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Yet another stuff up.




NZ’s lack of covid testing of staff at border ‘extraordinary’, says Skegg

By Asia Pacific Report

The lack of testing of staff at New Zealand’s border is extraordinary, a prominent epidemiologist says.

Health officials are frantically trying to trace the origin of the covid-19 cluster in Auckland, which could have come from the border.

Otago University professor Sir David Skegg told RNZ Morning Report reports show more than 60 percent of staff working at the border have never been tested.

“I was really shocked to hear the Director-General of Health say a week or two ago that they were aiming to test people [border workers] every two or three weeks. Every two or three weeks frankly would be quite inadequate.

“But it now turns out that nothing like that was being achieved and I see the reports that more than 60 percent of people working at the border have never been tested.”

Weekly testing for frontline staff working at the border should have been compulsory as stringent border protection is vital for New Zealand’s elimination strategy, Skegg said.

He said he has heard that people have declined tests and some of the contracting companies declined to implement testing.

Agreed to blood tests
“For many years there have been industries where if you work in a particular industry you agree to have blood tests or whatever to make sure you are not getting exposed to particular risks and I think it is absolutely vital for our elimination status to have the most stringent protections at the border.”

He said the virus had clearly been spreading for some time, and New Zealand would be extremely lucky if it had not spread outside Auckland.

Skegg said New Zealand had beaten covid before and “we can do it again” but it was important to learn from the mistakes.

“Not just the breach at the border, but also the fact that there have been such delays in detecting this because of a lack of testing,” he said.

It would be interesting to know if any of the cases of community transmission had sought a covid test but had been declined by a doctor, he said.

Skegg said we have let ourselves down with complacency and “we’ve acted as if we’re bullet proof”.

“Complacency is one of our national characteristics, sadly.”

Alert level depends on new cases
He said the alert level change will depend on where the new cases are revealed today.

“I’d be very surprised if the current restrictions aren’t at least continued, if not increased,” he said.

He said security needs to be ramped up at the border to detect any covid cases as soon as possible.

New Zealand also needs to ensure that sufficient masks are available and to ramp up contact tracing, he said.

Skegg said everyone should be downloading the contract tracing app, which was a long way from perfect but the best New Zealand has.

It is vital for the whole country to use the same QR code which fits with the government’s app and shops should get rid of any that are non-compliant, Skegg said.

He said people should be wearing masks if they are going to be in indoor locations where they are going to be close to other people because it has been known for some time that masks are effective is hampering covid’s spread.

He said New Zealand has enjoyed a period of normality which is exceptional around the world and hopefully the country would learn from this mistake and get over it very quickly.


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  1. What can we say to this or anything else regarding the incompetence of the government? Think we have actually said it all, but they are not and will never ever listen to actual experts that are not from the left of left, and those that do say something are pilloried, like Gerry Brownlie. I can’t believe the left and the way they carry on about anyone asking questions. Honestly they all deserve to get a little dose of the flue (any kind is OK.) or something else and be denied hospital care due to the virus where the staff are all waiting for the big virus to hit NZ and be inundated with cases, in the meantime ?????
    I drove out to a family birthday party for my grand daughter last night, incase her party was not able to take place on Sunday and watching the people in cars really made me laugh, there were the woke and pathetic, sitting in their cars with face masks on FFS Did they think they were going to give the virus to themselves?



    • Historians, if there are any in the future, will look back at 2020 and describe it as the year of the Communist coup in New Zealand and many other countries. Whether that coup succeeds is really up to us ordinary folk but at present it looks to be going according to plan and the future is looking very bleak.



      • If Norway, Finland and Sweden are communist then so is NZ under Labour/NZ First/Greens.
        China is full-on capitalist and commie only in name. Socialism ain’t communism, but it is democratic.
        National is also democratic and pretty socialist if you look too closely.



  2. Another dent in the “hard and early” mantra now demonstrated to be an expensive nonsense slogan.

    A basic error that is squarely on the government. We were encouraged to get tested and surprise, surprise, the front staff dealing and interacting with potential and actual carriers, are not being routinely tested.

    Simply not good enough. Judith Collins is right to continue to question any aspect of the governments performance.



    • Questioning the government is the oppositions job, especially in times of crisis and scams.

      Winston Peters needs to head to Wellington to dissolve this government by withdrawing NZ First’s support from the coalition but as usual Winston does what is best for Winston and not whats good for the people of this country.



  3. It’s all becoming clearer now.
    They allowed this piece of shit to visit her mate in quarantine and she got infected.
    I wondered how this family could afford to stay in that resort.
    Now all the country is in the shit again because the Government could not even police the quarantine facility.
    Fuck I hate this government.



