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  1. Yeah whatever Cindy. Your opinion counts for fuck all.
    Huntys back! Currently quarantining in Auckland. So good so far. Very efficient processing from the airport to the hotel. No complaints whatsoever.
    Does anyone have a link to the leaders debate?



  2. This explains Wellington and why NZ is held down by the woke that live there.

    Look at the educated that run the place.
    They can’t run their own town and they are busy telling the rest of us what to do.

    Here is an example.

    What a bunch of woke wallies they are.




  3. We need to look at things differently re Covid Cindy

    I still think we’re ascribing too much positive intent to Covid Cindy. If you try to understand her thought processes from a traditional view of a PM, that is assuming that they will be:
    – acting in the nation’s best interests
    – wanting to balance expenditure vs tax income
    – taking a long term view
    – looking to solve long-term problems in a fiscally sustainable fashion

    Then of course, her thought processes make absolutely no sense at all.

    However, if you take a different angle on why Covid Cindy is doing what she’s doing. Her thought processes are intelligent, effective and totally logical.

    If you assume that Covid Cindy:
    – is an extremist Marxist,
    – hell-bent on destroying capitalism in order to build such mass dependency on the state through fear
    – does not care about the human cost of achieving her ideological goals
    – is working to a globalist NWO agenda to destroy the credibility of national governance and create such a crisis in a nation that being taken over by the UN is the only solution

    then everything she is doing is perfectly reasonable – more so, it’s devastatingly effective.

    Sometimes you have to apply Occam’s Razor.



    • Damage the economy, Oil & Gas industry scared off from NZ – check
      Challenge to Marxist brainwashing through Charter Schools removed – check
      Damage the economy, Tourism killed off – check
      Challenge to the view that the state must provide everything including a home, Private Rental Market crushed – in progess
      Damage the economy, Debt lifted to an unsustainable level – check
      Fear made endemic to build dependency – check
      Damage the economy, Unemployment raised to unsustainable levels – check
      Perversion of the democratic process through MMP – check
      Damage the economy Alienating traditional trade and defence allies – check
      Restricting freedom of movement – check
      Disarm the populace – in progress
      Widespread propaganda saturation – check

      Devastatingly effective!



  4. “In the past”,,,,,, One of Cindys handlers should sit the creature down and remind her she is “in the past” as a middle aged skinny stooped shouldered unmarried mother with no idea of what to do about anything unless it’s been scripted for her or has been given a list of questions she’s about to be asked.
    Her performance the other night was the real Cindy ,tongue tied ,dazed and confused without the POS speaker or our kissy cuddly MSM to protect her.
    Without our farmers we’d all be eating bark and grass by this time next year and Cindy and Robbo would be saying “stop complaining it could be worse at least you’ve got salt to go with it”



  5. What a piece of shit the Herald – same pro Cindy headline appears four times on their main web page. Was that advertising paid for out of the $50million or is that from Labours election advertising budget?



  6. The Bulletin from the Spinoff is such a leftie written thing – looks like the readership is as well. “On balance, the clear majority of responders said they preferred Ardern’s performance, though I’d hesitate to call that a scientific sample.”



  7. Having attended a Labour Party function a couple of years ago (a relative dragged me along) the one thing that stunned me was their pure and utter hatred for Farmers.
    I got some snide coments about being a ‘Tory’ and a few smart arse comments about my professional background.
    But holy hell-
    Labour people just fucking DETEST farmers.



  8. Greg Murphy fed up with some Kiwis paying ‘so much more than others’ for petrol

    Kiwi motor racing legend Greg Murphy is calling for more transparency between oil companies and the Government so the public are more aware about petrol price differences.

    “It’s the fact that a lot of the price differencing I’m seeing compared to where I live is 30 to 34 to 35 cents a litre depending on the type of petrol or diesel you’re putting in your car.

    “I just think in this current sort of times here in New Zealand I’m trying to understand why some Kiwis are having to pay so much more than others.



  9. FFS a moaning mini lefty. Of course National have to be voted in for the projects to be funded.

    National MP Lawrence Yule’s ad under investigation after complaints it’s misleading

    The Authority was also investigating a complaint about a full-page newspaper ad in which Yule said he had “achieved a record $800 million commitment to infrastructure projects in the region.”

    This included “$300 million safety upgrades of Napier-Taupō Road, Napier-Wairoa Road and Hawke’s Bay Expressway commencing 2021.”

