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  1. It hasn’t taken Helen Clark and Stuff in Election Year to go after Simon Bridges over Jian-Yang organizing his trip to China last September, but she forget who was caught first for corrupt dealings with Chinese officials, Rick Barker is one that comes to mind.
    This is campaigning for a Labour Government in Election year and started with a disgraceful article from One News yesterday.



  2. New Zealands favourite Politicain and Green Party Spokesperson says NZ should be a ‘Principle Voice’ as US- IRAN tensions rise, Golriz Ghahraman says.
    Maybe it’s time to say to Ghahraman if don’t like the way the Government is handling the situation fuck of back to your home Country and become one of there Law makers.



  3. Looking to ‘die well’, and why muslims want more martyrs,

    The footage – taken outside the Islamic Centre of England in Maida Vale on January 3 – shows an imam labelling Soleimani a “martyr” as supporters gather around with pictures of him.

    “I have to say, that I would like to give you all condolences but at the same time I would like to congratulate all of you,” he says.

    “You are very fortunate to live at the time to see and to touch and to feel a man like Soleimani.

    “And we hope and we pray and we work hard to make sure that there will be many many more Qassem Soleimanis.

    “We aspire to be like him and we are jealous of him.

    “And we want the same thing for ourselves and our loved ones because that’s the best thing that could happen to us.”

    So they encourage each other to strive and struggle to die as they believe it is good to die for the cause of allah,

    We joke about the virgins in paradise, but there are more important reasons, so as to better combat this, surely our politicians need to know this too.

    1) He is forgiven at the first drop of his blood. [guaranteed paradise, is this like Jesus?]

    2) He sees his status in Jannah. [eternal paradise]

    3) He is dressed in the clothes of Iman. [rich with virgins, servants, etc….]

    4) He is safe from the punishment of the grave. [straight to Paradise, so no hellfire while waiting for ‘Judgement Day’]

    5) He will be safe from the Great fear of the Day of Judgment. [the stress of will they pass or not is gone]

    6) A crown of honor will be placed on his head. [is this why family and neighbourhood celebrate]
    7) He will intercede on behalf of 70 members of his family.” [his blood will atone for his relatives, no wonder the family is pleased to be seemingly assured of paradise]
    Musnad Ahmed, Tabrani, at-Targheeb wa at-Tarheeb, p.443, vol.2

    So a belief that muslims follow of jihad be able to gain shahada, martyrdom, so as to pass the risk of not getting to even a “basic paradise” and while waiting, for “Judgement” could be a torturous wait in the grave, particularly if you believe that you have not been a good enough muslim, or have others like righteous “martyrs” to intercede for you.

    It even encourages breeding, as one of their offspring may become a martyr and help assure their parents to gain paradise.

    Not all parents would wish this, but the imams know of this and can not deny it, though they will twist & turn. 🙁
    The guidance, sayings, koran & the hadith about Mohammad’s life actions & deeds of “the perfect man” is to be emulated and encourages jihad & shadada.



    • Thank you for your deep and well presented analysis of these aspects of the Muslim religion Simpleton1.

      If this is what you call being a simpleton, then I’d hate to think what you’d be like when you’re being intelligent! Cheers 😀



    • edit, shadada should have been ‘shahid’, or ‘shaheed’ the muslim version of martyr.
      The shadada is the basic islamic prayer, and confirmation of following Mohammad.

      thanks DM.
      Know your our selves,
      Know your other,
      then you will never be defeated.

      It seems a lack of knowledge of ourselves, history, identity, culture, has created a vacuum.
      In some cases it is is wilful, or ignorance, or other choices are more interesting or supposedly made as relative.

      This seems to be being filled, slowly and surely with many bits and pieces of relativism to islam.



  4. Dishonest pickers threaten pick your own berry tradition

    “Greedy pickers are again threatening the future of the Kiwi summer tradition of picking your own berries, with one Waikato grower reconsidering whether it is viable to continue.
    Ye Olde Berry Farm, on the outskirts of Hamilton, grows a range of berries for retailers and also opens the farm up to the public for the pick your own service over summer.”

