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WTF is systemic racism?




Systemic racism at heart of New Zealand’s council Maori wards debate – advocate

Susan Botting from Stuff:

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  1. It’s bullying by people who don’t want to put any effort to get themselves elected when emotional blackmail does that easily. Racism is their ace in life and they milk it for everything and anywhere.



  2. Modern racism is the action of people who think White Guilt exists and that they need to continuously give things to maori – like special programmes of positive discrimination and dolopes of money.
    All this does is to continue actions of discrimination and makes “Whitey” feel superior and these programmes keep maori down.
    Stop these stupid actions. Stop making maori feel dumb by thinking they cant win an election. Teach Maori to be really equal by stoping these ‘white guilt’ actions.



  3. A part of the cultural marxism to foist a destabilizing on society, to bring a fear, and to further their control on a populace.

    A “we arrested two young men who do not belong in Sweden on suspicion of theft”

    B “a police chief expresses himself in an account he has as part of the [police] service. Whose trust is he trying to get? And is it okay for a police chief to express himself like this? How normalised is racism starting to become?”

    A “from another EU country who probably travelled to Sweden only to commit crimes. Part of what we call the IBN (International Criminal Network).”

    C “Today, the left is trying to tell us that it is racist to think that foreign criminals without residence in Sweden do not belong here.”

    C “Foreign criminals WITH residence in Sweden do not even belong here. Is the Left Party against deportation as a sanction?”


    In the mean time there are drugs, stabbings, brawls, rapes, bullying with a very high % ethnic new comers.

    Controlling the language, censoring people, to stress & tear down families and communities, and to put down the original social cohesion, to change the original “social contract”.
    Change to a communistic form, where no individualism, with limited, but controlled freedoms in many aspects of one’s life.
    In the mean time the government gains “absolute power”.



    • “A part of the cultural marxism to foist a destabilizing on society, to bring a fear, and to further their control on a populace.”

      I have one problem with this idea of destrabilizing a population to render them easier to control. If our elites are like farmers and we the people are their cattle, then why on earth would good farmers want to make their cows anxious and uphappy? Milk production will suffer.



      • A good point Odakyu-sen
        Many livestock farmers weigh up the amount feed grown to make sure they have enough for their animals.
        How ever they also have to weigh up costs, like fertilizer or buying in feed, veterinary, effluent disposal, costs.
        Then other costs, like insurance, interest & principle on mortgages, rates, taxes, plus other imposed costs, like levies, fees, etc..
        So this pushes them to look for efficiencies.

        Like how many male, bobby calves do you need? It used to be 1 bull to about 30 cows, but they are born as 50% male. and tits are on a bull are useless.
        Hence the “bobby calf” kill, though an opportunity for others to rear for the beef market.
        Artificial Insemination means that one champion bull can sire 10’s of thousands in its life time.
        Even female calves can be considered surplus if there are any flaws, or not with the right breeding. After all the farmers only need around about 25 % replacement for the producing cows. So you see farmer can be considered a bit “racist”.
        As getting older, the udders producing milk, slowly reduce production from its peak,
        So a cut off level occurs.

        So as you can see, if they do not make the cut, then they are culled.

        Farmers have come to also know the most placid of cows, that do not unsettle easily, are not anxious, and unhappy and seem to produce the best. 🙂 Is that “Boxer”
        The bonus is also more safer, and easier to relate to.
        Though I do not like disturbing cows, any mob going through a gate, and you stand 2 metres away, the quiet productive ones will go through first,
        If you have a choice at a sale, to take a “cut” number % of a pen, usually best to take the first cut, and quietly position your self or your agent, to have some effect. 🙂
        The last 10% or more will not come up to go through, and seem to be the most skittery.

        A number of people do not realize “animal husbandry” commonsense, steadiness, consistency, so they cause problems.
        I think many of our ‘over lords’, think they can use the stick, with laws, regulations, on people too, and for all their “kindness” are quick to say, “that is what they deserve”. Changes when they need your vote though, though now “just what is an election?” stuffed ballots etc..?