    • The genomic testing would sort this but it won’t, Dandemic will Be Jacinda’s go to for inspiration.
      The way she talked yesterday was just like she was reading his Daily notes.
      “We may never know, but it doesn’t matter.”
      There was a case in WA months ago I have a nephew who is a security guard, tells me a guy had a mate in Quarantine he spent time in their room and bingo infected.
      This never saw the light of day news wise.
      Soldiers are the most disciplined in my observations because stuff ups have consequences.
      Jacinda will lie her way out of this with Bloomfield’s blessing.
      The voters that vote for her are just disillusioned gold diggers, as long long as someone else is paying I am fine.
      If I was laying a bet on where this came from, I would get evens on the Rotorua liaison.
      I can envisage lockdown number 10 in 2023 if she manipulates this to her advantage and wins another term, prepare for a term of extreme puss and pain sprinkled with Lots of kindness.



    • I have just received a message regarding this. Very bloody interesting so it came from the BoyF/associate, recently sent back to NZ…. I leave you to decide where from and why, from reports in the statement I read. Evidently the press do know but they are keeping quiet as it will anger people. I hate this cover up press the useless fuckers. I think we are already fucking angry it is evidently being investigated by the police and corrections. Well isn’t that just lovely? The daughter is apparently known to several government departments. So read into that what ever you will. The page was evidently posted on Facebook. I am rather surprised they have not had it taken down.



      • I guess they are searching for the best headline maybe
        “Jacinda gets shafted in poles by infected live snag not innocent frozen vegetables”
        You just couldn’t make this shit up.
        I wonder if they are doing testing on all the deportees or are they exempt.
        How much testing was done before this liason?
        How did this person gain access?
        Will they leave the cold store alone or ban all imported fresh and frozen vegetables?
        Will the CHO and PM apologise for hiding this fact that was clearly known?
        I could go on but nothing will be answered, just more bluff and bluster.



  4. My Blood Pressure !
    Need a cup of tea, take some meds and a lie down. 🙁

    All those ministries know what is involved.. Makes sense as that is why Winston Peters knows.
    So the whole Cabinet, if on the job knows.
    Robust and gold plated systems, false gold.

    Needs copy of that last “update” to be put up as posters, placards, drop leaflets. etc..
    Official information Inquiry to Corrections, Police etc etc…
    Re open Parliament!
    Parliamentary questions, as then the ministers have to answer, with in 5 hours.
    Focus on this, as so many ministers must be in the know, or not doing their job!

    Can they really hide if this is under “police investigation”.
    Dam slow if they were looking to wrap up this case.

    Many things fall and fit more logically into place about just what Ardern, Hipkins, Bloomfield, etc. were saying.
    The problem is that they are prepared to lie, been caught out, in bureaucracy speak, and then when others dig, find some dots, and start joining them, then the picture totally changes.
    Whether it is true or not, but it certainly seems to fit in and is so much more logical.

    The lying, propaganda to cover their incompetence, needs to be ripped off.



  5. I posted this in the Daily Mail a couple of days ago. It received 308 upticks which is quite a good score for one of my comments there:

    Meanwhile my neighbour’s 15 year old son has a sore throat (probably strep throat from previous experience) but cannot get a doctors appointment “in case it is covid” and the doctor refuses to prescribe a suitable antibiotic over the phone. So, effectively, in a first world country one cannot get medical care for a sick child because of government hysteria and fear mongering. New Zealand is F worded.



  6. Do I read the above correctly –the crim in quarantine was KNOWN to have Covid ? If that is the case should he not have been isolated within the quarantine hotel and guarded properly. This sounds like Andrews’ Melbourne all over again.



  7. Because it is true but Cindy will “reflect back” like a mirror sprinkled with unicorn dust! “He is free to give his own interviews,” she said. “You can expect that I’ll continue just to reflect back what the evidence is showing”

    Jacinda Ardern not expecting apology from Winston Peters after quarantine breach claims

    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says she has not asked for an apology from Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters “nor would I expect him to” after he claimed that the current Auckland cluster could potentially be linked to a breach in quarantine.

    “He is free to give his own interviews,” she said. “You can expect that I’ll continue just to reflect back what the evidence is showing – that is what we rely on to determine where the source of this thing is.

    “Although we haven’t yet found that source, we will continue looking very, very hard, despite the lack of a current link.”



  8. If that blurry statement is true it just confirms what a total shambles our beloved Country has become, it is actually extremely sad that we are witnessing the utter downfall of our Country .
    This didn’t need to happen its been caused by an absolute clownish government that are protected by an even more clownish Media, our biggest problem is that none of the other 120 fucks down there are any better.
    FFS those 120 arseholes are all on extended holiday at the moment whilst our Country burns ,get back to fucking parliament and sort this shit out you bunch of useless C–Ts,I genuinely hate every bludging one of them.



