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  1. When even Glenn Greenwald is taking Trump’s side – you know there is something sinister going on with the lunatic left

    This clip from Tucker Carlson interviewing Glen Greenwald is really blowing my mind. Greenwald is the high priest of ‘transparency’ and a total darling of the left wing.

    Well, he used to be. Here is Glen Greenwald talking about being censored by the publication that he founded (on the principles of freedom of censorship) because he wanted to discuss serious concerns about Joe Biden.

    Yesterday and today we see a Kennedy attacking the cynical fear politics of the left and today here is another blazing bright star of the left appearing in defence of Trump. The lunatic left in the US have gone completely insane, they are so far left they moved right out of the US and are now in China.

    Seriously, we are in the middle of something amazing. This period in time is going to be a focus on future history teaching – it is going to be an example of all the great flaws of 20th century democracy and it is going to be one of those things that people are going to scratch their heads about how collectively insane humanity became – like the Tulip mania in Holland in the 1630s, the Spanish Inquisition and the Salem witch trials.

    I know it’s amazingly bad – but how cool is it to be living right in the middle of history being made. Let’s hope we get safely out the other side!



    • Why is this chick speaking in German, she’s really talking about Covid Cindy

      My various social media feeds are always bombarded with images of “strong female leaders” like Covid Cindy, like Melissa Gates, like Michelle/Michael Obama.

      But funnily they’re all wingnut loony globalist-fascists. I never get reminded what an amazing female leader Candice Owen is, or Kim Klacik or the person featured in the video linked below – Alice Wiedal the leader of AfD party in Germany (the AfD are still ignored by NZ media despite the fact they have 94 seats in the Bundestag and were the 3rd largest party in the 2017 election).

      Here is Alice Wiedel talking about the insanity of Angela Merkel’s policies and how she’s turned Germany into a pauper country by single-mindedly destroying various sectors of the economy and “Corona socialism”.

      Everything she says more or less applies to what Covid Cindy has done and wants to do.

      The globalist NWO leaders like Cindy, Trudeau, Merkel are all following more or less the same plan to destroy capitalism:
      – destroy energy self-sufficiency under the mantle of environmentalism
      – subjugate the populace through fear
      – usher in hordes of refugees to destabilise the culture
      – destroy productive sectors of the economy through idiotic over-regulation.



      • I have watched a couple of videos/ speeches by Alice Wiedel. She is all class !!

        BTW. Remember before the election it came out that Ardern had been talking and getting advice from Merkel on Covid.( Maybe to try to show Ardern has big friends). I do not who or how it is being done but the whole issue seems to be co-ordinated somehow.



      • That red if a “link” ? does not work.
        Anyway here is some great back ground on Alice Wiedel even if from a few years ago, 11 May 2017

        The Local sat down with Dr Alice Weidel, the new leader of the Alternative for Germany. She may have the CV of an establishment liberal, but a half hour in her company exposed a firebrand who doesn’t hide her disdain for Chancellor Angela Merkel. ….
        …. ‘The only real opposition’ …
        … ‘Merkel is insane’ ….
        ….. ‘Stone age Islam’ …..
        ….. ‘No racists’ in the AfD …..
        …… ‘I am married’ …..
        …. ‘A shark tank’ ….


        Noting your last 4 points of smashing capitalism through fear & destabilizing to achieve subjugation by an elite that will gain power, money & unaccountable control.



      • wg, that video shows it well, and as Rudy here backs up very with some of the detail that would be directly use as evidence at a trial.

        Not only did Biden betray the USA,
        He used his own son, wrecked his life, to gain “plausible deniability”

        Joe Biden PARTNERED With Chinese COMMUNISTS For $30M | Rudy Giuliani |
        32 mins 52 secs. : • Oct 28, 2020

        Though it is a tad long, Rudy does a great easily understood explanation, on just one phase of the Chinese deal, and shows some great insights in the goings of the BIdens, Clintons & some Democrats.

        Some of those characters in the “deal” are in jail, and/or have been dealt too.



          • Yes Chuck Bird, while the rest of the media + big tech censor.
            “Fox is having its biggest ratings of its entire existence”.

            The case seems to be made, enough points from Tony Bobulinski.
            Rudy Giuliani seems to have a good understanding of the details for a full proscecution.

            Some of the others in the deal are in jail, more facts to come out, and I guess the timing for an arrest, is to be made at the best opportune time.
            Before, during or after the election?

