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  1. And the Democratic Senate, FBI, and other swamp creatures, including the MSM who have taken it upon themselves to conspire against the traditions and governance of the USA. Lock them up!

    Same for NZ’s own swamp creatures.

    7 day countdown to Trump win is on. 👍

    Have a great day Arty.



    • These rallies have taken a life of their own.
      It seems Trump does not even have to be there.
      Organized from the grass roots, not from the top down.

      …… It was the biggest political rally no one saw.
      And gatherings like it have been happening for months in some of the places President Trump needs most to win if he is to be reelected.
      And, remarkably, the rallies are not the work of the Trump campaign.
      The road rally in Washington, Pennsylvania, was organized and staged by local Trump supporters, linked together largely by Facebook, ……


      One of the reasons why Biden has gone hiding.
      The difference in rally numbers, can not be hidden.

      The media play up the CoVid theme to mask BIden’s hiding.
      Also the media trying cover over the Hunter Biden’s dealings.

      Trump may not be perfect, but the perfect man for the times, to expose the media & the swamp.
      The grass roots are the ones who should go on also, to get the swamp drained.

      Now in New Zealand, can we build to drain our swamp?
      Some of these things take time, as Trump has had both parties working against him.

      NZ had that when both parties worked against Roger Douglas.
      He was not perfect, but did enough.
      The blockage has come back, and so it has been building for a few decades now.



  2. Police officer shot at in Northland, highway section closed

    “At around 4:13am this morning a car has pulled out in front of a Police vehicle and stopped in the middle of the road on State Highway 11 near the Puketona Junction with State Highway 10,” a statement from police said.

    “Before the officer could get out of the patrol car, two males have exited their vehicle and have both presented firearms. The officer has immediately retreated but one shot was fired at the vehicle which has damaged the windscreen.”

    The officer was not harmed and quickly left the scene to call for backup. A team is now working to identify and locate the vehicle and persons involved “in this extremely serious incident”.

    The New Zealand Transport Agency said on Twitter that “due to a police issue a section of #SH11, between Puketona Jctn (SH10) and Haruru, is currently closed.”



    • Now the legalese and all the permutations.

      a) A non-prohibited firearm without a licence.
      b) A non prohibited fire arm with a licence.
      c) A prohibited fire arm with out a licence.
      d) A prohibited fire arm with a licence.
      e) Dangerous fire arm with a licence
      f) Dangerous fire arm without a licence.
      g) Dangerous person with a fire arm.
      h) Dangerous person with out a fire arm.

      It can not be, the police had seized all dangerous fire arms.

      It seems that some may be looking to terrorize the police?
      So then the police are geared up, and then act on all citizens as possible suspects.

      It would be interesting to have just the plain unvarnished information about the fire arm offences, in New Zealand.

      If caught how do our judiciary decide things?
      How long is their rap sheet of “well being” & “kindness”?
      A “lone wolf”?
      A “known wolf”? and much loved.



      • It’d be interesting to know how many firearm offences are carried out by the owners who handed in firearms in the confiscation. My guess would be ZERO. Exactly the same number as the offences that have been prevented by the confiscation.



      • you say
        ‘the police had seized all dangerous fire arms.’

        not true.
        The estimate is that only a quarter were ‘handed in’.

        In 500 years archaeologists will be digging around the Glorious Republic of Jacinda-tearower and find many repeater muskets from the Early 21st century buried in metal and plastic protective casing .
        The plastic will be a historic find to them as it was banned in 2025.



  3. Mrs Holy bought a map of the world and pinned it on the kitchen wall.
    She says I’ll throw a dart at the map and wherever it lands thats where we’ll go.
    She threw the dart, and we spent 2 weeks behind the fridge.



  4. Gruelling campaign, landslide election loss took a personal toll, Judith Collins admits

    With the gruelling and long campaign now over, Collins said today that she’d enjoyed the early nights without any early starts.

    She added she felt “very, very privileged” to be in the role as leader of National, reiterating plans to stay on.

    The party will undergo a review into what went wrong for them this election.



