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You Cannot Trust This Government Either




We thought Liarbour was bad enough, but the coalition has just done the following:

Nasska posted this last night

Reality Check Radio have sent out an email tonight reminding us that another Trojan Horse has been passed into law & comes into effect on 1 July. It’s the “Digital Identity Services Trust Framework Act” & this link offers a public relations generated explanation:


From RCR:

“What is the Digital ID Bill?

Misdirected as a cute and cuddly “Trust Framework”, this bill was orchestrated by the Covid-era Labour government as a legislative “container” (a trojan horse if you will) that future governments will use to advance the Digital ID agenda.

Remember the “Covid-19 Health Response Act 2020”? You know, the bill Jacinda rolled out without debate, then made thousands of amendments to, enabling the most tyrannical government overreach in our country’s history.

The Digital ID Bill is exactly that; only the implications are much worse.

What happens when your bank account becomes part of the Digital ID system, and your driver’s licence, and health care access, your job, your business.

That is the purpose of it.

The globalists are pushing full-steam ahead, attempting to pick up where they left off from the Covid response, and it’s all slipping through without opposition.

And, The Technology Is Already Here in NZ..

That’s right. The technical infrastructure needed for the Digital ID system is what the Covid Pass was built on, and it’s being actively being developed by a consortium of heavy hitters right here in New Zealand today! ”

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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  1. Oh for goodness sake, I did believe that this trifector government would stop this absolute shit. Sadly, people according to the survey yesterday on this site quite like/love national????????????? lots still like the others who wrecked this country too. I think the populace of New Zealand have since dear leader become woke too. We have only two parties who are any good in this government, I did believe Act and NZ first would put a stop to this, as for nude nut, luxflakes or what ever name you wish to call him? I would say ‘absolutely no balls at all’, he is a woke very nasty person, he panders to the woke and seems to have the power.



  2. Recently I had to verify my ID online .
    Sent pictures of my licence then a small circle appeared in the middle of the computer and then enlarged. A message said rotate your head and next thing a photo was taken.



  3. Left wing national are incapable of doing what needs to be done. Corrupted by corporate.

    After the honeymoon glow we are in the period known as the long slow defeat.

    About half the team I work with don’t do computers. The proportion is increasing slowly. Be a spanner in the digital gears.



  4. The new tokenized system is going to REPRESENT, (pay attention to the word represent), not just currency and other financial assets such as real estate, but ALL assets- including you, your past, what you have done, and even speculation on what you may do-including things like life expectancy, what you earn, what you potentially will earn in the future, what you buy, what you may buy, past illness, potential future illness, family history, what medications you take, what medications that you will potentially “need” in the future, your VAXX record, DNA, etc. Which means that this new token-based system, IN ITS ENTIRETY, will reduce/REPRESENT everything to a digital TRADABLE asset. Human life is going to become a tradable/cross-border convertible asset along with every manner of its associated derivatives.

    Tokenization is simple, and incredibly cost effective. Tokenization eliminates the need for ANY asset to “be converted” into something else for transactions to take place anywhere in the world, (trans-world). This IS The Universal New World/One World System.

    Currently The World Bank, The International Monetary Fund, and The Bank of International Settlements, are diligently working towards implementing this new entirely token-based cross-border/trans-world system which will be used to track, trace, log, monitor, market, control, consolidate, and reduce EVERYTHING into a token. A token which itself can be reduced to nothing more than “a thing serving as a digital representation of something else.”

    And just when you thought that things could not possibly become even more bizarre than they already are…



  5. Any bugger that has trusted any Western goo-mint in the last 3 years is a fool.


    for a start the only good Goo-mint is a Nationalist Goo-mint; not sell out globalist swine.

    National(ist) and socialist seems OK. I mean look how much money US is pouring into Ukraine.
    It must be good, right !



  6. It became obvious to me during the scandemic what the plan was, when I saw the whole population conditioned to slavishly presenting their papers (QR codes) to robots in order to participate in society.

    I didn’t subject myself to the mRNA experiment, but that’s not the point. The point is that around 90% of the population submitted (at one level or another) and they were then perfectly happy to be treated like prisoners in their own country.

    The scandemic was merely a trial run and it proved a runaway success for the forces of evil. There’s much more to come.



  7. Most of us are not lawyers nor experts in the workings of parliament & we struggle to understand what is behind the machinations of our venal political representatives. The act referred to is a prime instance of their visceral dishonesty.

    Mindwashed we wander through our lives thinking that even if we disagree with the laws that structure our existences they have been debated in parliament. Not so as an amazing amount of regulation passes into being without being subject to meaningful scrutiny. From https://www.legislation.govt.nz/glossary.aspx

    # empowering Act:
    “An Act that allows secondary legislation to be made. An empowering Act contains one or more empowering provisions that provide specific details of what secondary legislation can be made.”

    # Secondary legislation is made under empowering Acts:

    “Parliament delegates the authority to make secondary legislation in particular Acts. Secondary legislation is then made under those Acts. (There is also a small amount of secondary legislation made under the Royal prerogative rather than an Act.) If an Act empowers secondary legislation to be made, that will be identified in one or more empowering provisions within the Act. Each empowering provision has a publications note below it that sets out how the secondary legislation must be published. The note also states whether the secondary legislation must be presented to Parliament, and whether Parliament can disallow that legislation”.

    The “Digital Identity Services Trust Framework Act” is an empowering act. It is not intended to be controversial & as such says fuck all. Its sole purpose is to act as a vehicle to attach other legislation to.

    Legislation which can be introduced by arbitrary fiat via cabinet decisions.



  8. The Fiat Economy’s will be eventually gone ..the cost to make money, that is notes and coins , is expensive , a Digital Currency will be introduced. A Digital ID will be necessary to use the Digital Currency. Some of us may have moved on by the full implementation. The technology required to implement Digital systems has been around and in use for some time. So spend ya cash 🙂



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