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    • Yes. I venture to say we will not see Cindy fronting on any sort of bad news. I noticed Robinson was fronting and commenting on the march against Cindy on tv last night. They know she cannot take any criticism from her family of 5 million. Yeah right.



    • D P, Devlins the “largest woketard arse in the universe ” ,,shit D P you’ve obviously never come across a creature named Roman Travis ? I guarantee that guys nose and mouth smells like the combined stink of the labour party cabinets arse crack.



        • Oh Christ yes, if I turn on the radio and Roxburgh is putting his head up Covid Cindy’s ass – I tune right over to Magic. If only ZB had a way of seeing how their woketards cause instant channel changes.
          – Mike Hosking, then woketard Kerre comes on – boom! Straight over to Peter Williams
          – HDPA ends, whiny fuck Marcus Lush comes on – boom straight off goes the radio
          if only they could see the effect on their listening figures and how much money their advertisers waste on the woketard slots.



          • Right DP.
            If a list of those advertisers were told that they do not hear that “ad” on the radio during those woketard times, then a double whammy effect will happen.

            Money talks, and those advertiser companies have it.
            “Ad” demand will increase for the likes of Mike Hosking,
            “Ad” demand will decrease, that may make the “woketards” uneconomic to be on.
            If only 🙂

            Has the radio station a “tax” of smoothing, of carrying over, to be claiming “virtual signalling”, but that does cost the share holder in dividend etc.
            The other issue is, how many “woke luvvies” are tuning into the “woketards”?

            The media may believe they have a life of their own, so as to follow their agenda, but the bottom line of profit, is where the truth settles.
            That is why Mike Hosking has some nice cars. 🙂



      • Alice ,I really wish I shared your optimism but the People of NZ shouldn’t expect anything different no matter who triumphs next month, that bunch of F- -Ktards down in Wellington don’t have the answers but I guarantee they’ll come up with the blindingly obvious one despite all their election bribes ,a severe cut in the average worker and their families living standards, not theirs of course in fact they’ll probably all get a fucking pay rise because of the extra stresses on their lifestyles.



      • Yes Alice, you are so right about the Napoleonic reference. I was thinking this morning that when Covid Cindy floated the “Matariki Holiday” policy – that it was Covid CIndy’s Marie Antoinette “Let them eat cake” moment.

        And then I realised that with the infestation of the schooling system with Marxists, that nobody younger than 40 would get the reference.



    • They must be hurting because of losing the Rugby Championship!

      They had to roll out Covid Cindy’s chief Twitter troll – Neale Jones – to try to run interference again.

      Poor guy, this is the prat who is so clueless that as Andrew Little’s Chief of Staff he helped cement Little’s legacy forever as “Angry Andy” and as Covid Cindy’s Chief of Staff he helped Cindy navigate through the Youth Sexual Assault fiasco and did nothing at all about he violent sexual abuse of female staff in Covid Cindy’s office. He can’t be that bright if he doesn’t understand that:
      – the people pissed off about Covid Cindy’s mismanagement of quarantining don’t fall for the lie that everything good that happens is Covid Cindy’s gracious benevolence and wisdom (but that everything bad that happens can’t be the great patriotic leader’s fault)
      – that there’s hypocrisy at play with Cindy opening the borders for the cast and crew of Avatar without any special quarantine requirements but at the same time, can’t see a way to facilitate a much needed boost to the economy and for our national sport

      He’s such a simple minded little Twitter troll – ah bless 😀



  1. National to allow EVs in bus lanes, no road user charges for two years if elected
    National want to give electric vehicle (EV) users a number of benefits to encourage their uptake and reduce vehicle emissions.

    If elected, the party promises to make EVs exempt from fringe benefit tax until 2025 and road user charges until 2023, allow EVs to use bus lanes and to set a target of 80,000 EVs on our roads by 2023.

    EV users are already exempt from road user charges until 2021.

    National also wanted to make a third of the Government light vehicle fleet electric by 2023.

    It’s estimated to cost $93 million over four years.


    .Leader Judith Collins said it would make “EVs cheaper and easier to own without unfairly taxing Kiwis”.
    Another good reason not to vote for the Nats. Creating more priviledge for a few at the expense of the rest of the taxpayers.

