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Will Cindy Agree With This?




China Demands to Run Global ‘Vaccine Passport’ System

The Communist Chinese government have vowed to take control and run the global database for “vaccine passports” – which will document if every person on earth has received a COVID-19 vaccine.

China launched its domestic “vaccine passport” system Wednesday, despite W.H.O. officials urging countries not to implement such a draconian system.

The “vaccine passport” – a digital certification that confirms if a person has received a Chinese coronavirus vaccination – plugs into China’s “social credit system,” which judges every citizen and awards them “scores” based on how much the government approves of their behavior.

Breitbart.com reports: China’s social credit system has prevented millions of citizens from traveling through banning them from purchasing airplane, train, or public transportation tickets. China is similarly limiting citizens who do not receive a vaccine against the Chinese coronavirus from widespread travel.

China’s Global Times, a state-run propaganda newspaper, proposed Tuesday that the Communist Party could build an international “vaccine passport” surveillance system in a week through its large technology companies. The proposal appeared to be a response to the W.H.O. explicitly discouraging countries from creating such a system.

“Chinese experts noted on Tuesday that China can help by sharing its experience with and provide technical support to the WHO to organize the issue,” the Times reported, “as China is the most experienced country in using a health code system in the world while the WHO is the most proper organizer for the matter to ensure independence, fairness and data security.”

The regime-approved “experts” cited in the article argued that, since China has been conducting mass surveillance of its citizens, violating their human rights, for years, expanding that system to the rest of the world would not present a major technological challenge.

“In terms of technology, I believe that Chinese companies can build an international platform in just one week,” one of those experts, the head of a Chinese organization identified as the “Information Consumption Alliance,” claimed. “The WHO can draft the rules, procedures and data format. China is very willing to provide support in sharing experience and techniques in setting up such a platform as the country has rich experience in this.”

China’s participation in a global health surveillance program would “guarantee public trust,” the newspaper insisted.

The Global Times did not express significant confidence in the possibility of the W.H.O. agreeing to such a deal, though the U.N. health body has stood accused repeatedly throughout the pandemic of allowing China to dictate how it responds to the virus, including spreading disinformation claiming the highly contagious virus was not transmissible from person to person. Instead, the newspaper cited other Chinese government observers who suggested that, rather than wait for the W.H.O., China should pressure other countries into bilateral vaccine passport agreements. The agreements would hypothetically lift travel restrictions between China and the agreeing country for individuals who can show documentation proving they have received a coronavirus vaccination.

Chinese officials are reportedly attempting to convince the administration of President Joe Biden to recognize China’s homemade vaccines as effective to implement such a plan, in exchange for China recognizing American-made vaccines.

China has approved two vaccines against the Chinese coronavirus. The first, by the firm Sinovac Biotech, was found in studies to be 50.38 percent effective in halting infections. The second, by the Sinopharm company, tested at 72.51 percent efficacy. The United States has approved three vaccines. The first, by Pfizer, tested at 95 percent effectiveness and the second, by the Moderna company, tested at around 94 percent effective. The most recently approved vaccine, developed by Johnson & Johnson, 66 percent effective against any infections, including mild ones.

The Communist Party hopes to convince countries that, unlike the United States, have approved the use of Chinese-made vaccines to lift travel restrictions on vaccinated Chinese citizens, the Global Times noted Tuesday.

“Chinese experts said it is very possible and practical for China to start mutual recognition with countries that had approved Chinese vaccines, such as Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia;” the publication reported, “or some neighboring countries that have practical needs for resuming exchanges, such as South Korea and Japan; or regional organizations such as the Association of Southeast Asian Nations; or any other country that is willing to cooperate.”

The growing global push out of Beijing for “vaccine passport” programs met with stern rejection from the World Health Organization on Monday. Dr. Michael Ryan, director of the W.H.O. Health Emergencies Program, warned that “real practical and ethical considerations” abound regarding the programs and urged countries not to consider them at the moment.

“Vaccination is just not available enough around the world and is not available certainly on an equitable basis,” Ryan contended, which would lead to “inequity and unfairness … further branded into the system.”

China’s “vaccine passport” program launched this week operates through WeChat, a Chinese government-controlled social medium that the regime heavily censors and uses to monitor its citizens. Individuals vaccinated will have QR codes available on WeChat that allow other nations to confirm their vaccination status. At press time, no other nation has agreed to access the certification, though Chinese officials will likely use the program to limit domestic travel.