    Kiwis used to basically be an honest, fair and respectful bunch. No more it seems. Now many believe if there is a way to take advantage it is their first instinct to do so. It would be a shame if we lose another kiwi tradition due to the stealing of dishonest plonkers.



      • It used to be able to leave windows open, and doors often unlocked.
        Sure there would be some rogue who took advantage, but the police & community was often able to figure this, and pressure could be be bought to bear.
        After all one had to live in the same community.

        Now there are different communities, having different beliefs, standards and loyalties.

        So a different standard, little by little so a new “normal” often to the lowest common denominator as we change, drop things and adapt.

        So we adapt, and it is best to erase the old standards, as we need to get on with life in the here & now.
        The authorities and systems set this up to “aid” the changes that are deemed to be required.

        Other ways of coping may be moving away, “white flight” which is now to be shamed, but how else are some to cope.
        Systems are put in place, to make us able to cope, with these new and challenging lifestyle changes and standards, like how it become a new normal for young girls in Rochester, etc… for decades.

        And it is said, our lives are improving.
        In some ways yes, the selfie technology, so that one can remember the moment of good safe times.

        The great improvement for the fire fighters in Europe having police escorts.
        How crewing of police cars is improving, as needs at least 2 at certain times, and “specialist” ready to go action cars.
        A great normal, but it was not called for after the Stanley Graham shootings and tragedy.

        St. Johns, needing 2 crew, but can be good, as more technical lifesaving equipment, but also needing some security in some situations.
        Safety in numbers, seems to be new normal.

        And so we normalize what is not always so good a change, even though the past may not have been perfect, but we did generally try to get it right.
        Ok enough of the good old days, the culture of hats and gloves for woman, etc.. with the principles of laws, identity,
        Accept change, welcome it, enjoy diversity and the many changes, that in adapting, we may all go and be in the lowest common denominator.
        Nothing is really wrong and change brings a great new normal. //



  5. Is this One News trying to do a hit job on National or is this just putting doubt in Voters minds with a Election happening this Year and there choice Labour needing all the help they can get to retain power and not be a one term Government.
    One News is in political mode and will publish anything that will give Labour the edge to win this years Election.



      • Shane Te Pou – a huge Andrew Little fan

        “But there is one New Zealand politician who most displays Michael’s King’s virtues of being good-hearted, practical, commonsensical and tolerant, and that is Andrew Little. It was he who allowed Labour to triumph in 2017 by stepping down. Now, as Justice Minister, he is leading under the radar a major shift from the punitive and failing system left to us by Phil Goff and Tony Ryall to a genuinely restorative one, with proper investment in rehabilitation.

        Little is taking historic steps and investing in solving family violence. He has had the courage to confront the issues with more difficult Treaty of Waitangi settlements after his predecessors have picked all the lower hanging fruit. He is leading a sensible discussion on free speech, between the woke liberals and the right-wing extremists who usually dominate that debate. As head of the spy agencies, he has given them new powers to keep us safe, while also bringing them under proper civilian control, perhaps for the first time ever.

        It is this work for which Labour deserves to be re-elected. And if it is not, it is this work to which historians will be able to point as an actual legacy from the Sixth Labour Government.”




  6. Remember prior to Xmas there was a no show from Jethro and there was talk of him sharing a pacific island with dusky maidens.

    An article on Fox this morning has a plausible explanation for his no show. A Judge in Kentucky has been sprung for having three somes in her court house. Sounds like our
    likely lad.



    • I could care less about what fucked up arrangements the Gayford/Ardern’s live by but considering their continuing prominence in the tabloid and legacy media they open themselves up for scrutiny. My only wish would be for them to cease the cynical exploitation of the child, belief that anything Gayford says comes from a place of intellect or standing and that people consider them to be our “First Family”. They are anything but.



    • This is how the evil globalists work.
      Fist they say we will have a carbon tax whch no one undertands, (remember the debate years ago) but don’t worry its just a pricing mechanism and you can buy credits off other countries.
      Then they put the price of the credits up and then they say you cannot buy credits.
      Don’t worry it won’t apply to agriculture.
      Then five years later it does apply to agriculture
      EVIL bastards.
      So then only stupid countries like us that signed up pay for it.



