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Elon Musk Fights Censorship in the USA & Australia

The Australian eSafety Commissioner ordered X to remove certain posts in Australia that publicly commented on the recent attack against a Christian Bishop by a jihadist.

These posts did not violate X’s rules on violent speech.

X has now received a demand from the eSafety Commissioner that X globally withhold these posts or face a daily fine of $785,000 AUD (about $500,000 USD).


This keeps getting crazier! The head of NPR hates the Constitution of the USA. https://t.co/1Xp8Pi12fs


She wants to repeal the First Amendment because it gets in the way of what she wants to accomplish.


The software running in her head is the anti-Grok – hates truth & humor 😂 https://t.co/ezQr8N6nzZ


How much do we love Elon Musk?


Who else is prepared to fight to save our free speech? The ‘esafety’ commission are trying to silence debate and censor the internet so that we can’t see what’s happening in our own country. They say they’re acting on behalf of Australians but the truth is more that they’re acting on Labor’s urging. This is funded by our tax $$$, so in affect our own money is being used to silence us If the ‘misinformation’ bill is passed you will not be allowed to counter the governments narrative, unless you’re prepared to go to jail. This is what Labor are doing to us. You will not be allowed to say what alot of us believe: – Climate change is not real – Australia was not invaded – We are suffering from mass immigration – Thousands of women, children and elderly people are living in tents – The NDIS is being rorted costing us hundreds of millions – Labor are making the ultra-rich richer, by handing billionaires billions of our money to fund start ups to ‘research’ solar – Solar and turbines are destroying our environment – EV’s will destroy value of your car and force poor people off the roads – China is a threat to Australia – This government is completely incompetent This is Socialism 1O1 I’ll leave you with this image of Putin’s house that no one was allowed to talk about. It makes you wonder what fortunes are being amassed in Australia right now. It makes you wonder what Labor’s true motivations are for silencing us? The opposition must act to support X and free speech

BREAKING: X launches legal action against Australia’s eSafety Commissioner 

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  1. Is any person surprised at the free speech site was asked to take down the posts or get fined? This goes against everything that we think and need at this time of incredible change that the world is going through. WOKENESS!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible that the Australian man spent $40,971 on a trip to Davos, really makes one wonder what the hell he spent the money on doesn’t it?????? Not that I am really wondering, including support staff??????? Just makes one think doesn’t it. Luxflakes goes about with a group of special singers FFS I bet he will be off to Davos next year with special people who sing.



  2. The fight for twitter 𝕏 is full on in Brazil too as it all seems to internationally link up across the countries.
    …. A U.S. congressional committee released confidential Brazilian court orders to suspend accounts on the social media platform 𝕏 .,……
    ……. Brazilian Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes ordering 𝕏 to suspend or remove about 150 user profiles from its platform in recent years. …
    ….. Musk, a self-proclaimed free-speech absolutist, had vowed to publish de Moraes’ orders, which he equated to censorship.
    His crusade has been cheered on by supporters of far-right former President Jair Bolsonaro, who allege they are being targeted by political persecution, and have found common cause with their ideological allies in the U.S. …..
    ….. While Musk has repeatedly decried de Moraes’ orders as suppressing “free speech” principles and amounting to “aggressive censorship,” the company under his ownership has bowed to government requests from around the world. …..

    However the Brazilian public are fighting back as a number of protests in 100’s of 1000’s nigh on a million in just Sao Paulo a couple of months ago, and now another massive protest.
    Dr. Simon Goddek @goddeketal
    🚨 NOW – Four hours before the freedom rally begins, Copacabana is already completely crowded, as shown by the drone footage from @SpaceLiberdade.
    Thousands of Brazilians are fighting for freedom of speech.
    They will not allow Brazil to become a far-left legal dictatorship. 🇧🇷

    4 secs
    The people power in numbers have struck again, just a few days ago.
    …… many people are not going to the famed Copacabana to be lazing on a Sunday morning; instead, they are gathering in yet another MASS demonstration against the socialist tyranny, in defense of democracy and in support of former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. ….
    …… Two months ago, a similar demonstration was held in the Streets of São Paulo, Brazil’s largest city and economic powerhouse. It gathered around 900,000 citizens to repudiate the socialist maneuvers to frame Bolsonaro for imaginary crimes ……

    The news of the Brazil protests is minimized in New Zealand a la by Luxon’s devious support of Ardern’s “Christchurch Call” which seems to be far reaching.



