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Will Notre Dame be rebuilt as a mosque?




When you read the title of today’s blog, probably you’ll think I’ve finally lost it – that an overdose of Izlamophobia has made me take leave of my senses. After all, it’s absurd (you will think) that France’s greatest Catholic cathedral could be turned into a mosque. But stay with me for a couple of minutes while I explain.

France’s new diminutive Napoleon, President Macron, has promised to restore Notre Dame to its former glory. So far, so good. But he also stated that « Notre-Dame doit être reconstruite conformément à la modernité et la diversité de la France »

Can you spot the dangerous words here? Yup, they are modernité” and, of course, diversité”.

By using the word modernité”, Macron is rejecting the idea of restoring Notre Dame to just a copy of how the building was before the ‘accidental’ fire. This has got loads of major international architecture firms circling the gutted cathedral like vultures circling a dead carcass as they scent that there are loads of money to be made for whoever gets the big redesign contract.

But more worrying is the word diversité”. What does“diversité” mean in today’s France? More Jews? Probably not as many of France’s Jews are emigrating to avoid the growing number of anti-semitic attacks. More Hindus? Probably not? More Buddhists? Probably not. More Trekkies? Probably not. More of our friends from our favourite peaceful religion? Probably. In fact, definitely.

Then we can expect the following:

  • there will be an international competition to choose a design for the restoration/rebuilding
  • the chosen design will be less obviously Christian and more representative of a mish-mash of religions
  • in a few years the rebuilt cathedral will have both a leading Christian cleric and its own imam
  • gradually the number of worshippers from our loveliest and most peaceful religion will far outnumber those from any other religion
  • in 10 to 15 years, we’ll wake up to the fact that Notre Dame has become more of a mosque than a Catholic cathedral

But as France’s religion of peacefulness population increases and increases and increases, while its Catholic population decreases, I suspect the scenario above will become reality.

Notre Dame will, to all intents and purposes, have become a mosque.

The progressive, liberal, globalist elites would never dare suggest that Notre Dame should become a mosque. But like so much else they have destroyed – patriotism, heterosexual marriage, sense of national identity, community belonging – they (supported by a propagandising mainstream media) will achieve their goals gradually by chipping away at the foundations of our civilisation till their dystopian vision for our future becomes our daily reality.

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  1. I really hope you are wrong. The old Notre dame was a beautiful building enjoyed by all irrespective of their beliefs. It would be better to leave it a ruin rather than slow it to be overtaken and corrupted.



  2. Notre Dame is owned by the government.

    A circumventing of this, is that everybody and the church immediately raises the money. Already some very wealthy French have pledged the money.

    He who pays the piper, calls the tune.

    As it is Roman Catholic then put this business under the auspices of Cardinal Robert Sarah.

    March 2019 interview, Sarah warned that Islam is a threat to the existence of Europe. “If Europe disappears, and with it the priceless values of the Old Continent, Islam will invade the world, and we will completely change culture, anthropology and moral vision,” he said. That is up to the French and the Catholics. Do it or lose the country.



    • [edit error with closing off blockquote, my words continue]
      That is up to the French and the Catholics,
      Do it or lose the country.
      Cardinal Robert Sarah is to a level of being a possible future pope.
      Sort of getting back to the principles? that old time religion? so probably not to every ones taste. 🙂
      He is a native from French Guinea, so would tick one of those diversity boxes 🙂



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