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  1. SpaceX which set up a local company last year now has New Zealand licences to use 22 frequency bands for satellite control communications and data transmission.

    Furthermore, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s radio spectrum management site shows that two satellite earth stations are planned for Starlink.

    If you’re a broadband customer in remote areas, watch this space – or the skies rather – as things might change for the better sooner rather than later.


    The first Starlink phase is scheduled to be operational next year providing broadband from the skies to the shore, but also airplanes and boats, from 1584 satellites at fairly low 550km altitude and spaced 670km apart.
    Watch the skies. We thought we had done well to install fibre.
    It might soon be redundant.



  2. It found that consumers of both sugary and artificially sweetened drinks (containing substances like aspartame, stevia, and sucralose) are up to 20 per cent more likely to suffer heart disease, stroke or heart attacks than those who avoid consuming sweetened beverages altogether.

    To be considered a sugary drink, the sugar content equalled or exceeded 5 per cent whereas a sub-5 percentage and the presence of “non-nutritive sweeteners” was classified as an artificially-sweetened beverage.

    “Our study suggests artificially sweetened beverages may not be a healthy substitute for sugar drinks, and these data provide additional arguments to fuel the current debate on taxes, labelling and regulation of sugary drinks and artificially sweetened beverages,” lead researcher Eloi Chazelas, PhD student at the University of Paris North, said in a press release.


    Who knew?
    Sick people.



  3. What has Auckland City Council and Water Care done to increase water capacity over winter? Waiting for it to rain to solve their problem? Not looking good for Auckland this summer.

    Duncan Garner: Outrageous we can’t sort out the forgotten crisis of 2020

    OPINION: Auckland’s water shortage really is the forgotten crisis of 2020.

    But it’s biting Aucklanders hard and water restrictions are set to continue across summer, and may get even tougher for longer.

    The dams are 67 percent full – they are normally 91 percent.



    • I have been paying separate water rates for more than a quarter of a century.
      This is in addition to ‘normal rates’.

      In that time when it rains hard in Auckland the water flows into the sea and the old combined sewage /wastewater flows into the local beaches.
      Not fixed.
      But hey, farmers are bad, dont ya know.

      The last dam that was built in Auckland was 1977.
      43 years ago.

      In 1990 council spent over $1 million dollars on a radio advertising campaign telling people it would cost $100 million for a new dam.
      Not much use that was.
      Why not put it towards a dam?

      The population of Auckland has more than doubled in 43 years.
      No new dams built.

      In 1989 the Auckland Regional Council was formed.
      In 1991 Notional – under that dirtbag Bolger- ripped the ARC apart and took away its powers.
      It was deliberate vandalism by Notional.
      In 1991 Notional passed the RMA – more vandalism – making it near impossible to build anything even if you wanted to.
      Creepy wee Soymon Upton – now the Commissioner for the Environment – picked up the Labour RMA draft – after Labour were resoundingly rejected in 1990- and championed this appalling piece of vandalism.

      There has been more than neglect.
      There has been deliberate vandalism and Notional party are right in the thick of it.
      The attempt to access more water from the Waikato river commenced in 2013.
      Half of the time since then was under the ‘do nothing’ Key Notional govt.
      Ergo, nothing was done.

      There was one tap open.
      That tap was immigration and in the four years from 2013 that was jammed open.
      300,000 new people into Auckland.
      More than three times the population of Dunedin.
      Same ol’ same ol’ >> No new dams

      That is not leadership.

      Those with a good memory will recall that the much maligned Penny Bright commenced her activity under a group called ‘Water Pressure’
      The contention was that the rates taken for water would not be put back into water management but used for general rates just as the petrol taxes were not – and had not been for 20 years at that time -circa 1994 -put back into roading.
      Penny Bright was correct.

