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  1. NZ Election 2020: Judith Collins claims victory in first TV debate as Jacinda Ardern tries to avoid ‘bloodsport’

    Collins is certain she won the debate.

    “Yeah, I reckon. I certainly didn’t feel like I was losing.”

    Political scientist Jennifer Lees-Marshment said Collins was more effective in the debate than Ardern, because the Labour leader “lacked passion”, but she said Collins still had her weaknesses.

    “That’s their problem they don’t talk enough about themselves. Stop criticising Labour because it looks foolish,” she said.



  2. NZ Election 2020 analysis: David Seymour the standout performer at finance debate

    Starting to get a little too sure of himself, Goldsmith told Seymour not to be so “cocky” after he suggested National had simply been reading ACT’s website for policy ideas. Seymour responded that it was “hard work coming up with two parties’ policies” but he could “handle it”.

    Almost immediately he realised his mistake and cleared up that he wasn’t responsible for Goldsmith’s poorly calculated budget.



  3. Judith won, Ardern defensive

    NZ Election 2020: Political scientist says Jacinda Ardern ‘lacked passion’ in TV debate

    Jennifer Lees-Marshment said Collins was “actually much more effective at communication,” because she was “more relatable and more empathetic.”

    “Ardern seemed to lack passion,” she said, in response to TVNZ’s 2020 Election debate.

    “She was very defensive, she lacked passion, it was like she was on the backfoot.”



      • How about they belong to the group that boosted Ardern to astronomical heights after shooting and covid because she is so wonderful and are now starting to doubt all that glitter. A month more of seeing the tarnish setting in and the uselessness of the Labour Party as a whole will/may see them gradually swing back to where they came from, hopefully not back to the Greens.



      • I’ve seen the figure of 14% undecided/will not say in several places so if we take that as correct and present the poll as it should be , that is including the undecided cohort I get the following ( rounded and including a couple if the smaller parties )

        Labour 43%
        National 27 %
        Undecided 12.5 %
        ACT 6.5 %
        Greens 5.5 %
        NZF/NC/TOP 5.5 % ( combined but it is essentially the wasted vote figure )

        I am assuming the polling company has not randomly spread the 14% among the figures of those that did give an answer (which I think would be nonsense if not a fraudulent practice).

        So Judith has to charm a high percentage of the undecided and pull back plenty of the Nationals who went to Labour ( those who were scared out of their wits over the virus propaganda).



      • That number of undecided is not surprising .
        18-20% would be acceptable at present.

        Remember people are being pushed around like corks in the ocean.
        Three days level 3 at a couple of hours notice; then 10 more then more; now level 2.5 but wait…
        There is uncertainty over jobs and for business owners, travellers, sports and entertainment people.
        The whole toxic environment is deliberately set to put people off their game and unable to plan .

        This is what a plandemic is.

        The only ones settled right now are public servants and beneficiaries.
        They have a certain future.
        Public servants know that even if Notional take Treasury benches they will not be displaced against their will despite Notional rhetoric that arises in elections.

        The rest- massive uncertainty in their lives.
        Voting is just one aspect right now.

        Of course I find it easy and certain.
        Vote ACT.



    • There are many good things to take away with that poll.

      Labour is trending down. The debates last night should keep that momentum.
      Collins as preferred PM is improving. The debate should hopefully keep improving that.
      ACT continues to trend up. Hip hip hooray.

      The main worry for me is that the Greens are over 5%. This needs to be less than 5% for a ACT-National government because I still maintain that Labour will get the largest pool of votes. We just need ACT & National to be greater than Labour (and the Greens knocked out).



      • If Ardoom has a bad showing she has several devious paths to choose from.

        Example 1. Suspected Covid and has to go into isolation so cant debate!

        Example 2 – and don’t put this past these Marxist scum
        – they allow scum like the drug dealer to stay in NZ;
        – they are supportive of sex offenders as long as they are of the Liebour stripe
        -they allow scum like iranian queue jumper Behrouz Boochani into the country knowing full well he will abscond; then reward him with legal status to stay (and piss off Australia, again)

        So chances are, if things look grim, she will suddenly have ‘a miscarriage at 2 months’
        Ooh!! loots of sympathy and stroll over the line.
        This is what you are dealing with .



  4. Interesting second leg to the poll on HYSP today.

    Whilst it is normal for there to be some disparity between viewers about who won the debate, it is interesting that not a single voter believes that the mad queen can get the job done, coming out solidly in support of Judith.