    A member of the public told RNZ she had filed a complaint because the funding pledges were all announced by National leader Judith Collins during a recent visit to Hawke’s Bay and would only be brought to fruition if National won the election.

    “I feel that the statement on the billboards and advertisements is misleading and implies the $500m for a Hawke’s Bay Hospital is set in stone as opposed to being an election promise.



    • That is fair enough complaint

      Note the Bridges for Northland BS promise in the early 2018 by-election.

      Campaign promises are exactly that and are not concrete ‘scheduled work’.

      I concur with the complainant and notwithstanding that, have little time for Yule- he was a bad news President for Local Govt and the water contamination near the end of his time was in his court – with a very poor response.



  10. Looking around the news this morning it is clear the message has gone out to the “bought” news outlets that they have to run defence on Ardern for her comment about dairy farming. They are twisting themselves in knots to try to protect her.



    • Driving through some of Waikato’s prime agricultural land yesterday I marvelled at the beauty. Everything was clean and green, well maintained, healthy stock and an abundance of large leafy shade trees for the enjoyment of the cattle and sheep during our hot summers.

      Controlling Ardern and her marxists cannot leave these efficient, experienced farmers to run their own farms. She and her masters insist on more regulations and control by Wellington bureaucrats for only they know how best to run the regional farms of NZ.

      “Dairy farming is a world that has passed”. Remember that, it is what she actually meant! Farmers will become state workers run from Wellington with regular visits from government funded clipboard warriors with a checklist of do’s and don’ts, environmentralist targets, dates for planting and harvesting, allocated dates to send your stock to the works, etc. It’s all about CONTROL, CONTROL, CONTROL!!



      • “Driving through some of Waikato’s prime agricultural land yesterday I marvelled at the beauty.”

        And yet at least 12 years in Moronsville and at Waikato Uni, Ardoom could not notice that!

        Her black heart is very, very hate-filled.
        You had bedda believe it.



    • I really have to wonder where on earth people like Muller exist. He should know the media hate anyone right of Chairman Mao. It’s actually the quality I most admire about US President Trump: he knows who is enemy is and doesn’t shy away from it, and he certainly doesn’t expect them to play nice like they do to their fellows Leftards (unlike that naïve Bush junior).



      • Although his first speech was ok, but agreed, very badly prepared and being totally inadequate for the onslaught of the media.

        he knows who is enemy is and doesn’t shy away from it, and he certainly doesn’t expect them to play nice like they do to their fellows

        Probably like “shell shock” a form of PTSD

        Fighting Men – Kill Or Be Killed (1943)
        9 mins 27 secs :

        Sure gives a different perspective to today’s “Rules of Engagement” RoE and not always taking prisoners. 🙂 Trump knows just when he can ably dispatch them. 🙂
        Just what our ancestors had to adjust to win, to bring peace, that was quickly taken up afterwards for many decades.

        An Uncle told me during the Middle East campaign, some of the troops could not survive on the rations.
        They became completely bound up, constipated, on the rations, and although initially all on the go, became a liability with the effects, so were redeployed to Cairo to be part of back up logistics. etc.
        Of course others found other excuses, but still so many have to be back up per fighting man.

        I still do not like Muller, and the troops on the fighting line will be looking at if he can withstand another test. 🙂



  11. From the Taxpayers Union
    Last night Green Party Minister Julie-Anne Genter let slip the Greens’ position for coalition negotiations after the election: a wealth tax on homes and retirement savings is the Greens’ “bottom line”.

    That’s right – the Greens’ asset tax on homes, kiwisaver, and family nest eggs has gone from the Party’s wish list to a non-negotiable demand if Labour need their support to form a Government.

    With the One News Colmar Brunton poll now showing Labour below 50 percent and the Greens on track to be in Parliament, the risk of a Labour-Greens Government is real.

    The Greens’ price for power? A tax on your home, small business, and savings.

    Many voters still think the Greens are focused on the environment. But instead of GE, climate change, or mining being the party’s ‘bottom line’ – it’s actually a far-left economic policy. France tried in vain to ‘tax the wealthy’, but they had to walk the policy back after they raised very little revenue and capital flew out of the country.

    Under the Greens’ policy families would pay an extra one or two hundred dollars in tax every year for every $10,000 paid off the mortgage. The policy also functions as a death tax – when your husband or wife dies, the threshold for paying the tax halves, which will leave many widows in the lurch just when they need their home and retirement savings to fund a care home.