      The so called ‘water rates’ were another revenue source for council that were commandeered.
      They were paid across as ‘dividends’.
      This ‘water rates revenue’ has been used for things like cycle ways for weekend warriors and not for the essentials of life >water.
      Central and local Govt has let the people down.
      That should come as no surprise.

      There was report commissioned in 1995 that never saw the light of day.
      It showed that 98.8 % of the cost of water was a fixed cost and that charging by ‘usage’ was a fallacy.
      A political move, not a practical move.

      Water management was been appalling in Auckland for a long time and covering many parties.
      It would come as no surprise that this applies to many of the other 70 or so local authorities.



  4. Well Simon Bridges got it right this morning–calling the Greens childish. Great word to use in the circumstances.
    The Greens said the Government should not support Chris Liddel’s nomination to be the boss of the OCED organisation, because he currently works for Trump.



    • The Green party is made up of benefit fraudsters; imported trouble makers (Ghahramon, Genter, March, ) ; the occasional soy boy (Two mums); and home grown anarchists (Davidson, Logie)
      At best they are a white-male hating collation of fruit loops and dangerous charlatans.

      One in 12 critters voted for this mob.
      If you are on a bus of 36 people then chances are three of them have this malady.

      Greens stock-in-trade is Hate.
      Why would this be a surprise.
      This applies around the world…after the marxists marched through the previously rather innocuous institution.

      I do not like Liddel for his appallingly bad- what was that now- um, ah shall we say management (?) of Carter Holt Harvey but Head of a shabby NGO (is there any other kind) may be his natural home.
      He could treat it like he did CHH.

      WHO, OECD, WEF, WADA, WTO ..word soup.
      Find me one that is not dirty.
      Find me one that works in >> Your Interest ?



      • I find it hilarious that while Jimmy Twomums and co are trying to negotiate at least some relevance and hopefully a few crumbs from the top table Golly G yet again proves she is an intellectual midget by shooting off her mouth and passing moral judgement on someone she doesn’t even know because of who he works for. The decision to back Liddel or not is up to the government not her, it just shows how ill disciplined the Greens are and why they should not be in a position of power.



  5. Alf and Sid, both in their nineties, used to meet every morning at the park to talk about old times and their shared passion for cricket.

    “D’you think they play cricket in Heaven?” asked Alf.

    “Dunno” said Sid, “but I tell you what, the first of us that gets there should let the other one know.”
    A few months passed and Alf popped his clogs.
 Sid carried on going to the park and one day he heard a voice,
“Helloooooo Sid”
“Who’s that?”
“It’s Alf. You can’t see me Sid, but I can see you.”

    “Alf” said Sid, “do they play cricket in heaven?”
    “Well I’ve got some good news and some bad news. The good news is that we do play cricket in Heaven. The bad news is that you are in the first eleven tomorrow.”



  6. The Trump presidency and the workers on the ground in Texas, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, etc with a fracking industry understand the ramifications of shutting down their oil and gas industry. NZ just rolled over or rolled our eyes when Cindy made her “captains call” and shut down our oil and gas industry nearly three years ago.

    McEnany sounds off on Dem ‘squad’ for calling to expand Supreme Court

    White House press secretary and Trump 2020 senior adviser Kayleigh McEnany joins “America’s Newsroom” to discuss Biden’s position on fracking, calls to expand the Supreme Court, and Trump’s response to COVID-19.



  7. Yet another instance of boybotherering in the news. A virtual chocolate fish to the first commenter to guess the name of the pack of deviants hosting the abuse:

    ……””Jackson used to like us practising to hit high notes, and when we didn’t quite make it to his satisfaction I have a distinct memory – on at least one occasion – of him firmly grasping my testicles through short school pants and squeezing and proclaiming ‘higher, boy, higher’ before eventually releasing me when he was satisfied with the vocal result.”…….




  8. The msm are a little suspicious of Act and their intentions. Are the media concerned Act will be too much of a thorn in the side and challenge for Dear Leader?

