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    • That is terrorism !

      A declaration of War, but sadly the police are just small triggers.
      If they can get certain politicians too, and I am sure some politicians will be taking note.

      Sadly that is what they want, as a front, and to cause anarchy, so their Marxist-Leninist ideology can emerge.
      In Italy it became a “shadow war”. while they hoped to build up their numbers, and gain more influence.

      Red brigade concepts such as was in Italy during the 1970′ that finally ended at the end of the century.

      Strictly speaking, the RDS defined the group’s goal as a “concentrated strike against the heart of the State because the [S]tate is an imperialist collection of multinational corporations.”
      This manifesto in essence gave justification and clear guidance for some of the group’s earlier political targets within the Italian Democratic Christian Party to include the 1974 murders of two Italian Social Movement activists.
      More important, this document helped solidify the group’s reasoning for targeting local police and legal authorities in an effort to enhance their terror operations in the urban areas.


      13 pages, and the Conclusion.
      Many do not realize how close a run business in “nearly caused the collapse of a modern day government”.
      It was the Red Guard that strategically over stepped in what they did, so the police were able to lever them open.



    • The Red Army Faction RAF in Germany, the “Baader-Meinhof” gang, was also deadly late last century.
      Now revealed it worked with the East German stasi set up.
      In 1967, the L’Innovation department store in Brussels was showing an exhibit of American merchandise, which had drawn heavy criticism.
      On May 22nd, the store was engulfed in flames, and burned down, killing over 250 people.
      Although the official cause is not known, it is thought to have been started by a communist group protesting the war in Vietnam.
      This inspired many in Germany, and even led to some far-left groups in Germany, of which many RAF activists were members, to distribute leaflets saying: “When will the department stores in Berlin burn?”
      Baader and Ensslin decided to turn words into actions and burned down a department store in Frankfurt in 1968.


      Still making a living in 2016, making dangerous raids for money.
      There is more of this here, and seems like an anitfa connection.

      Although better-known, the RAF conducted fewer attacks than the Revolutionary Cells, which is held responsible for 296 bomb attacks, arson and other attacks between 1973 and 1995.

      This time they will believe they can do it better, and gather more “cultural” & “privileged” support. 🙁



  1. National making a run for donations to their campaign funds. Emails from Gerry and one from Peter Goodfellow. Take the hint boys. No donations from me until National heads towards the political right and protects voters and taxpayers from the socialisation of our country.

    This week, Labour admitted they wanted to put up taxes.

    We’re facing our worst economic crisis in 160 years, and it’s getting worse.

    More than 5,000 Kiwis went on to unemployment benefits in the last fortnight alone and over 180,000 workers expect to lose their jobs next year.

    No country has ever taxed its way out of recession. Raising taxes will only make it worse.

    Sadly, when tens of thousands of Kiwis are losing their jobs, families are suffering hardship, businesses are on the brink of closure, and debt is sky-rocketing, Labour’s only idea is to tax you more.

    You can help to stop this from happening.

    National is ready to deliver a real plan that will grow our economy, create new jobs and invest in world-class infrastructure we desperately need.

    We believe that New Zealand can have a bright future, by putting the 220,000 people out of work into real, sustainable jobs.

    Only a National Government, with Judith Collins as Prime Minister, can provide the leadership and experience necessary to rebuild our economy in this time of crisis. We’ve done it before, and we’ll do it again.

    With just 36 days until Election Day, we need your support. I spoke to our campaign team today, and our last appeal allowed us to book hundreds of new advertising spots, deliver over 1.5 million online ads, and secure prominent billboards across the country.

    Send a message that New Zealand doesn’t need higher taxes, it needs a government that will get Kiwis working again!

    The stakes couldn’t be higher. Every dollar we raise goes straight to the front line of our efforts to reach key voters around New Zealand. Your support, large or small, will ultimately help us deliver a National government come 17 October.

    I hope I can count on your support.


    Gerry Brownlee
    National Campaign Chair


    Tonight, we debuted our first election advertisement. It was all made possible with the support of people like you, who care about the future of New Zealand.

    You can view and share our new ad here.

    Our country faces uncertain times, and National believes it’s important to face those challenges front on.

    Will you help us get this ad in front of as many Kiwis as possible?

