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  1. some God botherer is ginfor a brow beating God inspired thrashing from the rest of the tribe.

    Church member who sparked ‘sub-cluster’ broke isolation rules

    The Mt Roskill church member who sparked two dozen cases after visiting a bereaved family home was meant to be in self-isolation.
    The person had been tested before their visit on August 27, but the test result was pending.
    But as a close contact of another positive case, they should have been in isolation for 14 days even if they tested negative.

    The Mt Roskill Evangelical Fellowship Church is at the centre of the ongoing outbreak in Auckland, with all recent cases attributable to the bereavement sub-cluster – now with 24 cases and 101 close contacts.


    Two thousand Hail Mary’s or whatever today please.



    • Well Viking. I’m not sure I’m with you on this one.

      But it is good for the “diversity” of views on the blog to see someone championing the efforts by the CoL to shift the blame for their (well I think it is deliberate) but their catastrophic omnishambles around containing the uncontainable virus (remember what Covid Cindy says “It’s a very tricky virus” FFS).

      The moment that Chippy started talking about a group of people who weren’t taking account of the science (lol the fucking science says diversity of education – like fucking CHARTER SCHOOLS – is good for kid’s education but you didn’t give a flying fuck about that did you – wanker). Then it became clear that Covid Cindy had found another scapegoat for her towering incompetence and these modern day Nazis are drawing straight from the Hitler playbook – they’re making EVERYTHING the fault of a religious group.

      I’m surprised that we’re not expecting everyone from the Evangelical church to now have to start where a big yellow star of David whenever they are out in public – so we can all share in the hate.

      BTW – there is no fucking science to anything the COL are doing with Covid. Using the 30+ times amplification testing method that is being used around the world to test for Covid – you could probably prove that Spanish flu and even the Bubonic plague are on the rise again – it’s that unreliable. Even the WHO says “Only dumb cunts” (paraphrasing) use lockdowns to control Covid. The WHO flip flop on mask use and looking at time series data – mask use seems to precede the second wave, plus no one is talking about the dangers of CO2 poisoning, lung infections etc resulting from mask use. In Australia there is a growing call to be more open about hydrochloroquine combo treatments as a preventative measure. Science would tell us that Covid is not even in the top 50 causes of death – so why don’t we apply the Covid totalitarianism approach to prevent death from any cause.

      Enough about the science.

      I think the Evangelical Church is just the latest scapegoat. It’s just part of Covid Cindy’s blame game (anyone but her).

      It’s all part of the Alinsky playbook of dividing us against each other. It’s all part of muzzling dissent. We’re all supposed to buy in to it and heap hate upon anyone who disagrees with the traitors burning down our economy.

      First they came for the Evangelicals – but I was silent because I wasn’t an Evangelical…….



  2. Haven’t had time to dissect this so FWIW.


    Looks interesting.

    someone might like to have a go. Just to busy today myself.

    Of searches for New Zealand political parties represented in our most recent parliament, 32 per cent have been for National, 20 per cent for Act, 17 per cent for both Labour and New Zealand First, and 14 per cent for the Greens.

    Leaked internal polling by UMR (which also runs polling for Labour) this week looks nothing like these Google trends. That polling has Labour well up on 52 per cent, with National on 29 per cent and the Greens out of parliament on just 3.2 per cent.



    • I wouldn’t trust the UMR polling but I don’t doubt that Labour will still be polling higher than any other party.

      While I’d like to believe in Google trends (for this election), they’ve been unreliable to determine results. Trends was definitely up from Trump over Killary for example. But the Greens/Loonytunes in 2017 would have fared a lot better if it held completely true.

      I’ve managed to find a piece from 2017 (finally) that indicates that it might be good news for us this time around:


      This author is a believer in Google Trends and political results:


      Personally, I expect Labour to get 45 – 47% of the vote, the Loonytunes under 5% and WinstonFirst under 2% so the latter two will get wiped out. I expect National to get somewhere between 39 – 43% and ACT to get 6 – 8%. All we need is National plus ACT to be greater than Labour for a victory. They don’t need to get over 50% if the two vanity parties fail to get back in; they just have to be greater than Labour combined. For example, Labour gets 45%, National gets 40% and ACT gets 7% is all we need. I’m sure the Left will whinge if the Loonytunes get 4% and WinstonFirst gets 2% (i.e. the total Leftard vote is 51%), but they whine about everything.