    The rookie ACT MPs who might not be what you expect

    Labour alone has 22 fresh faces but in terms of rookie caucuses ACT beats them all.

    Are they up for the challenge? Will there be any unpleasant surprises? And what will the 10 of them do for the next three years?

    “I think there’s this expectation from some in the community that they’re going to be these kind of neo-liberal automatons,” says Jonathan Milne, the editor of Newsroom Pro.



    • Saggy;- nor the collation of CCP virus quarantine escapees.

      Posted last night, but notice how quiet about the info.
      NZ media are not going to take stock of the numbers, or if there is any discrepancy

      Official figures show 32 people breached Covid-19 isolation rules during a 58-day period between April and June. …..
      …. Nobody was charged, with all incidents dealt with via warnings and education. …..
      …… The Ministry of Health ran mobile testing of people they had been in contact with while away from isolation. …..
      12:01 pm on 26 October 2020


      An average of one gone every 2nd day. hmm.
      How is that handling of quarantine.

      So that has just been revealed, now after the election.
      Though it would seem that many did get publicity at the time, how many were not mentioned.
      They did not want any hint of a problem, or any question raised, for a so called CoVid election, that would destroy their credibility.

      Probably to slow people to OIA for the months of July, August, September, October, and think on it, prior election day. So that is still not released.

      Can one really trust what is going on?, even now?
      So when will the next official figures be released on a late Friday afternoon.



  9. The outright power for Labour is too tantalising to crowd their swamp with the Greens. They keep highlighting they have a “clear mandate”.

    Chris Hipkins: We can work with Greens, but clear Kiwis have given Labour mandate

    Still glowing from Labour’s epic election night win – the first time under MMP that a political party has received an outright majority – Hipkins said Kiwis had awarded his team a “clear mandate to get on with the job that we set out”.

    “We set out a plan before the election and we have a clear mandate now to get on with that and we are looking forward to doing that,” he told The AM Show on Wednesday.



    • Thats good, wg.
      The source of one of those China money corruption is getting more exposure.

      “Tony Bobulinski will join “Tucker Carlson Tonight” ”
      Which I think is almost any hour, today.
      Which is today, and allowing for these “time lines” is 1:00 pm today.



  10. Philadelphia is going nuts with BLM.
    Getting more like a civil war.

    11 secs.

    55 secs.

    A roving Ute takes some out. Possibly police bowled.
    47 secs.
    Or was it some one in panic & fear?

    Will help to decide, what & who to vote for.
    Things will change after US elections, for better or for worse.



  11. Prediction: Covid Cindy’s will be over-using this new made-up word! Syndemic

    Now that Covid Cindy is returned with a mandate to do whatever the fuck she wants, we can expect brutal implementation of the UN/WEF/NWO Great Reset programme.

    The excuse we’ll be given for restriction of freedoms, infringement of personal property rights, intrusion on personal sovereignty is going to be the invented bete noir – the SYNDEMIC.

    Once you start hearing Cindy use this term – the dumb bitch does love her stupid University of Waikato buzzwords (remember “double doodie” in the first debate with Judith) – you know it’s going to hurt.

    As far as I can tell the “Syndemic” is some weird brain fart theory that the twin made-up fear porn orgies of Covid and Climate Change are a result of a structural failure of social and economic systems. And that the self-inflicted destruction of economies by anti-capitalists proves that capitalism is evil and broken. And apparently, now that the means of production has been destroyed by irrational Covid responses – it is the perfect time to throw out all of the social and economic systems in favour of a new UN-defined system that is based on diversity, fairness, equity and inclusiveness (for those of you who haven’t worked out “diversity, fairness, equity and inclusiveness” can be translated as “WORLD GOVERNMENT COMMUNISM”)

    It all sounds way too much like the childish wet dream of a student union marxism support group – but when you look at who is in power around the world – you realise that those idiots are now the leaders of the free world.

