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“XI The Pooh” What’s a Bear to do?




The Honey Pot is Empty
The U.S. has been in a cold war with China for a while now—even though previous American presidents may not have realized it.
China has taken advantage of that. In fact, they have taken every advantage to advance their power while undermining the U.S. They steal our technology, bend trade deals to their favor, manipulate currency, and threaten us militarily. They are used to having the U.S. being their honey pot and they’ve indulged themselves for far too long. Until President Trump came along. Finally, someone is standing up to China—and it’s not just Hong Kong.
Why is Xi portrayed as Winnie The Pooh in my cartoon? Because dissidents in China were using the rotund cartoon bear as a symbol of Xi. He was promptly banned in China to prevent further mocking. Xi wants his own Mao-like cult of personality. He wants to be worshipped. The fat little bear interferes with that. Therefore, Xi must be associated with Winnie at every turn.

Tyrants must be mocked.

—Ben Garrison


  1. To be fair the USA left themselves open to this exploitation and the Chinese exploited.
    Why would you not?
    They were hungry and USA was offering free ‘food’
    USA treated them as third world and were blind to reality.
    Recent political correct crap has meant they don’t talk about IQ very much (advanced by their own USA army) but China and East Asia has people of relatively high IQ.
    Xenophobia is not a Beijing milkshake.

    This stopped when Trump came to power.
    David Farrar, Steven Colbert and a whole lot of rapey gropey Hollywooders think the Orange Man is bad.
    He is good for the USA. Not so much the swamp rats.

    The USA has wasted much time and energy hating on Russia when the real perpetrator has been China.
    It is in catch-up mode after being buggered up by Mao Zedong – a man from a comfortable middle class family absoludely similar to Ardern and all the other paper socialists who grew up with no worries.

    The poor do not seek out communism. It just means more of the same.
    It is the middle class who are not initially in the power elite that do.

    Russia wants to be a regional power and has seldom strayed far from that.
    It just so happens that it covers 11 time zones so has a large region.
    China is the one that wants to be a world power.



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