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HORROR: 8-Year-old Boy Dies After African Migrant Pushes Him and His Mom Onto Train Tracks in Germany

An 8-year-old boy died after an African migrant deliberately pushed him and his mother onto train tracks in Frankfurt, Germany on Monday morning.

The mother survived and is in shock receiving treatment for injuries.

According to police, the suspect is a 40-year-old male from the Northeast African country of Eritrea and is being held in police custody.

The Guardian:

An eight-year-old boy has died after he and his mother were deliberately pushed on to train tracks at Frankfurt’s main railway station, German police have said.

The boy was hit by a high-speed ICE train and killed instantly. His mother was able to roll into a safe gap between two platforms and escaped injury.

The suspect was chased through the station by passengers who tackled him to the ground. Police later confirmed a 40-year-old man had been arrested.

The incident happened at about 10am on Monday on platform seven of the station, which is one of Germany’s busiest. The boy’s mother was being treated for shock, according to a police spokeswoman.

“Passengers witnessed the disaster, and ran after the fleeing man. It was possible to arrest him while he was still in the station,” the spokeswoman said. She added that the man had intended to push a third person on to the track, “but she was able to defend herself”.

Police said the suspect is believed to be from Eritrea. He was being held in police custody on Monday but his possible motive remained unclear. The alleged perpetrator and the victims are not believed to have known each other.

Just last week a 34-year-old woman died after a 28-year-old man who was of Serb Kosovo origin pushed her onto the train tracks in Voerde in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Isn’t Merkel’s open borders, multi-culti policy just grand?

Coming soon to a suburb near you?


  1. Posted yesterday on “turning our countries into shit holes” and I am annoyed with all governmental public relations, the cover up, their “chief censor” spinning as also here in NZ. so I believe worth re-posting here if you do not mind.
    The exposure of another cover up of murder by train in Germany. January 2o19

    Nuremberg: Turks and Greeks push three 16-year-old Germans on track – two dead!
    …. mainstream press lied by “Germans” to disguise a migrant background. In addition, it was rumored by “accident” and “tragedy”, the three 16-year-old had “fallen” on the track.

    The Bild-Zeitung but uncovered on Monday, the hard-hitting reality: The murderers or at least homicidal who encountered the three young Germans on the track, were a Turk and a Greek, who were born only in Germany. ….

    The two victims Luca and Frederic are two real Germans who were extremely popular in their hometown Heroldsberg, eleven kilometers northeast of Nuremberg. Friday night, the two high school students in the Nuremberg club were “nightlife” and wanted to go home around midnight. At the train station they, along with a third friend, got into a quarrel with the Turks and the Greeks. According to police, it should have been a vain cause that led to the highly aggressive reaction of the perpetrators. ….

    …… video footage of the crime scene in Nuremberg prove, according to BILD, that it was pure intention to push the three into the track bed, as the train was already at a good 80 km / h on the way to the station. ….

    All other media are downplaying these brutal murders so far scandalously. …..
    …..You can literally feel how chief censor Prantl leads the way in the process of dressing up the act. ….
    ….. Franken Television even titled the murderous event in its TV reportage as “S-Bahn misfortune”. ….

    Above all, politics must counteract and explain the dangers of Islam.
    As well as the mass invasion of Muslims put a stop, even if it was here in this case born offenders.
    But all formerly conservative old parties, together with the Greens and Reds, are howling up and down the stupid Welcome Culture and Tolerance game.

    Therefore, Nuremberg is always “colorful”. ….
    Only complete left idiots are happy about the Mohammedanization of our country. ….

    I used google translate.

    It is the spin, in the name of “kindness”
    Starting to see a pattern that no one wants to transparently admit to.
    Plus the known wolves stabbings, beatings, shootings, on trains and at stations.

    It seems this happens a bit more often than officials, academia, media, politicians, authorities, will admit to, as just inferring that it is natural collateral damage of traveling by train. They are officially in collusion.

    It seems that “lone wolf” is “known” and is suckled in Mohammad’s wolf pack.
    Does not take much to understand the cultural influence of following Mohammad’s ideology.