Dictator Xi Jinping has attempted to sell the QR code system publicly since at least November. That month, Xi attended the virtual annual gathering of G20 nations, urging fellow countries to buy into China’s app program.

“We hope more countries will join this mechanism. We need to further standardize policies and establish fast tracks to facilitate the orderly flow of people,” Xi told fellow world leaders.

China already heavily restricts travel through the “social credit” system. The state brands individuals with low social credit “untrustworthy” and bans them from buying tickets to travel, even within the country, if their score is too low. As of March 2019, Chinese state media boasted that over 13 million people no longer had the right to travel within China thanks to that system.

“As of March, 13.49 million individuals have been classified as untrustworthy and rejected access to 20.47 million plane tickets and 5.71 million high-speed train tickets for being dishonest,” the Global Times reported in May of that year, without elaborating on the offending “dishonesty.”

Human rights activists around the world have warned that China uses the social credit system to limit the rights of political dissidents, religious groups, and others considered a threat to communism, rather than just individuals with records of crime.


  1. Yet U.K politicians and U.S states with half a brain are shutting down any proposals of a vaccine passports. Good to see that some politicians realise the power grab and level of control going on is unacceptable.

    Sadly ED nats and act will push the passport and cindy will implement it, the bitch would do it regardless but my point us our fucking useless opposition has even worse totalitarian desire.



  2. To answer the question (and as the CoL is definitely in thrall to Beijing), , the answer is ‘probably’, especially when presented as being ‘legallised’ by the WHO / UN.

    Cindy is too dim to think about the possible consequences…



  3. …..”China’s participation in a global health surveillance program would “guarantee public trust,” the newspaper insisted.”…..

    At about 60% efficacy their vaccines may not be worth a knob of goat shit but whoever put “China” & “public trust” in the same sentence has a bright future doing stand-up comedy!



  4. Face book maybe just the tip of an iceberg of problems,
    Just like the dumping of email addresses, phone numbers, personal information, that Face book did the other day.

    Then really can one trust the government and their nonsense about QR codes?

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Can QR codes be dangerous?
    The threat is that the QR Code could have a malicious URL embedded in it that takes you to site malware — short for malicious software — that can be, unbeknownst to you, installed on your mobile device.
    Malware can comprise your device’s software and share sensitive information with cybercriminals.

    But most users are not aware that QR codes can also be malicious. This is why scammers are now using malicious QR codes for tricking users.

    ….on the other, cybercriminals have spotted their potential as a means of spreading malware, stealing identities and phishing for personal information.
    In other words, QR codes make things run faster and easier, but they can also pose a threat to your mobile security. ….
    … But the downside is that you don’t really know the content of a QR code until you scan it.
    For this very reason you must be careful when scanning one, as your mobile security might be at risk.
    Cyber-attackers might use these codes to redirect you to websites (via malicious links) that ask you to download malicious applications containing a virus or other type of malware; these in turn, can: …..
    …. Don’t scan QR codes in the form of stickers placed randomly on walls.
    QR codes can be generated by anybody and stuck on walls in public places.
    And in today’s QR code hype, scammers think someone’s bound to scan such a code, just for curiosity.
    They can also stick malicious QR codes over legit ones on a billboard

    Besides the fake banking environment scam, there have been reports of QR codes that were rigged to download malware onto the victim’s device.
    Also, criminals have been known to replace public and unguarded QR codes with their own
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    So that list goes on, and so much advise how to safe guard your self, ,,,, hmmmm,,,
    So how much time will you have to spend, updating, upgrading, verifying that it is all secure?
    Any problems then it is kicked back that you are responsible for any losses.

    Now one may start to understand why it takes those kevin & karens so long to scan & use those QR codes.
    They are checking for malicious signs, tampering, etc., phishing, or whatever.

    Now it will take me half an hour to check things before, and any one raising questions, will get the above message of how risk of identity theft, phishing, etc.. bank accounts can be cleaned out etc. etc. etc… 🙂

    So the plan all the info will go to some server, either through China or into China, so what can go wrong.
    All that “social credit” to bring about total control of you, family, assets, education, banks, freedom. 🙁



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