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  1. The Labour Māori Caucus

    1. Kelvin Davis – Deputy Labour Party Leader, MP for Te Tai Tokerau.
    2. Willie Jackson – List MP, Auckland-based: Co-Chair of Māori Caucus.
    3. Meka Whaitiri – MP for Ikaroa-Rāwhiti: Co-Chair of Māori Caucus.
    4. Peeni Henare – MP for Tāmaki Makaurau.
    5. Nanaia Mahuta – MP for Hauraki Waikato.
    6. Tamati Coffey – MP for Waiariki.
    7. Adrian Rurawhe – MP for Te Tai Hauāuru.
    8. Rino Tirikatene – MP for Te Tai Tonga.
    9. Louisa Wall – MP for Manurewa.
    10. Paul Eagle – MP for Rongotai.
    11. Willow-Jean Prime – List MP, Northland-based.
    12. Kiri Allan – List MP – East Coast-based.
    13. Jo Luxton – List MP – Rangitata -based.
    Other Labour Māori candidates this election

    • Kerrin Leoni, for Waikato (Ngāti Pāoa, Ngāi Takato and Ngāti Kuri).
    • Arena Williams, for Manurewa (Te Aitanga-a-Māhaki, Tūhoe, Ngāi Tahu).
    • Nerissa Henry, for Pakuranga (Ngāi Takoto, Ngāpuhi, Ngāti Awa).
    • Shanan Halbert, for Northcote (Rongowhakaata, Ngāti Whitikaupeka).
    • Soraya Peke-Mason, for Rangitīkei (Ngāti Rangi, Ngāti Apa, Tainui).
    • Liam Wairepo, for Waitaki (Te Rarawa, Ngā Puhi, Ngāi Te Rangi and Waitaha).
    • Georgie Dansey – List candidate (Ngāti Tūwharetoa).

    And that’s just Labour.

    NZ First leader Winston Peters has taken aim at a recommendation to establish a Māori board if the Resource Management Act is torn up.

    “If we want true equality, get rid of this paternalism and this tokenism stand up for real things like a real Māori,” Peters said.

    The independent review released today recommended tearing down the 30-year-old regulatory system and replace it with two fresh pieces of legislation to streamline the consent process.

    Among the recommendations was one to create a National Māori Advisory Board with a range of functions including providing advice to Government and oversight of the resource management system from the perspective of mana whenua.

    Court of Appeal Judge Tony Randerson, QC, who was the panel’s chair said the report identified the importance of providing for a much more effective role for Māori – one of the means to achieve that was the advisory board.

    Peters, who supports reforming the RMA, told reporters this afternoon he “can’t stand paternalism and tokenism”.

    “The moment you’ve got a Māori round table, forgetting who their masters are – the ordinary Māori on the street – you know who’s missing out.”

    Last year after okaying the terms of reference of the RMA review, Peters said New Zealand had people from all sorts of ethnic backgrounds but “we are gender and colour-blind when it comes to resource management legislation”.

    He said he believed they were the same as the rights secured under the Treaty of Waitangi.

    “I’ve got a rough idea of what the Māori people expect, and they expect the world to be fair and balanced towards them. They have never asked, unlike some of the radicals, for exclusive race-based privileges.”


    Could almost vote for Whinny on that basis. 😆



    • Never could I vote for the liar scum bag. He will change his mind in a trice if he got in. How could anyone believe the disgraceful double speak person? Doesn’t matter what the hell he says during any time he has no ability to actually tell the ruth.



      • Winnie of Poo has never kept a “bottom line”, so even if he says something sensible and it’s part of WinstonFirst’s policies there is absolutely no guarantee (or wishful thinking) that Winnie in the Poo will follow through.

        For example, getting rid of the Apartheid seats as a bottom line? Gone by lunchtime.

        That piece of crap will say anything to have another chance at power. He’s been that way, visibly, since 1996 yet somehow the gullible seem to fall for his empty platitudes time and time again.

        He most definitely follows the dictums of this Marx:

        “Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them… well, I have others.” – Groucho Marx.



  2. Mike Hosting terrorising Jacinda who is lying like a $2 hooker on the 4th July weekend.

    Apparently a quarantine charging regime where no one gets charged is a charging regime – the doublespeak is staggering.