      They were happy for National to be robbed in 2017 so they will garner no sympathy from me if the above scenario happens.



  3. “Shaw renewed his criticism of New Zealand First, saying the party has been “extremely difficult, quite chaotic and not a force for moderation inside the Government,” during this term.” NZ Herald

    Looks like you lot all support the idea of an unrestricted far left authoritarian government. You might get your wish.

    And you thought the first round was tough!



    • No, I don’t at least. However, to use the (Fabian) socialists’ own analogy of the boiling frogs (where supposedly frogs don’t get out of the pot if you heat the pot up slowly rather than quickly), I expect that had we got the Left authoritarian treatment quickly (i.e. without WinstonFirst) there might be a rebellion happening now. The Loonytunes party is certainly game for rapid Leftardism even if Liarbour is a bit smarter with the Fabian approach (sans Ardern who is as sharp as a bag of wet mice).

      (The frog analogy is strictly wrong – frogs will jump out of the pot no matter how slowly you heat the water…they’re just not as dumb as socialists).



  4. Kim Kardashian later said she was wearing a very narrow thong over her you know what,and it was auctioned on the net a few days later.
    How fucking disgusting is that ? I look back now and have a feeling of great pride that I didn’t go above $120.00 US. LOL



  5. Lefties eh!

    Police investigating after New Conservative member ‘slashed’ with knife in west Auckland

    “One of our people, they disturbed someone trying to attack our sign and in the process he has not engaged in anything but the leftist person has gone and assaulted our person which has left of course the slash attack that occurred,” he said on Friday.

    Police told Newshub they are following “strong lines of enquiry” into what they categorised as a “minor assault”.

    “Defacing property is an act of intentional damage and is a criminal offence.”

    Ikilei says the incident is not isolated, claiming his Palmerston North candidate had his tires slashed, and party leader Leighton Baker received a “vicious” death threat.

    He did not offer specifics on the death threats, but said police would investigate as the person who made them was “identifiable”.



  6. NZ Election 2020: ‘Vote for someone else’ if you don’t like our tax policy – Labour MP David Parker

    The policy has been slammed by the Opposition, saying it would punish people for succeeding and hardly make a dent in the Government’s debt, which is at a record high thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    “It doesn’t raise much money,” National MP Simon Bridges told The AM Show on Friday.

    “It doesn’t hit the truly wealthy, because the corporate and trust rates are much lower, so they’ll be able to play around with that… I strongly dislike it and it’s simply for this reason – it sends a signal to young New Zealanders if you go to varsity, if you do well, if you’re gonna be out there earning good money in due course, that we don’t value that. I think society is lesser for that.”



        • Correct. Chris Knox, a kiwi musician, had a massive stroke back in 2009 and Parker cuddled up to Knoxs partner, Barbara Ward. Ward was Phail Twitfords campaign manager during 2008 election.
          Parker aint squeeky clean either. The following from 2006.

          “New Zealand’s attorney general David Parker has resigned after allegations from his former business partner that he broke company office laws.
          After the election Parker’s legal background saw him propelled from backbencher to attorney general, but now the government’s top legal officer is standing down.
          “Mr Parker accepts that he made mistakes in filing annual returns to The Company’s Office. I can see no evidence that anyone was harmed by these mistakes, but nonetheless I agree that they do justify me accepting his resignation,” Prime Minister Helen Clark says.

          Parker’s former business partner Russell Hyslop claims he broke company laws while the two men were partners in a Dunedin property development company in the mid- to late-nineties.

          “That man is the highest judiciary in New Zealand. He should be 1000% squeaky clean,” Hyslop says.”



    • I do not like their tax policy and will not be voting for it or them. The so called policy lacks any imagination anddoes not recognise the burden being carried by those below the now targeted group. A reduction in tax levels would, in my view, encourage work and productivity. Taxing the now upper levels will be a discouragement.

      Having a crack at lowering GST would have been a good option. It is a constant hammering for working people while I continue to see government waste on a daily basis.

      David Seymour for example says cutting MP’s air travel would represent a saving and he would suggest a shift to Parliaments operating system to facilitate that. Frankly being spared the patsy questions from government members to their own ministers would improve performance and make Questions to Ministers more worthwhile.

      Not having to fund the NZF or Labour election campaigns with handouts or simply dumb projects would be a saving. The nonsensical renewable Power by 2030 is a waste of effort and a non policy. The Pike River Farce needs to be gone. Cleaning out the Greens this election will be a substantial saving as the Green bribes go with them.