    • Maggy, I would rather take a two pronged approach as I’m not generally in favour of a ban when we can provide a solution.

      Work on re-programming the average Kiwi driver. The average driver is far too aggressive and impatient without the skill to back up their attitude. How many practice real defensive driving by sighting multiple vehicles ahead? Using their headlights when overcast or raining? Heck, even just driving to the conditions or letting people pass in passing lanes. This to me would have benefits beyond just cyclists.

      That North to South cycle, friendly roading seems like a good idea. Maybe if we can combine the highway upgrades with some cycle friendly components we’ll be in a better position to share some of the natural beauty of our country with cyclists while still allowing motorists to do their thing.



  7. Live updates: United States bases in Iraq under attack

    “Two United States bases in Iraq have been fired at by more than a dozen missiles that were launched by Iran.

    United States airbase Al Asad in western Iraq was targetted as well as a complex in norther Iraq’s Erbil. The Al Asad military complex is used by Iraqi and United States armed forces. It is also often used by UK forces.

    The attack has been confirmed by US defence personnel to multiple media outlets, while the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) said the rockets came from Iran. The Pentagon has also blamed Iran.”



  8. False information about Australia bushfires spread on social media

    “Australia is facing a bushfire crisis and as the country burns, misinformation is spreading across the internet like wildfire.
    Social media allows people to share information on a global scale, but also allows bots and troll accounts to spread unproven claims about the fires and have millions of people believe them.”

    “There are now disingenuous efforts to downplay the clear role of climate change in worsening the intensity and severity of the Australian fires, or to blame ‘arson’ as a way to distract from the growing threat of climate change,” he said.
    “These efforts should be called out for what they are: gross climate denial. ”

    The screeching and deflection by the climate change brigade is getting more hysterical as they realise many are not buying their bullshit. They can’t handle that the truth will out them as liars.



    • At least the social justice green warrior could have some of these people charged with cultural misappropriation?
      Though some maybe able to claim “grand father” rights? like the old time settlers, graziers?

      NSW Police Force has taken legal action. …..
      …. Since Friday 8 November 2019, legal action – which ranges from cautions through to criminal charges – has been taken against 183 people – including 40 juveniles – for 205 bushfire-related offences. ….


      205 fires, bang to rights, just in one state New South Wales.
      Are firelighter becoming the new cultural norm?
      So will it just be all mental cases issues? A bus ticket sentence?

      It would seem that some are trying to protect the “Climate Change” meme, not realizing they have been caught out, playing with fire.

      In past studies, criminologists have estimated that 85 per cent of wildfires are caused by humans. That includes arson, but also non-malicious activities like leaving a campfire smouldering or throwing a lit cigarette from a car. ….
      “When unassigned bushfires were investigated by fire investigators, the majority were found to be maliciously lit,” Janet Stanley, Associate Professor at Melbourne University’s Sustainable Society Institute, …..


      That will be just the fires that are investigated, so in the meantime many other firelighters are not even looked for.

      Perhaps these firelighters have confused the reason why back burning, reducing fuel loads, keeping open access, fire breaks should still be done, prior to the usual hot dry summers and so have a “cool fire”
      That regularity of fires induced early, seems to make a cooler fire, compared to the high fuel loads, that take out the whole canopy, and make for very “hot fire”s



    • Those Aussies seem to be pretty fiery guys. 🙁
      November 2019
      In short, up to 85 bushfires begin every day because someone leaves their house and decides to start one.

      One moment blaming the arsonists but seeming to figure that could be letting “Climate Change” off the hook, just when it seems that “Climate Change” politics of control and taxes is so reacheable with its eerie orange & red glow.

      A frustrating time for Australians. The worst of summer still to come.
      Stressed, threatened, seeing their lives turned up side down, and struggling to understand.
      Priorities of life becoming more important.

      Then the politicians, global politics, etc. . All stirring things.
      The number of Royal Commissions, into catastrophic Bush Fires through the years, should be reread and posted.
      Were those Commission recommendations followed?



    • No mention of the sentence, but able to happily walk out of court.
      Sounds like assured by his defence councilor to keep a straight face when in front of the judge.
      Afterwards you will be free.