  12. Surely there are more urgent uses for $50 million?

    Eighteen schools to replace coal boilers for clean energy, costing $50 million

    More New Zealand schools will have coal boilers replaced or converted to run on clean energy, costing $50 million over the next three years, the Climate Change Minister announced today.



  13. Harry is going against hundreds of years of tradition for the royal family he was born into. His elderly grandmother the queen will be horrified at his and his wife’s meddling in USA election. For her sake alone Harry should STFU. Sprinkles Markel is a dangerous marxist intent on dismantling the Crown.

    US Election: Donald Trump makes dig at Meghan Markle in response to Prince Harry’s call for Americans to ‘reject hate speech’

    Speaking at a news conference on Wednesday (local time), the President addressed the Sussexes’ comments with a bizarre attack on the couple.

    “I’m not a fan of [Markle], and would say this… I wish a lot of luck to Harry, because he’s gonna need it,” Trump responded when a reporter questioned him about the Duchess.



  14. The wagons are circling.

    The Justice Department Unveils Proposed Section 230 Legislation on Behalf of the Administration

    “For too long Section 230 has provided a shield for online platforms to operate with impunity,” said Attorney General William P. Barr. “Ensuring that the internet is a safe, but also vibrant, open and competitive environment is vitally important to America. We therefore urge Congress to make these necessary reforms to Section 230 and begin to hold online platforms accountable both when they unlawfully censor speech and when they knowingly facilitate criminal activity online.”




  15. He must have let his Labour card expire.

    Auckland school teacher sentenced to three years in prison for abusing students

    A former Auckland school teacher who was found guilty of abusing six teenage boys has been sentenced to three years in prison.

    The jury of six women and six men found Swann guilty of five of the 10 charges he faced, but it was unable to reach a verdict on the other five.



    • Fuck off Notional
      You voted FOR the Zero Carbon ACT.
      Own it.

      -You passed the RMA,
      -the leaky homes legislation,
      – messed up the electricity market under Bradford,
      -Froze out the Auckland Regional council in 1991 then created the hideous Auckland Council in 2010;
      -Ensured every major city after your election in 2008 was stacked with labour party leftovers
      -sold off NZ Rail for a song,
      -bailed out BNZ then sold it for a song,
      – never even looked at repealing free free student fees/loans or WFF.
      Yakkedy yak,
      yakkedy yak

      the 2017 campaign was – we’ll sort out clean waterways in…30 + years, predator free in 30+ years.
      Yeah yeah yeah

      And in 2019 you voted against legal gun owners with a result of increasing illegal gun crime.
      Give it a rest.



  16. JPMorgan to pay almost $1 billion fine to resolve US investigation into trading practices

    A penalty of that size would be a record for spoofing, which is when sophisticated traders flood markets with orders that they have no intention of actually executing. The practice was banned after the 2008 financial crisis.




    • A penalty like that will never be paid by the people who perpetrated the fraud nor those who made the decisions to facilitate their actions.

      Our NZ equivalent is after the police let the tangi-crowds and gang-gunners and Burn-Loot-Murder-protestors and land-squatters do whatever the feck they want, and then when interviewed about the visible hypocrisy, say crap like ‘NZ police are earnestly committed to fundamentally keeping Kiwis safe and we always take feedback seriously”. In other words, sod off kulaks we don’t have to care what you think.



  17. Time get your stock behind a wind break.

    ‘Significant wintry blast’ to hit Monday after possible offshore ‘weather bomb’ sends severe, cold gales our way

    Weatherwatch says southern parts of the country should expect a cool chill on Sunday and Monday as the “biggest pool of Antarctic air” to hit New Zealand this year moves north.



  18. Scandinavian gremlin beating the jungle drums again FFS
    Where dat Covid gone?

    ‘Fridays For Future’ onslaught coming.

    Keep an eye out for fires.


    Greta Thunberg
    On Friday Sept 25 we strike for the climate again, in 2500+ places around the world and counting!
    The actions will vary depending on the COVID-19 situation & restrictions in your region.




  19. Jacinda Ardern bags National as ‘backward-looking’, says Labour ‘absolutely’ understands farmers

    “From what I’ve seen, the policy put out by the National Party would take New Zealand back decades… It is hugely disappointing to see that change in position from them,” Ardern told reporters in Christchurch.