  7. We have magpies but I didn’t know we had these black rooks or crows in NZ. Anyone who has been to Aus will know they have a horrible balling call that sounds like distressed lambs.

    Waikato farmers urged to be on the lookout for ‘invasive’ rooks

    With breeding season underway, there are concerns rooks may become a problem on farms in the Waikato.

    According to the Waikato Regional Council, rooks are “one of the most destructive farm production pest birds in the world” and populations are found in e Poi/Matamata, Cambridge/Hamilton and Mangakino to Taupō.

    Andrew McConnell, Waikato Regional Council biosecurity officer, says the birds generally build their nests in pine or eucalyptus trees.

    “They feed on newly sown crops and destroy paddocks by tearing them up in search for grubs,” McConnell said on Thursday.

    “A large rook population can completely destroy entire paddocks. It’s definitely not something we want to be seeing here in our region.”



  8. An 86-year-old man went to his doctor for his quarterly check-up…
    The doctor asked him how he was feeling, and the 86-year-old said ,’Things are great and I’ve never felt better.’
    I now have a 20 year-old bride who is pregnant with my child.
    “So what do you think about that Doc ?”
    The doctor considered his question for a minute and then began to tell a story.
    “I have an older friend , much like you, who is an avid hunter and never misses a season.”
    One day he was setting off to go hunting.
    In a bit of a hurry , he accidentally picked up his walking cane instead of his gun.”
    “As he neared a lake , he came across a very large male beaver sitting at the water’s edge..
    He realized he’d left his gun at home and so he couldn’t shoot the magnificent creature.
    Out of habit he raised his cane , aimed it at the animal as if it were his favourite hunting rifle and went ‘bang, bang’.”
    “Miraculously , two shots rang out and the beaver fell over dead.
    Now, what do you think of that ?” asked the doctor.
    The 86-year-old said, “Logic would strongly suggest that somebody else pumped a couple of rounds into that beaver.”
    The doctor replied , “My point exactly.”




    Your roving reporter will be their again. My new disguise will be as ‘Osama bin Laden’ teeheehee

    Please introduce yourselves if you are able to come.


    Be there, or be a slave.

    Also see me at Kiwibog [sic] as ‘Sigmund Freud’ (your resident expert on lefty crazies lol)



  10. The death rate from Covid-19 is at flu levels.
    Check out https://toyokeizai.net/sp/visual/tko/covid19/en.html See the chart on the right, third from the top, entitled “Tested Positive By Age”.
    Note that the Japanese government has probably not been testing at the rate of some other countries, so the number of assymptomatic cases could be quite large.
    From the chart, please note that out of 8,348 recorded cases among Japanese in their 50s, only 45 deaths have been recorded (and we don’t know about comorbidities in those 45 deaths). That’s a death rate among positives of 45/8,348 = 0.54%
    For the 60s the death rate among positives of 124/5224 = 2.4% (Note: many Japanese men in their 60s have been or still are smokers. (A packet of Seven Stars (Japan’ most popular cigarette) is about 480 yen ($NZ6.80) Rates of hypertension and pre-diabetes or Type-II diabetes gets much, much higher in the older age groups in Japan.)

    NOTE: For the largest positive-tested group (20s) only ONE person has died out of the 19,827 tested positive.

    Note: Less than 3% of Japanese have a BMI of above 25, compared with about 30% in most Western countries, which is a big plus in Japan for keeping the death rate down.

    Remind me again why the government workers and politicians of New Zealand (and many other Western nations) are destroying their economies? For what?



    • RoL@1025

      Two previous convictions for doing something similar, but only ‘…Sentenced to 12 months’ intensive supervision and 100 hours’ community work’.

      The offender would seem to have an anger-management and general self-discipline difficulty…

      Any bets on how long it will be before she’s back before the Beak?



    • The name “Leshana” might be an indicator. It’s a non-standard name. Googling images under the name “Leshana” turns up a significant proportion of members of a specific ethnicity (amongst other weird things….)



  11. New funding opens door to hundreds more regional apprenticeships

    The $14 million investment, which comes from the Provincial Growth Fund, will give upto 350 people access to trades training across the country.

    The schemes will be run by Fonterra, KiwiRail, Northpower, Aukaha, Venture Timaru and Norwood.

    The apprenticeships are part of the Regional Apprenticeship Initiative (RAI) and come after five similar schemes providing programmes for 300 people were announced in July.

