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  1. This is the top echelon of the Labour Party Cabinet and all they have done is lied to the public over Health and there woeful attempts to fix it. The Prime Minister Jacinda put a Statement that upcoming Election will see her Party campaign on facts and truth and has deluded if she thinks lying about effluents all over the wall in one of the wards At Middlemore Hospital is a good start to her promise.
    Then we have David Clark after two and a half years still blaming the previous Government for his inability to control budgets in public hospitals.
    Obviously Ardern and Clack think the public are stupid and can’t see this Government have no idea at how to fix the Health budget blow out so it is easier to lie and blame others for there own incompetence.



    • I just heard on the radio news we are now providing lunches in more schools. Over $40m now annually for school lunches.

      There is no issue then with the health budget.

      That is pathetic. There is no vote from me for such blatant vote buying stupidity. I just do not want to pay for someone else’s kids lunch at school. Parents need to accept the responsibility for feeding offspring. There can be no expectation the taxpayer will cover it.



      • Excellent idea.
        I’m going to stop sending the kid to school with lunch. Why should I?
        I’m a grandparent raising a grandchild, so this is the second generation I have sent out the door every morning prepared for the day.
        Now, if Jacinderella is going to magic up ‘free’ school lunches, why would I stand the cost and effort of providing them when you all can do that for me?



        • The sad way of the world, Harvey.

          The kid will never know about buying a loaf of bread, or how to make a sandwich, buttering it, and the choice of putting on jam & cheese, or cheese & pineapple, let alone peanut butter or marmite. To cut through and make the decisions. 🙂

          That is what should be supported, the family to make the school lunches, half an hour earlier to bed, so they can be half an earlier to make lunch. To also budget, to purchase and prepare lunch.

          A few years ago, a certain school principal in one of the lower decile, had the expectation that every parent made sure that their children came to school with lunch, and that seemed to be complied with.



  2. Barry Soper : If Jamie Lee Ross didn’t want name suppression why did he threaten me.
    Surely this came froma man that was muzzled against his will, from a person who blew the whistle that’s has now rendered him deaf. That what Jamie Lee Ross one of the four defendants the Serious Fraud Office charges which will go before the Auckland District Court next week.
    Jamie Lee Ross obviously takes people to be stupid and whilst he may Have sucked in Tova O’Brien, Stuart Nash and Winston Peter’s with our not so clever Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern people are not that stupid.



      • That is the issue.
        JL Ross has created a shit storm but he is caught up in it.
        I suspect he will get off lightly as he will proclaim ‘mental health; poor me’ and the not independent judiciary will take instructions from ‘above’ and realise that ..well, shucks, it was an honest attempt to smear the National Party so he won’t get hit too hard.

        I would like to be wrong on this but the track record of the last 2.5 years would suggest I am correct.
        The judiciary has seen fit to allow more than one sex scandal involving the governing Liebour pardy sexual molestation to slide, so a donations ‘mix up’ involving anti Notional campaigner Girls Name Ross as a disposable foot soldier ….meh, nothing to see.
        It is clear a very ‘friendly’ QC will do your bidding for you!
        Lots of committees that need chairing….. Ask Sir Michael!

        Donations and election spending have not seen real punishment.
        Winston First’s fiasco over the Owen Glenn stuff was never truly resolved;
        the Klarkenfuhrer Govt simply changed the law to backdate and legitimise their infraction;
        (Labour pardy) Len Brown in the 2010 Local Body AKL election basically had a PAC like fund to create a second tier of funding to create anonymity
        John Banks – despite being in politics since 1978- did not …and was caught.

        The crooked biased media filth will play this to the hilt as a Notional failing.
        there has been no clear direction set over the cried out for media funding but there will be an understanding with media that if the COL get back in there will be a December (or close) payout package for media to save the likes of TV3 and the old ‘print media’ .
        Media filth just have to hang in for six months and say nice things…

        Summary: this has turned back on JL Ross but it is unlikely he will receive much punishment. He was doing ‘Gods work’ in attacking Notional and to the COL that is not a punishable offence. The courts are not ‘that independent’



    • If JLR didn’t want name suppression why did he threaten Barely Sober?
      Because JLR is one sick puppy.
      There are so many anger and power issues competing in that head, it’s no wonder his hair has all given up in exasperation. The serpents over at BFD hissing in his ears won’t help much either.
      If I gave a damn, I’d be worried about JLR.