    • Start a number of Official Information Inquiry to Corrections, Police, Health etc.. etc ..etc…
      Even if belated the replies will be before the election.

      The opposition needs to know, as they will have the resources to chase this down and possibly set traps.
      After a cover up is the worst crime.

      More media need to know, well the ones who will make more inquiries.

      Re open Parliament!
      Parliamentary questions, as then the ministers have to answer, with in 5 hours.
      Focus on this, as so many ministers must be in the know, or not doing their job!

      Can they really hide this, if it is under a supposed “police investigation”.

      Not that I think it is criminal in how that family acquired the money and spent it, and lived a high life for a while, but the WAIORA LAKESIDE SPA RESORT seems to be living well.
      But how does it match in with unemployed, and then a deportee boyfriend..

      The stench of a cover-up and plausible denial, that goes to the most high, when even on other issues, of quarantine, not doing the job at all, in caring for New Zealanders.



      • A number I have shared it with have hit back with “Conspiracy”. I read the interview that KB posted with Winston. Either he is demented, or the shit id going to hit the fan. Either way the Govt loses. If it’s true, then bye bye Cinders. If its crap, why have they not catagorically stated this and told Winston to shut the fuck up? He is after all the Deputy PM and in in this crisis they should be singing from he same song sheet.



      • I would love the story to be true, because it also links to pieces of garbage being sent back here by the Aussies. I am not a fan of them, nor consider them ‘kiwis’ – and am I surely not a fan of Hugzilla and the lock-down.

        The swabbing of frozen and refrigerated goods sounded like a hopeful deflection, but there ARE some stories coming out from China that importing the virus frozen this cannot be ruled out 100%. But then again – I don’t trust stories out a China as a habit.

        Border fuck up was & is my #1 theory. Because MOH and government have had to be shamed into doing things that are bloody common sense for most people – quarantining at the border at all, for starters, not mingling people in those centres, and then testing staff at facilities.
        # 2 theory is that the virus was always here and circulating within NZ as a mild flu, just like other colds and flu, bronchitis and glandular fever are doing fine in NZ (none of these being ‘eliminated’ either by weeks of level 4, and we have all gotten sick or know people sick recently).
        #3 – whatever, frozen/slumbering virus. That will be the next panic, and affect economics and trade world wide if confirmed in NZ.

        But back on this rumour – if true – then question is WHO got SICK FIRST in that family?
        If the daughter gave it to the dad, who was supposedly sick in late July, and had extended time of work before testing revealed Covid, then the 20 year old must have been sick/infected first.
        Yet the trip to Rotorua was 8th of August, and she was already symptomatic.
        So the timeline, as I understand it, for the family, puts this rumour in doubt as she should have been over it by then?
        On the 12th, Newshub reported:
        “One of Auckland’s confirmed cases of COVID-19 was employed at Americold, a frozen storage warehouse which handles imports from overseas.
        Managing director Richard Winnall told Newshub the man had been sick for quite some time before testing positive.
        “He’s been on sick leave for the last nine days, been off with flu symptoms,” said Winnall.
        “He of course didn’t test positive until quite recently.”

        So this rather counts against the rumour, and even the claim that ‘police’ and ‘corrections’ are working on the timeline too. It doesn’t seem to me that either of them would have the primary role here?
        So dreams are free – it would hurt Chippie and Cindy, but put on your BS detectors.



  9. Lessee. I should believe what I am told by the Alleged Single Source of Truth, the Labour government and its associated Media Smurf-Whores: or I should consider the input from fellow Concerned and Informed citizens.

    What a dilemma




  10. Covid 19 coronavirus: Americold director can ‘completely rule out’ NZ’s virus cluster came from Melbourne facility

    The managing director of Americold international says he can “completely rule out” any suggestion that Auckland’s Covid-19 cluster was caused by freight from his Melbourne factory.

    Americold managing director Richard Winnall said the company’s Melbourne site – which had two workers test positive for Covid-19 last month – has not shipped anything to Auckland for “months and months”.


    so that screws that theory even though Hipkins is trying to shut the story down. So father got his covid somewhere but noit from work. But apparently he had been to ruapehu skiing.



  11. Yvette on KB has covered this well.

    But Winston on ABC television
    “… there’s been a breach, and we’ll find out in a matter of hours, or within a day.”
    That was August 13. So delivery was due 14th. Today is August 16.
    So where is the delivery, Winston ?


    When will the journalists, or the opposition ask PM Ardern, about rumours and if true.
    Then has she asked for an an apology from her Deputy PM, Winston Peters?
    Has she asked Winston Peters to give and apology to that family?
    Can Winston Peters deliver any one an apology?
    All in the name of being “kind”! and their “wellness”.



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