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Dear SSANZ members,

Are you looking for a new job, then you might consider this:
There are some interesting phrases in the text of that advertisement. For example,
An admission “Police led the development of policy “
A warning “There is still much to do…”
And more “to enable the delivery of elements of the proposed new legislation.
It looks as though Police are preparing for more and more policy changes through their new powers to create regulation.
Will their sights be aimed at your favourite firearm?
Do your mates know about this?  Sign them up to SSANZ today. 

Best regards,

Got this just a few minutes ago. The job has been deleted. They obviously don’t like the attention it has been getting. I wonder why they would advertise on Seek. I guess it would help being from the LGBTwhateverthefuckyoueare community.
This is the kind of language you would need to be conversant in.
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  1. It said

    Manager – firearms policy
    Police National Headquarters
    Salary Range: $130,730.00 – $176,870.00
    2 Years Fixed Term
    Job Requisition ID 11893

    Are you an experienced and energetic policy manager looking to make a real difference in a high profile area of legislative reform?

    Since the attack on Christchurch mosques on 15 March last year the Government has had a focus on improving the firearms legislation. Police led the development of policy which resulted in the prohibition of most semi-automatic and large capacity firearms, and the establishment of a large scale amnesty and buyback of prohibited firearms. The Minister of Police also introduced the Arms Legislation Bill to Parliament in September 2019. This Bill seeks to modernise the regulatory framework for the safe use and possession of firearms.

    There is still much to do. The successful candidate will lead a highly dedicated team of Policy staff, working alongside our operational policing colleagues to lead the establishment of regulations to enable the delivery of elements of the proposed new legislation.

    The ideal candidate will have the ability and experience to lead legislative reform in a highly complex and fast-paced environment, with a high level of public interest and work with the Minister of Police, senior Police colleagues and a range of highly engaged stakeholders.

    About us
    The purpose of New Zealand Police is for everyone to be safe and feel safe. Our mission is to be the safest country, and our people come to work to make a difference in the lives of everyday New Zealanders.
    The Policy and Partnerships Group at New Zealand Police provides advice to the Minister of Police and Police Executive on public policy issues. Our work is delivered by five policy teams (National Security & International Policy; Criminal Justice Policy; Transport & Health Policy; Prevention & Social Policy; and Firearms Policy).
    We are proud supporters of diversity and inclusion at New Zealand Police. We believe that people are our greatest asset. It’s our people that set us apart. We support and encourage a culture where you can bring your whole self to work.

    The role
    This is a unique fixed term Policy Manager appointment, with overarching responsibility for the reform of New Zealand’s firearms legislation and the establishment of a range of regulations in support of amendments to the Arms Act. The ability to maintain strong working relationships is a critical success factor for this role. Your work will positively impact the wellbeing of New Zealanders.

    As a Manager in the Policy Group, you will:
    Manage and support your team to deliver their best work, expand their knowledge, develop their skills and function as a high performing team
    Contribute to the leadership and management of the Policy and Partnerships Group
    Lead analysis and development of high quality advice on the Arms Act and Arms Regulations and other policy projects initiated by the Minister of Police or Police Executive
    Manage an effective consultative process to enable the delivery of high quality, pragmatic regulations
    Develop a whole-of-police position linking strategic and operational policy.

    The following experience and attributes are essential to be successful in this role:
    Demonstrated leadership and management skills including the ability to inspire others
    Legislative and regulatory policy development experience
    Adaptability and resilience
    The ability to rapidly come up to speed on a complex policy environment
    Ability to work with highly motivated stakeholders
    Excellent written and oral communication skills with the ability to engage effectively with individuals at all levels
    An energetic, positive and pro-active approach to their work

    Core Competencies – Level 3 Manager/Leader

    For more information about the above Core Competencies, visit “Our Values” on our website to view our Core Competency Framework: How We Do Things.

    Additional Information:
    Successful applicant must reside in Wellington Area

    Working flexibly
    We’re open to discussing flexible working options that work for both you and the business. NZ Police is committed to providing the best environment to help you perform to your potential, and your wellbeing inside and outside of work is important to us too.

    If this position sounds like you, click APPLY NOW or visit our Police website: http://www.police.govt.nz/about-us/working-police and select ‘Current vacancies’ to apply today!

    IMPORTANT: Applications submitted directly through the Government Jobs Website are no longer considered. Please visit our Police website: http://www.police.govt.nz/about-us/working-police and select ‘Current vacancies’ to apply for this position.

    PLEASE NOTE: If you are an existing Police Employee, you must apply through our internal Careers site and include your QID number in your application.

    If this position sounds like you, click apply now. You will be required to submit a Curriculum Vitae which provides a brief account of your relevant skills and experience. In addition, you must complete an application form telling us why you are interested in applying for the position and how you meet the Core Competencies of the role, using no more than 4000 characters (including spaces), approximately 600-650 words per section. For further assistance, please click here.

    If you are an existing Contractor working for Police, you must apply through the NZ Police career site and create a profile as an external candidate. Please do not include your QID.

    If you have any questions about this vacancy, please contact Senior Recruitment Advisor Jessica Harris at Jessica.Harris@police.govt.nz

    Applications close at 5pm, Friday 6th March 2020



    • This will be a waste of yet more taxpayers money as Simon should make it clear it won’t happen under the National Govt come 20/2/2020 so the Bush Kommander can concentrate by removing ILLEGAL guns from gangs, we pay taxes for Police to the job of protecting citizens not writing legislation or conducting armed raid on innocent select committee submitter s. SIMON are you listening or will you rely on ACT to suggest sensible policy???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????



  2. This is wrong on so many fronts.
    The Police should not be leading policy development.
    That is the responsibility of the Government.
    It is unbelievable that at the top levels of this body they don’t understand their role.
    Scary stuff.



  3. The advert says this is a business. No it is not a business. Police are a service provided at taxpayers expense.

    To suggest this service should be developing regulations that they will enforce is very wrong.

    The activity from Police since 15 March on Arms legislation amendments using the Christchurch incident as a catalyst has not been helpful to this country in my observation. This advertisement indicates to me that serious change at the upper level of that organisation may be necessary. My view is that Ministerial oversight has failed as well.



  4. Did they withdraw the ad because SLG received an unsolicited text that she didn’t reply to from A Friend who just happened to have her phone number and who might have some skills that could be put to use and who Just happened to Accidentally share a table at a cafe with a government minister who may have offered SLGs friend a contract for a job that hasn’t been approved yet?
    That wouldn’t happen, would it?
    Oh, wait …



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