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  1. Bugger the Farmers – signing up for some Maori mumbo jumbo

    He Waka Eke Noa programme

    Who mandated that every new government website, office, programme etc be given a stupid maori name

    What about the majority of us.
    Change them all to English names with a Maori sub title if you wish.



  2. Remember when the stroppy teen said she could smell CO2?
    Well, the lefty scientists are looking to go one step further.

    “We could also use optogenetics to give ourselves ultra violet light detectors, or carbon dioxide detectors so we could automatically sense our air quality.”

    This IS mind control.


    The technique could potentially be used to manipulate memories, emotions and thoughts, raising profound ethical questions.

    Scientists have been able to implant false memories into the brain of a mouse using optogenetics.

    An army of cyborgs at our door…..Not long now.




  3. Ryan Bridge: Delay to agriculture in ETS Government’s most sensible move

    “Here’s the problem I have with the oil and gas ban, the farming cap, all these punitive measures that hit farmers, productive industries, and rural New Zealand: In our haste, our nobel crusade to be the first, to be world leaders on climate change, we’ve forgotten to look behind us and realise that nobody is following us.

    Is there a point in being first in the world if nobody’s shooting for second? Hello China, hello India, hello Trump.”



    • China promises that so many electric cars will be built.
      Sounds good and also solar & wind, to bury the facts where the real bulk source of electricity is produced.
      Many more coal mines being opened, to meet the demand from coal-fired powered plants.

      Though I think that a lot more is done so that burn more cleanly and efficiently. 🙂



  4. How the bodies immune system can be redirected and used in a positive way.

    A Common Cold Virus Wiped Away Bladder Cancer in One Patient

    Researchers thought this method would work because the outer membranes of cancerous bladder cells contain a gateway for the coxsackievirus: a molecule called ICAM-1. Because healthy cells don’t carry this molecule, the coxsackievirus doesn’t attack them. Once the virus gets into the cell, it hijacks the cell’s machinery and ends up killing it. Even more cancer cells die when the immune cells are recruited.




  5. Re: Today’s picture.
    The USA Israel lobby has taken this to the next level, by bribing politicians and getting the US tax payer to fund those bribes!

    In terms of foreign policy and military control, the US capital is Tel Aviv.



  6. They just had Andrew Hollis on Magic Talk radio.
    He’s not going anywhere!
    I am sure our support helped.
    And the fact that he was the second highest polling councillor!
    And he’s up for a beer or coffee with Buddy Mikaere!



    • I heard him. The Maori bloke whose threatening to have him sacked over having an opinion he doesn’t like sounds like another liar. Stretching the truth to fit his own agenda. Not much support from people who know him.



      • Buddy Mikaere also stood for council. But too lazy to do any real campaigning he donated some money to some cause and didn’t bother to do anything but make a noise.
        He wheedled his way to fame over the Rena and thus into the council trough. Like so many in that trough he now thinks he represents what is required in Tauranga.
        It’s worthy of note that like so much Maori he made few friends with other Iwi. and that’s the problem with Tenby thinking he can unite the community. There is no love lost between many of the iwi.
        So we get a bunch of tired, slow walkers, leaning in their sticks and behaving like they are full of wisdom when really its about filling their trough so they don’t have to do a days work.
        When it comes to the rock. That is privately owned by the Iwi but the ratepayer is on the hook for all the expenses. They own it and should maintain it and charge if people want t use it. No reason at all why ratepayers should maintain private property.
        They won’t even fix their drain that runs through my property.

        MIKAERE, excluded at iteration 12, reason: Candidate received the lowest vote count 1219.641976396, less than the second lowest by more than total surplus (1.292564405)

        So barely 1200 votes against Andrews 7000+. Andrew was the second highest.
        Oh and no Maori voted onto council. That has made the whinge. Obviously they couldn’t even muster enough of their own to put them on council.



  7. Amy Adams tells Andrew Little to stop letting his ‘ego’ prevent bipartisanship on anti-terror law

    “Little said on Tuesday he has felt “a little dicked around” by the National Party, after it offered unconditional support for it, but later put forward a number of recommendations that would “strengthen the legislation”.

    Last week Bridges outlined the changes National wanted, including extending control orders beyond six years and lowering the age limit from 18 to 14 years old.

    Little told Parliament on Thursday he felt the proposals put forward by National were “unnecessarily Draconian”, meaning excessive or harsh.

    Adams fired back on National’s behalf, claiming Little never intended to work with National in the first place, and said it was “all about the politics, all about covering his backside, all about his ego.”

    “The truth is he has weakened this legislation to pander to the Greens to get his votes, because his ego wouldn’t let him sit down and work constructively with the biggest, the most popular political party in New Zealand.”



  8. Alistair Williams destroys ‘the science’ behind Extinction Rebellion. His language is ‘fruity’ at times but he uses it to reinforce his presentation. A light-hearted video where he takes apart a lecture by an Extinction Rebellion ‘expert’ who explains to her audience how we are the last generation of mankind. She amuses Williams with a childish dissertation on the science of climate change. An amusing watch for those with a little time on their hands.




    • Oops, replying to Waikatogirl not TonyB

      “lowering the age limit from 18 to 14 years old for control orders, saying young people “will be targeted for radicalisation”.

      They obviously don’t have a clue what goes on in mosques. Radicalization starts as soon as the child is able to speak. By the time they are about 8 years old moslem children are completely brainwashed and that brainwashing is continually reinforced both at home and at Islamic schools.

      Why are we so poorly served by politicians who have such a poor grasp of the threat that Islam poses to the West?