    “The RAI is focused on supporting Māori and Pasifika people into careers,” Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones said on Friday.

    “It will also aim to help people who have lost their jobs due to COVID into careers which will support them and their families.”

    As part of the scheme, KiwiRail will receive $4 million for a national programme to support upto 100 people into apprenticeships that will lead into careers in the rail industry, including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electricity supply, rail operations, building/structures and track infrastructure.

    Northpower will get $1.5 million to employ and support upto 40 people in the electricity industry, prioritising workers displaced from other sectors including those who have undertaken pre-trades training and are looking for work, as well as Māori and Pasifika.



  12. “The Sun defines the climate, not carbon dioxide,” says Abdussamatov.

    “The so-called ‘greenhouse effect’ will not avert the onset of the next deep temperature drop, the 19th in the last 7500 years, which without fail follows after natural warming,” warns Abdussamatov, who adds: “We should fear a deep temperature drop — not catastrophic global warming. Humanity must survive the serious economic, social, demographic and political consequences of a global temperature drop, which will directly affect the national interests of almost all countries and more than 80% of the population of the Earth.”


    Maybe Shaw et al and the Greens should read this. I also see that although air traffic has been reduced along with all sorts of other ramifications of lockdowns, that CO2 continues to ries at exactly the same rate. Which indicates that Humans are NOT the problem ( if in fact the Co2 measurements are in fact accurate). Runaway Greenhouse effect cannot occurr as basic physics precludes this. ( Venus is not an example either, its temperature is purely because of atmospheric pressure, just like the Dead Sea and Death Valley are hot and Everest is cold. )



  13. Series of massive explosions rock Jordanian city of Zarqa, shatter windows

    A series of large explosions rocked a Jordanian army base outside the city of Zarqa on the northeastern edge of capital Amman, a security source said.

    It was not immediately clear what caused the explosions in an area where there are dozens of army bases on the outskirts of the sprawling industrial city. However, Arab News reports that the explosion happened in a munition depot which is located away from citizens.

    The blast is said to have been heard more than 30km away. Residents said that windows of homes were shattered in parts of Zarqa, where large flames could be seen.



  14. Full video: Judith Collins speaks with media after National’s electric vehicle announcement

    National leader Judith Collins said on Friday EVs would also be exempt from fringe tax – a tax on benefits that employees receive – to encourage fleet uptake, and a target would be set to have 80,000 EVs on New Zealand roads by 2023.

    National would introduce a new EV licence plate that would allow them to use bus lanes and high-occupancy vehicle lanes. It would be implemented “immediately” on state highways and National would work with councils to roll it out.

    The exemption on fringe tax would be introduced because National says a third of new vehicle purchases in New Zealand are company fleet purchases and it wants to encourage businesses to adopt EVs.

    National also wants to make the Government’s fleet electric because as of June 14, just 108 cars in its fleet of 15,000 were electric, despite Labour’s coalition agreement with NZ First aiming for the Government’s vehicle fleet to become emissions-free by 2025/26.



    • Take the knee, knational

      Two ticks ACT
      Two easy !!

      New policy announcement from knational; Sept 11
      “We will do virtue signaling in place of real policy
      Please Be Kind to us at the polls?”

      Exempting FBT on EVs – messing with the tax system- poor policy
      It is the same stupidity as exempting GST on Fruit and Vege .
      Dumb as…

      New EV licence plates – sounds as dumb as a prior knational policy of carless days…

      Where do they get these idiots from ?
      It looks like Andrew Falloon; Todd Muller; Nikki Kaye; Amy Adams; Hamish Walker; Maggie Barry; Jami lee Ross; Sarah Dowie; Parmjeet Parmar are the norm for knational

      The future does not look so bright that one needs shades….



      • National have boxed themselves in a corner where there’s little room for anything new in the way of policy. Fiscally they are faced with a global recession & nothing they do will change the fortunes of the country or its people an iota.

        They are weighed down on the social front with the baggage of Papal bulls & the intractable conservatism of a caucus filled with religious nuts. Then they have a nimble footed ACT Party able & willing to front policies the electorate find interesting.

        I backed National, right or wrong for half a century. I now loathe them for what they’ve become.



        • More and more admit they are voting Act. Even a family member who earlier this year still hadn’t forgiven Roger Douglas for the necessary 1984 restructuring of the economy.