            What actual value can one put on a Biden vote?
            Then the lowest rating Democrat candidate was Kamala Harriss.

            Or is it a bit more rope? to confirm tie ups? and then the “drop”?



          • Just wait until some one can put the question to Joe BIden.

            Biden campaign spokesman Jamal Brown does NOT deny that Joe Biden met with Hunter’s business partner Tony Bobulinski, who is now blowing the whistle on the Biden family’s Chinese pay to play scheme.

            His fingers are trying to hold on to a grip, as he is left dangling.

            Some one to even ask Kamala Harriss
            a) if she meet, Tony Bobulinski?
            b) did she know of Tony Bobulinski?
            c) did she know any of those people caught up in those CCP business deals?



  2. First she assured the children the Easter Bunny would still be coming despite the China virus and now it’s promoting Christmas card competitions for children. Manipulating the young and impressionable is beyond low. I can’t bring myself to read the article but putting it up so you can see what Dear Leader is all about.

    Jacinda Ardern asks the children of NZ to help design official Christmas card

    Jacinda Ardern has addressed the nation’s young people this evening, petitioning them to help her design this year’s official prime ministerial Christmas card.



  3. For the value of “free speech”, but really, are they going to stay the course, after implanting “hate speech” laws?

    LONDON (Reuters) – Britain’s Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab called on NATO allies to stand shoulder-to-shoulder on values of tolerance and free speech, in a veiled rebuke to Turkey which has been calling for a boycott of French goods.

    Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has urged Turks to stop buying French goods and has accused France of pursuing an anti-Islam agenda. Britain, France and Turkey are all NATO members.

    Erdogan is one of several leaders in the Muslim world angry with France over its response to the murder of teacher Samuel Paty, who showed pupils cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad as part of a lesson on free speech.

    “The UK stands in solidarity with France and the French people in the wake of the appalling murder of Samuel Paty,” Raab said in a statement. “Terrorism can never and should never be justified.

    “NATO allies and the wider international community must stand shoulder-to-shoulder on the fundamental values of tolerance and free speech, and we should never give terrorists the gift of dividing us.”

    The French government, backed by large numbers of citizens, saw the beheading as an attack on free speech and said they would defend the right to display the cartoons.

    President Emmanuel Macron called Paty a hero and pledged to fight what he described as Islamic separatism, saying it was threatening to take over some Muslim communities in France.

    The reaction to Paty’s murder has caused widespread anger in Muslim countries, where there have been anti-French demonstrations and calls for boycott.
    France has warned its citizens in several Muslim-majority countries to take extra security precautions.


    It is going to be costly for NATO to remove Turkey from NATO.
    Have they the resolve?
    Each countries contributions need to increase,

    Will the EEC shut the door on Turkey? not only make some savings, but trim their budget too.
    A lot of those bureaucratic politicians will fight against that



  4. The Greens are totally losing their shit over the Cannabis referendum result.
    Jack McDonald is calling for the vote to be ignored as opinions of ‘Racist Pakeha’ shouldn’t count!
    Does that mean we overturn the General Election result as well Jack?



      • Cultural appropriation.
        I saw a car with the text “Ngapuhi” in a large flowing cursive font on the back window. Would that not be an example of cultural appropriation?
        If Maori iwi complain about the use of moko curves in graphic art for commercial products, then I think it only fair that the cursive fonts of Europe not be used by iwi to promote themselves.



    • I did not follow the “weed” debate in detail because I had made up my mind very early on (I was a NO vote).
      But was it explained what happens will drug testing for job sites –large fishing vessels, logging companies etc ? If weed was to be legal did that supersede the Health and Safety regs? Someone turns up to work and is tested and found to be positive to a legal substance –could the boss tell him/her to get off the work site?



  5. Police broke up the “unlawful” demonstration after the group failed to provide the local authority with a sufficient risk assessment.
    Officers have advised those taking part to disperse and are engaging with the crowds but will use enforcement action where necessary.
    Some people could be seen holding signs reading: ‘Islam is the religion of love and peace’, ‘Respect our Prophet’ and ‘Emmanuel Macron do not divide humanity’.
    The group were also heard chanting “Allahu Akbar” outside the embassy and seen pausing for a moment of prayer.

    French Embassy Protests – London
    2 mins 06 secs : • Oct 30, 2020

    Will there be another peaceful round? latter tonight in London?

    No respect, Oh the suffering:- yeah right at the French embassy.
    30 secs

    Chanting at the French embassy.
    6 secs.