    Click here to chip in another amount

    Unlike Labour, who are hiding behind a veneer of tricky spin, we’ll be straight up with Kiwis about the hard roads ahead.

    In a snapshot:

    We’re facing our worst economic crisis in 160 years.

    Labour delivered a billion-dollar budget deficit before COVID-19 hit our shores.

    They’ve now taken on $50 billion more in debt.

    5,000 more Kiwis on unemployment benefits in the last two weeks, now over 220,000.

    280,000 jobs being kept alive by the wage subsidy which ended last week.

    Over 180,000 workers expect to lose their jobs next year.
    Only a National Government, with Judith Collins as Prime Minister, can provide the leadership and experience necessary to rebuild our economy in this time of crisis.

    We’ve done it before, and we’ll do it again.

    We’re ready to deliver on our promise to secure our border, save jobs, and rebuild our economy.

    I hope we can count on your support.



    Peter Goodfellow



    • Until National start being committed to (right-wing) liberty, especially classical liberalism, they will not get my vote.

      While there are qualities I admire about Collins, her anti-freedom ideology isn’t one of them. This became evident in the aftermath of Brenton Tarrant and her gun-grab statements.



      • Pray vote Act, and if you can give the candidate a vote also. Its our only chance National are so far from the right now its frightening, green NZ? We are doing really well but all this special conditions etc for eco cars really?



  2. I think our NZ elections have kept some of the worst nonsense in abeyance, but still a close run thing, even yet.

    Top QC says Dictator Dan’s curfew is ‘invalid’ and Melburnians should ignore it – as bizarre reason Victorian government knocked back army help with hotel quarantine is revealed
    ~ Michael Wyles QC says Melbourne’s coronavirus 8pm to 5am curfew is ‘invalid’
    ~ Curfew was not imposed by public health officials to protect the public’s safety
    ~ Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said the curfew was about law enforcement
    ~ The top lawyer said this was not a valid reason to impose the emergency orders
    ~ DHHS said it denied ADF help at quarantine hotels as troops were too ‘daunting’

    ….. ‘There is no legal basis for the curfew,’ he told The Australian. …..
    ….. Mr Wyles’ pointed out the potential flaw in the curfew as assisting law enforcement was not a valid reason to enact emergency health orders. ……
    ….. for the purpose of eliminating or reducing the risk of COVID,’ Mr Wyles said. …..

    …… Melbourne’s botched quarantine program heard ADF troops were not used as it would have been ‘daunting’ for arriving passengers. …..
    …… ‘An ADF presence upon their arrival at the hotels may have been a daunting experience, particularly for people from war-torn countries,’ she said. ……


    So the government is to be run by a diversity of meritless inclusiveness, or the people flying from “war-torn” countries” would not feel welcome.

    There is a 5 step program, timeline, for Victoria to come out of lock-down, and if lucky may just be clear by Christmas.
    So between our bureaucracy and now the gym contacts
    Will the rest of the North Island move to level 1.
    South Island move to level 1? or is it an Auckland’s playground also?

    Then as Shaun Hendy still wants 2.5 for Auckland with these other “experts”

    Why shackle the rest of NZ to Auckland, regarding Takapuna, super markets, gyms, Jet Park. and their schools,



      • Isn’t it?

        I keep thinking, if there was a time machine and I got whisked back to 1930s Germany. What could you do, what could anyone say that would convince the German people that they were making a terrible mistake? What could you do that would save the lives of 6 million Jews, what could you do that would convince people that their groupthink was going to cost millions of lives to put right the massive wrong they were carrying out?

        I don’t think you could do anything. I think the only thing you could do was get the fuck out of Germany and go to NZ or Australia!

        But now that NZ and Australia are the new Nazi countries – where do we escape to?



  3. The Oracle speaks at 1pm today, she will inform the adoring masses how their future will pan out. In other words, half an hour of electioneering waffle and probably no change. I feel sorry for all of us and angry for the poor Aucklanders who just want to get on with their lives. Say no to the Ho and vote accordingly.



  4. So it seems the Police believe they have the right to go through everything.
    How will this change if curfews and parts of this is proven illegal, and challenges to over zealous policing to individual police.

    Tony Pecora, 43, went as far as to bury his phone in his lawyer’s yard after he received police attention.

