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You need to be boosted every 30 days to stay protected

Steve Kirsch

It seems like telling my blue pill friends NOT to get the vaccine hasn’t been working. Perhaps I should try a new approach: coaching them to get boosted every 30 days?

New Israeli study: 2 million people. The fourth dose vaccine wears off against Omicron after 3-4 weeks and protection is pretty much gone by 8 weeks.

So you’ll need a new “booster” around every 30 days to be “safe.”

Watch this Dr. Mobeen video


Here are a few comments on the video on YouTube:

  1. My friend is a geriatric nurse and she has patients who have had their fourth dose and they still get COVID and moreover, their crp is high, their wbc is low and their dimers are through the roof (ie 4000).
  2. “These vaccines are not well-matched for omicron” that’s an understatement, but very well-matched for the company’s profits.
  3. Its unbelievable people are making excuses for a product that gives 6 weeks of efficacy and also happens to have the worst side-effect profile of any vaccine and almost of any drug ever.

If getting vaccinated every 30 days doesn’t cause people to wake up, I don’t know what will.


  1. Thanks ED.

    I’m not a medical professional, but for those who don’t know:

    [1] CRP = C-reactive protein: Is a measure of infection. In a healthy person, the CRP figure is 1 or less. The flu may elevate it to 10 to 60. If you have a crp figure into the hundreds, you are in really bad shape.

    [2] WBC = White Blood cell Count. A measure of how many of the body’s “troops” are mobilised or on the ready, to deal with infections, either current or potential..

    WBC includes Macrophages, which are the body’s first line of defense.. A Macrophage is the first cell to recognize and engulf foreign substances (antigens). Macrophages break down these substances and present the smaller proteins to the T lymphocytes. (T cells are programmed to recognize, respond to and remember antigens). Macrophages also produce substances called cytokines that help to regulate the activity of lymphocytes.

    In the lungs, you have natural mucous excretion which forms a layer over the lung walls, and cilia hairs that continuously propel that layer out of the lungs. A first response to inhaled pathogens is for the Macrophages to rugby tackle said invaders, devour or encase them and have them safely transported out of the lungs by the mucous conveyor belt, to be swallowed and dissolved by stomach acid, rendering the, harmless.

    We encounter airborne bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other pathogens dozens if not hundreds of times every day, that get dealt with in this this manner.

    Low WBC means the body’s immune responses are broken. The army is depleted.

    [3] The vaccines only provide a measure of protection for a few weeks, at the same time as lowering or disabling the human immune response. And then there is of course the vaccine side effects. If the vaccines continue, human bodies will become dependent on vaccines to stay alive.

    Those who continue to take the vaccines will become a race of vaccine addicted zombies, both mentally and physically, and trapped inside their own bodies. They will face an ongoing choice every few weeks: Take the weekly/monthly boosters, giving up everything they own, either directly or through the state, in order to get another 8 week life extension. Or stop the vaccines and face a sharp health decline and eventual death from bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other pathogens that previously their immune system would have easily dealt with many times per day.

    Thankfully, many of us did not succumb to the marketing or jackboot persuasion, and the false promises to eliminate a virus that never existed in the first place.

    The vaccines ARE the pathogen. The original Covid-19 cover story was to get you to take the vaccines, and the real addiction pathogen distribution started.

    “Take this LSD, it will improve your health.

    Oh you can’t go a couple of days without coming down or feeling suicidal? And taking the LSD fixes that? See I told LSD worked.

    What’s that you say? If you hadn’t taken the LSD in the first place you wouldn’t feel like crap coming down? Too late, mate, You are addicted. I “gotcha”.

    The “cure” is to take more LSD boosters. Now pay me for this batch. I’ll be back in 7 days with your next batch of boosters. Make sure you have your cash ready.”



    • There’s a silver lining to every cloud. For me it will be watching the know-all social conservatives who vetoed legal marijuana because, in their infinite stupidity, they thought it would create a generation of drug freaked addicts.

      Only this time they won’t be pontificating on high. Rather they’ll be begging for their next fix of Pfizer’s poison to keep them alive for another week.



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