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Winston loses out again




Stuff reports

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters is “unfazed” by National Party leader Simon Bridges’ announcement on Sunday, where he ruled the party out as a potential coalition partner after the 2020 General Election.

“Let me say this – he’s got a lot to learn about politics. Narrowing your options can be the worst strategic move you will ever make,” Peters said.

“Having been in politics a long time, and a member of the National Party for over 25 years, the one thing New Zealand First is confident about is that if voters deliver that possibility, and if Mr Bridges doesn’t pick up the phone, someone else within his caucus will do it for him.

“He has also demonstrated he has no insight into what a unified caucus looks like,” Peters said.

“As Douglas McArthur said, there’ll come a time soon when he’ll when want to see me much more than I want to see him.”

i had my doubts as to whether this decision was ever going to be taken by the Nats. Now that they have, and good on them, I am wondering if there is more to this than we are being told. The timing is interesting. Do they know something about the drunken dwarf that the rest of us do not? Like possibly being named once certain suppression orders are lifted?

If this is the case, it’s better to get in first and say you would not work with the toxic prick, rather than after the shit has hit the fan. This way they are being proactive rather than reactive.

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    • *National own this years maori day celebrations!
      How do you like them bikkies, you SandringhamSlapper!
      What will she do in answer, rollout the baby, will it be walking, talking living doll!
      Maybe give Jethro a slapping, who knows?



  1. At least we all know where we stand. Full steam ahead for election day on 19 September. It was obvious that Peters has been goading Simon Bridges. Peters can dish it out but can’t take it now Simon has ruled him out. Peters doesn’t like it up him Captain!

    “It had also reached a point where the relationship between Bridges and Peters was so sour it was impossible to see the two leaders working together constructively.

    Peters has accused Bridges of being simple, he’s ridiculed his accent and even called for his resignation. Just last week Peters said Bridges was guilty of bovine scatology – or BS – over claims about infrastructure investment.”



    • Yep, she can stick it to Whinestone and whats he going to do?
      Sit in the corner and cry?
      Crash the COL and the whole bloody lot of themm all lose their ministeral cars, servants, shiney bums, with an early election?
      Oh, what joy, popcorn by the bucket!



  2. How did that work out last time for them?

    Someone needs to tell that smug little prick how MMP works. National no mates are the most popular party but as we’ve seen, it’s not enough to govern. Will 2020 be another pyrrhic victory for the smug monied christian party?

    I’m voting ACT. And I’m a fucking lefty humanist green who has anti system views that would make Antifa blush. But I’m also a pragmatist not an idealist. I’m fond of ideas THAT WORK.



    • Calm down. It’s the same position they had last time. That’s how Winston is deputy PM and got to chose the government all by himself. And you want it to happen again?

      Winston is in a different league to smug Simon. Winston derangement syndrome causes sufferers to underestimate him – every election. That’s why he’s still there with more power and status than ever. Simple observable fact.



      • Except Simon has ruled out working with Peters so those idiots who voted “to keep National honest” won’t try that this time. NO USE voting for the toxic Peters this time!

        Peters is still there because he is a master manipulator of idiots who never learn he is playing them like a cat toys with a mouse. I suspect Peters has finally outplayed himself by going with the COL and manipulating everyone at his whim. Peters has shown himself to be a nasty and vindictive prick with utu and financial baubles of power being his main incentives.



        • WG, Bridges pointed out the reason. It was not just going with the COL but not negotiating in good faith. I knew he could go with Labour. However, I did not know he had filed his court documents the day before the election. I and many others would not have voted for him if we had known that. Bridges has stressed that point.



          • Sorry to include you in that comment Chuck but it was obvious to me and many others well before the last election that Peters WOULD choose Labour as his partner if he was in the position of kingmaker in 2017. Unfortunately NZF gained enough votes for Peters to go with his preferred political partner. I always remember Peters sister stating in a documentary “Winston has always been a Labour man but when he decided to go into politics he wanted to be on the winning side so went with National.” As opportunists without integrity do, he always does what is best for Winston.



  3. I did think that National had called the short, dickhead out too early but then no, I thought he’s done well.
    He owns the election now and there’s bugger all Commrade Cindy can do. She is playing catch up now!
    But more importantly he now owns the maori day, with that anoucement!
    Even if Comrade Cindy rolls out Imaho land give back she opens a can of worms and will Whinestone rain on her parade?



  4. Peters is getting old. The years of alcohol abuse have taken its toll on his body, especially his cerebral matter. He is not as quick as he used to be. His thinking power has diminished considerably which will lead to some poor decision making and announcements in the lead up to the big day. He is not going to end up being Kingmaker. That position will be taken by David Seymour.



  5. Great decision and good timing as it pulls the rug out from under both PTPM and Whinstone ahead of Waitangi, particularly if the expected Ihaumatu bribe is announced. The message is clear – if you vote for NZ First you’ll get a Labour / Green govt. and the continuation of apocalyptic climate change rhetoric, increasing benefit numbers etc etc.



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