    Pecora was charged with “incitement” this week after posting anti-lockdown sentiments on Facebook, encouraging people to speak out against the measures.

    Deputy Chief Magistrate Felicity Broughton stated that it would be a “grave injustice” if Pecora was kept in custody over the alleged offenses, since the maximum penalty is a fine.

    However, in order for Pecora to be released, he had to agree to conditions which included not going within 600 feet of the Victorian Parliament – where the protests were to be held – and, more worryingly, Pecora had to turn over his phone, computer, and passwords.

    So the judiciary seem to be backing these orders, 🙁



  5. Demented Dan Andrews taken apart by Jim’s Mowing guy.

    Daniel Andrews is an ‘elected dictator, and nobody can control him’

    Jim Penman, founder of Jim’s Group, says for Premier Daniel Andrews to claim that opening pet grooming services while keeping private lawn mowing companies closed has anything to do with health is “garbage … this is grubby, rotten politics.”



    • A pity some of the NZ “experts” have not looked at this. A few Cabinet Ministers might also be enlightened.
      All wishful thinking on my part –why let facts get in the way of political game playing.

      Anyone got Hosking’s email address –listening to him this morning had me thinking he is getting soft on the issue?



  6. The NZ economy and the fans needed this as fun and a distraction but you f*ked up again Cindy!

    Opinion: Losing Rugby Championship to Australia goes deeper than just rugby

    This was meant to be the prize at the end of a COVID-19 winter. The first real test of this Government coming out of COVID-19 and it failed. The Aussies put in a bid Sanzar couldn’t refuse, and we turned up sucking our thumb.

    What a body blow for commerce.

    It’s easy to offer a Matariki public holiday and spend someone else’s money on pay rises for cleaners and security guards but actually delivering an event tomorrow proved too hard.



  7. Police are using the increasing numbers of illegal firearms being found, to push harder for a firearms register. The buyback had no impact. Again, they’re targeting innocent people. Crooks are not going to be registering their firearms. The only possible use of a register, is that police can know who a rifle was stolen from. That isn’t going to make any difference to the amount of gun crime.



    • The reason for the increase in illegal firearms can be laid at the feet of the criminal biker gang members deported from Aussie back to NZ, known as 501’s. These hardened Aussie gang members are used to being armed and are willing to use them. The police are scrambling to catch up with the intensification of criminal activity. They are playing games. Gangs are never going to be licensed firearm owners so a register is a red herring.

      Number of firearms seized by police has risen steadily over last decade

      Last year’s buyback scheme, introduced soon after the March 15 Christchurch terrorist attacks, saw 60,000 guns taken out of circulation and cost taxpayers more than $100 million.

      But police are still seizing hundreds of weapons, with the Bay of Plenty becoming a hotspot among warring gangs.



      • Agree WG.
        In the weekend a shipping container in port had been flagged to be searched by customs, as it was believed to be associated with the Mongols. Overnight, with port insider assistance, it was driven out of the port. The empty container was found in the BoP on a property also associated with the Mongols. This container could have contained massive quantities of firearms. Harassing innocent firearms owners is a cynical, no-risk option to make it look like something is being done. All it’s actually achieving is ruining what’s left of respect and cooperation between the firearms community and the police.



        • Thanks wg & Saggy.
          Another hole in the mismanaged “quarantine” so it can be used for other devious controlling purposes, like gun registration.

          ‘Insider threat’: Shipping container linked to gang vanishes on truck with help of port worker

          13 Sep, 2020 5:00am
          A security camera image of the shipping container being removed from the Ports of Auckland in July 2019 on the back of a truck.

          Rest is behind paywall.

          Edit Gleaned a bit more.
          Jared Savage reports. Almost $100,000 was found in the home of a Ports of Auckland supervisor who helped shift a freight container off the wharf in the middle of the night, which Customs and police believe concealed a shipment of drugs destined for a notorious motorcycle gang

          If that is a stock photo, but at the same time saying this is the container over a year ago.
          Journalism itself is corrupt, or like a stop clock, right this time?

          So that shipping container disappeared a year ago. hmmm.

          Not much other news of this and seems to be glossed over.

          Certainly a pointer to some major corruption in the ports and either corruption or total ineptness of the police.