  3. Dad, do you think anyone knows what’s going on any more?

    What do you mean, son?

    It’s just everything seems so confusing at the moment?

    Like what?

    The country’s struggling to balance its budget one minute and then it’s suddenly got heaps of money for all sorts of things.

    No. It hasn’t got heaps of money. It’s borrowing it.

    Because the economists say we’re facing a financial crisis and we need more money to keep the country running.

    But, Dad, the economists said house prices were about to crash. They’ve gone up. And loans have got cheaper.

    That’s true. They did fluff that one.

    And they said people wouldn’t be spending much but they are. They’re even buying new cars, cool, luxury ones.

    That’s true.

    They said the tourism business was bust but you can’t find a place to stay half the time. The Covid hotels are booked out.

    That’s true.

    They said there’d be mass unemployment but companies are screaming out for workers.

    That’s true. But they’re always screaming out for workers because they need people to do the mucky sort of hard work jobs, son. No one wants to do mucky, hard work, even in tough times.

    How come?

    Well, they don’t need to. They can get money through the dole.

    But, Dad, we have the dole for people who can’t find work.

    Well that was the original idea, I know but nowadays……

    See? Things are going crazy. The economists didn’t even seem to know some of the businesses that have closed were on death’s door anyway. Everyone knew online shopping was putting shops out of business. Don’t economists read the news?

    Look, I dunno. I dunno.

    Why are they deliberately frightening everyone? And then telling us to be kind?

    Look I dunno, son.

    What happened in the old days when things went bad for the country?

    People just had to man up and get on with their lives.

    Dad, did you say man up? Man up? You’re showing your age Dad with those gender stereotype quips.

    I know. I know. But Grandpa’s generation knew how to cope. When things went tits up he’d say: Don’t worry, mate. She’ll be right.

    And you think things are tits up at the moment…but she’ll be right?

    Yes, son. But I wouldn’t put it quite like that to your mother.

    – Businessman Barry Colman is the former publisher of the National Business Review.



  4. The scum real estate agents club are saying things have never been so good ,people should get out and buy houses because returning NZrs will be paying premiums for years to come.
    FFS these greedy F– – Ks are the scum of the earth,even now with financial disaster on the horizon they are telling folk to get out ,get a huge mortgage and buy an investment property,Fuuccckk.



    • I experienced the real estate crash in Japan that began almost 30 years ago.
      During the economic bubble, everyone believed that house prices only ever went up.
      They were wrong.
      On the other hand, the government will do extraordinary things to protect the banks.
      Moral hazard, anyone?



    • Mama Bear is a real estate agent. She works 10 hour days, just about 7 days a week.

      Last time we were in Australia she was helping a client who struggled to navigate the dealings with their lawyer and so forth from her mobile phone while we’re in the Outback, trying to watch an Aboriginal celebration. And recently she spend almost 8 hours ferrying a client without a car around Auckland looking for somebody to help him with a fractured toe. He’d stubbed it while filming the house to show his wife.

      The last few weeks, despite her general dislike of small, snotty children, she’s gotten up early every morning to drive a young couple around Auckland as they look for their ideal house. Their requirements change frequently and often at the last minute, so she has to rework her route, investigate all the houses so she knows what is good and bad about them and often sign up for a conjunction with other real estate companies. (Otherwise you can’t get paid a cent). They’re a young couple though and keen to buy a house before their second baby is born.

      Her focus is on the people, she actually really enjoys connecting people with a property. It’s a chance to get somebody a home, to get them settled into a place they will love. She’d probably make much more going back to her earlier jobs in IT or as a shipping forwarder, but despite it being just around the median wage she’s happy. She enjoys helping people.

      To see somebody describe all real estate agents as scum real estate agents club really rips my shorts, when I know how hard that woman works for the people she deals with – often for no reward other than helping them. I really hope the rest of the world does not judge YSB commentators by your myopic views.



      • I wonder if the government will extend the wage subsidy to “keep NZS Titanic afloat”?
        It’s tempting.
        The last thing the banks want are mortgagee-sale properties flooding the market. Perhaps they can be bundled and sold to investors from the CCP?