    No social distancing, very few masks, the police are not taking names to fine any one. No arrests.
    No tear gas, no water cannon.
    All that would be done to a native Englishman.



  6. Just stay out of NZ!

    The former prime minister of Malaysia said Muslims have “a right to be angry and kill millions of French people” just hours after an attacker yelling “Allahu akbar!” beheaded one woman and killed two others in a church in France. ….

    …. Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, who railed against Western culture and French President Emmanuel Macron for refusing to denounce the caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad that have sparked three attacks in two months in France. ….

    Macron has also vowed to fight “Islamist separatism” in the wake of the beheading of school teacher Samuel Paty in a Paris suburb on Oct. 16.

    “Macron is not showing that he is civilized. He is very primitive in blaming the religion of Islam and Muslims for the killing of the insulting school teacher. It is not in keeping with the teachings of Islam,” …. …
    [yeah right]

    ….. “the West” shouldn’t impose its views and values on others.

    “To do so is to deprive the freedom of these people,”

    A Doctor, supposedly intelligent, an ex prime Minister seems to not only condone murder, but encourages, and exhorts for more killings, indeed seeking massacres.

    No way should any supposed “intelligent” Malaysian be allowed in NZ., no matter how many immigration points they may have in skills, education, youth etc…



      • Yes it is weird isn’t it? Thailand is just a lovely country, even though it is packed full of people it feels civilised and safe, get down south to about Hat Yai and the whole ‘feel’ of Thailand changes, get in to Malaysia and it’s basically just another 3rd world shithole country. Islam is not a good cultural influence anywhere I travelled around the world.



  7. You’ve probably heard of the biodiversity hypothesis: the idea that kids who grow up in sterile environments are more likely to get sick (also known as the ‘let them eat dirt’ rule). Researchers from Finland have now produced the first conclusive evidence that it’s true, with an awesome experiment that involved putting forest floors into urban playgrounds. Wired

    What Forest Floor Playgrounds Teach Us About Kids and Germs
    As dusk fell on the Finnish city of Lahti on a still chilly day in May 2016, a crew of workers let themselves into the yard of an empty daycare center. Underneath the swings and jungle gyms, they installed squares of forest floor—scruffy shrubs, shin-high berry bushes, wispy meadow grasses, and velvety mounds of moss—harvested from the woods somewhere in a less developed part of the country. Around the edges, they put in soft green sod. In the morning, when the children arrived, they found their playground—formerly a drab patchwork of asphalt, gravel, and sand—transformed overnight into micro-oases of wilderness.


    Now this is worth a read.
    Could potentially save our health system billions of dollars.



  8. Only if Trump wins. That should preface this ….. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/300146315/ministry-of-foreign-affairs-and-trade-issues-warning-for-new-zealanders-ahead-of-us-election

    Republicans dont loot and riot. Only lefty fucks do. I hope if trump wins and the riots start he unleashes the army on them. A couple of million less lefty fuckwits on the streets would be a good result. Don’t want to die, don’t fucking riot. I have nothing agaisnt peaceful protest, but rioting and looting is another thing.



    • Macron has identified “Islam-o-Fascism” as being the issue.
      That certainly is a way the doctrine can be found in the koran, hadith, & sira.

      Macron turning to “far-right” popularity, just for the sake of an election, so that his “flying pig” will keep his snout in the trough.
      Would Macron really change his spots? as he stays with his cougar wife.



  9. Trump is now going to have 5 rallies a day, until election day. I have always admired his energy. Most 40 year olds could not keep up with him.
    But it does raise questions about him getting Covid. I’m definitely not suggesting he was not sick, he obviously was. But was it Covid and if it was, is this virus as bad as they say ? Are all those who end up in ICU actually there because of Covid or is it pneumonia or some other respiratory virus.
    Did President Trump actually have a very bad dose of the “24 hour flu” ?



  10. Are you ready for what is coming?

    Klaus (Anal) Shwab say’s,
    “You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy.”


    The Great Reset / The New Green Deal
    (Propaganda from the corrupt TIME magazine and WEF)
    It’s 2023. Here’s How We Fixed the Global Economy

    The U.S. began to change its approach after Nov. 3, 2020, when Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump in the presidential election and the Democrats held the majority in both houses of Congress. Following his Inauguration in January 2021, President Biden moved quickly to rebuild frayed ties between America and Europe, setting up a forum to share collective intelligence that could inform a smarter form of government. European governments were eager to learn from the investment strategies used by the U.S. government—like those led by defense research agency DARPA—to spur research and development in high-risk technologies. And the U.S. was eager to learn from Europe how to create sustainable cities and reinvigorate civic participation.