    Suppose that will change as the day progresses though –



  5. Take outs from the Leaders’ Debate

    Some major take-outs from the debate:

    1) Judith looked like a lawyer debating with a Social Studies diploma student
    2) Why did Alice Cooper turn-up instead of Covid Cindy
    3) Given that Covid Cindy is the greatest communicator EVAH, what does it say that she so clearly lost the debate?
    4) Covid Cindy always gets her make-up wrong on the first interview – remember 2017 when she turned up in “Brown-face”
    5) Ageist anti-farmer slur of the night – Jacinda Ardern “That sounds like the voice of the past”
    6) Big win when Judith pointed out how problematic it was to be dismissing increasing mental health problems in the farming community as the “voice of the past”
    7) John Campbell did an amazing job. He was balanced. A bit too “thank you, thank you” for my tastes but I thought his running of the debate was brilliant in that there was nothing you could really strongly object to. He let the news happen, he didn’t seek to make it.
    8) The 30 second clock was brilliant. It proved what we all know – Covid Cindy is utterly full of bullshit and never answers a question. Most of the times when the bell rang, Cindy was still pontificating and frowning about something
    9) It was a disaster for Labour – how do we know? The most one-eyed political hack on the planet told us so. When translated from NJ speak – “Holy Fuck, Cindy got found out, she hasn’t got a clue and Judith monstered her. The polls are going to close big time now”
    10) Covid Cindy is losing her mind! What on earth is “Double Doody” she must have said that half a dozen times! It makes you wonder how poor their debate prep was that it was even a thing that they were prepared for Cindy to say? This really underlines the problem with the Labour talent puddle. If you only have people who only exist in the Beehive, you have no connection to reality and that is going to be a running joke now and not a catchy phrase. If you have the shits – are you at risk of doing “Double Doody”?

    The overall winner – TVNZ for managing to not be fake news
    The overall loser – Covid Cindy
    Enduring mental image – Alice Cooper
    Biggest Comms Fail of the Night – Double Doody!



  6. ‘I’m still buzzing’ – Judith Collins beaming after leaders’ debate, despite poor poll result

    Collins said she was “a performance person” and shared her love of debating.

    “I think the energy was good, and the first sort of round I sort of though, ‘Yup, no, I think I did fine,’ and then that energy got more and more as my confidence levels went up,” she rated herself.

    “I felt I was in my element and I just loved it.”

    Meanwhile, Labour Party leader Jacinda Ardern decided against fighting fire with fire, staying true to her pledge to govern with “relentless positivity”.



    • Cindy brought her ‘Alice Cooper’ along with an expensive new hair style cleverly formed to hide her ear. How distracting was it having H1 talking to her earpiece while she was trying to project her glitter covered confidence as well as maintain her status as the great communicador. Unlike at the debate with Bill who she bullied into silence with her never ending communicading, Judith brought it to her and Cindy was rattled and fusdraded. It showed. Judith won hands down as she was up to speed with all the detail, figures and plans.



      • You make a good point. The Mad Queen shines on her own stage while dressing up dodgy “facts” wrapped up in feminist emotion & utter bullshit. She is also an expert in using her fan base in the MSM as protection from male “bullies”.

        But it doesn’t take much to push her out of her comfort zone & as Collins proved last night, once on the back foot Cindy doesn’t recover quickly.



  7. Did my ears deceive me?

    My wife’s radio tuned to Hoskings this morning interviewing Stuart Nash. Stewie stated that Cindy is so amazeballs that David Attenborough has declared Jacinda to be the world’s greatest leader ever!

    Hoskings pointed out to the cock-head that Attenborough don’t vote.



  8. Mike Hosking raised a key point this morning. What were the viewing figures ? Apparently with the first debate last election 1.3 million watched ( the highest viewing figure for many months, so people were engaged )
    Lets see what last night’s figure were .



  9. Sneaky commie.
    Watch out for sneaky commies.
    Ardoom is one of them.

    My sister sent this link last night.
    Normally I would never let the commie tart’s horse face darken my doors but interesting:


    Ardoom interview
    Just after the nine minute mark she waffles on about ‘aspirational’

    So, target of 6000 houses but – much louder, and with bobby head and flailing hands –
    >>’we have increased our aspiration to 18,000 houses’

    We are ‘on target to build 6000 state houses’
    ‘On target’ does not mean they are built or even will be esp. with builders forced to down tools for over 10 weeks so far this year in Auckland – where the houses are most needed.

    If you have not actually built the actual 6000 how can you increase aspiration to 18,000 ?
    But this is what fools will hear.
    Cunning commie.