      • Yeah. I must admit I don’t get the loathing of real estate agents. I’ve had to deal with utter shysters and some decent ones. I’ve never come across any though that were quite as decent sounding as your mama bear though Pascal. What a woman!

        Estate agents don’t even make my top 10 asswipes professions.



        • There’s good and bad people everywhere.

          Real Estate Agents tend to get a bad reputation because if they want to be successful they have to be selective; you shouldn’t spend 4 weeks helping somebody who is only going to buy through another agency. So the big agents know when to cut their losses with a client and that can sit badly with the client, who is looking to spend the most money they will likely ever spend. It’s a lesson I wish Mama Bear would learn – but then she wouldn’t be herself 🙂

          The real problem, I think, is with the agencies. The agencies take 50% of the commission immediately and provide little else apart from the brand name. Then, most agents work in teams of two so you have somebody who speaks English, somebody who speaks Mandarin (Or another language) and somebody male, somebody female, somebody older, somebody younger, etc. You need to have a balanced team to appeal to the area you work in. And that means the remaining 50% gets split so you end up with 25% of the overall commission. By the time expenses and so forth are taken off, the agent may end up with $5,000 out of a $40,000 commission in hand and would have spent 4 weeks working towards that. They may be doing multiple properties at a time, but there’s a limit to how many open homes you can run a weekend 🙂

          And that’s the other thing; weekends and after hours. People want to talk to real estate agents when people are not working. I’ve gotten used to eating dinner by myself or having to reheat a plate for her. And forget about weekends, if you can’t take weekdays off a relationship with a real estate agent is going to be a lot of hard work.



  5. I heard Hosking talking to Ardern earlier about “pumped hydro”. I know it works very well for the Norwegians & Swedes because of the unusual situation with the stupid Danes producing too much wind power and getting screwed because of it. But does it work successfully and economically anywhere else ?



      • Thanks nasska, I was being lazy. Just looking at few on the list and on how they work it looks like it would require another big dam to be built “down hill” from an existing dam. Will the Greens agree to that? Also the countries that have them are places where hydro generation is a small part of the power generation mix so using some of the generation at the right time to pump the water back “up the hill” would not have any effect on the supply needs. I’m not sure that would be the case in NZ.
        Hosking also quite correctly queried the $30 million investigation fee. Funding a couple of good Masters students to do their thesis on it should be enough.



  6. Reposted from last night in case you missed it:


    From Day 1 of the Covid19 saga, we have been watching a tug-of-war between two sets of medical interests.

    The highly regarded French newspaper France Soir has been creating a Covid19 drug-trials niche for itself by raising all kinds of methodological anomalies in relation to the Recovery trials being headed up by Peter Horby. The articles are compelling because the paper’s director of publications Xavier Azalbert is that rare thing, a distinguished scientist who then switched to journalism. But although the telling findings fly over the heads of most of the population, Azalbert’s overview about who the politicians listen to in the field of virology is a fascinating one that, for me, represents a genuine insight.

    Neil Ferguson (the man of multi-billion Pound mistakes) is an epidemiologist, and professor of mathematical biology. He has never been a medical practitioner in his life.

    Peter Horby is an epidemiologist, and Professor of Emerging Infectious Diseases and Global Health. He has never been a medical practitioner in his life.

    Anthony Fauci’s first degree was in classics. He went on to medical school later. The sum total of his clinical experience was a two-year hospital internship from 1966-68. He has never been a general practitioner in his life.

    Chris Whitty, UK Chief Medical Officer, worked as a doctor and researcher in Africa and Asia and is a practising NHS consultant. He has never worked in general practice, and his total experience in the current century has been as a Professor, administrator and public sector office holder at Gresham College and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). In 2008, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation awarded the LSHTM £31 million for malaria research in Africa. At the time, Whitty was the principal investigator for the ACT Consortium, which conducted the research programme. I probably don’t need to remind you of the lingering ethical doubts relating to that “vaccination” programme.

    Ferguson, Horby and Fauci also have a long history of being funded by Big Pharma.

    In short, the front line of Anglo-Saxon advice to government are all people Low in clinical experience and High in Big Pharma funding. They are model builders, theorists and fund-attracters laden with multivariate conflicts of interest, and little or no depth in the vital process of patient obervation. Their careers, needless to say, are all littered with groundless alarmism, major mistakes in counsel and the belief that vaccination is the answer to every problem….even a virus which, many practising medics contend, is highly unlikely to ever work on a mutating coronavirus – let alone within two years to include drug trials.