  9. From ACT’s latest “news letter” –comments on Shaws Zero Carbon Bill

    Why You Should Oppose the Zero Carbon Bill

    ACT has voted alone against the Zero Carbon Bill. It has nothing to do with how big a problem you think climate change is. It has everything to do with the centralisation of power the bill would bring. Everybody should read sections 5ZD – 5ZF of the Bill. It allows the Minister to put together ‘carbon budgets’ with plans for each sector. It gives the ‘Duty Minister’ enormous power over the ability of an industry to grow, or even survive.

    We’ve Been Here Before

    Last time we had a law like the Zero Carbon Bill was the Economic Stabilisation Act. The Act was passed in 1948, to formalise a number of ad hoc wartime powers the government no longer needed into statute law. (There is nothing as permanent as a temporary government program). The Act gave the government of the day dictatorial powers over private business, politicising commercial decisions. Muldoon was able to wield the power he did because of the Economic Stabilisation Act.

    It’s The Skylines, Silly

    For thirty years the Wellington skyline has stagnated while the Auckland skyline has erupted. Why? Since ACT’s founders fixed our economic policy, business hasn’t had to go cap in hand to government to get anything done. The Zero Carbon Bill would change all that. When a Minister can decide the fate of an industry, it’s a great day for lobbyists. The Greens are the main party that complain about lobbying in politics, but they will have done more to promote it than any party since 1948.

    Another Reason to Oppose the Zero Carbon Bill

    The Bill requires carbon credits to be bought in New Zealand ‘as far as possible.’ Who knows how that will be interpreted. We suspect it will mean, ‘if there is a way to save carbon emissions in New Zealand, it must be done.’ The Bill says nothing about price. If there are foreigners who can generate carbon credits for $10 a tonne but they cost $25 a tonne in New Zealand, guess what? New Zealanders will pay 2.5 times as much to achieve the same result. It’s nuts.

    Putting It All Together

    The Bill may or may not reduce carbon emissions and save the planet, but it will certainly centralise control of the economy. As the New Zealand Initiative have published, Greta Thunberg was right. The politicians are letting her down, but in a way she’d be unlikely to understand.

    Never Forget

    The National Party is voting for this bill. They have never raised concern about the centralisation of power despite supposedly collaborating with the Greens to create the bill.



    • Not surprising. Our communist leaders believe in centralising power and growing that base. Wellington civil servants will be all for the increased employment opportunities.
      Our current COL fail to recognise the private sector is much better at running business with less interference from Wellington, not more.
      It is clear we need to increase ACT’s presence in parliament.



    • The National Party cannot expect to support this bill, and get re-elected. They have learnt now, I hope, that any first reading support is not going to be respected by the current coalition government. The notion of support by opposition to get a bill into the house for sensible debate is long gone.

      The current government is ideologically and not sensibly democratic in its workings. We have solid evidence in the two Arms act amendments alone this year. The current government is not representative and simply cannot be trusted.



  10. Parliament TV attack ads: Speaker reprimands academic over comments

    “Labour’s position prompted ridicule from political marketing academic Dr Robinson, who said it beggared belief that Labour wanted to prevent the use of video mash-up, text overlay and music.

    “It actually singles Labour out as a dinosaur – sorry Michael [Wood] – when it comes to the latest forms of political communication,” she said.

    “Labour may not like the way that it is being attacked by National at the moment … and Labour may consider itself above that form of attack. But this is insufficient reason to revise the Standing Orders simply to suit Labour.”

    She went on to say Labour was being “dangerously undemocratic” in seeking to censor the ways in which political parties could critique statements and ideas.

    “I have to admit to being slightly embarrassed for New Zealand politics that we are even having this discussion in 2019.”

    Mr Mallard quickly admonished Dr Robinson for her comments, saying he was “exceptionally unhappy” with her characterisation of his review of the rules.

    “Your frankly offensive description of me… I was offended by it. The decision to have this inquiry was mine,” Mr Mallard said.”

    They don’t like it up em Captain!



  11. Exclusive: Phil Twyford leaves officials scratching their heads over Auckland light rail

    “Briefings over a series of months show officials begging Transport Minister Phil Twyford to provide them with direction over the rail project so they can move it forward – and even by late July this year they still had no idea. It’s a promise to Auckland nowhere near on track.

    In April, officials even prepared a presentation for Twyford explaining ‘why setting outcomes is important’. On the first slide, it said “we have no agreed outcomes currently” and the “Government position on outcomes essential to provide clear direction to design, delivery and implementation of light rail”.

    “But the presentation still didn’t kick Twyford into gear. A briefing on July 23 later shows officials begging for direction, as they weigh up two very different proposals.”



  12. Try & try again; 13 times, and then found in a convenient place.

    Real relief is now washing Tenterfield after drillers struck liquid gold, creating a flow of much-needed water. Crippled by drought and bushfires, the town was just months away from running completely dry.

    Also sounds like desperation, do or die, so that a 2 year program was done in 6 months.

    A town in New South Wales, where the concept in a speech, started the Federation of States of Australia.



  13. Some of us are trying trying; is it going going gone?
    End of this month?

    [UN secretary-general] Guterres said unspecified “additional stop-gap measures” would have to be taken to ensure salaries and entitlements are paid. The Secretary-general said that some nations haven’t paid their share to ensure that normal functioning of the organization.

    To cut costs, Guterres mentioned postponing conferences and meetings and reducing services, while also restricting official travel to only essential activities and taking measures to save energy.

    Heating and air-conditioning will be curtailed between 6 p.m. and 8 a.m. Expect document delays, fewer translations and no conference freebies, like water. And at the 39-story Secretariat building, some escalators and the decorative water fountain outside are shutting down. Symbolic for the current ‘global realignment’, globalism is indeed going bankrupt and decaying.

    Are they trading while insolvent?
    Sell the head quarters.
    Suffer, suffer in your jocks!



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