    National should take a lesson from Sir Roger and realise that creating a priviledge for some creates a rort on the rest of us.

    Two ticks Act.



    • Australia’s Victoria is now the major police state of the western world. This is unbelievable. It’s a shock to see how the poo lice treat average Australians these days. Frightening and I hate to think it ,but will be here coming to a place near you very soon. All these woke fucktards thinking of voting liebour again, will certainly get a taste of Cindy’s medicine if we were unfortunate enough for her to get back in. And they won’t be able to believe how she changes to kindness which is all they see, to the real her.



    • A figure of 26.7% needs context. Is it statistically significant? What was the time frame? If, for example, there is a 25% increase each winter, and the reported increase coincides with this period, then the increase may not be significnt.
      It’s a bit like flu deaths during the annual winter flu season. If deaths of elderly due to flu increase by 30% each winter, then the screaming, fear-inducing headline “25% increase in elderly deaths this winter” would actually mean fewer deaths than usual.

      Context is king.



  2. Viking ,,as I’ve always said to anyone that’ll listen ” its the 120 shitbags in that big house that have got our country to where it is now” I haven’t voted in the last two elections but will be voting Seymour solely because of his stand against the Commie filth Ardern disarming the populace of our country.
    The other gutless cowards fell over themselves to back Arderns call for the arms theft because it was politically advantageous to do so ,,C- – Ts every last one of them.
    It didn’t affect me as I didn’t possess any of the selected guns but it’s the principle of the matter ,disarmament of the people is a commie wet dream.



  3. I would like the media to make the following change.

    “due to Covid-19” should be rewritten as “due to the government’s responses to Covid-19”

    After all, how can a virus shut down businesses and make healthy, working-age people stay at home?

    In addition “deaths from Covid-19” needs to be re-presented as four figures: 1) deaths solely from Covid-19, 2) the mean age of this group, 3) deaths with Covid-19 and co-morbidities and 4) the mean age of this group.
    So, instead of “250 people died in New York this last 48 hours” the breakdown would be: 1) 15; 2) 80; 3) 235; 4) 78



  4. Little Johnny’s neighbour had a baby.
    Unfortunately, the baby was born without ears. When mother and new baby came home from the hospital, Johnny’s family was invited over to see the baby.
    Before they left their house, Little Johnny’s dad had a talk with him and explained that the baby had no ears. His dad also told him that if he so much mentioned anything about the baby’s missing ears or even said the word ears, he would get the smacking of his life when they came back home. Little Johnny told his dad he understood completely. When Johnny looked in the crib he said, ‘What a beautiful baby.’ The mother said, ‘Why, thank you, Johnny. Johnny said, ‘He has beautiful little feet and beautiful little hands, a cute little nose and really beautiful eyes. Can he see alright?’
    ‘Yes’, the mother replied, ‘we are so thankful; the Doctor said he will have 20/20 vision.’
    ‘That’s great’, said Little Johnny,’coz he’d be fucked if he needed glasses’. “



  5. Scandal brewing – listen to Mike Hosking this week

    The jungle drums are beating about a major scandal brewing about Covid Cindy’s free money scheme.

    Covid Cindy is trying to suppress it – but it looks like there has been massive exploitation of Covid Cindy’s free money-just send us your bank account details vote buying scheme. Fake companies, fake bank accounts and millions de-frauded. Cindy’s envy tax might just about cover it, but what if it’s just the tip of the iceberg?

    Of course, it could just be more of that “Miss Information” chick that Chippy is always going on about.



    • It’s not too late for him to rejoin & receive the benefits of membership of the Labour Party. For as little as $5 /year (unwaged) he can be exempt from penalties for molesting & feeling up his female staff. His male staff too if that is his thing. https://www.labour.org.nz/join-annual.

      And there’s more! His anonymity can be guaranteed via the Labour/Judiciary agreement.

      Labour. The party choice of perverts nationwide.



  6. Netflix CEO gets BUSTED with 13,000 files of CHILD PORNOGRAPHY

    The CEO of a Netflix – Reed Hastings – has been caught by FBI agents with 13,000 files of child pornography. He was arrested at his home in California.
    Police submitted the child pornography files to the law enforcement portal of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, where 279 of the submitted files depicted known identified child victims.
    Police first investigated child pornography when they were alerted to an internet provider address that was sharing child pornography using a peer-to-peer file-sharing program.