    This is the tug-of-war team that has a monopoly on access to government. The other team – the practical, experienced medical practitioners – are variously depicted as minority nutjobs, eccentrics, headline-chasers, small-time and narrow deniers – there’s that word again – who are a constant risk to millions of human lives, and must be ignored. In fact, never mind ignored – for the good of the cause, they must be smeared, censored and refused access to the debate.

    In fact, it is the Horbys and Faucis that are the tiny minority infecting genuine medical science with their corrupted ideological creeds and flakey models.



  7. Bend over and take your vaccine like a good little prole…….

    AstraZeneca has been granted protection from future product liability claims related to its COVID-19 vaccine hopeful by most of the countries with which it has struck supply agreements, a senior executive told Reuters.




  8. The worst thing of the level 4 lockdown in Melbourne is that it gives a huge boost to Ardern/Bloomfield actions.

    She can now politicise this that ‘we the people; the team of 5 mill; blah blah; did the right thing; led by gwate leaders’

    Probably a 5% election boost or hold (i.e. won’t go to another party) .

    Possibly many of the counted deaths will be from direct causes other than Covid but you can be sure the media filth will not let the truth get in the way of a jacinderized feelz good story.



  9. 1920
    Reporters conveyed to their local people what was happening in their communidy and in other places, where relevant.

    Journalists (sic) are activists with access to – figuratively- barrels of ink.

    *Sometimes with a $50 million taxpayers bonus for their um, ah, er, good work (?)



  10. Just left my old parents. Mum was saying she’ll be voting National as usual. I explained my intent to party vote Act and electorate vote to National. Dear old mum says that she likes Act, that they’ve done a great job and she’ll split her vote with Act and Nats too. That’s another one! I will remind her closer to the election 👍



  11. Here’s a thought.

    If racism a public health crisis, then the State could put you away due to your opinion being classified as a “mental illness.”
    I recall that the Soviet Union had a similar program for people that didn’t think the correct thoughts?

    Sounds very authoritarian.



  12. Because Labour can’t win the election on any actual achievement over the past three years the election for Labour is not going to be about achieved policy but rather Cindy says their electioneering will be all about Covid and Cindy’s handling of it… Expect lots more earnest pleas from her over the next seven weeks. I see she has also had a makeover.

    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says a trans-Tasman travel bubble is “a long way off” as Covid-19 cases grow across the ditch.

    Overnight, five million Melburnians spent their first night under a citywide, coronavirus-enforced curfew that will last the next six weeks.

    This morning on TVNZ1’s Breakfast, Ms Ardern said what’s happening across the Tasman was a reminder for Kiwis to stay vigilant to Covid-19 and keep testing up.

    “It’s incredibly difficult to watch to see our cousins over the ditch going through this, it’s also a message to us to continue to maintain our vigilance,” she said.



  13. NZ property market: Mark Richardson says it took one ‘growing nightmare’ tenant to stop him being a landlord

    Mark Richardson has revealed a “growing nightmare” situation with a tenant is why he’s no longer a landlord.

    His comments came after property expert Ashley Church spoke to The AM Show expressing his belief the current Labour Government was “anti-landlord”.

    “It took for me one difficult tenant and I was out,” he told co-hosts Duncan Garner and Amanda Gillies, adding he could see the “nightmare” coming.

    “It was growing,” he said. “It was going to become recurrent. Now, if other people like myself start thinking the same, we’ll have real issues when it comes to providing accommodation for people.”

    Garner added, “I think we’re seeing [the issues] now”.

    Church claimed the current Government was “the most anti-landlord Government probably in the history of our nation”.



  14. NZ election 2020: What Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, National finance spokesperson Paul Goldsmith plan to do with the economy if elected

    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said Labour’s economic plan is to focus on COVID-19 recovery with investment in training and jobs, and that National’s plan to reduce debt would mean $80 billion in cuts.

    Ardern said the Government plans to stay the course if re-elected and people shouldn’t expect any surprises with economic policy.