    Anyway, Ice Age Farmer sounds a very timely warning about this Syndemic in a post here.

    Remember this, when Covid Cindy starts blathering on about the Syndemic when she announces her new government in the coming weeks/months/years (if the dumb lazy bitch ever fucking gets around to it).



  12. Italian police fire water cannon after hundreds gather for Covid-19 lockdown protest in Rome

    Police fired a water cannon at protestors in Rome today after hundreds gathered in the Italian capital to vent their anger over the latest measures aimed at curbing the spread of Covid-19.

    They were protesting against new restrictions that have forced restaurants and cafes to close early and shuttered cinema, gyms and other leisure venues.

    The government imposed at least a month of new restrictions across the country Monday to fight rising coronavirus infections.



  13. Congratulations Chris Liddell.
    Bugger off Greens!

    Donald Trump’s nomination of Kiwi Chris Liddell as OECD secretary-general divides MPs in New Zealand

    Liddell, a dual citizen of the United States and New Zealand, is a Republican and currently serves in the White House as an assistant to President Trump. He is currently deputy chief of staff for policy coordination.

    The Matamata-born businessman was nominated by Trump in September to be secretary-general of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). It is a group of nations – including New Zealand – that represents about 80 percent of world trade and investment.

    Liddell, 62, has held several high-profile positions over the years including chief financial officer at Microsoft and vice-chairman of General Motors. In 2010 he was awarded New Zealand Business Leader of the Year.

    “It would be a foot in the door for New Zealand. It would be incredible access,” Bridges told Stuff.

    Liddell also has the backing of ACT’s deputy leader Brooke van Velden who agreed with Bridges that New Zealand should back him and that the Greens’ opposition is “further evidence” they should be “nowhere near power”.



    • Bridges told.
      From a person who literally hasn’t a fucking clue about business. and he wants backing for anoher uninspired wasteful bloody outfit. Tell him to apply for a job there where we won’t be funding his lifestyle.



  14. AP taking an unscheduled day off work.
    Overextended / pulled a calf muscle a couple
    of weeks back, and it is still not 100% right.
    Will rest up today, and hopefully that will help so
    I can get back to work tomorrow. Jacin-duh needs
    more money.



  15. If own a dog an want it put down because I am going on holiday I can have it put down.

    I would like to know why the dog that killed the baby is not already put down.

    If the dog’s owners are delaying things they are a disgrace.

    The mother was grossly negligent leaving the baby alone in the same room as the Rottweiler.



    • Thanks wg, For some this may work a bit better?
      I see in comments it is hard to find the interview on youtube, but for the moment it still playing. 🙂
      I think because at this stage it has not had many views or comments so has stayed under the algorithmic radar. 🙂
      Some others also having problems with twitter & or facebook to find a full interview

      49 minutes : • Oct 27, 2020

      Tucker dedicated the whole time to the interview.

      Biden’s Laptop Matters BLM
      And this backs it up.

      He was at the last Presidential debate, and could not believe the lies Joe Biden told.



  16. Lied. He used the word Lied. Can’t believe it!
    From the other side of the universe…….
    Ministers knew
    Newsroom reports:

    Cabinet was repeatedly told prior to the August outbreak that the regular asymptomatic testing of all border-facing workers was still being rolled out, despite ministers claiming ignorance, Marc Daalder reports

    This is a polite way of saying Ministers lied.

    And hafl the cuntry voted for these liars……



  17. Coronavirus: UK far-right politician likens ‘fascist’ New Zealand’s COVID-19 quarantine protocol to Nazi Germany

    Suzanne Evans, a former Deputy Chair of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) who co-authored its election manifesto, wrote on Twitter that New Zealand was operating a “fascist government” under Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

    The tweet, which called on Amnesty International to act, shared a post describing New Zealand’s MIQ hotels as “quarantine camps” and claimed that Kiwis can be “forcibly removed” if they are deemed a risk to others in their households.