      • In 1996 Labour got 28.2% of the popular vote and still won in 1999.
        In 1996 the loser at 28% was Klarkenfuhrer…
        …3 years later…3 terms.
        Prior to that in 1990 Mike Moore stepped up 8 weeks before the election -similar to J Collins – to arrest the decline under Geoffrey ‘merry’ Palmer.
        He was allowed to stay on for 1993. The percentage remained about the same but National, in first term of the Bolger (puke) Govt dropped from 47.8% to 35%
        The difference was picked up by The Alliance and the new NZ First (8%)

        Notional needs to cool their jets and address the fundamentals that have been askew for 20 years
        They need to formally and completely dissociate from hanger on poison like Michelle Boag and Matthew Whotown and any of that sickness.
        They need a new Prez. The current one is a trust fund baby and married to Desley Simpson who is effectively acting as defacto Deputy Mayor in Auckland and carrying the wedding train of Phar Goof. Desley Simpson is tax happy, lefty socialist despite representing a traditional National area (Remmers and surrounds) ..and that is who Peter Uselessfellow is married to. His treatment of his first wife shows what a sod he is .
        This is one of many they need to purge.

        They need to look at the clowns they have been bringing in since Key’s time.
        Weaker and weaker every iteration.
        Collins is probably closer to traditional Notional than the insipid critters that have followed her and weakened the party. Falloon, Walker, Gilmore, Adams, Muller and the god botherers.

        Bob Jones in his blog 22 October gives an acerbic assessment including getting rid of the Irish catholics and happy clappys. On the same day he takes a separate serve at Alfred Ngaro.



  5. Sadly, no. Evil will triumph and the criminals above will remain free and unimpeached

    Dealing with the picture above. It’s a fantasy. Sadly, Mark Twain’s cynical quote about voting is going to be proven true:

    “Voting doesn’t make any difference, if it did – they wouldn’t let us do it!”

    The combined power of big tech, big MSM, the CCP and Soros’s SMERSH have already determined Trump has lost. NZ provided a perfect text case for the method of how you brainwash a populace to steal an election. Democracy is dead – when social media can apply irresistible brute force propaganda campaigns to convince a country to vote in the most incompetent and corrupt government we’ve ever seen – then what other conclusion can one reach.

    Trump will put up a good fight, but Justice Roberts on SCOTUS is vulnerable because of Epstein flight logs. He’s already voting to support obvious voter irregularity. So Trump’s legal challenge will fall at the final hurdle. The big imponderable is will there be insurrection in support of Trump? Buy popcorn.



  6. Labour adopting Nazi policies – anonymously

    I’ve been worried for a while about how closely the modern progressive socialism is mirroring the techniques of 1930s national socialism in Germany. The genius of the approach of modern progressive socialism in re-purposing Nazi strategies is that they don’t apply the same names. One of the pillars of Hitler’s political philosophy was Autarky – the economic/trade isolation of Germany to force self-sufficiency. If one looks at the major policy initiatives of Labour (even if they don’t call them policy initiatives they are) one sees:
    – oil and gas ban (removing a massive international trade opportunity to force internal NZ energy self-sufficiency in the name of Chicken Little Climate Alarmism)
    – closing borders and killing off tourism (tourism has been NZ’s fastest international currency earner – that foreign currency earner is now dead for the forseeable future – highly isolationist forcing the irrational and illogical policy of self-tourism upon NZers – an attempt to force NZ’s industry to be self-sufficient)
    there’s also the closing down the housing market to foreign buyers. With the restrictions on free speech coming, the further disarmament of the population unopposed, the prospect of new lockdowns at the start of winter 2021, compulsory monitoring of movement through contact tracing and the end of freedom of association, the end of ‘my body, my choice’ freedoms where Covid vaccination is concerned – I think now is the time to discuss a name change for NZ. The most appropriate alternative would be North Korea!



    • Coming next year – further Nazi policies. Rent controls, Price commissions. Huge growth in the Wellington bureaucracy. More rules. Tighter environmental rules. Changes to employment legislation mandating discrimination in favour of LGBTQi minorities. Reduction on parliamentary democracy. Disarmament. Increasing compliance costs. Nationalisation of failing industries. Seizure of private property in the guise of reducing land-banking and multiple property ownership. Capital gains tax – although it might be called something different like “Equity and Fairness hugs fees”.

      It’s going to be a glorious shitshow!



  7. The other day I noted that the highest trending issue on Google was “Can I change my vote?”
    At the time I laughed, thinking the US must have a lot of clueless people. But it turns out 6 states DO allow a change of vote and 3 of those are swing states. Apparently if you voted early thinking you could not turn up on election day , in these states you can turn up and vote “in person” and that vote nullifies your early vote. Different states appear to have different “fine print” on the issue


    The US voting system never fails to amaze me.



    • Qatar
      Completely evil shithole.

      Even the neighbours dont like them
      Qatar has interfered in the politics of neighbouring muslim countries.