    National wants to put a stop to what it calls the Government’s “unscientific and arbitrary” synthetic nitrogen fertiliser cap. Dairy farmers are required to report annually to councils the quantity of nitrogen applied per hectare as synthetic fertiliser.

    “Farmers have enough on their plate with weather, interest rates, and international markets, they shouldn’t have to contend with a Government who doesn’t understand their sector and restricts their growth,” she said on Thursday.

    “When we form the next Government, our pledge is to ensure that our agricultural policy focuses on allowing farmers the opportunity to farm their way to better outcomes, rather than being regulated into oblivion.”



  20. Another Country Will Sign A Peace Deal With Israel ‘in the next day or two’, Reveals Amb. Kelly Craft

    U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Kelly Craft said Wednesday on Al Arabiya that the news of the next country to sign a peace accord with Israel could become public “in the next day or two.”

    “It could be today,” Craft said. “It could be one in the next day or two. Yes, so we are very excited and I know that others are going to be following.

    She added, “And what we don’t want to do is we don’t want to isolate anyone, but to bring everyone on board in hopes that this will allow the Iranian citizens to see that people really want peace in the Middle East and they are part of this peace.”




  21. When is the indictment of Joe Biden going to start?
    Is Joe BIden even eligible to be a nominee, to possibly become a President.
    1 Executive Summary brings out plenty about the connections and corruption.
    [2014], on May 12, Hunter Biden joined the board of Burisma,and over the course of the next several years,
    Hunter Biden and Devon Archer were paid millions of dollars from a corrupt Ukrainian oligarch for their participation on the board.
    What the Chairmen discovered during the course of this investigation is that the Obama administration knew that Hunter Biden’s position on Burisma’s board was problematic and did interfere in the efficient execution of policy with respect to Ukraine.
    Moreover, this investigation has illustrated the extent to which officials within the Obama administration ignored the glaring warning signs when the vice president’s son joined the board of a company owned by a corrupt Ukrainian oligarch.
    And, as will be discussed in later sections, Hunter Biden was not the only Biden who cashed in on Joe Biden’s vice presidency.
    Yet, even though Hunter Biden s position on Burisma’s board cast a shadow over the work of those advancing anti corruption reforms in Ukraine, the Committees are only aware of two individuals who raised concerns to their superiors. Despite the efforts of these individuals, their concerns appear to have fallen on deaf ears

    There seems to be quite a bit there to make a case.
    Dementia or Corruption? Will he stand down?
    When will proceedings start? The senate can not press charges, so it must not be referred to the Justice Department, and then they will make their investigation.
    No wonder Biden crew want to win the election.
    Then they all will be able to sort of claim Presidential exemptions. like in Joe’s mind of dreams., 🙁
    The real issue is all the other Democrats that are knowingly and unwittingly supporting this fraud, that ends up in the name of Democrat cultural marxism.
    Supporting money, hookers linking to Eastern European prostitution or human trafficking ring, bribes.
    If Joe Biden can not control his own son, though I feel the money seeps around that family, then how is he to run the USA ethically.?



      • Those clips are more than a year or so I think, but the slow cooker just stays on simmer. 🙂
        Put a fork in Biden, he is done,
        It will come up in the Biden and Trump records.
        All debates are scheduled to take place from 9 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. ET on their respective dates without commercial breaks.
        Here’s what we know about the format and schedule of the four general election debates.
        First presidential debate, September 29
        The first debate between Biden and Trump will be moderated by Fox News’ Chris Wallace and is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, September 29, at Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland.
        Wallace selected the following topics for the first debate:
        “The Trump and Biden Records,”
        “The Supreme Court,”
        “The Economy,”
        “Race and Violence in our Cities,” and
        “The Integrity of the Election,” according to the Commission on Presidential Debates.