    “They will be detained without charge, or conviction of any crime, until they agree to a test and it’s negative,” the shared post reads. “What do you think about that?”



  18. Manchester bombing: Security guard noticed terrorist but did nothing over fears of being labelled ‘racist’

    In 2017 Kyle Lawler, 18, was working security for an Ariana Grande concert. He told an inquiry on Wednesday that he noticed Salam Abedi and something didn’t seem right – the man was nervous and fidgeting, dressed in black and carrying a large backpack. Despite this, Lawler did not raise the alarm, reports the BBC.

    He says he attempted to call the security control room but couldn’t get through due to radio traffic. He “simply gave up” trying to call, then left the arena to his post outside and made no further attempt to raise the alarm, the BBC reports.

    “I was scared of being wrong and being branded a racist if I got it wrong and would have got into trouble. It made me hesitant,” Lawler said.



    • This report is still hung up, and will not be released.

      A CHILD sex abuse inquiry reportedly refused to probe Rotherham and Rochdale grooming gangs as it is “scared of being called racist”.

      But in the meantime, do not deport, as they have human rights.
      More coming across the channel, let alone the ones who can just fly in.

      Just the other day, some sentencing finally done.

      Twenty men have been found guilty of being part of a grooming gang that raped and abused girls as young as 11 in Huddersfield.
      The men were convicted of more than 120 offences against 15 girls.


      Will Britain keep arresting for these cases?
      Only after they get a quota of others?



    • per my 8.12 pm post below.

      They have been conditioned.

      Dovetailed into the Karl Du Fresne article (13 Oct) I read for third time last night.
      One of the best articles to describe the brainwashing that has been occurring.



    • howitis
      From Quillette, this dove tails with Karl du Fresne

      A good article from Quillette showing how liberalism has not got the strength to maintain it self against subversive socialism, with its relentless march to global communism.
      The Challenge of Marxism
      I. The collapse of institutional liberalism

      II. The Marxist framework
      …….. 1. Oppressor and oppressed
      …….. 2. False consciousness
      …….. 3. Revolutionary reconstitution of society
      …….. 4. Total disappearance of class antagonisms

      III. The attraction and power of Marxism

      IV. The flaws that make Marxism fatal

      V. The dance of liberalism and Marxism

      ……… 1. If all men are free and equal, how is it that not everyone who wishes to do so may enter the United States and take up residence there?
      ……… 2. If all men are free and equal, how is it that not everyone who wants to may register for courses at Princeton University?
      ………. 3. If all men are free and equal, how can you justify preventing a man who feels he is a woman from competing in a women’s track and field competition in a public school?
      …….. “Marxist criticism brings many liberals to progressively abandon the conceptions of freedom and equality with which they set out, and to adopt new conceptions proposed by Marxists.”

      VI. The Marxist endgame and democracy’s end

      To know, to ponder on these things, may make us understand our values.
      To realize the pressure now being exerted after the “long march” setting up the institutions, that then break down under polarization.
      Then all the better to know what we stand for, and better able to make that stand.
      It is always that they did not follow Marxism perfectly, so we have the Leninist, Trotsky’ite, Mao, Shining Path, Cubism etc etc., because they had a variation on the the “truth path”.

      Though this is written prior to the NZ October 17th 2020 elections that returned a “comrade” to the “team of 5 million” now claiming a full mandate, but with no real policy, as she claimed it was CoVid-19 issues.

      The extreme left opened a new front. They attacked liberal democracy’s soft underbelly: its values, conventions, institutions and philosophical foundations.

      Suddenly a whole range of bedrock values, from the right to free speech to belief in fixed biological gender, was under savage attack.
      The underlying purpose is to destabilise society and therefore render it amenable to radical change.


      We know of these things, often in parts, but do we really understand.
      So much food for thought in both those articles.
      Then there are the comments, to also extend your understanding.
      Knowing with a deeper knowledge will help us to be more effective and give a better and stronger direction in holding firm.