    • Its good that Soper is outing this scum for what he is m, it shows he can not be trusted in any trial , but the stupidity of Soper to keep adding that the Nats will not want a bar of this court case , he is as stupid as JLR , Nat’s have nothing what so ever to do with the court case , and I hope if JLR starts lying , then they have facts that label JRL as a treasonous pig that he is



  3. World Bank Group initially censors this to cover their arses, but the exposure a few days later forces them to also publish.

    “The World Bank Group considers corruption a major challenge to its twin goals of ending extreme poverty by 2030 and boosting shared prosperity for the poorest 40 percent of people in developing countries.” On its website, the World Bank acknowledges that corruption is one of the main obstacles to development. However, according to a new study, World Bank aid actually fuels corruption: It is no surprise, then, that the World Bank allegedly tried to censor that paper.

    The full paper here:-

    So New Zealand under Ardern also is becoming well practiced with censoring like Brenton Tarrant’s manifesto, calling it for our safety.
    So who is getting all the Carbon money that New Zealanders are being quietly taxed on.



    • The World Bank and the IMF are totalitarian ‘one world’ organisations.
      They have huge power.
      They are controllers and manipulators.

      If I explained how they really operate many would not believe it.
      -Remember the Corrupt and evil genius Robert McNamara (he really was all that) consolidated the World Bank on its current course under his 13 year reign 1968 to 1981.Then the troubles started.

      -Remember Dominique Strauss-Kahn who was head of the IMF.
      He was not corrupt enough for the IMF (and may have made President of France) but he was taken out in a sting operation that actually had no basis in truth.

      -Do you all still believe that little old Greece was that corrupt?
      The media told you so and media filth don’t lie. Like Ardern. So, it was all true, I tells ya ..in doublespeak!
      Greece were set up by Goldman Sack of Shit in the first place and did not by 1000 miles quality to fit in the Euro currency. They were forced in, then brought to heel.
      They took a load of bad press but hey the media filth and their propaganda. It cant all be untrue…can it?

      -The Irish banks were much more compliant and made the citizens take the hit for similar activity so they got fair press from the corrupt media.

      -Iceland people did not take the shit and sacked their globalist politician puppets. They were too small to bother with the globalist nastiness.

      Do you own homework.
      The IMF and world Bank are anti-Nationalism pro Globalism tools.



  4. The problems of trying to expose the journalism set up, as censorship can be practiced in many different ways.
    An interesting book review.

    Get with the program, or get out of journalism.

    Or blow the whistle and be blacklisted and broken — or worse.

    Prestigious journalism “prizes” leading to career advances and high salaries are the rewards for cooperation.

    ……. But since the Anglophone world is the real ground zero of the practices he exposes, why would anyone expect British-American journalism to be any different?

    No, there is every reason to think journalism in the English-speaking world is worse, …….

    Some interesting reviews and comments here.

    Free Speech, free expression is the bottom line!
    To be used or lose it! as it when it is supposedly controlled for your own good, so authoritarians, bureaucracy, academia, politicians judiciary and the supposed balancing media, etc., then gain control over you.



  5. Ulitmately, No Guns, then no Free Speech.

    “acting as the moral arbiter” for the nation,

    To protect the public in simple language from pedophiles, or more likely the ‘unintended consequences’ to protect pedophiles from prosecution?

    Will this be the “blue print” for New Zealand?
    Ardern’s adhan for censorship & blasphemy in her “Christchurch Call” is being planned by this government.



  6. Tricking the people is very important to banks and governments.
    Illusion is everything.
    They have Directors. They are the people who tell countries how to run countries.
    Firstly, make them believe it is their country.
    The rest is easy.

    Last night I gazed into the night sky marvelling at the celestial clusters, over 15 minutes, I counted 5 satellites traversing the upper atmosphere. Too slow for asteroids, too fast and too high for airliners.

    Under the guise of “The alliance for democracies” tech giants and self appointed world leaders are setting the world up for dominance.
    Here is one such company controlling all of our thoughts and beliefs to shift the narrative.