    What a lying bitch Ardern is.
    Day in and day out.
    And idiots buy it.

    Bugger universal franchise. There should be an entry level to vote.
    My sister has been mainly Liebour voter, could never vote Notional and went to an ACT presentation in Wgtn last week.
    She says she is voting ACT.



  10. WOW! 4Chan Sleuths Catch China Faking Simulated Missile Tests– Clips Came from “Transformers” and “The Hurt Locker”

    The Chinese military released a movie of the Chinese regime testing a missile against a US base over the weekend.

    The video scenes were stolen from “The Hurt Locker,” “The Rock,” and “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.”




  11. The MSM cannot help themselves. I just saw a headline (did not read the article because it would clearly be full of BS) which said “Ardern lost but Collins did not win ”

    Is this the result of a couple of generations being bought up playing sport where it is participation that counts not winning or losing.



  12. Remember how Sweden fared without lockdowns?
    In the UK there are 69 cases/100000 people compared to 28/100000 in Sweden

    The infection rate in France is almost 7 times higher than in Sweden and the virus is 10 times more prevalent in Spain,both countries that implemented strict lockdowns

    Where are all the Sweden critics now?

    Even after admitting the numbers were out by 80%, Sturgeon thinks implementing harsher lockdown rules is the answer.

    “We have decided from tomorrow… visiting other households will not be permitted”

    Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announces new coronavirus guidelines, with exceptions such as for those living alone who form extended households




  13. Lol Two green balls= Leprosy, JGG got a medical problem id say,
    who can chose between The Bride of Chucky and The Mad Queen, its like the choice the Americans are left with for their forth-coming Nightmare.
    This is the very reason i advocate for none of the above and will give my vote to an outsider as a protest vote, neo-liberalism has failed spectacularly, two decades of greed and narrative shaping has lead us to this juncture, now as we sit here on the cusp of a new Ice age, suffering from a act of asymmetric warfare, economically devastated, in the throes of the Police-Prison state corporate system.
    We can see where we went wrong, whether we can gather the will to put all to rights remains to be seen.
    What is truth though is Where We Go One We Go All



  14. Another Nobel Peace prize nomination for Trump?

    Moon proposes declaring end to Korean War, requests U.N.’s support

    SEOUL, Sept. 23 (Yonhap) — South Korean President Moon Jae-in restated a call Wednesday for the declaration of an end to the Korean War, saying it would pave the way for complete denuclearization and lasting peace on the peninsula, as he took part in the annual United Nations General Assembly session via video links.

    He requested the international community’s support so that the Koreas can advance into an era of reconciliation and prosperity through the end-of-war declaration.




  15. A book has come out about the past Prime Minister of Australia.
    No messing about by him, if you call on revolutionary mayhem in Australia, then simple, take them out. 🙂

    2 mins 04 secs.

    The one taken out, calling out to make problems in Australia, yet thought it had turned to custard to live with ISIS but already, something had his name written & signed out on. 🙂

    It is believed that Abbot may have done this more than once. 🙂
    Just doing the job for the good citizens of Australia.



    • That is leadership.
      Howard was similar and mentor to Abbott.
      To think he was rolled by that creepy, vacillating plonker Malcolm Turn bull

      Turn bull wanted to lead ALP -Labor- and was worth over $AU 200 million
      He was with Goldman Sachs.
      There is no way he would have been allowed to lead the ALP with his profile so he went to the Liberals then tried to implement Labor Party policies.

      The irony was Abbott got criticised for getting up early and doing solid exercise like swimming or bike riding.
      He had a lot of good qualities but his bad ideas and badly timed an/or articulated ideas sunk him.

      As much as people praise Peta Credlin now she was too dominant over Abbott and people saw this as a breach of democracy -as we here saw H2 having so much input to H1



      • No leader is perfect, but one should see, not only what they say, but also by their actions.

        Also to consider just what power they actually do have.
        Then to present people the choices, and then what actions that can be taken, and what may be required.

        Abbot also got out and did volunteer fire fighting, which in Aussie can be full on.
        One of the reasons for his fitness regime too.

        I sort of did wonder if Abbot was the guy in the Trumpet Summer time Advert. 🙂
        “Togs.. Togs, togs, togs. Undies.. Undies, undies, undies.”

        All in the timing.

        Also a guy that I would never be surprised, if he was able to rise else where, or even make a comeback.
        Part of it is, how much has he learnt by his experience, and still stick by his principles.
        Then the ability to articulate what direction, and encourage others to understand, back, & follow that direction for Australia.



