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The All Blacks, the All Whites – and how the demand for racism far exceeds supply

James Macpherson

The demand for racism far exceeds supply. How else to explain New Zealand Football’s sudden concern that the nickname of their national team – the All Whites – might be racist?

The Kiwi’s national soccer body announced this week they would consider changing the team’s moniker so as to be more inclusive.

Alternative names likely to be considered include the All Rainbows, the All Unicorns and the All Sorts. The All Wokes seems most appropriate.

Supreme Woke Leader Jacinda Ardern would be proud.

New Zealand Football boss Andrew Pragnell told media this week: “New Zealand Football is on a journey around cultural inclusivity.”

Pragnell is the Diego Maradona of wokey buzz words.

What does “on a journey around cultural inclusivity” even mean?

It’s a pity New Zealand Football is not “on a journey” around football. They are currently ranked 119 in the world. That’s five spots behind the Faroe Islands and just 34 spots better than the Taliban’s national team.

New Zealand has qualified for the World Cup only twice and has never won a game. But all is not lost. Last year they announced, with great fanfare, that they had managed to increase female representation on their executive board to 40 per cent.

Well pat yourselves on the back and do a lap of honour.

On-field the Kiwis can barely score, but when it comes to virtue signalling, they are firm favourites to win the Woke Cup.

The New Zealand team has been affectionately known as the All Whites since 1982 when they wore an all-white uniform so as not to clash with the referee who was dressed in black.

And the name, obviously, was a play on words — the nation’s famous rugby team being universally known as the All Blacks.

Speaking of which, it’s curious that ‘All Blacks’ has never been considered a racist name but that ‘All Whites’ is suddenly problematic.

Surely these things only have racial undertones to people who think that way. Normal people don’t.

And therein lies the problem.  The world is no longer run by normal people.

It’s surely only a matter of time before New Zealand Football convenes a press conference to announce that football itself is a colonial construct designed to denigrate other cultures and that they are “on a journey” to deconstructing the game completely.

Normal people will be left with nothing to cheer, while woke sports administrators congratulate themselves on being so inclusive that there is literally nothing left for anyone to feel excluded from.


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  1. May aswell go full retard and give them dresses and tranny pronouns.

    Ive said for a long time to beat it you have to out woke them on something the woke love and cancel/change it using their own stupid woke methods.



    • They are the real racists. Best to respond by calling them what they are: Racist.
      Same with the LBGTQI. Call them what they are: Sexist.

      Lefties are a tool of the shadow masters. Without realising it, they are puppets of the very dark people masters whom they think they are fighting against. One of the commonly used tools to neutralize the public is to label them with the very thing they themselves are. It is a tool of oppression.

      The Covid-19 narrative is that if you do not get vaccinated, you do not care about your fellow man, and are being selfish. The narrative plays on unconscious guilt. (As does “be kind”, help child poverty, save the planet/trees/homeless/etc.) But in reality, the narrative is not caring and very selfish, because behind it, is move to depopulate. How is what is happening here, any different to the Chinese policy (not so much lately) of euthanizing your second born?

      We have an overpopulation problem. Would you not think that to fix it, that you would not subsidise mothers (married or solo) to have babies; stop subsidsing other countries, as most of these keep popping out babies. So long as social welfare keeps rewarding people to copulate without contraception, and spit out have babies, there will always be a problem.

      In some future Star Trek time period, they will look back upon this time period as a dark period in human history.Also called the Eugenics wars.

      The Eugenics Wars (or the Great Wars) were a series of conflicts fought on Earth between 1992 and 1996. The result of a scientific attempt to improve the Human race through selective breeding and genetic engineering, the wars devastated parts of Earth, by some estimates officially causing some thirty million deaths, and nearly plunging the planet into a new Dark Age.




    • Lack of support hurts the organization in the Bank account which is the most painful of punishments but woke supporters will be able to social distance at 20 meters at the ground until the Bank accounts is overdrawn and players don’t get paid. Rugby going the same way too.



  2. This is the woke wannabe dictators flexing their powers and are trying to bully middle NZ. Someone once said that the purpose of propaganda was not to persuade but to humiliate, to force people into accepting a lie, breaking their spirit/pride/sanity etc.

    This is kind of similar. Everyone knows that the All Whites are called what they are because they wear white shirts but the woke agitators consider it a victory if the bully sane people into doing something that is not sane. If enough of them scream racism in a situation which isn’t racist, then there could be some who’ll wuss out and appease the woke loud-mouths. Which is something that no-one should do. Instead they need to be challenged and told to f*** off.



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