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Video Shows Father Beating Up Migrant Who Tried to Kidnap His 11-Year-Old Daughter

Police reportedly arrest the father.

A video out of the UK shows a father beating up a migrant who he accuses of trying to snatch his 11-year-old daughter off the street.

The incident reportedly occurred in the northern English town of Widnes, Cheshire.

The clip shows the man filming the video driving into a parking lot as he encourages the father to attack the “nonce,” which is British slang for pedophile.

The father then lands numerous blows to the migrant’s head as he falls to the ground.

“That’s my daughter,” says the father to the migrant as the man filming the video continues to berate him, saying, “Fucking nonce off somewhere else.”

“That’s what you get…fucking chasing little girls round, you fucking horrible immigrant cunt,” he adds.

A young girl, possibly the migrant’s intended target, then approaches the man calling him a “dirty little knob” as she tries to slap him.

“We don’t speak your language and we don’t touch little kids, you fucking little smackhead,” the man filming the clip tells the migrant.

The police are then called, but according to several Twitter users with knowledge of the incident, they ended up arresting the father.

The UK has been plagued by Pakistani and Bangladeshi grooming gangs who specifically target white girls for abduction and sex trafficking.

A 2015 investigation found that one local council deliberately ignored the abuse of 1400 girls in Rotherham over many years due to fears over “political correctness.”


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  1. Early March this year, Tommy Robinson’s daughter had her “bum grabbed”.

    The child molester complained about the “injuries he suffered” during the struggle.
    Because there were witnesses corroborating the offender’s complaint, Police arrested Tommy instead and charged him with common assault in the end.

    If there were two lessons to take away from this terrible experience, it would be that little girls think by telling the truth, they will get their daddy’s arrested and sent to prison.
    Secondly, it gives a disturbing insight as to how Police deal with child sex offenders, the offender being let off, the child victim left with the feeling of not being taken seriously or believed, and the dad, the protector, punished for doing what a dad should do.

    Now we can see how and why vulnerable girls all across the UK have no confidence in the Police. And why the Rape of Britain happened.

    The police for years have believed and enforced “brown, black, lives matter”, in a pecking order, that does not relate to one law for all.




  2. Last week a Phillipino childcare worker who’d had a sexual emergency in front of a 10 year old in a changing room was discharged without conviction in a NZ court. It’s a western trend. Nevermind the victims, coddle the pedophiles.



  3. Another sign show a picture of a young teen in a bikini with three hands seemingly wanting to grope her.

    It reads “NO!” and explains that “physical contact with other guests is forbidden”.

    And while the signs featured English, French and Arabic text, there was no German translation, with the sign clearly not intended for local visitors.

    Local citizens and politicians have reacted to the apparent necessity of such signs.

    MP Christian Hoebart of the far-right Freedom Party of Austria (FPO), which is opposed to immigration, argued that the signs should not be needed in a “civilised society”.

    When will Health & Safety take note of this problem and put up signs in NZ.
    The Christchurch Hills runners and joggers would have appreciated some warning signs.



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