  2. Some of the breeders of these “known wolves” that avidly follow Mohammad’s rules, decrees, sayings, guidance, noting his actions and deed, to be the best of people.

    Guards have been stabbed and aid workers stoned by the families of ISIS fighters as the group’s black flag is flown over a Syrian refugee camp.

    The wives and children of the so-called ‘caliphate’ are reportedly sticking by the jihadists and waiting for orders from their leader.

    Swarming around journalists, women clad-in-black complain of poor medical assistance, a lack of aid, and boiling tents.

    They also praise the elusive IS supremo Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, saying they are waiting for orders from their leader. ….

    …. Kurdish authorities say relatives of jihadists promote ISIS ideology and pose a ‘danger’. …..

    ‘Why do they stab them? Because they allow injustice to prevail,’ said Umm Suhaib, covered in black from head-to-toe. …..

    …. Her only wish is the ‘return of the ‘caliphate” so that she can ‘settle there’.

    ….. ‘They see us as enemies, and that creates problems,’ said Amer Ali, the head of the Asayesh force, adding that some women have tried to flee. ….

    Kurdish authorities have warned the relatives of ISIS fighters still pose a threat. ….

    Earlier this month, a video shared on social media networks showed women clamouring around an IS flag that had been hoisted on an electricity pole in Al-Hol as children chanted ‘Allahu Akbar’ (God is Greatest).

    ISIS wants ‘to spread its ideology through these women,’ said Ali, confirming the authenticity of the footage.

    The children too are a problem, he said.

    ‘They throw stones at us because their mothers tell them that we killed their fathers, and destroyed their houses,’ Ali said. ….

    Kurdish authorities have repeatedly warned that the children of jihadists represent a ‘time bomb’ the world urgently needs to defuse.

    Without rehabilitation and reintegration, these children could become future ‘terrorists’, they have warned.

    Sheikhmous Ahmed, a Kurdish official …. …. IS supporters ‘remain attached to their ideology, and they will always represent a danger,’ he warned.

    ‘For us, death is more valuable than this humiliating life,’ she said.

    In Baghouz ‘we were prosperous, we had money, but here we’re burning in the flames of hell.’

    A den of wolves, rearing the next generation, following the “known wolf”, Mohammad’s ideology.



  3. A little more information ekes out,showing that the alleged train murderer has form.
    The wheels of spin of a “lone wolf” when it is a “known wolf”

    The alleged perpetrator of the ICE [train] murder in Frankfurt was cited in publications as a “case example for successful integration”.

    In 2006, the 40-year-old from Eritrea illegally traveled to Switzerland. He was granted asylum two years later. He was considered “well integrated”.

    Violent before
    The man was no stranger. Already on 25 July he is said to have become violent. He is said to have threatened, strangled and locked up a neighbor in her apartment.
    The media mainstream reported this terrible act usual outrageous and hid at the beginning of the origin completely. https://www.wochenblick.at/frankfurt-mutmasslicher-taeter-galt-als-beispielfall-fuer-gelungene-integration/

    It would seem that the “chief censors” and authorities in Germany are in collusion as they endeavour to put their spin of cover-up and control on media.



  4. Now the information is flowing.
    Maybe a rare and genuine “lone wolf” though he did seem to have previous mental problems, so he was “known”,
    Not a muslim. Participated in a Christian Orthodox church.
    After pulling a knife on a neighbour, locking her up.
    Switzerland did have a warrant out for his arrest, so the Eritrean fled to Frankfurt.

    Life had been going sweet, family, wife, kids, then there was a hiccup with loss of job a few years back but then from 2017 employed.
    Jan 2019;-“He is on sick leave because of mental problems and has to go into psychiatric treatment”.
    I do use google translate so always easy to misunderstand.

    Was he really better off as a refugee in a strange country?
    A stress of making the cultural changes?
    Was ‘depression’, from traumatic experiences, or genetic?
    Genuine refugees may be suffering PTSD, but can the first world cope with such numbers of people with such problems.
    What was life like for him in Eritrea, where it is close enough to be a 50/50 split between Oriental Orthodox Church and Islam.



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