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During “lockdowns” when American parents couldn’t take their children for routine vaccinations, childhood mortality dropped by 30%. Coincidence?

Over the last few years, we have all watched in horror as the extent of the harm and damage that has been caused by the covid injections has been revealed, with more and more irrefutable evidence of unnecessary death and disability coming to light on an almost daily basis.

If ever we needed proof of the danger of so-called “vaccines” we now have it by the boatload. But what about all the other vaccinations that people have been pumping into our babies and toddlers over the last fifty years? We know that the “safe and effective” lie applies to them all, Vaccine Choice Canada wrote. “It’s time we got the Canadian public to start questioning all vaccines.”

Childhood Deaths Dropped By 30% During the Pandemic

In 2011, Neil Miller, PhD, and Gary Goldman, PhD, in the journal Human & Experimental Toxicology showed how infant mortality rates correlated with childhood vaccination rates, with high-uptake countries having higher child mortality. This was confirmed by a re-analysis of the data in February 2023, which was published in the peer-reviewed journal Cureus. The paper confirmed their 2011 conclusion that there’s a positive correlation between vaccine doses and infant mortality rates.

In 2020, national and international health authorities – and even the authors of the Great Barrington Declaration – bemoaned the fact that covid fears and lockdowns had the “unfortunate” side effect of lowering routine childhood vaccination rates. Yet evidence is now coming to light that the predicted decline in vaccinations might actually have had a positive impact.

According to Dr. Mercola, data from the first few months of the covid pandemic seems to confirm this link; the death rate for American children dropped during lockdowns when many parents were unable to take their children for their scheduled vaccinations. During this period childhood deaths dropped by 30% going from an average of seven hundred deaths per week to fewer than five hundred during the months of April and May 2020.

Preventing SIDS

Childhood vaccines have long been suspected of being a contributing factor to sudden infant death syndrome and according to Australian researcher Viera Scheibner, “Vaccination is undoubtedly the single biggest and most preventable cause of cot-death…” otherwise known as SIDS.

Recommended Vaccines Have Quadrupled

Since the late 1980’s the CDC has continued to add vaccines to the recommended schedule without taking any vaccines off the schedule. Consequently, the number of vaccinations currently recommended for children in North America has more than quadrupled since the 1970s.

At the same time, children’s health in the United States has seen a marked decline and many parents have started to question whether their children really need so many vaccinations to be safe and healthy. The question many of them are asking (at last) is whether over-vaccination is contributing to some of the health problems they are seeing in their children.

And “some health problems” seems like a gross understatement. According to a report published by Children’s Health Defense in 2022, 54% of American children are chronically ill and 13% are in special education. Almost 11% have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (“ADHD”). One in six has a developmental disorder, 15,000 were diagnosed with cancer – in 2022 alone – and untold millions suffer from allergies including deadly peanut allergies, unheard of just fifty years ago.

A Surge in Autism

And this doesn’t include the shocking surge in Autism. In 1980 before our current obsession with childhood vaccines, the incidence of autism was about one in ten thousand children. In 2002 it was one in two hundred and fifty, in 2013 it was one in fifty and now it is estimated to be one in twenty-five! Surely that alone is a critical public health pandemic that should be getting all our attention. Yet it isn’t even mentioned by either the CDC, the WHO or corporate media.

The Collapse of Children’s Health and Wellbeing

Can we attribute this collapse in children’s health and well-being to childhood vaccines? It is hard considering how Big Pharma can influence research and the interpretation of research findings. However, it seems more than coincidental that the United States gives children under the age of one year the highest number of vaccine doses in the world (being 26 doses – Canada is just behind at 24 doses) and with all that “protection” the United States also has the highest rate of infant mortality of all First World developed nations. So, what is causing all these kids to die or suffer debilitating illnesses?

Dr. Paul Thomas recently revealed shocking statistics in his presentation to Vaccine Choice Canada earlier this year. The slides he shared with us were based on his Health Freedom Summit 2022 presentation comparing the incidence of chronic diseases (as opposed to actual death) in all age groups within the vaccinated and unvaccinated populations of the United States. Across the board, he showed that those who had managed to avoid childhood vaccines were much healthier and less prone to health degradation.

For example, his data confirmed that in the vaccinated population, the percentage of people with some form of heart disease or disorder was a massive 48%. In the unvaccinated population, it was zero. Likewise in the vaccinated population, 16.67% of people developed arthritis. In the unvaccinated population, it was zero.

The Increased Incidence of Type 1 Diabetes

Dr. John Classen from the University of Maryland and his brother David began studying autoimmune disorders in the 1990s. Their accumulated work and the many research papers they have published over the last two decades clearly demonstrate that the more we vaccinate our children, at least after the age of two months, the more likely they are to develop type 1 diabetes. This is a very serious and life-threatening disease and one which is significantly overloading the healthcare system.

Again, this is confirmed in Dr. Thomas’ findings where he concluded that in the vaccinated population 10% of people become diabetic. In the unvaccinated population, it was zero!