  16. We heard you Cindy and so did the farmers!

    NZ Election 2020: Supporters defend Jacinda Ardern over remarks on farmers dubbed ‘outrageous’ by National

    As Ardern and Collins debated whether farmers feel supported enough by the Government, Collins said they feel that “they have the got the weight of the world on them”, to which Ardern said is “the view of a world that has passed”.

    Ardern’s remark sparked anger from National supporters, including National MP Nicola Willis who said it “came across as patronising” and “anti-farmer”, while Taieri candidate Liam Kernaghan said it was “incredibly offensive”.



  17. Hollyweird activist and all round crazy, Alyssa Milano, protests to defund police.

    Nek Minute

    … ‘Defund the police’ activist Alyssa Milano calls 911 sparking massive police presence in her quiet California neighborhood claiming an armed gunman was on her property – but it was really a teen shooting at squirrels with an air gun…

    …At least seven Ventura County Sheriffs’ vehicles, one K-9 unit, a police helicopter and one Los Angeles Fire Department team sat down the street on standby…

    California huh:
    …The search by air and street level lasted over three hours and ended abruptly at 12.20pm.
    ‘It turned out it was a neighborhood teen with an air gun shooting at squirrels,’ a resident told the DailyMail.com.
    The male teenager witnessed the emergency response and later realized he was the cause and turned himself in….
    So basically if he had not come forward there would have been terror in the gated community.
    How sad.
    >In July, the left leaning activist Alyssa tweeted out to her 3.7 million followers a link, urging them to sign the ‘People’s Budget L.A.’ that demands a 90 percent reduction in police funding.

    Now I blame Ronald Reagan for this…
    ..he closed down the mental homes.



  18. Eternal dickhead and NINO Matthew Who_town wanking again.
    Duck for cover.

    This is the critter that brought in wassis name Muler, Mueller or whatever causing major disruption to Notional in election year then bailing out as soon as his dorky puppet melted down.
    He bailed fast to do damage elsewhere.

    The NINO critter and good mate of far left Laila Harre retweeted Cindy McCain:

    …My husband John lived by a code: country first. We are Republicans, yes, but Americans foremost. There’s only one candidate in this race who stands up for our values as a nation, and that is @JoeBiden..

    As I don’t use Twitter not sure how to link actual retweet embedded in Hootens spiel as it reverts to Cindy McCain actual twittering.
    4 hrs ago @now

    NINO supports RINO
    It is high time Notional cut the chain to these boat anchors (rhymes with wankers) like lefty Matthew Hooten.



  19. Judith Collins comes face-to-face with supporter who tattooed her on his leg

    Collins was campaigning in Matamata on Wednesday when she met for coffee with Nik Given. Given recently made headlines for the tattoo of Collins on his leg, stylised as a Bond Girl holding a gun.

    The tattoo also uses her nickname “Crusher Collins” and the New Zealand flag as a background.



  20. Judith Collins holds back tears talking about rural mental health to Matamata crowd

    She arrived to a standing ovation from the crowd of more than 150 – “Anyone would think this is my home town,” she said.

    “This is the most important election in generations. We haven’t even started to feel the pain yet,” Collins said of the economic impact of Covid-19.

    She began asking the crowd if they had seen the TVNZ leaders’ debate last night against Labour leader Jacinda Ardern.

    “I felt almost like I shouldn’t have enjoyed it so much,” Collins said.

    After the debate, Ardern said politics was “not a blood sport”.

    “Poor wee thing,” Collins began, saying Ardern wanted to “wallow around in Covid”.

    “I’m so sick of being told and talked to like I’m a three-year-old.

    “We have a country to save. She wants to make it about Covid. It’s all about economy.”



  21. So minimum wage, living wage, extra day holiday to gain Matariki status.

    Then time off for “unconscious bias ethnic” training plus “gender bias feminist lgbtq……” courses, with ‘sensitivity’ courses to be sure that ‘politically correct’ adjust for “social justice challenges”, so that all quotas of ‘well-being’ and ‘kindness’ is topped up. //
    Training in “environmental awareness” so Extinction Rebellion of Zero Carbon with sustainable renewables can be achieved. //
    Guidance courses in “human rights” so right & proper Censorship can be achieved with all considerations to the Privacy Act. //
    Health & Safety courses, certificates to be gained to a formula.