          • $100,000 dollars
            Now was that just for 1 container?

            What is the going rate to slip a container through?

            We all know it is cheaper by the dozen,
            like let 1 through and let slip 2?

            Or is it just a flat rate say for one at about $10,000 per time?

            Why only a $ 100,000 cash found?
            Were there any other connections?
            Perhaps other investments? like cars, boats, lifestyle travel, for family?
            Everything seems to have gone quiet.
            Is there a court case coming up?
            Was there an arrest?
            What & why hidden?

            Was there any accountability given for the amount of cash?
            He could have just cashed up his bank accounts so all legit.

            Is there any further investigation, bearing in mind, this seems to have started in July 2019, or is it case closed.



      • Last year’s buyback scheme, introduced soon after the March 15 Christchurch terrorist attacks, saw 60,000 guns taken out of circulation and cost taxpayers more than $100 million.

        What we are not told is how many people used the money to buy more guns so the net effect wasn’t that good.



  8. This is at the cutting & shooting edge, for Freedom!

    ….Sourisseau said: …….
    He added ‘there is nothing to regret’ in having published the caricatures of Mohammed in 2006.
    ‘What I regret is to see how little people fight to defend freedom. If we don’t fight for our freedom, we live like a slave and we promote a deadly ideology.’……
    …… freedom is ‘not something that drops from the sky’.


    How many really say “Je suis Charlie” and able to live and practice that. RIP
    May your legacy be well learnt, to stand for “Freedom”



  9. I have a busybody neighbour. His name is Martin.

    This morning, on his masked way to the supermarket in Milford, he stopped me and became the first person ever to mumble at me if I was going to wear a mask.

    Due to his mask I couldn’t hear the question quite properly but my answer was “Jacinda can go and fuck herself”.

    I don’t think he’ll ask again.



  10. Is it just me or does it feel that unless they can promote Cindy there is not much interest from the msm in drawing attention to the upcoming election? Where are the regular election polls, or are intended voting numbers for Labour not looking so good?

    First televised Leaders debate next Tuesday 22 September.
    Will there be a sudden power outage! 🤔

    But here you go. The books are to be opened tomorrow:

    Show us the money: Politicians are making big spending promises, but does it all stack up?

    Debt’s also on the mind of ACT leader David Seymour, who calls the current pathway “fiscal child abuse”.

    “It’s people currently at intermediate school who will have the biggest cost from this and they don’t even know the decisions being made for them,” he says.

    The party’s Debt Destroyer calculator will help people see the true impact of various on the amount this country will have to borrow, Seymour says.

    On Wednesday, PREFU will be released by Treasury, giving an overall predication of the how the economy will perform, including the speed of recovery, the numbers of people heading for the unemployment queue and those debt tracks.

    On Thursday the GDP will be released and a sharp drop is expected with the health of the NZ economy to plunge.



      • I have said it before but-
        It fucking astonishes me that this arrogant creature is allowed to stroll in 30 minutes late for important press conferences!
        To me this speak volumes of her out of control ego and her total and utter unprofessionalism..



        • Capricorn@1302

          This (Courtesy of Wiki) might be of interest and perhaps gives a few clues to the PTPM’s attitudes / arrogance…

          Signs and symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder…

          .People with the disorder can:

          Have an exaggerated sense of self-importance
          Have a sense of entitlement and require constant, excessive admiration
          Expect to be recognized as superior even without achievements that warrant it
          Exaggerate achievements and talents
          Be preoccupied with fantasies about success, power, brilliance, beauty or the perfect mate
          Believe they are superior and can only associate with equally special people
          Monopolize conversations and belittle or look down on people they perceive as inferior
          Expect special favors and unquestioning compliance with their expectations
          Take advantage of others to get what they want
          Have an inability or unwillingness to recognize the needs and feelings of others
          Be envious of others and believe others envy them
          Behave in an arrogant or haughty manner, coming across as conceited, boastful and pretentious
          Insist on having the best of everything — for instance, the best car or office

          At the same time, people with narcissistic personality disorder have trouble handling anything they perceive as criticism, and they can:

          Become impatient or angry when they don’t receive special treatment
          Have significant interpersonal problems and easily feel slighted
          React with rage or contempt and try to belittle the other person to make themselves appear superior
          Have difficulty regulating emotions and behavior
          Experience major problems dealing with stress and adapting to change
          Feel depressed and moody because they fall short of perfection
          Have secret feelings of insecurity, shame, vulnerability and humiliation



    • Power crazy socialists never relinquish authoritarian powers once they obtain them.

