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Bing AI Seems Programmed To Lie About Polar Bears

Written by Tom Harris

I asked the free AI that pops up when you use the Bing search engine, “Are polar bears under threat from climate change?”

The Bing AI responded:

“Yes, polar bears are under threat from climate change.

The Arctic sea ice is melting at an alarming rate due to global warming, which is causing the polar bear’s habitat to shrink.

Polar bears rely on sea ice for hunting and breeding, and as the ice melts, they are forced to swim longer distances to find food.

This puts them at risk of drowning or starvation.”

Then I asked if polar bears will likely go extinct if we do not reduce ‘greenhouse gas’ emissions.

The machine responded:

“According to a study, if greenhouse gas emissions stay on their current trajectory, all but a few polar bear populations in the Arctic will probably be gone by 2100.”

And then, it repeated the last two sentences in its first answer.

These responses are wrong in that they are biased interpretations of the facts, according to polar bear expert zoologist Dr. Susan Crockford.

And, not surprisingly, mainstream media make similar mistakes, often grossly exaggerating the reports on which they are supposedly reporting.

Consider Polar bears to go extinct if greenhouse gas emissions continue on current course,” published by International Business Times (UK), for example.

The first sentence in that article is:

“Polar bears will go extinct if greenhouse gas emissions are not curbed,” a US Geological Survey report has found.”

In reality, the report concluded that the new model they used showed that “when projecting sea ice conditions using an ensemble of GCMs and holding other stressors unchanged,” there was “a trend of progressively greater probabilities of polar bear population outcomes becoming decreased or greatly decreased by the end of the century.”

In other words, IF you accept the output from unreliable computerized climate models, and IF all other things that could affect polar bear populations stay constant, then there is an increasing chance that the populations will either decrease or greatly decrease by the century’s end.

But then media rarely let the facts get in the way of a good story, of course.

To help us understand the real facts concerning polar bear evolution and survival, Tom and co-host Mary-Jean Harris are joined by Dr. Susan Crockford in this week’s program.

Dr. Crockford is a professional zoologist with a Ph.D. and more than 40 years of experience, including work on the Holocene history of Arctic animals. She earned her undergraduate degree in zoology at the University of British Columbia.

Dr. Crockford was an adjunct professor at the University of Victoria, B.C., for 15 years. Polar bear evolution is one of Dr. Crockford’s professional interests, and her latest book, “Polar Bear Evolution: A Model for How New Species Arise,” was published on June 6, 2023.

She writes a science blog about polar bears at https://polarbearscience.com/.

To learn what is really happening with the largest land (or sea ice)-based carnivore, this program is essential listening!


  1. AI is nothing more than automated logic. If the logic is faulty, the output will be faulty.

    Anyone who believes that AI is trustworthy, foolproof and infallible lacks awareness. You can’t simply reduce life, experiences, countless lifetimes of experience, thinking, principles, and more importantly critical thinking down to lines of code.

    At best, you can have limited automation, without the intelligence, just a complex web of pre-defined responses based on nested queries, all pre-written.

    Since Polar Bears are actually increasing in number, the polar ice is not disappearing, the earths temperature is not out of control and the rate of sea level rise is not increasing, Bing AI has millions of incorrect computations and false data.

    It does not know how to critically think. More importantly it cannot experience anything or feel anything. It is rather like a 40 year old virgin whose sex life is limited to the Playboy centre fold claiming to be an expert on sex.

    AI is not human. It cannot jump in a car and go visit the local beach, sit outside the cafe and drink a latte, or walk along the beach barefoot, with toes in the water, like a person has done the last 40 years of their life. And it cannot walk further along the beach to the pier, and walk up to the tide gauge on the side of the pier, and note that in the last 40 years, the rate of sea level rise is approx 1.5mm per year (since the last ice age), and that the AL Gore’s predicted runaway rise is not happening.

    Seeing that tide gauge is real. And researching tide gauge data from around the world gives you certainty that AL Gore, NASA, and the Swedish brat are wrong, and that Bing AI is bullshit on global warming. Seeing things with your own eyes and experiencing things cannot be done with AI. It is not alive. It is not human.

    AI is another con, another “single source of trooth” rolled out like some God, that knows best, that AI is infallible and wouldn’t make a mistake.

    At best, AI is a tool and a mouthpiece for the people that programmed it. People with human frailties and imperfections. Humans largely unaware of self.

    AI cannot critically think if it is programmed by people who cannot critically think. And anyone who can truly critically think, and values critical thinking, would understand the limitations of AI and the dangers of AI.

    Any wonder the Terminator films were made. A warning to mankind.



  2. Like their models, bad data in bad data out, Polar Bears have never had it so good lol, the real program is about selling you useless renewables to profit the people programing the bots, if any of it was true would they still be buying beach houses and flying about in gas guzzling private planes? would they be allowed too?
    Our future is cold https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJ8OmLhFnK8
    magnetic pole shift and effects https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2ImAg8FUcc&t=316s
    The last one also explains how it all effects our brains, if you feel like shits about to hit the fan and your spidy senses are tingling this is why.



    • Thanks Rickoshay.

      Although I can divine water pipes, & even trigger people who can not, and some other things that I do not know of, so can figure there is something unknown that has some effect.
      But at the same time, being aware, I also know & accept that there are things that I can not affect, so do not get overly perturbed by such things.

      So would they be able to trial something like homing pigeons? migrating birds? for how they locate to that magnetism?

      The poles shifting like the North Magnetic Pole I was aware they are sort of moving in a most unusual way & the speed is surprising over my life time. Set at 4:07 minutes to start.

      I had not considered the South Pole, and that is of course also that it seems to be closing the gap to the North? if I am figuring it is right heading to the South Atlantic.



  3. Who give a fuck about polar bears? Seriously, they are horrible viscous aggressive predators who will literally kill a human (or any other mammal) in the blink of an eye. Also, their breath smells like rotting garbage and they shit and piss on the ocean and all over the ice. Kill the bloody lot of them, I say, and the sooner the better.



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