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Will Liarbour History repeat?




The last time we had a change of a Liarbour govenrment, the then minister of finance “Call me Sir”, “Rich Prick” Cullen, saw the writing on the wall. He decided to “empty the coffers” to make it harder for any incoming government to implement their policies that the electorate would vote for.

What did he do? He bought back NZ rail from it’s Aussie owners for $690 in 2008. His failing Liarbour government in its desperation to buy votes, more than emptied the coffers to commit the country to a massive spend-up, to provide the tax reduction programme they had spurned for the previous nine years.

Now with the writing on the wall, what will Robbo try to do to buy the stupid lefties, the greedy, and the just plain dumb votes. They know the drunken dwarf will not be around next year to prop them up.

That just leaves the taxpayer to cop the biggest election bribe ever in our history.

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    • Oh well if Mia says it must be correct aye??? FFS what has the world come to when kids are telling us what to do and how to do it? when did she get a phd in Science to become such an expert. Stuff is the joke of the century. Yes waste is a problem always has been always will be. If so much shit wasn’t made, there wouldn’t be so much waste. Once not so very long ago instead of throwing stuff out you could get it repaired. Those days are long gone so what do/did they expect.



  1. NZF last poll was 4.3%. National will have to target those who may consider voting NZF and adjust policies appropriately. There are those like me who definately will not vote for the super cheat and there is still the core voters who will vote Peters no matter what. National has to look at those who will still consider voting NZF and adjust policies appropriately.

    The result of his case against MSD early in the new year could make a big difference. If it rules against him National should push for costs.



    • Well Chuck you voted for Winston Peters Party two years ago.
      Tell us, what is different today about Winston Peters from two years ago and how was he any different in 2017 than he was in 1997 or 2007?
      He was a wrecker in 1997 and caused the Irish Republican Arsehole, IRA Bolger, to step down (no real loss) and his antics in 2007 were classic to the point of being chucked out in 2008.

      Peters is well past the point of changing.
      He is still bearing grudges from a decade back into last century.

      When it comes to polls and numbers NZF have traditionally had a jump on election night of 1.5 to 2% above poll numbers 3 months out; conversely soft in the head green voters get a bit of a wakeup call come voting time and greens actuals drag behind the optimistic polls.

      Ergo 4.3% poll 3-4 months out can translate to 5.7 to 6.3% on election day for NZF.
      As there are shy Tories there are shy Winstonistas.



      • “He was a wrecker in 1997 and caused the Irish Republican Arsehole, IRA Bolger, to step down (no real loss)”

        He got on with Bolger but Shiply rolled Bloger when he was out of the country

        It is not just about me but very many who voted for him but no longer will. There are many who would not have voted for him in 2017 if they know he had filed his vexatious law suit against 4 National MPs and he had no intertion of going with National. There are many other reasons why former NZF voters will not vote for him again. One is the bribe Jones is using with our money. Another is the NZF Foundation. An as I say below National is likely to rule him out.

        In regards your last paragraph things are very different. I expect National will rule him out early in the year after the judge’s ruling on his vexatious claims.



    • “National will have to target those who may consider voting NZF and adjust policies appropriately. ”

      Hell no Chuck. National should not adjust their policies for those still determined to vote for their messiah. If they haven’t got the where-with-all to see Peters for the self-serving prick that he is then no amount of “adjusting policies” will make any difference this time either. NZFirst are welcome to their moronic sycophants. 😎



  2. Just not interested in paying tax to fund any election bribes aimed at getting either NZF a seat or the rest of the current coalition shambles re-elected. Not interested either in borrowing to fund election bribes given this is not even remotely a re electable government.

    They have been a failure, an expensive failure and making it worse by borrowing to fund bribes will not convince many they are worth another go.



        • I am not at all happy with the Nats. They have let us down by failing to act as an opposition at least twice when it mattered.