    It is just a matter of when this comes in, as Sweden is one of the ways we must follow; with hugs & hijabs & burkas. //

    …. The court reached the decision that the prayer ban during working hours was illegal due to the Swedish Constitution on religious freedom and the European Convention.
    Meaning that it actually is now illegal for an employer to deny his/her Muslim employees to pray to Allah even during actual paid working hours instead of doing their job.
    Note we are not talking about whatever an employee does in his or her normal breaks during the working day, …..
    ….. an employee now has the legal right to do during the actual working time, when he or she is paid to perform whatever job. ……..
    ….. apply to the entire Sweden where employers how just have to pay Muslims while they pray 2-3 times during work. ….
    ….. prayer mat and spend whatever time praying while being paid for it …..


    Seems like another form of jizyah



  22. Burglars and Thieves must be pretty law abiding citizens, as the have cracked the formula.

    They will not be caught, so long as they do not go further than 5 km from their home.
    The will not be caught so long as they do not out during the curfew hours.
    The police are very busy looking for all those curfew & travel law-breakers, and arresting them.

    Burglary and theft offences are on the rise in Victoria’s west with police calling for residents to take proactive steps to help keep their homes and belongings secure.

    A rush of police if you walked the dog beyond 5 km?
    Police manning of so many checkpoints & road blocks.
    Would the police come if they were called, for a burglary?
    Mask wearing criminals.



  23. Police appeal name suppression of man who planted spy camera in Auckland gym changing room

    A former senior government manager planted a spy camera in an Auckland gym’s changing room capturing video of a naked couple, then went on to plant the camera on at least three more occasions, the Auckland High Court has heard.

    Police appealing the man’s discharge without conviction and permanent name suppression, argued his offending, which took place on at least four separate days, was not taken into account by District Court Judge Clare Bennett.



  24. Peters throwing his weight around

    ‘Boring, laughable, ridiculous’ – Winston Peters goes on attack after another poll puts NZ First out of Parliament

    New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has once again gone on the offensive when quizzed about his party’s consistently low polling in the lead up to next month’s election.



  25. Love the video of Judith’s response to the accusation 😂

    Judith Collins denies claims she dropped f-bomb in TV debate as Jacinda Ardern talked up housing ambitions

    Collins on Wednesday denied claims she dropped the f-bomb during the debate, telling Newshub: “I certainly did not… Oh for goodness sake, they’ve got dirty minds.”

    It’s not entirely clear what Collins says in the clip because her head is tilted down, but she does appear frustrated and shakes her head in disapproval at what Ardern is saying as she mutters something under her breath.



    • Was that that nasty Irish cunt No’Brain?

      Just trying to point score.
      Never showed the clip to back up dumbass new shub fake gnews.

      Fuck off Tova No’Brain.
      Trying to make your stupid self gnews.
      Go off and give your BF Jami Lee a BJ.
      He will have to pay for flights to Wellington in a month.



  26. The rise and rise of Act

    The rise of ACT: David Seymour’s one man political band looks set to multiple exponentially

    Riding high on poll results which would see ACT win an incredible nine seats this election, leader David Seymour had an absolute blinder in the first traditional town hall debate of the election campaign, which was finally possible under alert level 1.

    “You’ve got my party vote so there we go,” a supporter told Seymour as he campaigned in Otago on Wednesday, with others telling him “we like what you’re doing” and “we’re already on your side”.

    “It was very strong support,” Seymour told Newshub. “It was probably disproportionate; I don’t think ACT is on 70 percent nationwide.”



  27. Kiwi fishermen arrive home after seven months stranded on boat in Indian Ocean

    The Sealord crew were stranded because of Covid-19, and had to keep working until the company could come to the rescue.

    Three months of fishing turned into seven, with the Will Watch dropping off its daily catch to the island of Mauritius.

    Six of the seven men flew into Christchurch yesterday and are currently in a facility for two weeks of managed isolation. The other man decided to stay on.

    From his hotel, second mate Jacob Novak told 1 NEWS that it was a difficult lockdown.

    “I got to admit, I did think people whinging about a few weeks of lockdown seemed pathetic,” he said.



  28. Strawberries could be off the Christmas menu unless the Government allows pickers into the country, according to the country’s biggest producer.

    Francie Perry is the country’s biggest strawberry producer, a multi-million-dollar operation.

    “If the Government don’t allow some of these horticulture workers across the border, then the Kiwi public are going to be faced with very high prices for annual crops.”

    The Government says locals will take up the slack, with Labour leader Jacinda Ardern saying: “We do have Kiwis without work right now.”

    Work and Income has found her just eight workers. None want the hard work of picking.

