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Winston Peters on photos of reporters: ‘We took the photographs’

Labour’s Willie Jackson says photographing journalists is a “bit unusual” after Winston Peters admitted – then denied – being involved in capturing photographs of two reporters investigating the New Zealand First Foundation.

In an interview with Magic Talk’s Peter Williams, Peters – the New Zealand First leader and Deputy Prime Minister – said “we took the photograph

Peters has been embroiled in scandal this week as information about the New Zealand First Foundation appeared in the media. The foundation has been accused of being a slush fund for the New Zealand First Party and as a means to hide donations to party. Peters, however, claims the party and foundation are separate entities and any loans to the party from the foundation had been paid back.

But on Monday, the Electoral Commission referred an investigation into the foundation to the police, which then referred it to the Serious Fraud Office.

“Based on the information available, we have formed the view that the New Zealand First Foundation has received donations which should have been treated as party donations for the New Zealand First Party,” the commission said.

“In the commission’s view, the donations were not properly transmitted to the party and not disclosed as required by the Electoral Act 1993.”

Peters welcomed the Electoral Commission’s referral and confirmed a review into its party donation arrangements would happen.

“I am advised that in all its dealings the Foundation sought outside legal advice and does not believe it has breached the Electoral Act.

“At this stage, the SFO will consider if an offence has been committed, or otherwise, and it is not appropriate to make any comment on specific detail that prejudges their investigation.”

Peters announced on Sunday he had asked his party president to prepare a police complaint over the “massive breach” of the party’s information.

“This morning I have recommended to the New Zealand First party president that she begin preparing a complaint to the police over the massive breach of New Zealand First’s party information,” he said.

“New Zealand First has so far been sensitive to the circumstances surrounding the theft of party information but can no longer tolerate the mendacious attacks against the party and its supporters.”

So now he is denying any knowledge of it. What is wrong with the stupid old prick. His 6 weeks in rehab last year obviously has not done the job it was supposed to do. Time to get the men in the white coats and take him back to the asylum.

And we have Socialist Cindy keeping her grubby hands off this cluster-fuck about to be unleashed upon the COL

The Cabinet Manual dictates that Peters IS her problem:

Conduct of Ministers
2.55 A Minister of the Crown, while holding a ministerial warrant, acts in a number of different
(a) in a ministerial capacity, making decisions and determining and promoting policy
within particular portfolios;
(b) in a political capacity as a member of Parliament, representing a constituency or
particular community of interest; and
(c) in a personal capacity.
2.56 In all these roles and at all times, Ministers are expected to act lawfully and to behave in a way that upholds, and is seen to uphold, the highest ethical standards. This includes exercising a professional approach and good judgement in their interactions with the public and officials, and in all their communications, personal and professional. Ultimately, Ministers are accountable to the Prime Minister for their behaviour


As I said last week, she has to man up and kick the old fucker out. The longer she leaves it the worse it will be not only for the COl, but also the country.

Cindy needs to read the cabinet manual. I assume she can read? Maybe time for another working party at the taxpayers expense to decide what she should do?

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  1. Photogate isn’t going away anytime soon! Paula Bennet challenges journalists that Peters could take their photos.

    Jacinda Ardern supporting Winston Peters’ ‘unethical behaviour’ – Paula Bennett

    Paula Bennett is accusing Winston Peters of dirty politics, saying he should be sacked as Deputy Prime Minister.

    It follows the covert filming and photos taken of journalists as they met with a former NZ First president.

    And the Prime Minister wants nothing to do with any of it.



    • Yep, that old “RUGBY” injury is looking bad! I think you took too many hits to the head!
      He had better have a look to see if Johnny or Jack can fix it!
      Thank God after how many years, the old senile smelly wanker is on his way out!
      Whinestone, you have made that nice sweet incompetent young girl into making her COL government into the most corrupt in NZ history! She was moulded by you into what she always was incompetent!
      You Whinestone must take the blame for that with your big fat head!
      What on earth were you thinking, jumping into bed with that lot off deviants?
      It looks like it was power at all costs, never mind how stuffed NZ got!
      I hope that you never get the knighthood you always desired. You don’t deserve it!
      Walk away today, I say! You sir STINK of corruption!



        • Sweet? Nothing of the sort! Is she clueless or does she recognise most of us see right through her fake facade? Bet it’s the latter and she just doesn’t give a damn. She has her ideology, the rest of us be damned, the people of this country are irrelevant to her lust for the baubles of power.



  2. “I hope that you never get the knighthood you always desired.”

    How about Cindy? PMs usual get an houour. It should be a Damehood for a female.

    Surely that should not apply for a one term PM.



    • Shipley never won an election and lost one from one.
      She got a dameness and did not even serve a full term as PM.

      Geoff ‘Merry’ Palmer did barely 13 months and got one.
      He was so bad Labour would not let him contest an election. (kind of like Angry Andy)

      Blinglish lost 2 elections and never won one.
      In 2002 he smashed the National party vote down to 1 in 5 votes, barely above 20% (same as Social Credit got in 1981)
      He got a knighthood.

      Klarkenfuhrer won 3 elections (and lost 2) but did not take up a damehood.
      Yet Cullen got honours.

      There are not really clear rules.
      It is feelz and aspiration.



  3. Our PTPM just loves the baubles of office and will pimp her family to stay in power.

    The public is becoming tired of the dodgy dealings that have parallels with the French Revolution.

    Someone should remind our fairy queen how that turned out. History has a nasty habit of repeating itself.



  4. If the gnome Peter’s lips are moving he’s either lying, supping whiskies or arranging another back hander from the racing industry.



  5. Y’all are overestimating public reaction to this. All parties have been embroiled in funding scandals. The public dont care.

    Personally I think he’s done for regardless though.



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