      They have have gone wider than that and interfered in the last Australian election.
      They paid for infiltrators to the One Nation Party (Pauline Hanson) and had them in place for several years.
      One Nation wants very limited immigration – I cant blame them, the resources in Australia are limited and immigration has been too high, of any type.
      The suburbs of Western Sydney and whole areas in Melbourne are like the official ‘no go’ areas of Sweden.

      MSM in AU is crap as we know.
      An idiot crew went to no go zones in Sweden and got into trouble then whinged about it.
      Media is filth.
      The same AU 60 Minute outfit was directly involved in a child kidnapping in Beirut. As if Beirut does not have enough problems.

      Qatar’s -not at all even pretending to be independent – Al Jizzera did a sting on One Nation.
      It was mostly false; contrived very select footage to make One Nation look bad .
      It was selected footage trying to make One Nation look like renegades and rednecks and to look bad.

      Sadly the filth of AU MSM took up the mantle and attacked One Nation but fake news is their bread and butter (or falafel and goat soup)

      Qatar paid massive bribes to FIFA to get the toe jam World Cup.

      Finally my bother and sister this year have cleared their eyes and seen what I have said for years – if it is based in Switzerland is is corrupt and dirty. Completely rotten.
      Switzerland. Yodelling Na zis; Hit ler s banker et al.
      HQ for WHO; World Economic Forum (hello !!) IOC, FIFA and more.
      Various UN subsidiaries are based there.
      Davos is there. At least Leonardo can find it on his private jet.

      Qatar bribed the corrupt FIFA of Switzerland for the rights to host the FIFA world cup.
      More workers have died in the construction of the stadia than will take to the field to play the footy.

      Qatar and all its dirty spawn – Al Jizzera and Qatar Airlines – are rotten.
      Even the Muslim neighbours agree.



  8. Empty shelves here we come. Been shopping only to find what you want is not available?

    Why you might want to do your Christmas shopping early this year

    While exports from New Zealand have held up, Bagrie said imports are down about $7 billion. Partly that’s due to reduced demand, with the economy here and globally going through the biggest shock in nearly a century, but supply chain issues are holding up stock from countries like the UK, Italy and France.

    “Normally when you’re going through a demand rut where people are not spending as much as they are normally, well people discount to shift the product. We’re certainly seeing that in some parts of the economy – tourism has re-priced for the New Zealand market – but in some sectors because supply is a major issue, well if you want the goods, you’re going to pony up.”

    With further lockdowns and disruption likely over the northern hemisphere winter, Bagrie says it might pay to get your shopping done sooner, rather than later.



  9. John Armstrong’s opinion: Don’t mistake Ardern’s talks with Green Party for kindness

    Her sitting down at the negotiating table with James Shaw and Marama Davidson to explore potential “areas of co-operation” in the wake of the October 17 general election is motivated by one thing and one thing only – Labour’s self-interest, pure and simple.

    Second, as much as it is the desire of any Prime Minister to be freed to run a single-party Government unencumbered by minor party partners and the constant compromises that entails, opinion polls have revealed that up to half of the electorate are averse to all power residing in just one party.

    Anyone doubting that is the case should take note of just how ruthless this Prime Minister can be.

    It is therefore in her interests to convey the impression she is sharing power.

    In that regard, a co-operation agreement can be written in such a manner as to appear that the major party is sharing power when a reading of the fine print reveals that to be far from the case.



      • The thought of Jimmy Twomums looking like a spare prick at a wedding yet again really appeals to me. After the roaring success he made of statistics and the census followed by JAG pretty much shutting down what was left of the Auckland CBD who would want to do a deal with these cretins?



    • I do not ever recall being asked if I was OK with one party running the show for a term. I am OK with it. Wrong party but one that has a large majority and thus they will have to account for their actions. I do not want the Greens near anything. I have no confidence in them. Their electoral result does not inspire any support from me.



      • There’s a bright side to Labour having an outright majority. It means that their supporters can demand that they honour their promises in the knowledge that the fallback excuse of only being able to do what their coalition partners will allow has evaporated.

        Princess has to juggle the competing agendas of the Maori, Trade Union, Socialist, conservative Godbotherers & now the right voters they have stolen from National but want to keep. Few of the factions have much in common other than red scarves.

        Political & economic realities do not gel with radical instincts.