    The Great Reset: Globalists using the virus to destroy the ‘Old World Order’



  11. A bit of “free expression” for the people in Melbourne.

    Headed out into Melbourne to document some of the trucks travelling around the city today with billboards inviting Melbournians to share their lockdown complaints against Dan.
    The police showed up at most of the locations, and asked for details from the drivers/people near the trucks.
    The police have also forgotten or are unaware of the current ‘lockdown rules’ as they asked people near the truck for what reason they had left home (currently Victorians do not need a reason to leave home).

    “Daniel Andrews is Guilty Billboard Trucks around Melbourne”
    1 min 09 secs : • Oct 30, 2020

    The police still over stepping the law, in trying to support Premier Daniel Andrews.



        • Disagree Birdy bird. Infact, house and land prices are only going in one direction..and that’s up. Mortgage interest rates dropping like a stone, FOMO , returnees from overseas..cash buyers. NZ is a sought after destination right now. Mark my words. Up up up.



          • Auckland is reminding me of Tokyo and Yokohama in the 1980s. The land is everything. Even perfectly good houses (only 30 years old) would be demolished so that 2 or 3 pencil houses could be built on the 160-square-meter plot of the original house. Larger plots of land would have low-rise apartments built on them.

            A house doesn’t generate revenue if the tenants lose their jobs. Capital gain won’t happen if there is a recession or a population decline or a rise in interest rates.

            The NZ government can simply use the immigration taps to maintain the hydraulic lifting pressure on house prices. They can keep this up indefinitely, but it risks permanently changing the fabric of NZ society. If Kiwis are happy with this, then go for it. (It goes hand-in-hand with policies of “diversity” and “multiculturalism”.)



            • Another form of crony capitalism.

              A government subsidized accommodation allowance.
              It now seems to have a government guarantee in place, that has some key triggers.
              Not perfect, but takes away some risk.



                • yep, takes away the pain and some of the symptons.
                  The pain that would cause one to reflect, and take proper action and keep trying, that would go a long way to solve the painful problem.

                  An institution with out real goals, wants every one to be drugged up.
                  Then they can measure everything as a success.

                  All hand in hand with no accountability for other people’s money.



  12. I am a liberal Greenie. I want our society and system reset. We are living an unsustainable lifestyle, socially, environmental y and economically. And it’s not working.

    But the toxic divisive politics of Ardernism are not the way forward. The left are about power and control. Not about people or the environment.

    Our options are not alt left or rampant capitalism. That’s a lack of imagination, not a lack of choice.



  13. Most likely Ardern has nothing to do with this, in her ignorance even if she donned a coolie hat and then claim plausible deniability, she is still very much the Leader of the Labour Party.
    So who are her “bagmen”?

    Allegations of foreign interference in New Zealand have highlighted concerns about its role in the Five Eyes intelligence-sharing alliance, whose other members are the US, Britain, Canada, and Australia.
    The small size of New Zealand and its growing closeness to China could pose a risk to the alliance.

    Zhang is already embroiled in a controversy where he had donated over a million dollars to New Zealand’s main opposition party, the National Party.

    The probability is extremely high that Zhang could be part of Xi Jinping’s ‘magic weapon’ i.e. the United Front.
    A philanthropist coughing up large amounts of money to both opposition and the party in power does not make any sense—unless CCP is pulling strings to make inroads into the political landscape of the country. ……

    …… While Zhang was in the middle of controversy for his donations to the opposition party, earlier this year, Southland Mayor Gary Tong was in China as a guest of Zhang.

    Zhang was made an informal business advisor to Southland earlier in 2018 and it inadvertently explains Zhang’s growing clout in the local government of New Zealand.

    TFI has reported time and again that one of the slyest Chinese tactics to win influence in a foreign country is to buy off the big journalistic institutions, the political legislators, opening propagandist Confucius schools and CCP is well on its way to doing that in New Zealand. …..

    So sure it is among other inquiries, and hopefully beyond influence.

    I would also wonder if the Greens have connections.
    Sue Bradford, a former MP greenie, was at one stage very supportive of Mao.
    This past decade, NZ has 3 Confucius institutes tied in with universities.

