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Simpleton asked the following:

Would be interesting if it is easy to track, what posts are clicked on the most.
Also roughly whether not only Kiwis, but to source what countries? and to correlate if there are certain posts or issues that attract more?

I have the following information from analytics of the site.

This is over the past 30 days

This is from the wordpress admin


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    • Agree with that Mike, it’s nice to be able to relax, not have to be politically correct and have some good, often funny discussions with intelligent people who aren’t just here to score points or push an ideology. Well done Ed.



    • Agree Mike. A key figure up there is the average duration per visit being up 24%. I think that has to be because of the great articles you have been posting lately Ed. Do not always get a lot of comments but I’m sure most people read them.
      Well done!!



  1. Brilliant
    Thanks Ed

    I am no mathematician or statistician but it seems to be building,
    Even getting over a good 200 comments on HYS. in recent times.

    Returning at 90%, seems good.

    Just to see that there seems to be much more than just the commentators, and so what is written up, and linked to goes much further.

    Surprising the KB though that is largest blog I believe in NZ, sort of about 60 times a day.

    The overseas numbers are interesting, particularly if some are wanting different views like on the USA politics.
    I did notice like in Sky Australia, a number of Americans in the comments saying they were getting an insight into their news that is not covered with in the States.

    For any one of the outside lurkers, just drop a line if you register & log in or a few upticks or down ticks. and keep everyone on their toes. 🙂



  2. When I call Ardern “the emaciated Creature” or Robbo “the bus drivers husband” or Willie Jackson “dumb as a rock” or Woods “3 pies” or Mahuta “chin dribble” or Ricardo Menendez a ” gay Mexican escapee” I’m not being politically incorrect I’m telling the truth FFS ,what can be wrong with that ????
    Some commentators here would refer to Hitler as a failed savior of the Caucasian race but it doesn’t matter because for now we have FREE SPEECH and nowhere more than on this blog.



  3. I think a large part of what helps is the ‘early opening’ of the HYS.
    Open from early morning.
    Not waiting until 8am before you can make a post, and then perhaps waiting hours for it to be cleared.

    A job well done, by Ed, for sure.

    At least President Xi can have a read before he goes to bed and know what is going on in the world instead of having to reply on WaPo, NYT, or Clinton News Network. 🙂
    He can then sleep well knowing the citizen journalists of YSB are oiling the information machine with clean oil !!



    • That blog is now just a publisher due to the amount of censoring theyve undertaken in the last couple of months.
      Myself and several others had many of our comments just “disapear” while in modetation, usually on days buttman was goin for gold spewing his crap on there.

      This is a wonderfull wee blog, i just hope that once kb fully goes tits up we dont get invaded by the lefty trolls and serial whingers.

      Great work Ed keep it up 🙂



    • When moderation is done right it is flawless and few people ever notice, when it is done by a group of dickheads who don’t know what they are doing and think they should alter what people write it is done by a group of morons at farrar’s Chinese owned blog



  4. Great achievement Holysheet.
    Followed you elsewhere and gravitated to ysb.
    Lots to be proud of particularly tolerating and encouraging free speech.
    Don’t know how you keep patient, but thanks for so doing.
    Keep it up.



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