    “We are in a much better position than most [other countries] which is why I will not have the next generation pay, through austerity measures, that means we’re unwilling to support them into jobs and making sure they have income support – which seems to be what the opposition is suggesting.”

    National’s finance spokesperson Paul Goldsmith told Morning Report that it wasn’t true there would be $80b in cuts.

    “What we’re talking about is very long term projections and how we steer a path back to lower levels of debt.”

    Goldsmith said the only reason the Government was in a good position going into the COVID-19 crisis was because the previous National government was “careful”.

    “You can’t just spend Government money to create jobs, the primary creator of jobs is private sector investment – the tens of thousands of business owners, small and large, taking on an extra person and expanding their business,” he said.



  15. Debate begins on who gets the coronavirus vaccine first

    “Not everybody’s going to like the answer,” Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, recently told one of the advisory groups the government asked to help decide. “There will be many people who feel that they should have been at the top of the list.”




      • Politicians should be top of the list followed by journalists. Unfortunately I suspect they will cheat and arrange to be injected with a harmless saline solution leaving any of the public unwise enough to accept vaccination to suffer the long term ill effects of the hastily concocted, improperly tested brew.



      • Precisely. So far, there have been this many vaccines to all prior corona-viruses: 0.
        You’d have thought SARS-COVID-1, with all the attention it got, would have developed a vaccine, but nope.
        But apparently, we’re going have one this time around.



        • Many times the question of why there’s never been a vaccine for the common cold (which is a corona-virus) has been asked. Each time scientists have told us that the virus mutates too quickly for a vaccine to be developed.

          What’s different this time? How do we know that the virus won’t mutate when there’s 5 billion shots of vaccine ready for distribution?



  16. More Extreme Bullshit

    Fucking muppets with no idea. I just give up.

    Fuck I am shitting myself…

    “In the last 60 years, sea levels have risen by 2.44mm per year. If global emissions remain high, sea levels will increase by a further 0.21cm by 2040 and 0.67cm by 2090”. Lets put that into real terms 2.1 mm A whole fucking 2.1mm and by 2090 a whole extreme 6.7mm.



  17. A short panel discussion with doctors who exposed the shell company behind the fake study.

    Dr. Simone Gold

    The Lancet study, which supposedly involved 96,000 patients was one of the first to openly discredit HCQ, claiming it was ineffective & “doubled the risk of Covid-19 mortality.”

    After researchers demanded to see the data & discovered it was possibly fraudulent, it was retracted.




  18. “Look at Your Boyfriend’s Face!” -Unhinged Woman Throws Coffee on Two Men for Not Wearing Masks – Boyfriend Gets His Ass Beat Bloody (VIDEO)

    An unhinged lunatic approached two men, sitting outside in Manhattan Beach, California. The woman then lectured the men for not wearing masks. She didn’t like their responses so she threw hot coffee on them.

    Obviously, she’s a very tolerant and loving person.

    She didn’t expect the men to get up and beat her boyfriend bloody.




  19. Judith Collins confident Todd Muller ‘will be fine’, thinks it’s ‘extremely poor form’ to send former leaders to backbench

    National leader Judith Collins thinks it’s “extremely poor form” to send former leaders like Todd Muller to the backbenches in Parliament, and she’s confident the Bay of Plenty MP will be better soon.

    “I’m speaking to him every week. I spoke to him on Saturday and he was going to a National Party function in his electorate and I think that’s a good thing,” Collins told Magic Talk on Monday.

    “It’s interesting how things work out,” Collins said. “The thing is he obviously wasn’t able to deal with this issue of being the leader because of various circumstances. But you know what, I’m here.”

    Collins was elected National Party leader the evening Muller stood down, and in her first caucus reshuffle, Muller and his predecessor Simon Bridges were given frontbench positions.

    “I don’t like this practise of former leaders being thrown down the backbench and disrespected. I think it’s extremely poor form,” Collins said.

    “To go into an election and win that election, to seek to win it and to do so, you have to have everybody on the same page and nobody backbiting and basically bitching about each other. I’m not going to have it.”



    • Sorry WG I disagree.
      This country and the people in it are more important than any one politician.
      We need the very best to lead and that does not include those who walked away when the chips were down.
      (This comment is not applicable to Simon Bridges)



  20. Labour are NOT going to release election policies but National are:

    National promises $330m, if elected, on lower North Island transport projects

    National is promising a $330 million injection into Horowhenua and the Kapiti Coast transport projects, if the party regains power in September.