        Do you think Biden will even turn up, or plea a case of ‘Covidiness’.
        How will he cope with an hour an half,
        First taking in the questions put to him by the moderator.
        To take in any-thing Trumps says.
        Then to make a coherent and also relevant reply, and how will that go if there is an interjection.
        If the subject is not specifically raised, Trump only needs to look down the camera and say this is what this country needs to know about the Biden’s dealing.
        Could Fox dare to shut that down?
        Now Joe you can have the rest of my time to explain where it is wrong.
        The only thing is that the senate inquiry is not quite complete yet, and then to be turned over to Judiciary system. That all takes time as more investigations will need to take place.
        In the mean time some spin, as there is not that much evidence.
        WASHINGTON — An election-year investigation by Senate Republicans into corruption allegations against Joseph R. Biden Jr., the Democratic presidential nominee, and his son, Hunter, involving Ukraine found no evidence of improper influence or wrongdoing by the former vice president, bringing to a close a highly politicized inquiry its leaders had hoped would tarnish President Trump’s rival….
        Republican investigators found no evidence that Mr. Biden acted inappropriately, including when he joined other nations in pushing for the ouster of Ukraine’s top prosecutor who was investigating Burisma.
        Mr. Trump’s pursuit of that debunked charge is what prompted his impeachment last year, after he pressured Ukraine’s leader to look into it himself….”


        So be careful out there, “No little premature dances” please
        It is not over until the “fat lady sings”.
        I wonder if this one will sing? 🙂

        Baturina, with an estimated fortune of $1.2 billion, is the richest woman in Russia. …..
        ….. Joe Biden’s campaign did not immediately respond to an inquiry from DailyMail.com on Wednesday seeking comment about his alleged financial relationship with Baturina. ….


        The problem is, Is it still Cooking? Simmering? Going to Boil-over?
        or Burning?



  22. Virtue-signalling to Christchurch electorate.

    Jacinda Ardern unveils plaque to remember Christchurch terror attack victims

    The Prime Minister has unveiled a plaque at Al Noor Mosque commemorating the victims of the Christchurch terror attack.

    The black plaque, inscribed in gold, shows two hands in prayer and reads “we surely belong to Allah and to him we shall return”.



  23. Can we please throw Ardern out of a plane!

    David Seymour skydives to highlight plight of struggling tourism operators

    ACT leader David Seymour took to the skies above Twizel in the Mackenzie District today to draw attention to the plight of tourism operators amid the Covid-19 pandemic and the country’s closed borders.

    Seymour went tandem skydiving with Mt Cook Sky Dive from Pukaki Airport, saying to deputy leader Brooke van Velden she’d take over the party leadership if he didn’t make it back.

    ”If you get a call, good luck, you’re going to make a great leader,” Seymour said.

    Seymour could then be heard laughing as he landed on his bottom, before asking someone call van Velden to say he was still around.

    “Sorry to all my political enemies – I survived,” he joked.



  24. NZ Election 2020: David Seymour fears for freedom of expression as Jacinda Ardern plans to beef up hate speech laws

    ACT leader David Seymour fears for freedom of expression after Jacinda Ardern confirmed plans to beef up hate speech laws if Labour is re-elected to power.

    Ardern was asked at the site about progress on updated hate speech laws, after the Government fast-tracked a review of hate speech legislation in the wake of the terror attack, which was fuelled by anti-Muslim sentiment.

    Ardern confirmed on Thursday that Labour is keen to progress with beefing up hate speech laws if it wins another term in Government.

    But Seymour is concerned it will take away people’s freedom of expression. “Hate speech laws are divisive and dangerous, turning debate into a popularity contest where the majority can silence unpopular views using the power of the state.”



  25. All Blacks to be stuck in quarantine for Christmas!
    NZ Rugby get bent over and screwed again!
    What is it with them wankers?
    Didn’t I tell you that they need Raelene Castle, to take over!
    She’s got bigger balls than this lot!



    • wa wa wa
      The 1972/73 All Black tour to Four nations and France was four months long.
      Nov 1972 to End Feb 1973
      No trips home,
      No skype and zoom.
      Phone calls were like one Pound a minute so with inflation near $10 a minute and they got no pay but had homes to keep going in NZ.
      no flying back for births.

      Stop all the sooky crap.
      Its embarrassing.

      None of this namby pamby shit of today
      A handful of officials, about 8 in total.

      Now there are three masseuses, psychologists, baggage handlers, forward, coaches kicking coaches the whole kit and kaboodle.

      Give it up with the whinging or give up your place in the team!



  26. Oh dear, what to do now?

    Hot pools, hair salon: New details revealed about COVID-19 family’s Taupō trip

    Two of Wednesday’s cases were tested because they were known contacts, the third was tested as a household contact, the ministry said.

    On Thursday afternoon, it was revealed the family had travelled to Taupō between September 18 and 20 where they met up with 18 other people from five locations around New Zealand.