          Party vote Act 2020 ☑️ ☑️



              • This old farmer is more than happy with the 1984 reforms. It allowed us to quit a cash strapped forestry development to a consortium of investors who had been burnt in the stock market crash & opened the only brief window of opportunity in my lifetime to get onto the land at a realistic price.

                Sir Roger has a special place in our hearts.



                  • Most of those really opposed to the Douglas reforms were succession farmers. Few were worth their weight in shit but were propped up by finance companies specialising in the rural sector. Think, Dalgetys, Wrightsons, Loan & Merch.

                    I started out as a lowly truck driver & my cup of sympathy wasn’t exactly overflowing when one by one these dinosaurs were eased off their family farms. They were a “squireology” who had neither the work ethic nor the drive to make a living from what had been given to them.

                    They were no loss & no number of downticks could counter the contempt I had for them.



          • I heard a guy or there was a text read out where a “life long labour supporter” was now voting… wait for it… Act!. Now if that does not scare the bejeezuz out ot Aunty Ciindy, nothing will. Fuck, from Labour to Act? Bring it on….. On the other hand there are lifelong Nat voters intending on voting Labour… to keep the Greens out? How the fuck does that work?



            • I can understand some former-labour supporters going to ACT. There are many naive people who still think Left equals liberty and Right equals authority (thanks to heavy propaganda from the 60s) but are slowly waking up to the reality that the Left parties are authoritarian. There is currently only one party in NZ that is about freedom and that is ACT. So, when these types finally realise they’ve been duped, they could easily switch to ACT.

              As for National supporters switching to Labour: sadly, it isn’t that much of a stretch. Both are authoritarian parties and National has frequently been called Labour-lite. So, not impossible.



  15. Anyone who believes Arderns totalitarian actions will save lives, is a dangerous imbecile.

    Her destruction of the economy, and normal life, will only cause many thousands of additional deaths. Of course this will largely occur after the election.

    Anyone who believes NZ is world leading, in managing this seasonal flu, is a piece of shit unworthy of life. The per capita death rate doesn’t put us in the top 20



  16. NZ Election 2020: Accusation of ‘mind-blowing stupidness’ as political parties pitch their economic visions

    Jacinda Ardern, Judith Collins, Winston Peters, David Seymour and James Shaw were invited by Business NZ to speak at the Hilton Hotel in Auckland on Friday to answer the question: “What is your party’s plan for economic growth?”

    While it wasn’t a political debate, political party leaders didn’t miss the chance to accuse the Government of avoiding the huge debt piling up, of being distracted by “woke issues”, and of “mind-blowing stupidness” over COVID-19 rules.

    Seymour also took issue with the Government’s handling of COVID-19.

    He said the Government should “constantly seek to do better” with its response and “not simply do victory laps and little dances” – a reference to when Ardern celebrated in June when New Zealand reached no active cases.

    ACT would allow arrivals to isolate at alternative managed isolation facilities, with electronic monitoring and strict punishment for rule-breakers.

    Seymour accused his ally National of “avoiding” the issue of Government debt and how to manage paying back the billions of dollars borrowed to fund the coronavirus economic recovery.

    ACT has proposed cutting benefit rates, reinstating 90-day trials for businesses, pausing minimum wage increases for three years, putting interest back on student loans, scrapping KiwiSaver subsidies and abolishing the winter energy payment.

    Seymour said the best way to steer New Zealand out of the COVID-19 crisis is to raise productivity by getting rid of regulations.



  17. LOOK at ME! She has the right to wear whatever she wants but don’t pretend you don’t know what you are doing.

    Paris’ Musée d’Orsay refuses entry to woman wearing low-cut dress

    The Paris Musée d’Orsay, home to some of the world’s most famous nude paintings, has been criticised for refusing to let a woman in a low-cut dress enter.

    French literature student Jeanne visited the museum on a hot Tuesday afternoon, but museum staff barred her from entering until she agreed to cover up her cleavage.

    “Oh no, that’s not going to be possible, that’s not allowed, that is not acceptable,” she quoted the ticket agent saying.

    In an open letter shared on Twitter, Jeanne said the museum officials were staring at her breasts as they demanded she put her jacket on before entering the museum.

    “I don’t want to put on my jacket as I feel beaten, compelled, I’m ashamed. I feel everyone’s looking at my breasts. All I am is breasts; all I am is a woman they are sexualising,” she wrote.



  18. This AI beast was let loose today.
    24 hours after Trump told the Military Industrial complex off.
    He gave us a warning.
    Already conservatives are being targetted. Misinformation and, of course, deceit incoming.
    DARPA is evil.