    Maybe like the BIden family, it is all in having “plausible deniability” and they can in meantime infer an unconscious bias of McCarthyism until there is enough evidence exposed



  14. “It’s good to be an outsider. Outsiders get things done” – Donald J Trump

    Group That Installed Giant TRUMP Sign Near L.A. Makes Killer Ad Claiming He Can Win California (Video)

    The sign served two purposes. It was a psychological warfare operation designed to counter the psychological warfare that Newsom, Garcetti and the Democrat-run California government has been running since the lockdown. Putting the word “TRUMP” on a hillside over the 405 — itself a symbol of beauty, aggravation and dysfunction — was intended to let the progressive Eloi of Los Angeles know that dissidents — MOTIVATED dissidents — live among them.



  15. Ardern releases the agreement that the Greens are voting on.

    The Greens and Labour have agreed[??] on a “cooperation agreement”, with both Green co-leaders holding ministerial portfolios outside of cabinet.
    Marama Davidson will be appointed to the position of Minister for the Prevention of Family and Sexual Violence and Associate Minister of Housing (Homelessness), while
    James Shaw will be appointed to the position of Minister of Climate Change and Associate Minister for the Environment (Biodiversity). ……….

    ….. The Green Party will hold the following portfolios outside of Cabinet: [so not inside cabinet]

    ……… The parties will cooperate on agreed areas where the Labour and Green Parties have common goals:
    Achieving the purpose and goals of the Zero Carbon Act through decarbonising public transport, decarbonising the public sector, increasing the uptake of zero-emission vehicles, introducing clean car standards, and supporting the use of renewable energy for industrial heat.

    Protecting our environment and biodiversity through working to achieve the outcomes of Te Mana o te Taiao – Aotearoa New Zealand Biodiversity Strategy 2020, protecting Kauri, building on pest management programmes, and taking action to minimise waste and problem plastics.
    Improving child wellbeing and marginalised communities through action on homelessness, warmer homes, and child and youth mental health.

    These areas of cooperation reflect common goals between the Labour and Green Parties, and represent areas where the policy and experience of the Green Party provides a positive contribution to the Labour Government.

    The Labour and Green Parties will work together in good faith and cooperate with each other in respect of executive and Parliamentary activities to advance these shared goals, including any public statements. The Prime Minister’s letters of expectations to Ministers will reflect the areas of policy cooperation and consultation processes required. …….. The parties will cooperate on agreed areas where the Labour and Green Parties have common goals:
    Achieving the purpose and goals of the Zero Carbon Act through decarbonising public transport, decarbonising the public sector, increasing the uptake of zero-emission vehicles, introducing clean car standards, and supporting the use of renewable energy for industrial heat.
    Protecting our environment and biodiversity through working to achieve the outcomes of Te Mana o te Taiao – Aotearoa New Zealand Biodiversity Strategy 2020, protecting Kauri, building on pest management programmes, and taking action to minimise waste and problem plastics.
    Improving child wellbeing and marginalised communities through action on homelessness, warmer homes, and child and youth mental health.
    These areas of cooperation reflect common goals between the Labour and Green Parties, and represent areas where the policy and experience of the Green Party provides a positive contribution to the Labour Government.
    The Labour and Green Parties will work together in good faith and cooperate with each other in respect of executive and Parliamentary activities to advance these shared goals, including any public statements. The Prime Minister’s letters of expectations to Ministers will reflect the areas of policy cooperation and consultation processes required. ………

    There are about 40 points on this news release.

    Not voted on yet, and greens still to ratify.

    I think there may be some under-study, parts to ministries, nice pay if you can get it.

    So who will be a greenie cunt and defy Marama a minister-ship?



      • If we understood the concept of freedom we wouldn’t be begging the government to allow us to use a plant.

        Anyone who drinks alcohol & calls recreational drug users losers is a hypocrite……pure & simple.



        • “Anyone who drinks alcohol & calls recreational drug users losers is a hypocrite……pure & simple.”
          If you pay money to a party that you can be sure will not declare their income and pay their taxes then you are a loser for supporting this illegal market and the associated organized crime groups who benefit from it. (This is regardless of the health effects of the unregulated drug.)

          Similarly, I opposed the normalization of the homosexual lifestyle on the grounds of health & safety. Logically, if you support the suppression of smoking due to shortened life expectancy, then you must also suppress the advocacy of the homosexual lifestyle for the same reason. It has nothing to do with religion.