    “Those 18 people, who travelled from Bay of Plenty, Wellington, Christchurch and Hamilton are all considered close contacts,” the ministry said.



    • If this Covid 19 stuff was as serious as the politicians say, then it would be more serious than the intricacies of our Privacy legislation.
      Notice how names of businesses involved and people involved are not mentioned. Privacy is so important.
      Fact is privacy is more important than an illness that predominantly attacks the obese, aged, dementia addled diabetics suffering from altzhiemers disease. If privacy is more important, then this disease is insignificant.
      Carry on. We spend a long time in a pine box. Enjoy life to the max, but be careful of phuck wits. Problem is we are not told who the phuck wits actually are.



  27. Pulling on a Hijab and pulling endless frowny faces for your army of photographers is a pretty distasteful way to campaign for an Election.
    I hope the Islamic community realise they are merely pawns in Jacinda’s game…



    • They want to spread this deadly disease …far and wide.

      it is just not working
      Which is why they are making up the numbers and overstating cases and deaths.

      It is all about Fear.
      It is not medical.
      It is political.

      The politics and economic destruction is what is deadly.



  28. Apparently unlike everyone else Maori are now above scrutiny.

    John Tamihere says it’s ‘disgraceful’ a Govt ministry sought advice about his potential conflicts of interest

    John Tamihere says it’s disgraceful that a Government ministry sought advice into his potential conflicts of interest because he’s standing for the election while being the chief executive of two non-government agencies.


    Māori Party co-leader Tamihere is standing in Tāmaki Makaurau. But, his day jobs include being the chief executive of both Te Pou Matakana, a taxpayer-funded Whānau Ora commissioning agency, and social services agency Waipareira Trust.

    Te Pou Matakana is set to receive more than $80 million this year, while the Waipareira Trust recently developed 120 social housing units alongside iwi for the Government.

    The Māori Party is also promising that, if elected, it would allocate 50 per cent of new social housing to Māori.



  29. NZ Election 2020: NZ First MP Ron Mark recorded saying he’s not interested in party vote, only wants electorate

    Newshub has obtained audio of the Wairarapa candidate telling a town hall Featherston debate with opponents that he’s not even interested in the party vote.

    “I’m not going to be greedy like Kieran (McAnulty, Labour’s candidate) and Mike (Butterick, National’s candidate) and ask for two ticks. Leave that party vote in your head. But I do want your constituency vote this time.”

    Peters responded on Thursday, saying: “In the main we’re all campaigning for the party vote.”

    Mark has backed down from his comments.



    • He’ll get more of the electorate vote than most NZ First MPs. He was Mayor of Carterton at one stage & he still has his fanbase. In 2017 he received 19.44% or 7753 of the Wairarapa electorate votes.

      To put it in perspective National’s no-hoper carpetbagger received 41.4% & Labour’s McAnulty received 34.2%.

      Note that your correspondent will vote two ticks ACT but is forced to concede that McAnulty would make a very good electorate MP.



  30. There is a lot of it about these days. You cannot rule by fear or force, the people rebel.

    Current Gloriavale members sneak out to openly criticise leaders

    They said control, manipulation, and threats are how things have been done there “for years”.

    “Leaders should not have control over every aspect of your life… To control what I would say the physical life – our work, even who we marry, and that sort of thing. That’s not actually up to them.”

    Gloriavale likes to be publicly seen as a place of unity, but according to these men, that unity is established through a culture of fear.



  31. Our governments bank.

    Westpac is fined $1.3 BILLION – the biggest in Australian history – for shocking breaches of money laundering laws that allowed paedophiles to profit from raping kids

    Westpac has agreed to pay a record $1.3billion fine for breaching anti-money laundering rules – and enabling the funding of child sex exploitation and potentially terror activities.

    Australia’s second biggest bank has told the Australian Securities Exchange it had reached an agreement with AUSTRAC, the federal government agency charged with tackling organised crime.

    Westpac has admitted to 23million breaches of anti-money laundering laws over six years, including failing to report international funds transfers worth more than $11billion.




  32. FBI offers $15,000 reward for info on New Zealander facing sexual exploitation charges

    The FBI is offering more than $15,000 for information about a New Zealand man who fled the United States after he was charged with sex trafficking and child exploitation material.

    Michael James Pratt, 37, is wanted by the United States agency for his alleged involvement in a conspiracy to recruit young adult and minor women to engage in sex acts that were filmed, and distributed online between 2012 and 2019.

