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Douglas MacGregor: Zelensky is finished, but insane Washington crowd still pushing war

Col. Douglas MacGregor is joined by General Michael Flynn to discuss the folly of the war mongering by the US establishment and NATO in Ukraine.

Both military men are outspoken critics of the Biden Ukraine policy that they say simply continues to kill Ukrainians as Zelensky jets around the world getting pledges of support from weak western leaders who are too scared to take a stand against the futile conflict. They are going to have a large global summit in the October time frame,” Flynn said.

“What I believe – and I’ll throw this out there for you to comment – is that we’re now seeing a shift away from the petrodollar to some other form of digital currency. We’ve been talking about this central bank digital currency for a long time. This administration under Biden has signed up for it. You can go to Executive Order 14067,” he said.

Flynn went on to warn that this digital system would track our biometric behaviour and lead to a system where your life was controlled, as in the Chinese social credit scoring system. MacGregor agreed.

“I would say two things: first of all the tectonic plates, the ground beneath our feet, is shifting very, very rapidly and unfortunately no-one in Washington seems to notice. So all the things we are talking about have not occurred to the average Congressman or Senator who’s reading from talking points prepared at Heritage (Foundation) or the DNC or somewhere else. They’re completely out of touch with reality,” MacGregor said.

He also noted the damage done by the Central Banking system, and the Russians, Chinese and Indians wanted to get out from under the US financial hegemony. The question was what will the US do, with Bitcoin for instance, over which they have no control.

MacGregor said America’s growth was at its greatest when there was no central banking, which is why Jackson, Jefferson and Lincoln and others all fought the central banking idea. “Wilson later apologised for signing the legislation into law but that’s what we want to get rid of, we don’t want central banking digital currency.”

MacGregor said cash, gold and other precious metals was “where you need to be”. He said he also anticipated an implosion of real estate, both commercial and private. He also spoke of the proposed Republic communication platform, that would be impervious to government intervention and control.

Flynn also noted the general move to home schooling and independent medical services and even independent banking systems around the country. He also strongly backed the idea of taking local political action on things that can be controlled in order to have a national impact.

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  1. Douglas McGregor may well be correct however he has been saying this formally months since last yea, I have listened to him speaking on this Ukraine war for a long time. Putin may well be waiting and thinks Trump may well be in the White House next year and not want another war. It is a frightening thing this whole NATO business. Why the hell would all these countries want to belong to nato and what advantages they would gain from joining I don’t know, apart from a threat of nuclear war. It is all a very troubling time.



  2. Lizzie@0525

    At the time of it’s foundation after WWII and the emergence of the (Then) USSR as ‘The next big threat’ to Europe, NATO made sense; Effectively all the European nations joined together for self-protection, with this being backed-up by the USA (Then the world’s only ‘Super Power”) and to a lesser degree by Canada, which had ‘come to Europe’ in response to a request from ‘Mummy’ (The UK) and decided to hang around in case Mummy (Now tired and bankrupt) needed some extra help.

    Time has passed and the USSR has now vanished, and with it the threat that it posed, and ‘ideally’ NATO should have been dismantled as it’s original r’aison d’etre’ had passed.

    However, NATO gave the USA (Ultimately NATO’s main backer; It’s ‘Spine’ if you will) considerable ‘influence’ in Europe and , and as all politicians like the POWER that such arrangements give, (With US politicians being no exception), the latter understandably don’t want to leave Europe, but with the ‘USSR’ threat gone, what to do?

    Perhaps ‘invent’ a small war to justify their (The USA’s) presence, and, by ‘whispering in certain ears’ the creation of both fear and uncertainty in the minds of those in charge of the USSR’s former ‘colonies’ (Poland, Estonia, the various Balkan state etc.)? ANYTHING to justify both NATO’s continued existence and the USA’s continued presence. in Europe.

    This seems to have been the path that was followed; A little whisper here, an unsupportable promise there’; a blatant lie somewhere else; Anything to create ‘instability’ and uncertainty’, with the message always being that ‘America will support you no matter what’.

    Unfortunately, as we know ‘Uncle Sam’ is actually very unreliable when push comes to shove, and so long as ‘NATO’ is winning he certainly will hang around, but when the going get tough (And the ‘Folks back home in Idaho, Nebrasska or Nevada decide they’ve had enough and ‘Want to bring the boys back home’) be very sure that the USA will suddenly ‘Get going’ and will abandon Europe /NATO to it’s fate without any qualms.

    Based on their past performances, it’s now a matter of ‘When’ and not ‘If’ the USA will leave, and noticeably, should Mr Trump become president, this process will actually start to happen, with the justification that, with evident no threat to their existence, the European members of NATO must, at long last stand on their own feet and look to themselves for their own protection.

    The next few months could, as a result be very interesting ones, especially if Trump returns to the White House…



  3. People still view Russia in terms of the USSR and it’s expansionist aims. Putin hand modern Russians have no wish to expand or make the whole world “Communist” However, NATO is still stuck in this mindset. The Europeans and Russians have got on reasonably well since 1990, it’s only the USA’s meddling in Ukraine that has upset the balance. BRICKS realise this and this is why so many countries now want to join them. The world has had a gutsful of “Uncle Sam”. The only hope is that Trump wins and cooler heads prevail. As for Ukraine, it’s a matter of time. Europe has had enough and doesn’t want a hot war with Russia, ( no matter how many times the fellate Zelensky) and the USA people hopefully will revolt in November and elect Trump. Even if the Democrats win, Ukraine is still finished once Russia takes the contested territories. ( especially if Hungry, Poland and Romania carve up the rest).



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