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WW3? Puts Climate Change in it’s place.




WW3: China Mobilizes 60,000 Troops to Indian Border Due to ‘Serious Threat’

China has deployed over 60,000 soldiers to India’s Himalayan border in a dramatic escalation of tensions between the two countries, according to reports.

US secretary of state Michael Pompeo said in a statement: “The Indians are seeing 60,000 Chinese soldiers on their northern border.”

Commenting of the closer ties between India and the US, Mr Pompeo added: “They absolutely need the United States to be their ally and partner in this fight as the Chinese have now begun to amass huge forces against India in the north.”

Express.co.uk reports: Tensions have soared in the Himalayan region since troops from both China and India broke into hand-to-hand fighting in June.

This was when 20 Indian troops and an unknown number of Chinese died in the high altitude violent conflict.

Mr Pompeo added: “The world has awakened.

“And the United States under President Trump’s leadership has now built out a coalition that will push back against the the threat.”

Mr Pompeo had attended the second Quad ministerial with the foreign ministers of India, Japan and Australia.

He said:”I was with my foreign minister counterparts from India, Australia, and Japan, a format that we call the Quad, four big democracies, four powerful economies, four nations, each of whom has real risk associated with the threats imposed attempting to be imposed by the Chinese Communist Party.

“And they see it in their home countries too.”

Speaking after the Quad meeting Mr Pompeo said: “They see, the people of their Quad nations understanding that we all slept on this for too long.

“For decades, the West allowed the Chinese Communist Party to walk all over us.

“The previous administration bent a knee, too often allowed China to steal our intellectual properties and the millions of jobs that came along with it.

“They see that in their country too.”

The Quad ministerial meeting happened in early October in Japan.

At the meeting Japanese minister of foreign affairs Motegi Toshimitsu said: “The Free and Open Indo-Pacific vision is increasingly important in the post Covid-19 world so we would like to confirm the importance of further deepening the collaboration among us and many other countries to realise the vision.”

Beijing hit out at the Quad meeting calling it an “exclusive clique”.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said China was against “forming exclusive cliques”.

Wang added: “We hope the relevant countries can think more of the regional countries’ common interests and contribute to regional peace, stability and development rather than doing the opposite.”

Both the Indian and Chinese sides have had recent diplomatic talks to resolve the conflict in the Himalayas.

But, there has been no breakthrough in these talks.

Since August, China has been attempting to occupy Indian territory in the southern bank of Pangong lake.

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  1. If WW3 breaks out and Cindy gets our armed forces involved who is going to teach our soldiers to speak Mandarin ?



  2. https://electroverse.net/volcanic-upticks-in-iceland-and-russia-have-scientists-concerned/
    Politicians are blind and stupid and focused on their own pockets, the history of mankind is full of revolutions and wars at these times of planetary stress, a couple of years with out a summer and loss of food production will result in more than a few deaths, a smart Government would stock pile food Harden the power grids against CMEs and redistribute water from places that have two much to places drought threatened.
    Make no mistake your life is at RISK cold means dry for places that are normally wet and warm, the Globe is cooling, the Earths Magnetic field is weakening, this is no time to elect dumb-asses, remember if you stick your head in the sand your ass is hanging ready for a reaming.



  3. Thank goodness for Trump’s presidency. Trump is the counter weight to the biggest and most dangerous ‘dick swingers’ in the world. No USA leader has pulled dangerous leaders and swamp dwellers up before. The rest have tried to keep the peace by appeasement or war.



    • China is reported to have suspended imports of Australian coal in what is being seen as punishment for the Aussie’s independent and critical positions taken on China’s security, human rights and virus responses. A lot is at stake here. Coal exporters are China’s ‘friends’ in Australia so it is a big move. Chinese power stations and steel mills have reportedly been told verbally to stop using Aussie coal, and port officials have been told to stop unloading. Australia exports about 4 mln tonnes of high-grade coking coal per month to China, a trade worth about NZ$8 bln per month.


      Ouch. The aussies won’t be happy.
      China won’t either as it hit winter and people freeze to death.
      Xi is on the chopping block.



    • Stripped of the propaganda, the Great Reset is not new. It’s another fascist experiment being pushed by controlling elitists. Economic growth and social mobility must be subordinate to the collective. Connections will be institutionalised and privilege perpetuated. History demonstrates the children of the elites will receive preferential access to higher education and elite positions. ‘Inclusion’ and ‘fairness’? Forget it. Think inequality, serfdom and misery.



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