    Party leader Judith Collins said the election promise would connect Ōtaki to the Wellington’s commuter train network, which currently reaches Waikanae.

    “In time, we will look to electrify and double-track the line to Levin, expanding even further the pool of commuters able to use the service,” she said.

    Ms Collins also reiterated the party promise to speed up the construction of a four-lane expressway between Ōtaki and Levin, costing $817.



    • It is an interesting one.
      Do you make election promises that you will never deliver on?
      Why bother?

      National talked lots of gobbledygook from 2008 and did fuck all.
      They just did not get out of bed.
      You can’t blame the GFC or Christchurch when Simon Power put his head down and passed policy in 2008 to 2011

      It is matter of passing policy.
      It is up to the public servants to make it happen.
      They of course have gone rogue in recent years with publicly lying- with no repercussions -becoming the norm.
      Bloomfailed, Makhlouf, Matthews as examples.

      There seems to be SFA time in parliament in recent years so little time to enact legislation.
      The return to November elections would be good as it gives a run to September to pass law whereas the Sept elections means quitting in Early August and maybe only having 10 sitting days the rest of the year.
      Pathetic considering the lazy bastards salaries have doubled in real terms in the last 20 years and nearly half the slactivists don’t even have an electorate to take care of.

      Labour don’t have the competence to enact anything and it is clear now that they formed committees to delay making decisions and in many cases have buried the reports.
      The Tax committee came to nothing.

      The Sandringham Slapper makes policy based on what primary kids tell her and phone calls to London.
      Election promises mean nothing.

      Under this MMP (or indeed any coalition arrangement that is often used in AU or UK) they can forfeit ‘promises’ in forming a coalition.

      I am undecided on whether it is worth issuing policy when it is a sack old dogs bollocks anyway but if pushed to choose , why bloody well bother.



  21. Arise, Sir Steve: Former All Blacks coach Hansen knighted in Christchurch ceremony

    Former All Blacks coach Steve Hansen has been knighted for his services to rugby at a small investiture ceremony in Christchurch this afternoon.
    Arise, Sir Steve Hansen: Former All Blacks coach officially knighted in Christchurch ceremony

    In front of friends, family, and others receiving honours, Sir Steve was knighted by the Governor-General Dame Patsy Reddy.

    The former All Blacks coach has been made a Knights Companion of the NZ Order of Merit.

    “You reflect upon that, it’s immense pride I think.”

    After linking up with the All Blacks in 2004 as an assistant coach to Sir Graham Henry, Sir Steve took the reigns of the world champions in 2012, having lifted the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

    From there though, Sir Steve took a great All Blacks side and made them better, going through the 2013 season unbeaten, before becoming the first side to defend the Rugby World Cup in 2015 in England.

    “I’ll be forever grateful for the talent we’ve been able to coach, and grateful for the awesome management and back up staff that we’ve had.

    “You can’t do this by yourself, so this honour’s very much theirs as well.”

    “I’m just plain old Steve, and that’s how I’d prefer to be called going forward too.”



  22. Well it’s taken a long time to get us here, but tomorrow we are finally in the Court of Appeal to appeal the ridiculous High Court decision which effectively gives licence to the ‘thugs veto’ in New Zealand.

    You will recall that we took these proceedings to challenge Mayor Phil Goff’s public claims that he “would not allow” ratepayer funded venues to be used to host speakers he disagreed with. But the Council officials threw him under the bus, telling the High Court that the Mayor had nothing to do with the decision, and it was all about health and safety.

    Using health and safety as a trump card so events and speakers can be cancelled sets a dangerous precedent. So when the High Court backed Auckland Council, we had no choice but to lodge this appeal.

    We cannot leave the power over who we can hear from into the hands of “Auckland Peace Action” and others who threaten violence in order to silence those they disagree with. That’s why we’re appealing to the Court of Appeal.

    Robert, will you stand up for Free Speech by popping along to the Court tomorrow or Wednesday, or by making a donation to our fighting fund?