      • Thanks S.1.

        You last sentence displays more optimism than I tend to hold.
        People are inherently lazy and take what is delivered to them on a plate.
        This is why the propaganda via MSM is so effective.
        It is neatly packaged and the media filth rant in unison.

        It works, and as far as I can tell, sets the dominant thought pattern.
        The majority of people simply will not do the hard yards and deep diving that You, I or others at YSB will do.



        • Thanks howitis.
          Not so much an optimism, but more like being a part of a remnant, that hopefully keeps the seed, an ember, that may be fanned after the hard times, makes hard men, and if lucky enough, are worthy to pick up the torch.

          Yes an optimism to the unknown future, whether decades or centuries ahead.
          Just think on each decade WW1 the 20’s, the 30’s, WW2. the 50’s and who could predict those major twists & turns, of each decade, and often in the balance.

          Whether it rains too much and kills the ember, who knows?
          I have no great expectation, and will be long gone, and no looking back.
          Only knowing that now: now is the time to do what I can, even if imperfectly.
          Whether I hold firm or not, Principles? I do not intend to be a martyr,
          At the right time people are drawn to where they see the principles too, but are they dubious or the truth?

          Many did in 1939. But remember them we should do, and the principles that gave them enough fortitude to make that stand.
          Life is to be lived, and enjoy where we can.



  19. I wouldn’t be taking much notice of Todd.

    Todd Muller admits he’s part of ‘kaleidoscope of issues’ that led National to devastating election result

    “I’m sure my name appears in the kaleidoscope of issues that the National Party have had over the last year,” he told reporters.

    “But as everyone else has said, and I agree with them, there is a time for reflection and there’s a time to get up off the canvas and rebuild. That’s what our volunteers and party expect of us,” he added.



    • Dear Todd,
      I hope you get well soon, but your poor judgement and personal health crisis cost National an election and our country another three years of the incompetent window-dresser as Prime Minister with her supporting cast of narcissistic loons.
      The fact that you have spoken to the media indicates you need to reflect some more (preferably in silence) before you get on with rebuilding your credibility.
      Only then will you have something to offer the National Party.
      It is now the turn of others to speak.



    • Fuck off, Todd.
      You were clueless in May 2020 and you are clueless now.

      You had no idea after 5.5 years in parliament what is required of a leader.
      You are no less clueless today.

      If you had any integrity, with the damage you caused to the Notional party in election year, you should Not have stood again in October 2020.

      That is enough of an explanation you dickhead.
      Now fuck off and never talk again. You are not the leader. You never will be .

      You are the sort of dickhead wallowing around massively incompetent while at Fonterra pulling down 800,000 notes a year.
      You are a failure.
      You had a ‘do you know who I am’ attitude and should be gone just as Aaron Gilmore did.
      Gilmore did less damage and was rolled.

      Go off and join a monastery and do your god bothering there; with no income.

      I have got no sympathy. That lies in the dictionary between Shit and Syphilis.
      I was not going to vote Notional this year no matter what, but you had no right to do the damage you did.

      Todd Muller, you are part of the disease that infects Notional today.
      You need to be flushed from the system.
      In Fonterra terms, chucked in the settling pond.




  20. It’s in times like these of the never ending covid crisis that I’ve been tempted to turn to religion.

    Imagine watching the churches once more get powerful enough that they start burning doctors, scientists & “experts” again.



  21. “Eff off”. Temper, temper.

    Winston Peters returns to Parliament after election defeat but future of New Zealand First is unclear

    Newshub caught up with Peters outside Parliament on Wednesday but couldn’t film for security reasons. The NZ First leader declined to be interviewed and his staffer told Newshub to eff off.

    The NZ First leader is seeing some of his team and hosting a dinner on Wednesday night.

    After the 2008 election when NZ First didn’t make it back, the caucus didn’t regroup for three months. Three years later in 2011, Peters made an epic come back.