    The former Christchurch man, whose alleged offending took place in San Diego, has been on the run since a federal warrant for his arrest was issued last year.



  33. Used condoms being washed and resold as police raid Vietnamese factory

    More than 320,000 used condoms have been confiscated after police officers discovered workers washing and reshaping them to be resold during a raid at a factory in Vietnam.

    According to the VN Explorer news website, the 32-year-old woman who rents the factory told officials someone delivers thousands of used condoms to her each month.

    Her alleged role in the production is to clean, dry, reshape and sort condoms under unhygienic conditions before making them look fresh again and packaging them up for new customers, media reported.

    Police say they found close to 360kg of sheaths that were destined to be sold on the market later on.


    All hand cleaned ,rolled up and packaged with a kiss.



  34. NZ Election 2020: Labour wouldn’t stop with just religion in hate speech crackdown

    “We haven’t been able to deliver that last term but my intention would be, if we’re able to form Government, that we would,” Ardern said.

    “Religion hasn’t been included in that, my view is that does need to change and that would be our plan if we were privileged enough to form Government again.”

    Labour is hoping to govern alone and knock out the New Zealand First hurdle.

    “My challenge to the Prime Minister is you show us the detailed legislation that preserves free speech at the same time,” said New Zealand First leader Winston Peters.

    A clamp down on hate speech definitely wouldn’t go ahead under National and ACT.

    “The last thing New Zealand needs is a Government department deciding what you can and can’t say,” said ACT leader David Seymour.



    • A muslim leader, just like Mohammad would, is asking and will get hate speech laws that will then force all New Zealanders to become sharia compliant.
      Ardern agrees, if they win the election.

      “Freedom of speech becomes hate speech,” he said at the unveiling. “Hate turns into hate crime as we have seen at the 15th of March.”

      There’s no specific hate speech law in New Zealand. The Human Rights Act covers it, but only on the grounds of colour, race or ethnicity – not religion.
      Fouda wants to see a new law differentiating between hate speech and free speech.

      “I’d like to see a new law in New Zealand and I think New Zealand has seen a lot and we went through a lot. The blood of those people shouldn’t be forgotten,” he said.

      The blood of muslim martyrs demand it, so that Mohammad (PBUH) “perfect man” can be followed more truly in the ways he taught, guided, sayings, deeds & actions.
      All to be done according to the koran, hadith & sira. hmmm.



      • Without Ardern’s proposed “hate speech” law how has NZ managed to survive peacefully without it to control us for the past 150 years without us all ripping each other apart? It’s because we haven’t needed such laws and still don’t. We’re kiwis. It’s only others arriving who are trying to change our way of life who are demanding to impose controls over us, what we say and how we say it. There is a lesson in that. Ditch the virtue-signalling control freak.

        Labour promise tougher hate speech laws if re-elected
        “There’s no specific hate speech law in New Zealand. The Human Rights Act covers it, but only on the grounds of colour, race or ethnicity – not religion.”

        ACT leader David Seymour came out swinging shortly after, saying Labour’s plan was “a deeply concerning development that will undermine our fundamental right to freedom of expression”.

        “Hate speech laws are divisive and dangerous, turning debate into a popularity contest where the majority can silence unpopular views using the power of the state,” he said.

        “Freedom of expression is one of the most important values our society has.”



        • Just another step to making New Zealand more compliant to sharia.

          Already halal meals for prisons.

          For a meat processor to be halal-certified, meat must be slaughtered by Muslims and cannot be contaminated by alcohol or pig products. …..
          …. Corrections …. …. confirmed, ….. …. department had bought meat from a halal-accredited supplier since 2005.


          At the moment hospital meals are not.

          It should be asked if those school meals will be halal compliant.

          What many may not be aware but halal may start, but over time it has a “mission creep” which costs time & money, to be more compliant.

          Like for example the halal meat can not be cooked on or in things that have cooked things that are haram.
          The halal meat can not be carried or be in the same place as any pork or alcohol product.

          So eventually all things haram must be kept away altogether.

          Strictly speaking, the muslims do have exceptions, but it is a sign of their strength in piety, being devout, in following ‘their’ Mohammad.

          And so it goes to become complete with the doctrine of Al-Wala’ wal-Bara’ so that islam can be preserved in all its unchanging wholesomeness. // 🙁



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