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This is it. The year in which we the public are delivered free of the cluster fuck that is the Coalition of losers. Liarbour are in the process of self destructing over the lies and cover ups inflicted on themselves.

Who knew what and when it happened is now subject to so much bullshit, that even if some one came out and actually did the unthinkable and told the truth, NO one would believe them.

The speculation of who the dirty molester is in Cindy’s office is not going away any time soon. The fact that so many in Liarbour knew who he is, and what he was doing, is just so wrong. It points to an office and a party that has lost it’s morals (not that they had many to lose), when they ignore the genuine complaints from their own party victims of the predator. Putting the party ahead of these complainants is the sign of degenerates at the helm.

Then we have Cindy saying she knew nothing about it. For months these poor victims have been trying to get some redress from their own political party. No one in their right mind can honestly believe her when she says she didn’t know. Mind you, she was only in the office part time. With all her trips overseas, they could have done anything in the office and she wouldn’t have noticed.

So no Cindy, when you say you didn’t know, no one believes you.

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  1. Yep, Labour the party for all deviants to rally around!
    If you ain’t molesting them, they are letting you molest you!
    Between femanzis and queer boys, molesting each other.
    And the restdoing the see no evil,hear no evil!
    But they sure are doing evil things!
    No one knew, yer right. Tui ad there!
    How can Cindy bin Lying hold her head up and go on overseas trips,
    When behind her back they will be sniggering and watching their young staff around her!
    I bet she doesn’t get to meet the top tier dignatrys this time!
    They will not want to be seen with a dead duck PM!
    Will she be gone this week, next week or next month?
    She will be gone!



  2. Yes so we have to keep the pressure on them for the next 60 weeks.
    Gentle, relentless pressure.
    You knew
    They Knew
    Leave our farmers alone
    Leave our cars alone
    Stop attacking business
    Stop giving our money away



  3. Cindy isn’t going anywhere until the voters of this country throw her out at the election which will be set at the latest date possible. Where else can she bathe in the addictive limelight, get free rides in her own plane to celebrity level greetings and accommodation in warm tropical climates, door to door limousines and lord it over the public with her presidential style smile and wave politics.



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