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Worldwide Civil Unrest Set to EXPLODE




“Worst Has Yet To Come”: Worldwide Civil Unrest Set to EXPLODE, Report Warns

Hundreds of millions of people around the world are on the verge of mass civil unrest, according to a new UK intelligence report.

Places such as Sri Lanka, Peru, Kenya, Ecuador, Iran, and Europe have all recently experienced pockets of unrest. Earlier this year, Rockefeller Foundation President Rajiv warned that a “massive, immediate food crisis” is imminent. The UN said this summer that the world is “marching towards starvation” with an increased likelihood of civil unrest and upheaval around the planet.

Summit.news reports: Making sense of the impending global turmoil is Verisk Maplecroft, a UK-based risk consulting and intelligence firm. They have just published an updated version of the Civil Unrest Index (CUI), covering seven years of data, showing the last quarter saw the most countries ever since the index was created move higher in civil unrest risks (101 of the 198 countries tracked by the firm saw increased risks of civil unrest, while only 42 experienced reduced risks).

“The impact is evident across the globe, with popular discontent over rising living costs emerging on the streets of developed and emerging markets alike, stretching from the EU, Sri Lanka, Peru to Kenya, Ecuador, and Iran, ” Verisk wrote in the report, adding conditions are worsening as the frequency of protests and labor strikes could accelerate into fall.

“Although there have been several high-profile and large-scale protests during the first half of 2022, the worst is undoubtedly yet to come,” the firm warned.

Verisk noted Algeria has the highest likelihood of projected civil unrest over the next half year because of rising inflation. Other areas include Europe, mainly due to energy hyperinflation decimating household finances.

“Bosnia and Herzegovina, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, and Ukraine are all among the states with the biggest projected increases in risk,” the report said. 


  1. Remember all the fuckwits at the meeting with Trump sniggering and laughing when he said that Europe especially Germany would suffer because of their reliance on Russian energy, I’d bet my house those fools are still in their well paid jobs with no fear of making ends meet or freezing this European winter.
    And what do the Tories do in the UK to try to stem the tide of citizens freezing or starving to death in that Country ? they elect a conservative version of horseface Ardern ,an empty sock who’s 1st move is to diversify her front bench and start printing money again, FFUUUCCKK.
    Social unrest is coming to a town near you and summer weather isn’t going to stop it.



  2. “The question remains can central banks arrest inflation with the most aggressive interest rate changes”

    For some reason I feel this bout of interest rate rises is going to be counter productive.
    After inviting people to borrow with cheap interest over a number of years now the central banks are going to kick you in the guts and say sorry we changed our mind.

    In some areas it may be good to put a check on a problem but this time I see major negatives.
    The people most affected are going to forced back down the ‘ladder’ after climbing a rung or two.
    Is the ladder going to fall down ?
    Some will be unaffected but the fall guys are going to be the ones who had little option.
    I feel we are in uncharted territory and next year is looking more and more scary.



  3. Watch the worlds energy get diverted and swallowed up by europe.
    Good chance nz will have a diesel shortage here over summer as europe gets desperate and burn anything they can to keep warm.
    It was a great time to shut down mardsen, almost as if it was all planned…



    • It was planned, in the sense the Govt and CCC have been telling us for years that to save the world from climate change they want to implement policies to ‘change our behaviour’; ie ensure we cannot afford to drive cars, or buy things like food and clothing.

      Surprise surprise the average bloke finds they do not want to be reduced to pre-industrial society level, and do not want their kids to go cold and hungry with zero hope of ever having a treat or a holiday, while watching the climate change czars flying overhead to another international conference about how to make our lives even more miserable.



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