How Many Will Be the ‘Vaccine Tipping Point’?

Children always seem to suffer from ear infections and fluid in the ear – which is known as Otitis media with effusion, shortened to OME. That too appears to be a curse of the vaccinated. Children in the vaccinated group have a 90% likelihood of suffering from OME, whereas children in the unvaccinated group have a 0.1% likelihood of it.

Learning disabilities are another condition, with 8% of children in the vaccinated group having learning disabilities, while only 0.72% of children in the unvaccinated group have learning disabilities.

According to Dr. Collin Lynn, a family physician based in California, “It’s definitely possible that we’re at a tipping point where we’re giving too many vaccines. Sometimes I wonder if in the future we’ll look back at the 2000s and say, “What were we thinking? Why were we giving so many vaccines?”

Yet this is not a light, philosophical question which we can afford to mull over. People’s health, well-being and, in many cases, their longevity are being sacrificed in the name of corporate profit, which has to be the uncomfortable answer to Dr. Lynn’s question.

The fact of the matter is that chronic disease in the United States is on the rise, so much so that nearly half the population now suffers from a chronic illness, the vast majority of whom, according to Dr. Thomas, are vaccinated. These conditions account for 86 per cent of America’s health care costs which are crippling both family savings in the United States and government health care services in Canada.

Are Your Children Over-Vaccinated?

According to journalist Jennifer Margulis in her report ‘Parents Need to Know: Are Your Children Over-Vaccinated?’, she soberly concludes:

“…instead of re-evaluating current immunisation practices, the conventional medical community either ignores the science done by medical researchers like Classen and Miller or paints them as wild-eyed anti-vaccine extremists. Scientists who prove that popular and profitable pharmaceutical products can cause harm [like Dr. Paul Thomas] risk losing their livelihoods as well as their standing in the scientific community.”

Newton’s Third Law to Consider

Consequently, there are not that many outspoken critics of vaccinations, and those who do speak out don’t last long. Hence it is no surprise that most of the mainstream public are so wedded to the childhood vaccine schedule; they wouldn’t dream of questioning vaccines as anything but life-saving miracles of modern medicine.

Well, the real science shows that this is simply not true!

Newton’s Third Law states that for every action in nature, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Although no one thinks about it, this law applies to the “action” of vaccination as well, in that there will be a consequence or “reaction” to it and parents should take this into account before blindly lining their kids up for their shots.

The reason parents get their babies, toddlers and kids vaccinated is to save them from the life-threatening horrors of polio, diphtheria, measles, mumps and all the rest of these lurking deadly diseases – never mind the fact that most of these were already in serious decline before the vaccinations, thanks to improved sanitation, diet and personal hygiene. Due to this fear, and the concern of being seen as “irresponsible parents” few people consider what the trade-off and “price” of these childhood vaccinations really are.

The Unseen and Unacknowledged Costs

Well, Dr. Paul Thomas has told us what these unseen and unacknowledged costs are in no uncertain terms. They are:

  • A 400% greater chance of your child suffering a chronic condition before the age of 18, and then being ten times more likely to suffer a chronic condition as an adult;
  • A 48% chance of getting heart disease;
  • 208 times greater chance of suffering from chronic sinusitis;
  • 45 times greater chance of suffering digestive disorders;
  • 20 times greater chance of developing ADHD;
  • 17 times greater chance of suffering from epilepsy;
  • 12 times greater chance of developing autism;
  • 11 times greater chance of developing learning disabilities;
  • 10.5 times greater chance of getting asthma;
  • 9.6 times greater chance of developing speech disorders;
  • 7 times greater chance of getting eczema;
  • 6 times greater chance of developing a food allergy;
  • 5.6 times greater chance of having developmental disabilities;
  • A 16.67% chance of getting arthritis in later life; and,
  • A 10% chance of getting diabetes.

Sharing These Shocking Statistics with Others

If new and young parents knew about these shocking statistics, you wonder how many of them would still go ahead with getting their babies onto the childhood vaccination schedule.

It is our job to start telling them.

Hopefully, coming out of the covid debacle and all the unnecessary deaths and injuries that have been caused by that “shot” – and of course the billions of dollars of profit that lined the pockets of the likes of Pfizer – with a bit of luck the public are going to start realising that they need to start questioning all vaccines!!

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  1. I would contend that the environment is too sterile now and kids don’t come into contact with a range of germs and bacteria early on where they build up their immune system.

    Early childhood death (by actual natural causes) is horrible esp. to the people directly affected but it is natures way of weeding out the weak before too much is invested in them.
    [the same applies to social welfare, by the by. Remove or severely reduce hand outs and you weed out the indolent. Cause and effect. ]

    Interesting food for thought there.
    I do wonder if ADHD is hyped up by the what I consider a fraudulent trade i,e. psychiatry
    A make-work scheme for Frauds . (not Freuds, but close)
    some kids are naturally boisterous.



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