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From Natural News

Claims to “stand for free expression” but still bans scores of ethical, independent news organizations.

Free speech my arse.

Mark Zuckerberg is doubling down on the hilarious claim that his Facebook empire is a bastion of free speech, even though numerous independent media outlets, including Natural News, continue to be censored on the social media platform.

In a recent op-ed, amazingly entitled Facebook Stands for Free Expression, Zuckerberg contends that he’s never once veered from his original vision for Facebook, which he describes as “building services that give people voice (sic) and bring them together.” But the examples he cites include only people and groups with far-left views.

According to Zuckerberg, the fact that the #BlackLivesMatter and #MeToo movements spread like wildfire on Facebook serves as proof that the social media platform embraces “free speech” and is fully onboard with the First Amendment.

Zuckerberg insists that Facebook users of all political and religious persuasions have always been allowed to “openly shar[e] their experiences” on the platform, adding that the “ability to speak freely has been central in the global fight for democracy,” including on social media.

Like some kind of social justice evangelist, Zuckerberg believes, or so he says, that Facebook is a prime example of free expression in today’s world. In fact, he’s convinced himself that “the impulse to restrict speech is back,” juxtaposing Big Tech’s censorship efforts with Facebook’s supposedly freedom-loving policies.

If what Zuckerberg suggests is actually true, then why has Facebook chosen to censor all vaccine-related content from its platform? Why did Facebook censor the mother of an autistic child for speaking out against genetically-modified organisms (GMOs)?

These are just two examples among many of Facebook disregarding users’ free speech rights, while simultaneously claiming to be a beacon of free speech. It’s basically the “war is peace” concept first coined by George Orwell in his dystopian novel 1984, in which the authoritarians defined certain terms using their antonyms.

Everyone knows that war isn’t peace, and freedom isn’t slavery. Similarly, Facebook isn’t a bastion of free speech, despite what Zuckerberg claims, seeing as how the platform has devoted itself to silencing the voices of conservatives, Christians, and other social “undesirables” whose views contradict those of Zuckerberg’s and the rest of the tech cartel.

It’s important to remember that Facebook has scrubbed numerous right-leaning news outlets from its site over the past several years, including pages that simply reported on the doings of President Trump without constantly bashing the guy. If Facebook really, truly values free expression as Zuckerberg claims, then why do these outlets, along with Natural News, still not have an equal voice on the platform?

There’s no clear answer to any of this. The Left has taken over Facebook and, to an even larger extent, Twitter, and yet here we have Zuckerberg writing editorials about how Facebook supposedly embodies free expression in the modern age.

Give us a break! And if you should happen to read this, Mark Zuckerberg, just know that you’re not fooling us, at least. Facebook is about as aligned with free speech as communist China and the NBA are, both of which are now censoring NBA coaches, players, and fans from openly supporting the freedom movement in Hong Kong.

As Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, put it, the NBA is comprised of “grotesque, morally vacuous players who despise America.” Well, the exact same thing can be said about Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, and the rest of the Facebook clan.

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  1. Such inane questions…..
    Now do not feel sorry for him. 🙂

    Replying to @alexisgoldstein @RepKatiePorter
    “So you WILL take down lies or you WON’T take down lies?” @AOC runs Zuckerberg through a series of hypothetical ads she could run with lies in them, and he can’t say if they’d stay up


    The real questioners here.
    And here is @RepKatiePorter annihilating Zuckerberg over his own privacy policy — and how it stands in conflict with what his own lawyers are arguing in federal court, as they try and dodge claims of injury following their data breach:
    Scroll up and or down for many more questioners, that are getting to the nitty-gritty

    But then politicians use the face book to make much of “misinformation”



  2. Facebook – a couple of nights ago I inadvertently cleared the history on my laptop – and whaddaya know – can’t access facebook! After about 8 years I simply have no idea of my original password or which email address I might have used. After getting over the shock, I have discovered that I can do without the full version, and my phone can give me the basic format.
    Hooray! I feel liberated already.



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