    Remember, the High Court Judge said that this case was not brought ‘in the public interest’. To our astonishment he said that challenging Mr Goff was a ‘personal crusade’ rather than a case based on high principle. That’s why we need numbers in the room, and as many New Zealanders as possible behind the case, so we can challenge the earlier Judge and ensure the Court of Appeal panel overrules him.

    Chip-in to the fighting fund today so we can tell the Court of Appeal judges that hundreds of people are supporting this case.

    Unusually, the Court of Appeal is hearing this case in Auckland – in Court Room One at the Auckland High Court. Let’s fill the public gallery so it is obvious this is far from a ‘personal crusade’.

    When: 10am to 5pm, Tuesday and Wednesday* 4/5 August 2020
    * though the Court has scheduled for two full days, we expect the case will likely be finished by Wednesday afternoon.

    Where: Court Room One
    High Court Auckland
    Cnr Waterloo Quadrant & Parliament Street
    Auckland CBD

    Before: Hon Justice Kós (President of Court of Appeal)
    Hon Justice Cooper
    Hon Justice Courtney

    If you can’t make it along, please ensure Phil Goff doesn’t have the last laugh by donating now so the team can properly fight this essential legal challenge.

    Thank you for your support.

    Here to donate please. https://www.freespeechcoalition.nz/donate?utm_campaign=200803&utm_medium=email&utm_source=freespeech



  23. The politics of envy is alive and well in New Zealand

    Newshub-Reid Research Poll: Half of Kiwis support taxing biggest earners at higher rate

    In the latest Newshub-Reid Research poll, voters were asked if they would support an additional higher income tax bracket. Half of those polled said ‘yes’, 42.4 percent didn’t support it, and 7.6 percent didn’t know.

    Support is highest among the Government partners with 58 percent of Labour supporters, 74 percent of Greens and 53 percent of New Zealand First voters saying ‘yes’.

    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said on Monday it is “undeniable” that COVID-19 will shape the September election – but she could rule out campaigning on a higher tax bracket.

    “I’ve been very careful to point out that we haven’t put out some final parts of the Labour Party’s policy,” she said.



  24. Plucked from a blogger hell bent on chasing down the lies and the liars.

    The Virology Journal – the official publication of Dr. Fauci’s National Institutes of Health – published what is now a blockbuster article on August 22, 2005, under the heading – get ready for this – “Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread.” Write the researchers, “We report…that chloroquine has strong antiviral effects on SARS-CoV infection of primate cells. These inhibitory effects are observed when the cells are treated with the drug either before or after exposure to the virus, suggesting both prophylactic and therapeutic advantage.”


    This means, of course, that Dr. Fauci has known for 15 years that chloroquine and its even milder derivative hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) will not only treat a current case of coronavirus (“therapeutic”) but prevent future cases (“prophylactic”). So HCQ functions as both a cure and a vaccine. In other words, it’s a wonder drug for coronavirus. Said Dr. Fauci’s NIH in 2005, “concentrations of 10 μM completely abolished SARS-CoV infection.” Fauci’s researchers add, “chloroquine can effectively reduce the establishment of infection and spread of SARS-CoV.”



  25. Nationals Auckland Central candidate will be chosen by 10 August.

    ‘Wish I looked like that’ – Collins defends potential National candidate after leotard image shared

    “I think she’s an extremely fit looking person and I must say I wish I looked like that!”

    “I understand that some delegates have been sent a photo of me while I was competing in the fitness realm a few years ago, making utterly false and defamatory claims about what that photo represents.

    The pre-selection committee in the Auckland Central nominations voted unanimously to put forward two candidates to delegates.

    “In so doing it did not strictly follow the letter of our rules. The pre-selection committee has now acknowledged that and rectified the issue.

    “We now look forward to a robust selection process, where local members can determine who their next candidate will be for Auckland Central.”



  26. China retaliates over Hong Kong stoush, announces it will suspend extradition agreement with NZ

    China is reportedly suspending its extradition agreement with New Zealand in retaliation to New Zealand suspending its extradition treaty with Hong Kong.

    Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin reportedly announced its retaliation at a daily briefing today, Reuters reports.

    An extradition treaty, as New Zealand had with Hong Kong, means New Zealand has an obligation to extradite people accused of crimes in Hong Kong when requested.



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