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Wicked, Mad, Stupid Or All Three?




Wicked, Mad, Stupid or all Three?

Dr Vernon Coleman

First, while most attention has (rightly) been concentrated on the human consequences of the Shanghai lockdowns, there is something else happening there.

More than 30 firms producing crucial electronic components have had to halt production in Kunshan, a city which is close to Shanghai. The lockdown rules affecting Shanghai have now spread to Kunshan.

These shutdowns will severely damage China’s already slowing economy.

But it isn’t just China which will be affected.

The factories which have had to shut make a variety of electronic products – including printed-circuits, flat screens, lens and so on.

The result of their closure will be a global shortage of components. Factories everywhere will have to shut down.

So the unemployment problem will grow.

Is this the Real Reason for the Shanghai Shutdown?

Second, the World Trade Organisation has finally realised the extent of the global problem (as predicted here an aeon ago). It has cut its goods trade growth forecast by a third because of the shortage of commodities caused by the war in Ukraine and, more importantly, the sanctions brought in by Biden, Johnson et al.

And the WTO has spotted that the result will be widespread hunger.

Thirty five African countries obtain food from Ukraine, Russia or both.

Twenty two African countries import fertiliser from Ukraine, Russia or both.

It is now expected that wheat prices in some parts of sub-Saharan Africa could rise by up to 85%.

Hundreds of millions of Africans will die because of the war and the artificial sanctions which were introduced by the West.

Global genocide is an excellent way to reduce the world population without anyone noticing. Citizens in the UK and the US are fretting about citizens in Ukraine but don’t seem to care about the big losers – poor people in Africa.

Third, producers of biomass (bits of tree which have been chopped down and transported huge distances to be burnt in power stations) are lobbying the EU to water down rules that would protect forests.

Nearly two thirds of the EU’s renewable energy comes from burning wood.

And the biomass burners want to be able to chop down more forests to turn into pellets which they can burn to produce electricity. (All those electric cars on the roads are putting a huge strain on electricity providers.)

Curiously, the climate change cultists (who once said we needed more trees) appear to be enthusiastic about burning trees instead of burning fossil fuels. They regard the burning of trees as ‘green’ – though the scientific evidence shows that burning trees is worse for the environment than burning coal.

It is quite possible that the covid-19 jabs which the climate change cultists were so keen to have may have damaged their brains.

Or maybe it was the masks they’ve been assiduously wearing.

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    • In the next month or so will biden try convince americans that the next wave of inflation is the ccp price hike?

      Wont it be great if china start setting up military in the solomans and biden starts to sanction and destroy even more of the US economy… cindy could even support the current thing and ban dairy exports to china 🙂



  1. This put me in mind of the lates seventies album “Apocalypse des Animaux” by Vangelis which I still have in my vinyl collection. As hundreds of millions of Africans starve will no one spare a thought for the animals of Africa who will be slaughtered in their billions for food. I know which has more importance for me.



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