    “It is the worst response from Kiwis for picking I’ve ever seen. Ever!”



    • Picking strawberries was traditionally a job that teenage girls & young women excelled at. It requires bending over for hours at a time. The sheer weight & girth of the average land whale registered with WINZ would see them lined up at the chiropractor after an hour in the paddock.



    • Which is better?
      Low-tech horticulture (lower capital investment) that depends on cheap foreign labor (the strawberry field)?
      High-tech horticulture (high capital investment) in robotics and AI that (if successful) means that you don’t ever need to depend on foreign labor, and can run more productive farms cheaper in the long run.

      Let the free market decide. Is strawberry picking a job that a human or a machine should do?

      Dull, dirty, debilitating and dangerours jobs are for the mchines. Or else pay a decent rate that will attract local workers.



      • If a country exports its low skill labouring & manufacturing jobs it keeps labour costs low but reaps the whirlwind through social problems down the line.

        NZ’s efforts to date provide a textbook case to support that theory.



      • Pay more? How much will you pay for a punnet of strawberries? If potential pickers would rather sit on the couch at home instead of working then they are too comfortable on the benefit. NZ is in a major recession with many losing their jobs. Taxpayers should not be paying tax for others to do nothing.



        • NZ has become a low wage economy because we do fuck all that the rest of the world want at a competitive price. Over the years wages have stayed low, productivity is hopeless yet benefits have increased & now it isn’t worth working.

          I don’t know the answers but I suspect that a post covid depression may provide them.



      • Frankly as a fruitgrower I have no sympathy for the berry grower.It is like the whining corporates in Hawkes Bay that plant 1000 acres of apples and then complain there is no one to do the work.
        There used to be 1600 growers in Hawkes Bay and now there are around 350.
        There is a greater area planted ,largely by the corporate growers. They are totally reliant on the RSE scheme and backpackers who essentially work for the minimum wage.



  29. DictatatorDan.
    A desperate search is underway east of Melbourne for a missing teenager with autism. 22/09/2020

    Emergency services were called to Launching Place in the Yarra Ranges on Tuesday to look for the 14-year-old boy.

    William Wall was last seen leaving for his daily walk on the Warburton Trail about 6.45am on Tuesday.


    The Premier says it’s a decision of Victoria Police to send hundreds of locals home who want to join the search for missing autistic boy William Wall in the Yarra Ranges. They’ve been told to instead raise the alarm on social media

    Police have told a large number of volunteers gathered to search for William Wall to GO HOME and their help is not needed. The mood is tense @theheraldsun

    Desperately sad outcome to the search for William Wall. His body has been found. Thanks to everyone who helped to look for him. Thoughts are with his family



  30. WA children’s entertainer facing dozens of child abuse charges

    A Perth magician and escape artist is facing dozens of child abuse charges after police said they had uncovered more victims.
    Dewald Venter, who goes by the stage name Ghupi, is behind bars tonight facing charges that include 20 counts of indecent dealings and nine counts of sexually penetrating a child.


    Childcare worker, 39, is the accused ringleader of a paedophile ring responsible for the abuse of dozens of boys, girls and dogs over 15 years – sharing the vile abuse with three others who have also been charged
    The Townsville father, 39, was arrested on Thursday and charged with 104 child sex offences. His alleged offending happened between 1995 and 2020.




  31. Naaska.

    I have been in discussions with people concerning the year, we as a Nation lost our sovereignty.(Stolen)
    Holyoake and Muldoon signed us up for this.

    I believe it was in 67, when we were forced to pay interest on a loan we didn’t need.
    The world banks (IMF) took ownership of NZ because we supposedly reneged on the deal.

    IMF loan £22.3 million 1965.

    Fletcher, David 1952- :’The International Monetary Fund are asking us for more contributions’. 10 May 2012


    This comic strip sequence continues an earlier theme of Captain Kiwi Keith in charge of the spaceship, Long White Cloud. With his co-pilot Muldoon, he is trying to manoeuvre the spaceship to dock with target vehicles, IMF loan which is successful, and a London loan which is not. There is consternation on the flight deck, and ahead there is a solar flare (U.K. into E.E.C.?) which threatens to create a massive vacuum which could cause the spaceship to disintegrate – But is Captain Kiwi Keith upset as he sits there grasping the controls with his customary aplomb? Well, is he? Will N.Z. ever catch up? The captain is sweating profusely.




    • …..”The world banks (IMF) took ownership of NZ because we supposedly reneged on the deal.”…..