          Firstly with the rushed Arms Act amendment post the Christchurch incident. That was a serious error given the Royal Commission of Enquiry is still to report. Second failure was to support the Zero Carbon Act after Peters had refused to allow the Nats Desired amendments to be considered. The fear was they would be branded as climate change deniers but getting rolled by Peters was a matter to be used as a sound reason to oppose that legislation.

          While the Nats have failed on these matters, they are fortunate the current government is so bad. My irritation over their poor performance is offset by me desire to be as determined as possible the current government is not returned in any way post the next election. The risk level is high but another term of the current clowns cannot be allowed.



          • Not to forget Peters slinking off on his snake belly to New York to sign the UN Migration Pact without asking NZ’ers what they even thought of the proposal. Peters deserves to be thrown out on his entitled ear for his total hypocrisy. Looks like the slime will make it through to the election with the support of the SLG. She knows if he goes she is out too!



  3. I’m hoping that the Taxpayers’ Union do what they did last time, putting out full-page “bribe-o-meters” in the papers to show (especially) the knuckledraggers out there what the election bribes of each party will cost.



  4. Editor says
    ‘That just leaves the taxpayer to cop the biggest election bribe ever in our history.’

    The 2005 election had the biggest bribe.
    Far larger and more costly than the rail buyback.
    Plus Notional sold rail for a song to a crowd that did not do the required maintenance.
    It made Fay and Richwhite more rich and still white by any calculation.

    In 2005 it looked like Klarkenfuhrer was about to go and Brash would get in.
    Notional were close; oh so close.
    Labour spent up large with interest free student loans for all and Working For Families (recently introduced that was a nice wee earner by election time) that is with us today and costs far more than the rail subsidy.

    Anyhow the Railways has gone up in value. The Fat Fairy said so.
    It has been revalued upwards!



  5. A doodle :-
    The interesting quirk of election timing brings up a peculiarity from the past .
    In June 1984 Muldoon called a snap election.
    He lost on Bastille Day 1984. His castle was stormed.
    The Term did not go to November on the then usual cycle.

    Had Muldoon been able to hold on until November 1984 and the 1987 election held in November instead of August would the Labour Govt have got a second term?

    The Stockmarket crash occurred in October 1987 and caused devastation and a massive drop in standard of living for a time. Let’s say 7 years.
    The tensions between Fat guts Lange and Douglas were brewing and came to a head at the end of 1987.

    A November 1987 election against that background would have brought it down to the wire and possibly they would not have got a second term.
    This was the first time in 50 years Labour got a second term.
    At the August 1987 election people were feeling artificially flush from paper sharemarket profits and the All Blacks had won the inaugural RWC weeks before.
    People with Bob Jones (1984 NZ Party) shares still thought in mid 1987 they were going to be Gazillionaires.

    By Mid 1988 people were hanging out to throw Labour to the curb as reality bit.
    Sadly they had an election umbrella to hide under where the ultimate pig, Geoff Palmer, was able to do his country wrecking before he was dumped by Labour 7 weeks before the 1990 election.

    In theory Labour should not have received a second term in the 1980s.
    The history of the 1970s and 1950s should have repeated.
    Muldoon broke the space-time continuum and this altered the world to let Geoff Palmer do his Bond Villain shit in 1989/90.
    Hypothetically, it could have been different.
    Just as an aside!



  6. I’m trying to think what Laboru could do as a big bribe next year.

    Tax cuts are against their DNA
    So are main roads.
    Schools and Hospitals yes, but are they a vote changer ? I dont think so.
    Free Broadband – Like Corbyn was offering – may be a good idea for them
    Giving lots of money to the poor will not be very popular amongst workers (who are actually the major number of people in this country, many of them struggling each week.

    So I think their bribery options are limited
    Free doctors visits for all maybe?
    What else is there
    Free Ebikes for everyone?



  7. I have just emailed the Solicitor General to consider appeal the non-sentence of the Labour Youth Camp sexual predator. I have mentioned Judge Collins family conection with the Labour Party. I will unlikely get a response before the new year.

    I hope others also contact the SG



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