    The first file, according to documents, was a compilation video of prepubescent girls under 8, some as young as toddlers, being raped.


    March 28, 2018 — Netflix Inc. today announced the appointment to its board of directors of Ambassador Susan E. Rice, a former US National Security Advisor and Ambassador to the United Nations.




  7. Victoria failed on its Quarantine set up.
    The other nail in their coffin was contact tracing.

    There were reports of close contacts not being called for days or even weeks after someone they knew caught the virus.

    In the mean time the population is blamed, face masks, face book remarks, etc, then the egged on by controlling politicians to enforce by zealous curfew policing etc.

    In the meantime those police should be arresting these other hopeless bureaucrats & politicians.
    So again it is the government set up. that is at fault, as they conspire to gain overall control of the people.



    • Victotria needs armed insurrection. The next protest should have armed militia and the moment the cops try it on they open fire. Yes there will be bloodshed, but at theat point the Dickhed running the show migh think “Oh Shit”….. Nelson Mandela only started making headway when they started blowing things up. Years later the country and the government got sick of the bloodshed and Nelson Mandela achieved what he set out to obtain. The way the cops have been behaving is a disgrace and I would not shed a tear if a few of the worst thugs got a bit of hot lead.



  8. Will lawn mower restrictions come into NZ 🙂

    Police have now issued 9,769 infringements since Stage Three restrictions were reinstated in Melbourne in early July, a total of more than $14 million in fines.
    Melbourne’s Stage Four lockdown began on August 2.


    In NZ it is important to keep tabs on the ones with lawn mowers. 🙂

    Comes a time when the “fuel load” gets too high, and as summer approaches, it becomes very risky. 🙂



      • Would “Jim’s man” be happy at paying the fine?

        Jim’s Mowing founder Jim Penman….. ….. told Australia’s NCA NewsWire about 615 contractors across the state were losing about $3000 a week since the Premier’s controversial workplace restrictions prevented cleaners and gardeners from working.

        Whether they could get some one and then understanding all the legalities etc. could have been possible, and it could have been legally done, but remember all these laws are being made on the hoof, and a lawyer to run this past, even by phone would be expensive.

        Although $14 mill in fines is chicken feed, one gets the feeling the state would welcome another form of income, as the income tax take will be well down. 🙁

        I do believe they are pushing their luck, but so is the state and the police.
        Will some fire chief come out and fine them for not keeping their area of ground in a reasonable state?
        Just like farmers could be fined for not attending to their animals, yet bureaucracy will delay giving permits, etc..
        Like police adding hours to trucks travelling, so the log book time in a truck, showing hours extra of driving, to get to the head of a check point, could well be penalized with heavy fines, if that driver continues on.

        The law and those putting in those laws, and the “enforcers” are proving to be arse holes.
        Just how is a citizen supposed to work out all this resultant mess of authoritarian controls?

        How is a citizen to know the execptions to the rules



          • His own bubble of a vehicle, own machinery & tools, outside in the sun, well able to maintain social distancing or even more so, and set up to sanitize anything he may touch.
            Seems to be the same reason to put curfews, as it is then so much more in-forcible by the police.
            Nothing to do with the health act and its regulations.
            The Premier said this week that there was no public health basis for the decision to implement an 8pm to 5am stay-at-home direction after Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton said he hadn’t requested the measure.
            Mr Andrews justified the curfew decision by saying it was designed to aid law enforcement, but Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Shane Patton said police hadn’t requested the curfew either.
            Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius made it clear on Friday that the curfew had his support and that it had been “of significant benefit” in reducing crime, but said he did not believe it should be extended any longer than necessary.
            “While police don’t write the Chief Health Officer’s directions … we have certainly found the curfew of significant benefit in terms of us being able to keep the community safe,” he said.

            Not how it should work for health purposes, like providing hand sanitizer, markers for social distancing, where many more shops & business’s would have been able to remain open.
            However most of the politicians take the glib easy way, whilst believing in “money trees” of the rich will cover the costs.
            Obsessive control; the voters need to remember, and act accordingly, if they love freedom.
            Sadly many voters do not know how to reason, to seek knowledge & understanding, and there seems to be wafts of autumn leaves of $$ raining around.
            Those leaves will eventually be swept into a compost heap, and the trees them selves, cut down.