    • Madam dark heart will be behind this stirring her authoritarian cauldon to kill free speech. “Yep, yep, that’s exactly what it is…”

      What despicable toil and trouble these communists weave to ensnare the unwary.



  3. forked toungue Dutton.
    See what he now says. They got at him.


    Centre-right Opposition Leader Peter Dutton claimed Mr. Musk thought he was “above the law.”

    “I think there’s a bipartisan position in relation to this, we know that the companies, and we’ve seen some of the comments from Elon Musk overnight, they see themselves as above the law, and Australian law should apply equally in the real world as it does online,” Mr Dutton said.
    “The Online Safety Act has significant powers in it, we passed it when we were in government, it needs to be enforced and if the laws are inadequate and they need to be strengthened or added to then we would support any effort by the government,” he said.



  4. The E Commisioner is a really nasty piece of work, worked for Bill Gates for nearly two decades, then twitter, but fired when Elon took control. The stupid woman cannot actually pronounce “Australia”, so we have a WEF controlled piece of filth, deciding what an individual in Australia can see and say, and both sides of Politics are cheering her on. The Liberals put her in the position and still support her.
    She obviously has had a huge dummy spit with Elon and is transfixed on getting even with him.
    Australia is almost totally fucked in the political department except for a handful of dessenters to WEF.
    Looking like Julie the septic tank is going to get the Dan Andrews, Mark McGown treatment, not safe to venture out in public. I predict she will be gone before Christmas.



    • That Pauline Hanson cant get cut through is largely down to the evil media filth.
      Similar to here.

      The media scum and therefore the influenced sheeple ere even happy that the Moozlem Qatar based propaganda sheet- All Jizzera – had infiltrated One Nation.

      A major fail by Scomo that he did nothing about that.
      [who owns whom ? ]



  5. Extract:-
    Australia was not invaded – We are suffering from mass immigration
    Well that is contradictory
    Australia is being invaded and it is a deliberate plan to dilute white people.

    US has them pouring in from from the south and the North.
    Dont need to sneak in a shipping container any more.
    Australia, Europe, Pommy land



  6. Extract 2
    China is a threat to Australia
    ha ha

    after all else that is said in article the forces of corruption are the usual suspects

    the shit heads are in
    -England (eg Tavistock)
    These are the source of the worlds grief

    Wars emanate from these places

    WTF has China actually done ?
    They bought minerals at market price most of this century that has allowed Australia to maintain a high standard of living.
    vis a vis
    Trade with USA- they want to sell war machines.
    Multi billion dollar WAR submarines as an example

    Get real !!



  7. If they can not get Musk one way, by the controls of geo-location & even global “Christchurch Calls”.
    Then will they also set out to work over those VPN’s. if it is possible.

    ….. Musk said the e-safety commissioner’s take-down order on the footage was a demand for “global content bans” by Australia’s “censorship commissar”.
    X said it would remove the content while challenging the “unlawful and dangerous approach” in court.
    But late on Monday, the eSafety commissioner moved first in launching her own legal action, saying X was in defiance of the law because it had only hidden the content in Australia,—
    making it visible to any Australian user who obscured their location using a virtual private network (VPN).
    The federal court granted a two-day injunction, ordering X to hide the material worldwide pending further consideration. ….
    X said it would remove the content while challenging the “unlawful and dangerous approach” in court.
    The federal court granted a two-day injunction, ordering X to hide the material worldwide pending further consideration.
    But Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said he found it “extraordinary” that X chose not to comply with the order to remove the violent videos in the first place, and expressed incredulity it was trying to argue its “case”.


    So it sounds like, elite like Australian PM Albanese watch it on his VPN network as did the ESafety Commissioner.?

    So Musk complied with the Australian government, by the geo-location controls

    So the Australian federal Court believes it has global controls, so it is looking to tie in with Luxon’s Ardern to empower the “Christchurch Control”
    That control was operating in New Zealand when I raised the comment that the page that was linked to would not work for me on the self-immolating guy the other day.



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