      • Sadly true.

        You have people up to the age of 25 now who were not taught to think at school.
        They were not taught in most NZ schools to take an idea, deconstruct them prove it can be reconstructed with validity.

        Hence you have the indoctrinated like school fish that turn where the leader goes.
        No questions asked.

        Whilst they may not have got the cane or strap at school (you probably hurt yourself more on the footy field than a strap) they were in fact punished with being ostracised.
        Psyops from the get go.

        Sadly it has worked.
        You don’t see the rebellious youth from university out there challenging the narrative in 2020.
        They are challenging the people who say , hold on a mo’; are you sure this is right?
        -This covid thing
        -This globby warming thing
        -this ability to select gender, or men to mestruate.

        They are so conditioned to follow the narrative out of fear of being left out they attack the people who question nonsense.

        Oh well, with legal dope they don’t have to feel anything….



        • You’re pretty close to the mark. One point although does escape me.

          Formal education used to be largely by rote. I hated it but in retrospect I can see that it was intended to prepare 100% of the population with the tools to further their learning. Ie maths, literacy & comprehension. When I was expelled from high school two months into my sixth form year I was in a position where I was capable of absorbing knowledge……or not. The basics were there & it was up to me.

          I should celebrate the “new” push to make students think rather than obey but I put more import on results which indicate that without the fundamentals, learning is replaced with doctrine & the doctrine is Lefty bullshit. The teachers are installing propaganda rather than enabling their pupils to learn for themselves.

          And I doubt that dope will become legal although I back the concept totally. Kiwis are full of conservative, religious shit but ignore the fact that booze has rotted many more minds than marijuana.



          • When you look at olde schoole learning there are two examples that I think stand out.

            Both Keith Holyoake and Norm Kirk left school at 12.
            For different reasons.
            They were consecutive PMs (ignoring silver spoon twat Jack Marshall)
            Both had the basics that they self taught and did so well.
            I don’t agree with Big Norm on a lot of his direction post 1972 but on reading his background , I do understand where he was coming from .

            Big norm built a kiln then made his own bricks and built his own house.
            Probably illegal today but he did it then in the context of the times.
            Could you imagine any ‘Greenies’ today being that pragmatic?

            He meant well, in the context of his background.
            Probably, Muldoon did as well.

            That 6 -7 years of education did prepare them to ‘grow their mind’ albeit in a different environment.
            It was enough education to allow a determined person to take themselves to the next levels- and they did.
            Less than half the teachers I had were good; but the good ones are the ones you remember.



            • You could probably add Mike Moore to the list. Although he was only PM for a few months he came from a work class background yet represented the ideals of many Kiwis, of the left & right.

              I can only think of four, maybe five teachers who I considered aspirational. As in most things they had drive & personality instead of vast theoretical knowledge. The majority of the wankers would have made better assembly workers than educationalists.

              The person who taught me more in fifteen months than any pedagogue did in eleven years at school was my first employer who took me on as a farm cadet.


              “Your comment is awaiting moderation”

              What did I say? What did I do to offend?



  22. Well written and short.
    David Flint is a former chair of the Australian Press Council and the Australian Broadcasting Authority.

    ….. election of Joe Biden, who as vice-president for eight years was ­second-in-charge of an admin­istration dedicated to the man­aged decline of the US and whose foundation was declared not to be exceptional.
    This involved accepting and not fighting the transfer of manufacturing, declared never to come back, turning a blind eye to the theft of American IP as well as to currency manipulation and the breach of WTO rules, and going soft on annexations while running down the armed forces.
    In addition, the administration released massive funds to the world’s leading terrorist state on the basis it would develop a nuclear industry for peaceful purposes.
    Curious, then, that they would need ICBMs and resist inspections. ….


    David Flint seems to have kept his eyes open, and nor is he bought.



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The way we all feel about this useless government

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