  9. There is no way the NZ bobblehead can be compared as a nominee of the Nobel Peace Prize when you have President Trump bringing peace to the ME.

    Trump announces Bahrain agreed to normalize relations with Israel

    First commercial airline flight from Israel to the UAE flies over Saudi Arabian airspace with their blessing. Bahrain also had flights to and from Israel. The leaders of the three countries will be visiting the White House next week.



  10. Does anyone else have the ‘day after the comets’ feeling from “The Day of the Triffids”. You know, the poor chap who wakes up in hospital and nearly everyone else in the world has gone blind?

    That’s how I feel.

    Or is LSD going into everyone’s else’s food or drink but for some reason I’m immune?

    My sane neighbours are now insane. My previously insane neighbours have gone completely bonkers.

    Meanwhile Jacinda outperforms the Romans in making an economic desert and declaring a stunning victory.



    • How many will NZ greens and CoL take down in the sacrifice.

      “Mother Earth is angry,” Speaker Pelosi says, discussing wildfires burning in California.
      “She’s telling us with hurricanes on the Gulf Coast, fires in the West, whatever it is…the climate crisis is real and has an impact.”

      30 seconds.

      Hannibal Lecture
      Pelosi encourages human sacrifice to calm angry earth and insure a bountiful harvest.

      It seems Pelosi is related to the Atzecs,

      Peaceful Johnny Moscow
      Replying to
      So its the Wrath of God and not poor forestry management and energy policy?🤔
      4:48 PM · Sep 11, 2020·

      Just a gentle reminder of Democrat stupidity and being warned earlier.

      President Trump way ahead of the game.
      Donald J. Trump
      The Governor of California, @GavinNewsom, has done a terrible job of forest management.
      I told him from the first day we met that he must “clean” his forest floors regardless of what his bosses, the environmentalists, DEMAND of him.
      Must also do burns and cut fire stoppers…..
      3:11 AM · Nov 4, 2019


      The madness of these who want to sacrifice many more, despite being given a practical warning.



  11. So the cops are finding a worrying amount of illegal firearms. More than ever before. So hang on, what about the grand confiscation, when all the licensed firearms owners had their legal firearms taken from them? That was supposed to fix this wasn’t it? Fucking idiots. Arseholes.



  12. Police have formed a ring around dozens of protesters at an anti-lockdown demonstration at Queen Victoria Market.


    170 years of policing with the consent of the people — destroyed. The @VictoriaPolice are murdering their reputation. How could any policeman with a conscience report to work for this gang of street thugs? I’ve never seen such a disgrace in a democracy. Ever.




  13. Bus drivers are ecstatic over milestone living wage pay deal after years of protests and union fights.

    Transport Minister Phil Twyford announced a deal which would see Waka Kotahi NZTA top up pay packages to ensure all urban bus drivers are paid the living wage.

    Urban bus drivers will move from around $19.70 per hour to base rate of at least $22.10 per hour, almost $100 more per week before taxes.

    Twyford called it “a step forward for drivers who for too long have been underpaid for what is an important and demanding job.”


    so now the ratepayers and the taxpayers as well as the vehicle owners are paying the bus drivers. Wonder when the customers of all of us will start to pay for their ride.

    another fail Phil fuckup.
    Sooner he gets sent back to his former life the better.
    Useless slag.



    • Ho so funny.
      I posted a vidoe from faox. Under moderation it said.

      Then I made another comment suggesting the DPF ranw without moderation and it was time he canned it. That at 75 i din’t need a snotty nosed fat controller to sensor my comments.
      All dissappeared.
      So sad for what was once a great blog.

      Don’t know how Maggy Waggy puts up with them..



      • I know what you mean V2. Wet Saturday afternoons with a solid line up against Baity with Kris K humping his leg after every round of abuse were looked forward to. Special mention is due to RRM, Paul East Bay & The Davinci Mode who made goading the Great Conservative into an art form.

        Now it’s like a fucking church service. Why Maggy W persists with the wankers has me beat.



  14. We have a slew of international doctors coming out and telling the world that these Covid lockdowns are basically “organized crime”.
    This liberal religion has overtaken the media
    The days of hard investigative journalism are over
    It’s all propaganda now


    The company that profits the most:



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