      First I’ve heard of it but I hesitate to rule it out. From memory NZ Inc was having big problems in balancing the books. For example the arse fell out of the wool market in 1967. We were going cap in hand to the IMF at regular intervals & they were starting to set conditions. Again from memory this was about the time that the NZ Government gold stocks were transferred to the IMF for “safekeeping”. The key unions (drivers, cooks & stewards, meatworkers etc) were tightening the noose & NZ was having huge problems getting its exports to its ever decreasing markets.

      And it got worse! Britain joining the EEC & the 1973 oil shocks were still to come.



      • The IMF was only three years old at the time.
        They demanded funds from partnering countries to aid developing countries.

        General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
        (GATT), including a meeting in Punta del Este in January 1967 of the Committee on Trade and Development. The CONTRACTING PARTIES consult the Fund in connection with their consideration of import restrictions maintained by contracting parties for balance of payments reason as well as in other cases involving balance of payments or exchange aspects.



        • I reckon you’re out on your dates. From ‘Britannica’:

          ……”International Monetary Fund (IMF), United Nations (UN) specialized agency, founded at the Bretton Woods Conference in 1944 to secure international monetary cooperation, to stabilize currency exchange rates, and to expand international liquidity (access to hard currencies).”……

          NZ would have borrowed shitloads through them by 1973.



          • You are correct Nass, my mistake.
            Early on, they were basically advisory.

            The IMF Institute continued to broaden the scope of its programs in the third year of its existence.
            As in previous years, the principal task of the Institute has been the preparation and presentation of the regular courses on financial analysis and policy.



        • Because of this,
          In May 1966 the United Kingdom announced a voluntary program with the aim of confining direct investment transfers to the more developed countries of the sterling area—Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the Republic of Ireland—to those which promised an early, substantial, and continuing benefit to the U.K. balance of payments.



          • Very damaging to any one who had money in the bank too.
            Stories of retired farmers, having every thing set up, nice house, new car, and then in that time they were, well not on struggle street, but had their wings clipped,
            Still the pension at 60 came in, so the idea came to be, spend it, before it lost value, and of course make the most of life while still able to get around.



    • Whether it was borrowed money I do not quite know.
      1967 as nasska mentioned about the wool drop,
      Any where a wool bale could be stored, an old hall for example, and enough money was made in that storage, to demolish the old and rebuild another hall, in some cases, by a canny hall committee.
      I think the wool board probably bought it up, initially by the farmer levies, and then probably backed by government guarantees so they could borrow more.

      Many school seniors ran a car in the very early 1970’s, enough to upset teachers about not having room getting a car park. 🙂
      That all changed a bit by 1972 as it seemed those old cars being driven around by those school kids, evaporated. 🙁
      A bit hard to put the finger exactly why that happened.

      I suspect the wool had all by sold by the early 70’s so the government had the benefit of wool export receipts.

      A saying I recall was that 1972 Kirk came in with Muldoon setting up $1000 million in credit, NZ going well also earned another $1000 million in credit, but by the 2nd year that had all been blown, and was borrowing a $1000 million so though no real tightening of belt, That was when it seemed much money was dished around as aid to the Islands, DPB started and many hand outs, so NZ was punching above its weight, Sort of blamed on the EEC ramifications,
      Also a beef crash also happened in the mid 1970’s if I recall correctly, maybe also with a drought?



  32. Passing the hot potato around.
    Any one else would pay the legal costs, but not them.
    It seems that the sheeple, by the polls assure them of retaining power.

    Daniel Andrews’ government is fighting to keep secret data that informed the decision to impose a second curfew under stage 4 coronavirus lockdown this month.

    The Victorian government is being sued …..

    Mr Andrews has not been able to give a straight answer over where the idea to impose a curfew came from, after chief health officer Brett Sutton distanced himself from the decision.

    The first curfew …. …. signed by then-deputy public health commander Michelle Giles on September 13.

    …. in court ….. Professor Giles said she made the second curfew order relying on government data proving “a clear and direct correlation” between the stage 4 restrictions and a reduction in case numbers, the Herald Sun reported.

    But the data has not been tendered in court, and Victorian government lawyers have flagged they will resist its production on public interest immunity grounds.

    The Victorian Supreme Court has given the government until 2pm today to decide whether it will fight to keep the documents secret.

    Ms Loielo’s lawyer Vanessa Plain said it was “critical that data be produced and is before the court so we may test the way in which Dr Giles reached the conclusion the orders were rational”, the newspaper reported.