      We’re at the end of the normal ‘flu season. Due to obsessive, manic testing we have a “Casedemic”. There is no danger, the frail have been killed off already – all twenty-fucking-three of them!

      This is about normalising excessive powers until after the election, when they can start the Venezualisation process.

      Our last (partially) democratic election and the turkeys – well they’re going to vote for an early Christmas.



  11. Have a listen to Leighton Smith’s latest podcast. He has a guy on talking about how the Govt. has stopped live animal exports because of the tragedy off Japan. The guy is a buyer for one of the companies involved in the trade. He is extremely articulate and goes into great detail about how the trade works, the animal testing involved etc. etc.. He says the Government is treating it as an animal welfare issue not a maritime disaster issue. The Australians are allowing trade to continue as they do not see it as animal welfare issue.
    The guy explains the difference in return the farmers get between going to the freezing works vs the live trade.

    I hope issue gets more coverage as it is yet another stuff up by the Govt.



      • Much more sinister than that Saggy.

        If you applied one simple question to every dubious decision made by Covid Cindy and her Marxist mates, the answer is always yes

        “Does it damage the economy?”

        Delay, delay, delay with quarantining – does it damage the economy? Yes – let’s do this!
        Don’t do anything to put in place effective quarantine controls – does it damage the economy? Yes – let’s do this!
        Drive away the Rugby Championship – despite NZ having the best possible setting – does it damage the economy? Yes – let’s do this!
        I could go on – but it’s obvious!



  12. It seems to be beneath Ardern to announce the one case today.

    There is one new community case of Covid-19 reported today, that of a child linked to the Auckland cluster.

    In a statement, the Ministry of Health said the girl was a household contact of a confirmed case and had been in isolation since 30 August.

    Her case is epidemiologically linked the Botany sub-cluster, which has been genomically linked to the Auckland cluster.

    No hugs for that girl in that Auckland cluster.
    “How inconvenient” as it seems she was down in Dunedin.



  13. All that fence sitting must be hurting your ancient old arse Peters.

    Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters has invoked the ‘agree to disagree’ provision

    1:27pm – Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters has invoked the ‘agree to disagree’ provision in New Zealand First’s coalition agreement with Labour, over Cabinet’s decision to maintain alert level 2 settings outside of Auckland.

    “The Director-General of Health has stated that the COVID-19 outbreak in Auckland is contained. Additionally, he believes there is a low risk of transmission outside of Auckland,” Peters said.

    ACT leader David Seymour has described Cabinet’s decision to keep New Zealand at alert level 2 a “slap in the face” to New Zealanders.

    “The Government says it has done a great job, and we must stay locked down. They cannot have it both ways. Either the Government has failed, or the restrictions can be lifted,” Seymour said.



  14. Cindy says no probs having Bledisloe game on election day. FS what a shambles. This should NOT be allowed to happen. We all know that the country’s fizzing at the bung on a test day. This could have a material impact on voting.



  15. It always amazes me the perpetrators of abuse don’t seem to realise the victims become adults they can no longer control.

    Police have arrested six men of retirement age after an extensive investigation called ‘Operation Beverly’ into historic offending at Auckland’s Dilworth School.

    Police said the men are expected to appear at Auckland District Court on October 5 and 6.



  16. Which of you YSB’ers was vocal on the ferry?

    Man refuses to wear a mask on Fullers ferry, argues with passengers

    “I do oppose continued lockdowns and this whole scenario which is destroying our economy, jobs and accruing massive debt which is not pouring into elderly care facilities where over 90 percent of cases have died,” he wrote.



  17. Just took part in Ed’s new poll. Twenty two participants so far & ACT ahead by a country mile which is great.

    I did spot a disturbing feature. One seriously fucked friend has indicated that they will give the New Conservative candidate their electorate vote. Maybe the candidate is their father or mother but otherwise it displays a deep seated fantasy for domination by something that doesn’t exist. Talk to your doctor today!