    Artificial intelligence made real.
    Case study:
    Stopping the spread of online Daesh propaganda.
    The UK Home Office’s counter-terrorism unit.
    Daesh creates large amounts of high-production-value propaganda material. This propaganda is disseminated around the web, and is considered to have helped inspire some of the individuals who committed murderous ‘lone wolf’ attacks over the last couple of years. The UK Home Office has successfully encouraged the large online content platforms to invest in automated detection technology that can spot and remove these videos.
    However, the videos remain available on a large number of smaller video hosting platforms, which do not have the artificial intelligence (AI) expertise or the resources necessary to develop their own detection capabilities. Faculty was asked to build a model that can automatically detect Daesh propaganda videos and can be used by smaller platforms, to give them access to the same kinds of AI technology used by the tech giants.




  7. Unfortunately, this is paywalled. This shows was I am unhappy with National and ACT calling for knee jerk legislation before they know the facts of the case.

    There may well need to be a law change but it should be based logic not on emotion. I expect better from the party I am an active member of.

    Beaten Flaxmere boy: Some family opposed Oranga Tamariki returning him home – report

    “Oranga Tamariki has been accused of returning a 4-year-old boy, who had been previously injured, to his Flaxmere household, where he was then seriously injured.

    It allegedly did so without full consultation with the wider family, with some opposed to the boy’s return, Newsroom reports.

    The boy had been removed from his immediate family after an incident in June last year that hospitalised him in Wellington – and placed in the care of a grandmother in Auckland.

    Without consultation with key family members, Oranga Tamariki returned him to his “immediate” family before Christmas, Newsroom reports.”




  8. In 1910 Boy scouts of America was founded for boys and male leaders to promote responsibility.

    In the 1980’s it was sued to include women as scoutmasters.

    In 2013 it ended it’s ban on homosexual scouts.

    In 2015 it ended it’s ban on homosexual scoutmasters.

    In 2016 it welcomed transgender scouts.

    In 2020 it has filed for bankruptcy due to multiple lawsuits concerning child rape and sexual misconduct.



  9. High immigration levels have pushed wages growth to a RECORD low – with public servants suffering too

    High immigration levels have been blamed for Australia’s record-low wages growth.

    Not even public servants are immune, with their salaries last year increasing by just 2.2 per cent.

    The was the weakest pay increase on record since the Australian Bureau of Statistics began its wage price index series in late 1997.




  10. She’s obviously very special which makes it ok when she does it. Yay for equality.

    Missouri assistant principal, 40, who was charged for having sex with 16-year-old boy multiple times gets two years probation

    She was arrested and charged with three counts of sexual contact with a student, three counts of statutory sodomy in the second degree, and two counts of statutory rape in the second degree.




  11. Cor Blimey!!


    “Sexual relationships between humans and chimpanzees are fairly common in the region but this is the first time a pregnancy is officially reported,” said Dr. António Mendes of the Hospital Municipal do Luena.




  12. From the article: “Sexual relationships between humans and chimpanzees are fairly common in the region but this is the first time a pregnancy is officially reported,” said Dr. António Mendes of the Hospital Municipal do Luena.

    Oh…. that’s just normal then. No worries mate. 😀



  13. So how much cultural enrichment must the ‘colonists’ learn and practice?

    “Day of Intercultural Competence”, which will be organised in cooperation with the Africa Center of the University ……. riot police as well as asylum seekers and students from Africa are to take part, …..
    Police operations were often unsatisfactory due to cultural misunderstandings, ……. Intercultural and social skills will become increasingly important for aspiring police officers. The seminar will help to put candidates in the shoes of Africans.

    Africans also have stereotypical ideas about corrupt and brutal police officers based on their experiences in their countries of origin, ……
    It is understandable ….. that such immigrants should therefore fear police officers in Germany, and be suspicious of police officers.

    The head of the riot police department, Thomas Bauer, also warned of prejudice on the German side. One thing, for example, was that immigrants were generally more prone to violence than Germans.
    But this was not the case. “Many fled from violence because they no longer wanted it,” according to Bauer.

    “With the seminar we want to show the prospective police officers a differentiated and diverse picture of Africa. At the same time, it should be clear where prejudices come from and how they can be overcome,” ……

    One of his main areas of research is “colonial racism”, which is still prevalent today and shown, among other things, by “racial profiling” used by security authorities.

    But at the top of countries noted by UNODC for intentional murder rate per year per 100 000 inhabitants, all are either African, South American or Central American countries with populations bearing the marks of African ancestry such as Brazil or Honduras. ……

    …… And research suggests that intentional murder demographics may also be under-reported for political reasons, noted author William Vizzard in his book Shots in the Dark.

