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Winston Peters: I would have called for Sir John Key’s resignation





Deputy Prime Minister and NZ First leader Winston Peters says Sir John Key’s positions on both ANZ boards in New Zealand and Australia are a “massive” conflict of interest.

Speaking to TVNZ, Peters said: “I think it’s wrong that Mr Key can be at the head of ANZ New Zealand and sit on the Australian equivalent as well.”

He went on to discuss the bank’s Reserve Bank censure for failing to keep its capital risk modelling.

When asked if Key should stand down Peters said that wasn’t his role, and it was a question for the Governor of the Reserve Bank.

But he went on to say if he was the governor, he would have asked for Key’s resignation.

“The capital requirements are designed so we don’t end up like, for example Greece or Portugal, where there are people lined up for kilometres down the street trying to get their money out because the banks don’t have enough by way of reserve.”

Talk about hypocritical. Has he paid back to the taxpayer the $157,000 he pinched?

Supposed to have donated it to a charity, but the charity declined to accept it as it was tainted. Who is surprised that even a charity wouldn’t have anything to do with him. The taxpayer is still waiting.

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  1. If I were the governor (general), I would have asked for Winston Peters’ resignation eons ago. His affront to democracy, his skirting around corruption, his refusal to pay back the tax paper etc are all appalling.

    People in glasshouses shouldn’t throw stones.



  2. And Winston had proof that National had illegally hacked the budget details and he’d also be first down the Pike River mine drift so that shows what his word is worth… more importantly, how about the media look at corrupt Liarministar Miss Ardern instead of still trying to score a point on John Key years after he finished playing the game.




  3. I don’t understand.

    My understanding is that ANZ is a private business working within the framework of NZ and Ocker law.

    Mr Key is, as far as I know, an elected (as opposed to Govt. appointed) director on the boards of both ANZ NZ and the parent company.

    What the fuck has that got to do with Mr Peters or, for that matter, the Gov. of the Reserve Bank?

    Has it, in fact, more to do with Mr Key, when a politician, making a monkey out of Peters damned near every day?

    Is Mr Key’s position only being commented on (“scrutinised” would be a massive overstatement) because the slime and their communist masters still fear him despite his resigning from politics years ago?



  4. I used to read Whaeloil many years ago. I thought I’d look through the archives. These from around 2010

    Some quotes below:

    The corrupt Winston Raymond Peters, now a pensioner, it seems, of Helensville wants to try and win the seat off John Key.

    Well colour me annoyed. This short-arsed, mendacious, thieving, lying, philandering, prick still hasn’t paid us back the last $158,000 he nicked from the taxpayers of New Zealand.

    He should be black-listed by the media until he starts fronting with our cash.

    Every time he gets on a podium the first question asked of Winston Raymond Peters, 65, pensioner of Helensville is “Where’s our Cash?”

    John Key will kick his lying, corrupt arse. He should quickly change the law to make WRP, 65, POH’s registration fee for any public office $158,000.

    I think the blog mobile will be spending a great deal of time following the thief around.

    I don’t hate anyone but Winston comes close. He is the living reason why we should consider term limits for politicians, and the second reason is the other pensioner looking to hoodwink voters in Christchurch.

    Another one ( I have left out bits of this one as it quotes a whole saga)

    Winston Raymond Peters just can’t help himself. He is so crooked that when he stands up to his full 4’11” height and stretches his crooked little neck he is still crooked and lies like a flatfish. …..

    Matthew Hooton was right about Winston Raymond Peters, he is a c*nt. Not only that he is a fraud, a liar, corrupt and a f*ckwit.

    Some things just don’t change much, but they just get worse. Winston Peters is the classic example of this. I can’t legally advocate for the event that I would like to take place involving this traitorous piece of shit, but I can’t wait for the day a certain name is in the last few pages of the paper….



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