    • Nasska I do like a lot of your comments, however you are way out of line here. That one person would be me. I would vote for the NC candidate because most of their policies resonate with me, there is no religious motive. I would give them my party vote as well if I thought they would make the 5% threshold. However I will give ACT my party vote even though they fucked up Auckland, are not up with the play on immigration and promoted the end of life bill (which I oppose). By the way I live in a very safe National seat so do not risk my vote helping the COL. Have a good day and try not to jump to conclusions and/or offer medical advice.



      • You are well entitled to your opinion. I would point out that the New Conservatives are a religious party using a Trojan horse of scrambled together policies to disguise their true intent which is to deliver NZ back to an insufferable 1950s, apple pie fantasy dominated by Jesus.

        However, as Xavier Hollander once entitled a chapter in her autobiography……”Different strokes for different folks or Wall St & me.”



        • Even if they were elected there would be no way they could drag NZ back to the 50’s. As a coalition partner however they could well drag National back further in the “right” direction. Like you I have no time for apple pie fantasy and Jesus, though I would say that it would be much preferable to Hummus and Allah.



          • ……”they could well drag National back further in the “right” direction”…..

            Fiscally National well deserves to be called Labour Lite. In the past twenty years they have outbidded Labour in every opportunity there was to squander Taxpayer money.

            But they atoned themselves in the eyes of the nation’s conservatives by opposing every bit of overdue socially liberal legislation put up. I for one do not need the almighty state to tell me what I can smoke, what my female grandchildren can do with their reproductive organs nor when I can die. They are personal positions & the Vatican owned Nats can fuck off. I’m a liberal in the English sense of Classical liberalism, not socialism.

            But fear not. If I hate Christianity I loathe Islam.



            • I agree hence my vote for NC in the electorate seat, just couldn’t stomach voting
              Labour Lite. Again though unfortunately we are faced with a trade off, anything has to be better than the COL. I just hope those words don’t come back to haunt me.



          • Likewise I have no time for religion.
            But in Napier we have a really good candidate for New cons.A very successful business lady who put herself up for selection for National but the party machine made sure she was not selected for some reason.She is not religious.
            So….she stands against Stuart Nash this election and it is against any rational thinking to vote for that prick.
            The New Cons are against agenda 2030.UN compact on migration and want to pull out of the Paris agreement.
            So aside from the religious tinge they deserve support in Napier given the other wallys standing.



        • To revert NZ society to the “1950s” you would first have to repatriate all the non-European immigrants of the last 60 years, as well as their children.
          Since that is not possible (after all, we are not post-war Prussia with lots of ethnic Germans to clense away), the alternative would be to turn these immigrants and their offspring into “Kiwis.” This would be accomplished in part by:
          – Banning non-English signs
          – Allowing only English (and Te Reo (like that’s ever going to happen)) to be spoken in public
          – Ban the flying of Tongan and other non-NZ flags
          – Banning the wearing of ethnic dress in public
          – Banning “ethnic festivals” in public
          – Decommissioning non-Christian and non-Jewish churches
          – Banning private ethnic schools such as the Japanese Supplementary School in Penrose (that my daughters attended after school twice a week)
          – Banning the holding of dual citizenship
          – Only allowing NZ citizens to purchase leasehold land (the ownership of legal enties and trust owning land must be made public)
          – What have I missed?

          Of course, since NZ has no real sense of national identity (or not one that it is willing to cause offence over), what is there to protect?



        • Where would you rather live Nasska?
          1956 New Zealand? Maybe watching Peter Jones storm in for his try at Eden Park- Then having a cold beer at the pub after the game?
          Or 2020 ‘Aotearoa’? Where there is no Test Rugby and we live under the near-Communist rule of a fucking deranged Totalitarian who has plastered the Country with pictures of herself??

          Give me that time machine I’m off…



          • You can raffle off my seat on the Tardis. I was born in 1949 & I can still remember the oppressive, Christianity saturated society that dominated the era. Woman were breeding stock & men were perpetually pissed to escape the enveloping boredom of existence.

            The 2020s have faults in abundance but I’ve yet to live through them.



  18. Meanwhile, over on Stuffed, we see once again, Aussie cops
    acting like thugs. Stomping on some poor bugger’s head
    while attempting to “restrain” him.
    Won’t be long till that starts happening here I’m afraid.