    So all the academia, the people at the top advise us to learn more.
    So if we decide; to become #theyAreUs, just maybe, maybe “Us” will can become just as intolerant as those ‘learned” teach us and practice the same habits as guided by their ideology. 🙂



  14. While driving home today I stopped at a set of lights and a Silver Landcruiser pulled up beside me.
    It had a black front guard and on that guard someone wrote, in white, “I identify as silver.”
    Great, I just encountered my first transfender.



  15. I had a bit of a discussion with Media Works about this article. My core complaints were the imbalance in an election year:

    I would like to lodge a formal complaint about the article linked above by Zane Small under the NZ broadcasting standards. I do not believe this article meets the standard for accuracy, fairness and balance as it shows a distinct bias. It was published on the 13th of January, 2020 at approximately 15:00.

    • There are several paragraphs detailing an alleged incident of electoral fraud by the New Zealand National Party, a National MP that is from China and travel to China. There are 5 mentions in all, including the independent MP Jamie-Lee Ross.
    • There is no mention of the Labour Party’s Raymond Huo and his dealings with the People’s Republic of China. Professor Brady found several links between him and PRC representatives in NZ. The New Zealand Herald reported on this in September, 2017. The article is linked for your convenience.


    In an election year the media should be particularly careful with political bias and an article should highlight that there is Chinese influence across a number of our major parties. This article is unbalanced and skews the narrative against the opposition in an election year . This does not feel fair and in the spirit of Kiwi journalism to me.

    Can you please review the article and the comments and advise of your decision.

    They replied; as expected with a “fuck off, we’re woke and you’re right wing so we don’t give a shit” message basically.

    6. The Committee is satisfied that the article complies with Principle 1.

    7. The article reported views that were expressed by the Financial Times’ Asia Editor Jamil Anderlini in an article he had written, and subsequently in an interview he gave to Newshub. Referring to National Party MP Dr Jian Yang, the article stated that ‘Anderlini said it was “astonishing” that a man who “spent at least 15 years working for China’s military intelligence apparatus remains an elected Member of Parliament” in New Zealand.’

    8. You complained that the article did not mention Labour Party MP Raymond Huo, who may also have links to representatives of the People’s Republic of China. We agree that Mr Huo could have been a relevant inclusion to the article. But we are not persuaded that the Balance principle demanded that because there had been a reference to a National Party MP, there should also be a reference to a Labour Party MP. The article referred to Dr Yiang because Mr Anderline referred to him.

    9. Moreover, the article did not state or imply that Chinese political influence is being exerted only on the National Party. It reported claims that New Zealand’s political system in general was “compromised”, and that political donations from China had been received by multiple political parties in New Zealand.

    10. The article did not only include examples of possible Chinese influence in relation to the National Party. It also included criticism of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern for her refusal to comment on the subject of Chinese influence and also noted that the Electoral Commission is investigating allegations that New Zealand First has been hiding donations through the New Zealand First Foundation. Furthermore, the article contained several hyperlinks to related stories, providing readers with the opportunity to delve further into the issue.

    11. The Committee is satisfied that the article did not deliberately mislead by commission or omission, and satisfactorily complied with its Fairness and Balance obligations.

    What do you reckon? Push it further?



    • Good on you for calling out the biased bastards but in your position I would wait for a better opportunity which is bound to present itself soon. Far better that you don’t get easily labelled as a serial complainant.

      IMHO hold your ammunition for something less subjective.



    • na,
      follow Nasska’s advice on this one, but if you are on twitter (or other web sites) mock Mediaworks… along the lines of…

      Mediaworks Biased Journalism?
      Mediaworks Committee says No…. and post a link to Winston with a No sign or Little Britain “Computer says no”)….



    • I’d actually forgotten about this complaint; it was so long ago. I think it is sensible to not push too much; I’ll keep an eye open for better opportunities. If you notice anything though, let me know please.



  16. Why I’m voting ACT: (thinking out loud)

    In the current climate I feel principles are more important than policy details. And principles inform policy.

    One of their principles is freedom of expression. Without that we can not claim to be progressive.

    I don’t like their intent to undermine the representation of the lowest paid workers. I see it as mean spirited and petty. It is losing them votes.

    Overall this old greenie liberal deconstructionist is voting for them.



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