        • Yep, soad before imagine juggling 64 nou cases from the hard left to the left right from thencentre left to the cntre right, from the normal hetro sexial to the worst of the laasdfghjkl, then add in the unions. the muslims, the black the white, the women and the feminiosts, the add in the maoori of twenty five tribes.
          Shit ts going to be fun to watch..
          Dire warning.
          Maori now control parliament even if they ain’t of the same colour stripe. Red, Green, Blue and all of the rainbow.
          The rest of us will have lost all our rights and money by thetime this lot get booted out when the woke wake up.



        • Yep, said before imagine juggling 64 nut cases from the hard left to the left right from then center left to the center right, from the normal hetro sexual to the worst of the laasdfghjkl, then add in the unions. the Muslims, the black the white, the women and the feminists, the add in the Maori of twenty five tribes.
          Shit ts going to be fun to watch..
          Dire warning.
          Maori now control parliament even if they ain’t of the same colour stripe. Red, Green, Blue and all of the rainbow.
          The rest of us will have lost all our rights and money by the time this lot get booted out when the woke wake up.



  10. Attention Kea, another one to keep a birdy eye on! One of the Wellington Labour Pardy membership?

    Notorious paedophile moves into Wellington home surrounded by kids

    A paedophile was moved out of jail into a Wellington home with 62 children in the immediate neighbourhood, a school down the road, and one of his victims nearby.

    The situation has left the Parole Board “perplexed” about why Probation – part of the Department of Corrections – did not seek nor provide crucial advice until weeks after Aaron Paul Laurence was released from prison to a house in the Wellington suburb of Newtown.

    Laurence, who has now changed his name to Aaron Paul Castle and was previously known around Wellington as Lorry Haka, was recently moved to a new, undisclosed, address in an industrial area, largely due to being near so many children near the Newtown house.



  11. It seems the bar was concerned about two people being in the same cubicle together which is a bit odd? Another one complaining to the msm over hurt feelings.

    Auckland bar AndrewAndrew accused of misgendering female patron, ordering her to leave after ‘heated’ bathroom exchange

    Jana Tauroa-Rauhihi popped to the toilet during “a normal night out” with her partner and friends at AndrewAndrew bar on Quay Street in the early hours of Monday morning. She said her girlfriend also came to use the bathroom about two or three minutes later.

    “I said ‘just come in my cubicle’,” Tauroa-Rauhihi recounted to Newshub. “I didn’t think it was a big deal.”

    “About two minutes later the bartender started banging on the door and saying two people weren’t allowed in a cubicle – we thought it was weird, but were leaving anyway.”



    • The left’s Hatetred for one another is well known and it is commpon knowledge that a revolutionaries worst enemy is his fellow revolutionary. Look at what Lenind did to his “friends” and Stalin? Who the fuck would want to be considered a friend? at least enemies knew their fate. Labour and the Greens hate each other. They are both trying to capture the same voters. They don’t hate Nat and Act supporters, because they are the “enemy”, but they have to scrap over the same lefty twats. And there are only so many of them…. But Fuck them and their commie friends. I hope thay suffer every second of their miserable existence.



  12. Greens and Labour confident a Govt-forming deal can be reached by Friday

    The Greens leadership has confirmed they will emerge from Government-forming talks with the Labour Party by Friday with a deal in hand.

    But it will be up to a group of high-ranking Greens’ members to decide whether the deal offered up by Labour is good enough.

    If not, and the membership votes it down, the Greens will be sitting in the Opposition benches for the next three years…


    God Defend New Zealand.
    this govt. wont.



    • Greens and Labour. The worst possible outcome of
      the recent election. I really worry for the future of
      New Zealand. The nasty, hateful Morrinsville horse
      now has the blessing of the retards who voted for her
      to completely destroy this country with her ‘loving’ and
      ‘caring’ socialist utopia.
      AP signing out. See you all tomorrow.



  13. NZ media are not going to take stock of the numbers, or if there is any discrepancy

    Official figures show 32 people breached Covid-19 isolation rules during a 58-day period between April and June. …..
    …. Nobody was charged, with all incidents dealt with via warnings and education. …..
    …… The Ministry of Health ran mobile testing of people they had been in contact with while away from isolation. …..

    12:01 pm on 26 October 2020

    An average of one gone every 2nd day. hmm.
    How is that handling of quarantine.

    So that has just been revealed, now after the election.
    Though it would seem that many did get publicity at the time, how many were not mentioned.

    Probably to slow people to OIA for the months of July, August, September, October, and think on it, prior election day.
    Can one really trust what is going on?, even now?
    So when will the next official figures be released on a late Friday afternoon.



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