    Mr Andrews was asked about the issue at his daily COVID-19 press conference on Wednesday.

    “I can’t give you an answer to that,” he said. “I have no knowledge of the status of that. I can say that it’s obviously before the court, as your question indicates, so I’m limited in what I can say.”

    ….. he said the “absolutely frank answer to you is I do not know, nor am I acquainted with the documents the court has sought or the parties to that action have sought and that speaks to the fact that I‘m in no way involved in that matter”.

    “That matter is being dealt with by the appropriate legal teams and others who are called in that action,” he said.

    “That’s not a matter that is on my desk.”

    But Mr Andrews said rules around issues like public interest immunity and cabinet-in-confidence were “well known and understood”.

    “It is difficult to make broad statements unless you know and understand the context and nature of the documents being sought,” he said.

    “I have no such knowledge and am in no position to provide even a broad commentary on that.
    These matters are before the court and it‘s appropriate they work through that process.
    That’s why I can’t engage in that nor do I have the knowledge. It’s not on my desk.” …….

    …… Prof Giles said she signed off on the directive off her own bat and had no discussions with the Premier about the directions or the curfew.

    “I always very clearly understood that the decision was mine to make,” the infectious diseases expert said.

    “I inferred, based on my experience, that the reduction of case numbers was due to the stage 4 restrictions being imposed.
    Experience with outbreak management in Victoria has reinforced for me how infectious this virus is, how difficult it can be to control, and the kinds of measures required to control it.”

    Prof Giles could be called for cross-examination ….

    State Liberals have called for lifting the curfew – …. …. – after Professor Sutton’s revelation earlier this month that it was not based on his medical advice.

    Mr Andrews subsequently said it was his decision to make the job of police easier, but chief commissioner Shane Patton stressed that Victoria Police had no input. …..

    ….. Mr Andrews again insisted there were no plans to lift the curfew before the end of October despite case numbers falling ahead of schedule.

    “Curfew provides police with an easily enforceable rule.
    It means less people going visiting friends and accordingly, it will be in place for as long as it needs to be in place to get these numbers down and keep them down.
    It won‘t be there forever.”


    At the same time these legal shenanigans are paid for by the tax payer, and that Premier, Commissioner, Minister are all indemnified by the government, but if they can take time, and add more costs to the complainant, as they will make it a dirty costly business.



  33. Former Gloriavale member files landmark legal case against community’s leadership

    Newshub can reveal papers have been filed in Greymouth’s High Court in a landmark case against the leadership structure and culture of Gloriavale.

    The action is being taken by former Gloriavale member, John Ready who was expelled from the religious community almost three years ago, but his family remain inside. He said they remain too fearful to leave.

    “Something must be done. I’m going to stand up and I’m going to do it,” he told Newshub.

    Ready said he’s not after money, but rather, he wants accountability.

    “We’re asking for the removal of the trustees because of their dereliction in duty.”



    • And I wish him every good fortune:

      ……”He said the legal action is being taken for the sake of the youth living there, especially the girls who are particularly vulnerable.”……

      This is what every religious nut has as their secret wet dream. Total control over helpless, brainwashed slaves. Control over their thoughts, their education, their deeds, their dress, their relationships & their children.

      We see the pathetic bastards present themselves as leaders, moralists & people deserving of respect because of their promotion of delusions.

      They are deserving of nothing but contempt!



  34. What did she expect to happen from a question to the debate?

    The head girl of a South Auckland high school says last night’s leaders’ debate showed there was little understanding between the two major political parties and the impact of Covid-19 on low decile students.

    She told TVNZ1’s Breakfast this morning she didn’t feel she had received the answers she had been seeking from Ardern and Collins.



    • Makes me wonder how the families after WW1 got provided for.
      What about a year or 2 later, the young ones after Spanish flue.
      Still the government still kept up with schools, teachers and books.

      The Depression years, when there was absolutely not a spare penny around, no money to be splashed around.
      Some kids left school early again, or fitted in school, when other seasonal work was not on.
      Then many kids also had their fathers go overseas, for the War, so again a difficult time for the wife & children, rent to be paid, food to be got in,

      Still life went on.
      So is it any different for Samoan children?

      Is it an extra hand out? or another form of schooling, like “night school”, availability of libraries with more spread out hours, trade apprentice ships as Collins mentioned, is a paid form of learning.
      Is it a ban on kids working?

      Just get on an live your life as a Samoan kid, wise up, read some books, biographies of successful people, etc.. free from the library, and see what it takes to be successful.
      Does hard times really make you special?



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