  19. Judith Collins says alert level restrictions ‘starting to look very political’

    National’s leader believes restrictions in the South Island have “gone on too long”.

    “I’m feeling they’re starting to get a bit political and I’d like the Prime Minister to front up and tell us exactly how those decisions are made and if they differ or not with the advice they are getting.”

    “While we had a sound response to the pandemic back in March, we’re now in danger of using a mallet to crack a nut when it comes to how we handle this disease. For many under continued lock-down, far from the outbreak, the worst effects won’t come from the disease itself but the economic fall-out of how we handled it.”



    • Note to Judith Collins. This issue has been political from day one. I told you this in my letter to you in late March, but at the time National believed it was not a time to play politics with the issue. Sir John Key said the same, publicly. National even stopped electioneering. But as I said in my letter National were being too nice and let Labour politicise the issue from day one.

      In case you have not realised the time for the gloves to come off was several months ago –now you are in charge , make it happen.



    • I don’t believe National would have acted any differently.
      This Plandemic was nothing more than a control mechanism
      carried out by every government world wide at the behest of
      the UN and the WHO, to further enslave humanity. Collins can be
      as rhetoric as she likes, but she would have done exactly
      the same as Ardern.



  20. The battle for votes in the Wairarapa should provide interest for political tragics such as myself. Effectively it is a three horse race which makes a result very hard to call.

    National have finally booted the execrable carpetbagger Alistair Scott who would have led them to a certain loss. His replacement, one Mike Butterick, is a farmer which is helpful but he is hampered in getting the message out by the Labour Party news-sheet, aka the Wairarapa Times Age.

    The Labour candidate is once again list MP Keiran McAnulty who has a deservedly high profile in most of the electorate. Wild card Ron Mark is standing for NZ First without a hope of winning but will split the vote in ways that defy prediction. The Greens will waste votes for Labour as will the New Conservatives for National.

    It is going to be close. Very close.



  21. Labour will extend Living Wage guarantees to public service contracted workers – starting with cleaners, caterers, and security guards.

    This could mean almost an extra $100 a week for a contracted worker who is currently on minimum wage.

    “As we recover and rebuild from the impacts of COVID-19, Labour is committed to helping working New Zealanders by raising wages, protecting them while they are at work, growing jobs and investing in the economy,” says Labour Workplace Relations and Safety spokesperson Andrew Little.

    “That’s why, as part of our economic plan, we will extend the Living Wage to core public sector contractors in the next parliamentary term.”
    Andrew says COVID-19 has shone a light on the many workers who do important work in the community but who are not well paid for it.

    “We can do a lot better at lifting wages and easing financial stress for hard-working New Zealanders.”

    Economic Development spokesperson Phil Twyford says contracted workers are the backbone of public service.

    “These are the workers that clean the office late at night, start work early to cater for conferences and stand in the cold making sure our offices are safe for everyone. The work contracted employees do help us all to do our jobs,” says Twyford.

    “Paying contracted workers a Living Wage will be a great boost to their household incomes and improve life for them and their families. This money will be spent back in the community, meaning it will benefit the wider economy at the same time. Paying the Living Wage to contracted workers is a win for everyone.

    “Investing in our people is one part of Labour’s five point economic plan. By increasing wages for some of our lowest income workers, we can ensure all New Zealanders get to share in the benefits of our economic plan as we recover and rebuild together.”




  22. Time for an Investigation: Dr. Fauci and NIAID Accused of Collaboration with China on the COVID-19 Virus

    Guest post by Col. Lawrence Sellin (Ret.) also posted at ccnationalsecurity.org

    Americans are unaware of the extent of China’s infiltration of U.S. medical research, the degree to which U.S. officials and scientists facilitated it, the possibly dangerous transfer of technology, including that related to the likely creation of the COVID-19 virus, and the continuation of such collaborative programs.
    Based on the preponderance of evidence, there is now little question that the virus that has caused the worldwide pandemic likely came from a laboratory in China. The question remains whether an accidental leak was a consequence of biological warfare experiments by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The Chinese government collaborated with the World Health Organization (WHO) to downplay the threat and make the case that the virus appeared to not be transmitted from human to human, but rather from animals (primarily bats) to humans. There is also the question of why China cut off all domestic flights between Wuhan (population, 11 million) and Beijing and Shanghai, but not between Wuhan and Europe and America.




