy needs of the northern North Island.[6]
    In 2007, the plant was mainly gas-fired, but a dry winter in 2008 prompted more coal thermal generation.[7]

    In December 2012, Genesis Energy placed one of the four Huntly Power Station 250 MW units into long-term storage.[8]
    The second coal-fired 250 MW unit was permanently retired in June 2015[9] after being placed in storage (with a 90 day return to service) in 2013.[10]

    In February 2021, a third 250 MW unit was brought back online to assist with drought and gas shortages and made available until September 2021.[11]
    Most of the coal it is burning is imported from Indonesia, with much of it coming to Huntly by truck from Ports of Auckland, while some comes by rail from the Port of Tauranga.[12] …..
    – – – – – –
    …. Previous to the substitution of coal, Huntly used gas from the fields to power the generation of the main units as well, but these were switched in the 1990s because of dwindling resources.[6]

    Natural gas to power units 5 and 6 comes from several gas fields in Taranaki. The gas is transmitted along the 307 km, 750 mm diameter Maui gas pipeline from Oaonui production station near Opunake, which was commissioned in 1979 to supply the station.[14] …..

    ….. 2006 government report outlining future climate change mitigation and energy policies was seen by the operator as a sign that the plant might have to be closed by 2015 under these plans, with around 10 years of design life still remaining.
    It was also noted that, apart from being difficult to replace as a source of power (due to New Zealand’s annually growing generation demand, especially around Auckland), such a decision would also be uneconomical for the foreseeable future, even if coal prices were to rise.[17]

    In May 2012, resource consent was granted by the Waikato Regional Council to continue running the gas and coal units for a period of 25 years.[18]

    In April 2016, Genesis Energy announced that the Huntly Power Station would continue operation of its two remaining coal / gas burning units until December 2022.[19] The two gas turbine generators would continue to operate into the future.[20]

    Company chief executive Marc England has stated “By 2025, Genesis will only use coal in its thermal units in abnormal market conditions, and it is our intent to remove coal completely by 2030”.[21] ……

    There seems to be major gaps in the reasoning, and a cobbling together.
    So Huntly Power Station hobbles along.

    Just how much power does it produce, and then contrast to true power out put the total of wind & solar production.
    It is obvious, with the Indonesian Coal Orders, Huntly is no where near being replaced.

    In the past 2 or 3 years plans were drawn up for a gas turbine plant near Otorohanga, but I can not call the final reasons it did not go ahead.
    A 360 megawatt gas-fired power station proposed for the Otorohanga district, south of Hamilton, has been given the go ahead.

    So they give the reason of dwindling gas resources for the switch to coal.
    So NZ certainly is on the way out of gas, & can not touch its own coal. 🙁



    • Link to Otorohanga Power Station approval 2017

      Waikato power station was a proposed 360-megawatt (MW) natural gas power station, which has been shelved, in Waikato region, New Zealand.
      Owner: Todd Generation Taranaki [100%][1]
      Parent: Todd Corporation [100%][2][3]
      Location: Otorohanga, Waikato, New Zealand
      last edited on 4 February 2022


      Todd Corp. would be very canny, & see an opportunity.
      It is sort of funny that they were figuring in plugging into the gas line, as if there was not a dwindling gas resource.
      Would they be waiting until more desperation, at a later stage for higher prices?
      Or is it recognizing the control the government is taking, its ineptness is too much risk?
      Or simply seeing the pressure of Carbon taxes whatever is going to be too costly, that is more than the market would bear.
      Or more like as Ed’s “Why would you bother?” & “these foos in govt.”

      …Te Rapa has been operating since 1999 and provides steam and electricity to Fonterra’s dairy factory, with surplus electricity directed back to the grid.

      The gas-fuelled co-generation plant would close in June 2023 – when the current agreement expires. …

      All for the sake of virtual green appearances.

      Yet this morning talk of winding up electricity generation to cover for this cold snap & any hitches & problems.
      Load shedding and whether it would cascade being readied also.

      … It was working with lines companies to to manage controllable load such as hot water systems, it said.
      It asked consumers to be mindful of their electricity use on Friday morning and did not rule out some customers being disconnected. …

      ….. Power systems consultant Brian Leyland told Morning Report if there had been a continued problem with the cable, the North Island could not have produced enough extra electricity for its needs in time.

      He believed the system did not allow for enough spare capacity. “Under the way the market works, having generating capacity spare and idle and available for this sort of thing doesn’t make money.” …

      It is over for now, but roll around to see what next winter brings.
      And these people do not think that solar panels and wind turbines are not going to have problems, let alone what the weather will through at them.



  5. Thanks Ross12 🙂

    A tweedle dee, then a tweedle dum reaffirmation, of doing it better. 🙂 of further costly “not knowing what its doing”.

    …. He said there were departments where the lack of appropriate options was most keenly felt.

    “Particularly those with an emergency response function (requiring long battery range) and those requiring heavier vehicles (vans and utes) to transport heavy equipment.”

    National’s Simeon Brown said the Government “would have known about supply constraints”, as they announced the move during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    “They’ve given zero thought to the practicalities required to transition, and what the right period of time should be for that.”

    Brown said he backs the initiative, but wanted to see better planning behind it.

    In the mean time the costing is works out about $100,000 cost per carbon tonne saved.
    Then bear in mind the personal charge on many people who live in remote areas, plus the need for heavier built vehicles, that will cope better when the roads are returned to a metal/gravel state to ease the sharp edge pothole problems.



  6. This article puts it well with good links and points.
    APRIL 24, 2021 … Wind and solar energy are both essentially obsolete technologies.
    There is a reason why only the very rich or the very adventurous sail across oceans: the wind is unreliable, and at best produces relatively little energy.
    Nevertheless, liberals have concocted fantasies whereby all of our electricity, or perhaps our entire economy, will be powered by those fickle sources. …
    …..So why does the “green dream” persist? In part, because it is inflicted on children from elementary school on. But mostly because there is a great deal of money in it. …..
    “Green” energy holds political sway, which has made a relative handful of people (largely non-Americans and lobbyists) immensely wealthy, while impoverishing utility rate payers and taxpayers–that is to say, the rest of us.
    This insanity will continue until voters wise up, or–more likely, I am afraid–until the laws of physics, along with land use and raw materials constraints, make it blindingly obvious that the “green dream” is just that.
    A nightmare.
    By that time, an astonishing amount of wealth will have been destroyed.

    But it is a gravy train, for hustlers, grifters, developed from the ‘scientism’ of techno-bureau-crats, academia, & media, with the backing “Do not question the Science” as controlled by suppression, censorship, cancel culture which is now included into the “Christchurch Call” as per Ardern’s UN-WEF speech.
    Science has become follow the $money.
    And not only that, but ‘scientism’ based government guaranteed money in contracts, & subsidies to be collected from the rate payer.

    Magic Money Tree $$$ which leaves a shit stain of debt, and then the painful interest rate pincer move, that again the government scores from the taxpayer, that puts austerity



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