    An anti-Trump Democratic-aligned political action committee advised by retired Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal is planning to deploy an information warfare tool that reportedly received initial funding from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the Pentagon’s secretive research arm — transforming technology originally envisioned as a way to fight ISIS propaganda into a campaign platform to benefit Joe Biden.

    The Washington Post first reported that the initiative, called Defeat Disinfo, will utilize “artificial intelligence and network analysis to map discussion of the president’s claims on social media,” and then attempt to “intervene” by “identifying the most popular counter-narratives and boosting them through a network of more than 3.4 million influencers across the country — in some cases paying users with large followings to take sides against the president.”

    Social media guru Curtis Hougland is heading up Defeat Disinfo, and he said he received the funding from DARPA when his work was “part of an effort to combat extremism overseas.”




  19. I’m not sure what to believe these days. But this article reports that the World Bank has a Covid plan going out to 2025. The report was ready in early March and given it is an extensive report you have to wonder who knew what when and what earlier planning to this whole “pandemic” took place. That is –has this whole pandemic been a planned deliberate action?




  20. Immigration NZ will help migrants in extreme hardship leave New Zealand using its unspent deportations budget.

    Immigration NZ’s Geoff Scott said it was for people “unable to support themselves by other means including assistance from their home governments, High Commission or Consulate”.

    “We are aware that some migrants are facing very difficult circumstances and want to go home but don’t have the funds to do so,” he said.

    “Immigration NZ does use its deportation budget to repatriate foreign nationals in extreme circumstances in normal times so this isn’t a new use of this budget.”

    The deportation budget is currently unable to be used because of travel restrictions such as flight availability, a lack of transit options and border closures.

    However, if a person who received funding wanted to return to New Zealand at some point they would need to repay the cost of travel before being issued a visa.



  21. Organised criminal groups gaining ‘greater access’ in New Zealand – report

    A new strategy for combating crime across borders envisages giving Government agencies greater powers to share intelligence and seize criminal proceeds.

    The strategy released on Friday covers 15 agencies including the police, border protection and spy agencies.

    Unless the country took significant united action the risks from transnational crime were likely to come to mirror those in Australia, the 22-page strategy report released by the police said.

    The crimes include drugs and people trafficking, illegal fishing worth $600 million a year in the South Pacific, and money laundering estimated to be worth $1.3 billion a year in New Zealand.



  22. Sidney Powell Speaks Out After Mueller Gang Wiped Clean Info on 27 Phones Requested by Justice Department Inspector General (Video)

    Sidney Powell was on FOX Business Network’s (FBN) The Evening Edit with Elizabeth MacDonald. Ms. Powell who is the attorney for General Michael Flynn knows the Deep State as well as anyone. She represented clients against Mueller and his creepy top attorney Andrew Weissman in the early 2000’s in Enron linked cases.




  23. Nah thanks!

    Groundbreaking Bluetooth contact tracing tool now available for NZ iPhone users

    iPhone users in New Zealand will now be able to use a groundbreaking contact tracing tool from Apple and Google.

    Starting today, Bluetooth technology widely used overseas will be available to help iPhone users with contact tracing. Source: 1 NEWS

    It means Apple and Google phones will be able to communicate with each other – using Bluetooth – to record close contacts.

    The Ministry of Health is looking into the feasibility of using it in NZ to assist with contact tracing, but it would need to be built into NZ Covid tracer app and contact tracing system.



    • Could someone explain the sales bullet points to installing such an app on one’s phone.

      From the pov of this poorly educated retired cocky the app allows you to know if you’ve been in contact with a co-vid carrier……that is, it doesn’t diagnose the presence or absence of the virus.

      So if a positive shows up you’ll be advised to take a test which will confirm or deny the fact that the stasi will kick your door down & take you to a place of quarantine at your expense. Additionally since there is no medically sanctioned cure you’ll probably die anyway if you are infected.

      What have I missed?



  24. The Australian Business Review.

    Curfew ‘invalid’ and everyone can ignore it, says Michael Wyles QC

    The Wyles opinion on the curfew, which is still being settled, is understood to point out that assisting law enforcement is not a permissible basis for emergency health orders.

    “There is no legal basis for the curfew. It is invalid and everyone can ignore it because the direction is not, according to what Sutton said yesterday, for the purpose of eliminating or reducing the risk of COVID,” Wyles told The Australian.




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