        Was the problem of a stable work force, that knew itself, so stayed loyal to itself, its own citizens first?
        Now following a “kindly” doctrine, it seems there is a fox in the henhouse.
        Does he care about ruffling feathers, and a bit of squawking.
        Only the farmer notices and understands the untimely hour of squawking, but he still has to be damm stealthy to peg that fox, in the henhouse.
        Is the fox still guilty if found outside the henhouse with just a few feathers in his whiskers?



  4. The one that does my head in (Constantly repeated and unchallenged by the Media)-
    ‘Maori are 16% of the population but make up 60% of our Prison population- This is clearly SYSTEMATIC RACISM’

    What utter fucking garbage- And horrendously insulting to everyone who works in the Justice Sector…(Think all those Polynesian Cops and Maori Judges etc)



    • I’ll re-write that. “People who self-identify as Maori are 16% of the population but make up 60% of our Prison population.”

      I would analyze the prisoners. Could it be that those who are closer to the mythical “pure Maori” have a lower level of offending due to possible iwi ties and local marae membership.
      Maybe the bad apples are the mongrels?

      A social activist will claim that a prisoner who is 1/8th Maori is Maori because it suits their narrative.



  5. Have to use the retard’s logic against them – systemic sexism against men in the Health system

    “Systemic” anything is simple to understand – but retarded in it’s thinking.

    If any minority has worse statistics than the rest, then the SYSTEM that delivers those statistics is discriminatory!

    For example. The NBA is racist against whites and short people because both those cohorts are massively under-represented. Therefore there is SYSTEMIC racism and dwarfophobia in the NBA.

    In NZ, the Labour government is clearly guilty of SYSTEMIC ANTI-MALE discrimination against males because male life expectancy is 79 vs 83 for women. This provides an important evidence base for some important initiatives to address this SYSTEMIC SEXISM:
    – males must be prioritised above females for all health treatments (eg no women should see their GP if a male is in the waiting room, waiting lists should be prioritised with males listed first before any females)
    – women must be forced to do their bit by greater participation in dangerous occupations until male life expectancy is increased (should be a minimum 50% female workforce in forestry, mining etc) this is only fair and equitable

    Of course if you were to raise this in progressive company – all of a sudden the fascists will care about “context” but they won’t want to hear a word about context whenever you talk about systemic racism against Maori (ie greater gang participation hence over representation in prison population).

    Got to beat the fuckers with their own stupidity.



    • Very good DP.
      Men contribute more in taxes, and so to pensions, but overall collect less than their contribution due to a shorter life expectancy.
      To re-balance that, in all fairness, then men should receive a % more in pension than women.



        • Noted, so not to push that angle as it could be used to open up for special maori pensions.
          However we must be ready to hitch onto that bandwagon with great fanfare, when we see the early pension for maori @ 60 goes from feasible to being on track.

          Sauce $ for the goose, so we need for the white gander.:-)
          What are you going to do with the extra % of money? 🙂 Hopefully not shorten your life expectancy, but does it matter, as it proves the point. 🙂



    • I can get what you’re saying, DP, but your logic is faulty because in our brave new world there are no males or females, only persons who identify as one of 92 different genders.

      If a person with a penis chooses to identify as ‘male’ then statistically they are likely to die earlier than persons without penises. So the obvious solution is for them to identify as one of the other genders instead of these old fashioned binary labels. Male/Female! Pfttt!

      Until these persons can get it together to identify properly we are going to continue to see these kinds of anomalies. Personally I admire those brave white persons who wear bone carvings, scribble on themselves and talk in funny grunts, as they are obviously identifying as indigenous and as such they should be immediately given special treatment and dollops of money.

      Get with the program mate. You need re-education. Obviously you’re too old to have been properly indoctrinated as a child, but in a year or so we’ll have special camps for people like you.



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