      A cultural enrichment, of adapting to Aussie fire works, or the loud explosions and bangs helped him to “feelz at home”.
      Rehabilitation? or you have a nice car there, a nice dry lawn there?
      Just not to worry about the laws, or grass and bush fires.



    • Greens celebrate Bushfire burning of a chip mill.
      One can get the feeling that greens not only want the fires, but would be prepared to light them too.

      A green group has outraged locals by celebrating the loss of a woodchipping mill that burned down during the bushfires that have devastated the south coast of NSW.

      Victoria-based Environment East Gippsland said the destruction of the mill in the NSW town of Eden was ‘some really good news!’ in a Facebook post published on Monday.

      ‘A major source of ecosystem collapse, loss of carbon stores, wildlife crisis, climate chaos and political corruption over the last 50 years,’ the since deleted Facebook post read, according to The Australian.

      Another post, which has also been deleted, called the burning down of the mill a ‘symbolic moment’.

      A loss of about 70 jobs.
      They would have been removing a lot of the fuel load, in those bush lands,
      So it would appear over decades that the greens wanted the “fuel load” in the bush to build up, so that any fire, would be a “hot fire”.

      Suddenly they do not want to be linked to these tragedies, so delete those posts, probably more so that they want to keep pushing “Climate Change” links all in their insufferable “sustainability”.



  9. Think you may have called this one wrong @WayneMapp. Reported today in Herald:
    “A former New Zealand defence minister says he cannot see the United States and Iran coming to blows despite Washington being reckless in killing Iranian general Qassem Soleimani.”



    • New Zealand must speak out against Donald Trump’s terrorist assassination of Qasem Soleimani.

      What is it with Greens and hating our Western way of life? Keith Locke should go read about Qasem Soleimani. In the media reporting before the left have started trying to portray him as a martyr.

      This man supported Assad. He was in charge of many political assassinations. In 2011 he tried to hire a Mexican drug cartel to blow up the Saudi Ambassador to the United States. He was not a good person, he specialised in terrorism.

      And Keith Locke calls Trump a terrorist. What a fucking wanker.



      • Sooty is bang on. A never was, & never will be.
        Supporter of murder, like the “killing fields in Cambodia”.
        Supporter of the USSR gulag system to be applied where ever it gains power.
        Supporter of Taliban whilst ignoring its stadium killings as following Mohammad.

        BSc in Psychology, Masters in Sociology, never completed a Ph.D in Sociology, lectured in Sociology at Victoria University, editor of the Socialist Action, socialist and unionist in a car factory, railway workshops and meat works in the Wellington region, Auckland abattoirs.
        Then political parties, gaining mp for a few terms.

        Wrote “Cambodia liberated: victory for humanity”
        Supporter of Pol Pot’s Kymer Rouge in Cambodia, then changed his mind.

        Wrote “Why workers should support Soviet action in Afghanistan”
        Then “opposed the 2001 war in Afghanistan to remove the Taliban”. ….
        …. and that he now believed it encouraged Islamic extremist groups ….

        On Rodney Hyde winning Epsom, the bet was to walk naked down the streets, but he only half arsed it with body paint, and g-string and socks & shoes,
        I would have given him a pass to suffer with just the “flip flops”

        How can a guy go around banging his drums, really knowing nothing, and then admit he was wrong so many times and flip flopping on major issues to maintain the socialist line. 🙁



  10. So parole, work, living with parents, GPS tracker, curfew, anti-violence and fitness courses, care for dog, Well good if it works.

    Nelson Patea will be living with his parents while out on parole and will work as a plumber,’ ….
    He will also have to wear a GPS tracker and will have a 9pm curfew.

    While in prison, Nelson Patea had completed anti-violence and fitness courses and cared for an abused dog before it went up for adoption. living with his parents while out on parole and will work as a plumber,’ The Courier Mail reported.

    The 24-year-old’s solicitor Campbell MacCallum said he was a ‘a delightful young man’.
    He had previously been refused parole after he allegedly took drugs and stood over other prisoners.

    It would seem that he and his brother must have been born in Australia, so no reason to even visit New Zealand.
    Sounds like no deportation can be done on him. 🙂
    Hope the rehabilitation has worked, for Australia’s sake.



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