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Major leak of NZ First membership database exposes personal details

Stuff Report

A massive leak of NZ First members’ personal details has been sent to news media in a major privacy breach.

The databases sent include the names, occupation, phone numbers, addresses, and paid membership status of more than a thousand people affiliated with the political party – including Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters and his partner Jan Trotman.

The information was sent along with a bundle of other documents in an email to Stuff, several other media outlets, and MPs Simon Bridges, Paula Bennett, and David Seymour.

The leak is the latest in an ongoing saga challenging the unified appearance of a party known for strong leadership from Peters.

Last week, NZ First president Lester Gray resigned for “moral” reasons, saying he refused to sign off financial reports due to being kept in the dark on the party’s expenditure and donations.

A leak followed, featuring complaints about how the party had conducted internal selection for election contenders.

A spokesman for the party said Peters “has no comment to make about this or any other matter associated with leaked historic party material”. 

The latest anonymous leak features a proposed 2017 election hoarding, claimed to have been dismissed by party members and candidates for its racist implications. The hoarding design says: “It’s about you, not them”.

The 799 members listed in the undated Auckland membership database leak records details of paying members from as recent as 2016. Fewer than half, 351, were paying members as 448 were due to renew their membership.

Another list of more than 80 Auckland central members, and a database of 225 volunteers from across the country were also included in the leak. 

The databases take the form of unencrypted excel spreadsheets with data on residential addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, and when the member last paid party dues.

One Auckland NZ First member whose details were on the list told Stuff he was hugely surprised and disappointed that the information was so carelessly stored as to be leakable.

“If I had known that it wasn’t encrypted then I probably wouldn’t have signed up in the first place,” he said.

The man, who Stuff agreed not to name, had not donated or been a member for four years and was “quite surprised to hear that my information is still floating around out there”. 

“It’s a huge disappointment, a huge blow. And going forward I wouldn’t be singing up to be a member any time soon, that’s for sure.”

Another Auckland member, who Stuff agreed not to name, said it was a “huge breach of trust” and was deeply concerned the details were made publicly available. 

“From a party like this I would’ve expected a great level of security.”

He said the breach would affect his future support of NZ First.

Sounds to me like the wheels are falling off the creaky old wagon. One wonders who and why these details were leaked. I might have to review my prediction of the next election, and bring it forward 6 months

Liarbour are just holding their heads above the cesspit that is their natural home, while the toxic commo greens are well and truly under the same cesspit.

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  1. NZ First is not a democratic political party, it is the “Cult of Winston”. Run by the voice of one man. Either on the inner or outer depending on whether Winston likes you or not. Members are now leaking internal NZF information like a sieve. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving political weasel.



  2. If NZF imploded and dissapeared and their votes are divided up
    Then I don’t think the Greens and Labours would get enough votes.
    The Greens might struggle to even get 5%.
    Especially if the Blue Greens take a few percent.



  3. And the Coalition set up by Mr Peters is planning a Firearms register thus raising fears that criminals could use the proposed register as a selection tool when planning criminal rearming.

    What a joke, the Deputy Prime Minister’s Party could not even protect its membership,detail.

    No, a resounding no, to any register of firearms held by Licenced Firearm owners.



    • Agreed

      All knife users should be licensed.
      All knives must be registered.
      Also knives must be kept in a central armory, since they cause more fatalities and injuries than firearms.

      FBI issued a press release noting they have published their 2018 crime statistics. Most notable about the report is the fact that despite constant fear mongering by the mainstream media and the government that crime is running rampant, the number of violent crimes decreased 3.3 percent as compared to the previous year. Also contained in the report were the numbers and causes of deaths in murder cases. Although the FBI did not make the comparison themselves, when reading the data we can see the number of murders carried out with knives or cutting devices was five times higher than the number of murders carried out with rifles.

      Will there be a buyback on knives etc..?
      So how would those numbers stack up in NZ?

      I guess Winston Peters is ‘not the sharpest knife in the drawer’, but he is very dangerous.



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