    • Been telling ya for years there are more of them people of the land in Parliament than any other collection of ethnics.
      The Nats are not alone but they have a fare share of them.
      Two ticks ACT
      Get rid of a few of them.



  23. You can’t stop people who want to know…

    Chief Censor lobbies for warning after Christchurch massacre video used in Netflix movie

    Images from the Christchurch terrorist’s video appear in a new docu-drama by Netflix, but it won’t be blocked from view in New Zealand.

    Instead of removing the scene or blocking it in New Zealand, the media company agreed to amend The Social Dilemma’s rating to include a new warning.

    The Social Dilemma is a new documentary-drama movie examining the impact of social media on the world. It was released on Netflix worldwide last week and is currently ranked among the top 10 most popular programmes in New Zealand.

    The footage used in the documentary sees the shooter collect his firearms, including a close-up on the writing on his guns. and the seconds before he opened fire on a man at the entrance to the mosque. The victim is blurred and censored from view.

    But Netflix won’t have to censor the clips from its new movie, and it refused to comment when contacted by 1 NEWS.



  24. The would be voter went into a sex shop, “Excuse me, ” he asked, “have you got a massive dildo?”

    “Yes sir, ” the assistant said & showed him a enormous red dildo. “Shall I wrap if for you sir? he asked.

    “No, ” he replied, “but if you don’t mind would you shove it up my arse as far as it will go, I’ve been thinking about voting Labour again & I need a reminder of what’s likely to happen if they win.“



  25. Greens – More for EVERYONE!

    The Green Party is promising to push for Fair Pay Agreements across retail, cleaning and security jobs to increase pay, should it be part of the next Government.

    “Our security guards, cleaners, supermarket staff and so many other Kiwi workers have worked hard to keep New Zealand ticking over and to keep us safe during Covid-19,” she said.

    The Fair Pay Agreements set out sector-specific minimum employment standards, including wages and conditions.

    “It ensures workers get fair, decent pay and conditions and opportunities for training – and businesses have a set of consistent standards to work towards.”



    • Those office workers, working from home.
      All the more reason for this to continue.
      No need for office cleaners.

      No need for security guards, for car-parks,
      No reason for a car to travel to an office.

      No need for a “tea lady” or whatever.

      The super market staff will be reduced, as soon an Amazon form of robot control will do the click, cart, pay, & collect system.

      Those same Greens like Jan Logy, should also stay home, no flying around, and no toxic ev either! 🙂
      My pre-program recognition automatic system will always change channel or radio frequency on ID of any of those Parliamentarians.

      If only no more pay for those trough feeders.



    • Terrific, but the ideological farming policy means a whole lot less for everyone. Just could not vote Green if you wish the country to have a chance of recovery post the initial COVID-19 phase and consequent debt the coalition has set up.



      • Right now a lot of good farmland is being planted in trees to gain payment in carbon tax.

        “Sustainable Zero Carbon Green” Companies have been set up for this, and naturally at this stage those directors etc.. are doing very well in organizing that.

        When that fomula is more known, then it will be so easy for farmer to put in practice.
        No work, and a great regular assured contracted government guaranteed income.
        Will be backed by UN global World Banks & IMF
        I know some just want it to be assured of being inflation adjusted in the fine print,

        The payout will whip sheep & beef, and I hear it may even beat dairy.
        No worries about chemical sprays, and costly handling licences.
        No fertilizer taxes that will be greenly introduced.
        No worry about fencing of waterways, no drainage, no fencing, no cost of maintaining tracks etc…

        Once set up, and in place, just like a lot of overseas buyers are doing.
        So why should the government stop their own NZ farmers doing this.
        Those “nephews” can just stay on the couch.

        Most of the ones who do this, will not have to worry about employing staff,
        By the time the country wakes up too late, and by the time they do anything, well one will be many decades in the grave, so no worry for them.

        Much better return than money in the bank, or any other investment.

        ….. EU was trading at $NZ35 and already the NZ market was trading above its $25 price cap, at $25.05. ….
        forecast credits indicated the rate needed to be between $150 and $250 to reach the target.
        That is 2018
        Greens have been saying $50



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