          Reference: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/9923159/
          Previous estimates from obituaries and pre-1994 sex surveys suggested that the median age of death for homosexuals is less than 50 yr. … cut … The four lines of evidence were consistent with previous findings suggesting that homosexual activity may be associated with a lifespan shortened by 20 to 30 years.



          • ……” that homosexual activity may be associated with a lifespan shortened by 20 to 30 years”……

            Not my problem & probably not yours. You can voluntarily shorten your lifespan by smoking tobacco (legal), overeating (legal) & drinking alcohol (legal). You are not a foolish man so why do you discriminate? It’s patronising!

            ……”If you pay money to a party that you can be sure will not declare their income and pay their taxes then you are a loser for supporting this illegal market……”…….

            Taihoa! Your logic is faulted at best & dishonest at worst. That money is only paid to such people because the product is illegal. You are justifying its illegality on the grounds that it is illegal!

            I could well state that recreational drugs are illegal because they are bad for you. We know that they are bad for you because they are illegal.



  16. Don’t mess with Kayleigh. “Anonymous” for the New York Times exposed.


    White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany leaves no question in our minds where she and President Trump stand on the Fake News being dished out by “Anonymous” Miles Taylor and the New York Times. Watch as she shreds both for their corrupt journalism and the disgraceful slander of our President.



  17. So here is the latest “advocate” for cancelling 3 strikes.

    David White/Stuff
    Law expert and recent Parole Board appointee Khylee Quince says New Zealand’s justice system is failing Māori.

    Khylee Quince, an associate professor of law at the Auckland University of Technology, says it’s important to note that gang members in New Zealand are overwhelmingly Māori “and Māori, whether they’re in gangs or not, generally have a low trust relationship with authority”.

    That mistrust is intergenerational and stems from the harms of colonisation, Quince says, and is one of the reasons why crime is under-reported among Māori.

    Making excuses for scum like this.


    But of course as there is always a but;
    “Mr Gemmell has a lengthy criminal history. He has offended every year since he was 17 years of age. He has received 25 sentences of imprisonment and has a history of non-compliance,’’ the decisions says.

    “So far on this sentence there has been a number of misconducts and incidents which has seen his security classification at high. Recently, there has been a change in attitude by Mr Gemmell. He has realised that he needs to buck up his ideas and behave so that he can undertake rehabilitation and get out back into the community and be a father to his two children.”



    • “That mistrust is intergenerational and stems from the harms of colonisation, Quince says…”
      If that were true, then over time as the effects of colonisation decrease, then the mistrust would decline.
      How do you account for the low pre-war levels of Maori incarceration when the memories of colonisation would have been fresher?

      On the other hand, if the narrative of “colonisation” is fed as an excuse to entitlement-hungry people, then it will become even more regurgitated as an excuse, which is what I believe we are seeing.

      And what of the talk of “institutional racism” when leftists dominate the institutions?



  18. LOL Former Vice President Joe Biden stated that “there’s nothing to any” of the “smear” stories about his son, Hunter’s laptop and “my son’s an honorable man.”

    As the first comment stated “Honorable men do not sleep with their underage nieces!” followed by “And screw their dead brothers wife” followed by “Or get tossed out of the Navy for drug use.” and further down “Old Joe: “My son’s an honorable man.”
    Meanwhile: Pedo-son smokes crack while diddling his own niece.”….

    Keep it up Joe Biden, you going to really attract a lot of conservative , God fearing folk with that line of attack….




  19. The story on Biden seems to be developing more legs than a centipede, and may even rival the millipede.

    Can Joe Biden place his hand on a bible and swear to the truth?
    Kamala Harris on the back of Biden Clinton & Obama…. ?
    Is it possible the speaker of the house may become President?
    An interesting intrigue of so many issues and the possible systems of democracy in the USA.

    ….Suddenly, the anticipated Trump campaign’s October surprise: …
    ….. pundits predict these allegations come too late to sway the outcome of election day. ….
    ….. This view is dubious and misses what could indeed be a three-move check-mate against Joe Biden, but…after the votes are counted. ……
    ….. The Trump campaign knows this and appears to be playing the long game. …..
    …. It also exposed the utter anti-democratic corruption and coup that was the 2016 DNC presidential election committee. …..
    …. Hunter Biden’s laptop and an alleged FBI cover-up of its illicit contents. …..
    …. former close business associate of Hunter Biden, Bevan Cooney, who is currently serving a prison sentence for fraud, gave-up his own laptop reportedly containing 26,000 emails ….
    ….. Tony Bobulinski next stepped forward with his digital paper trail of alleged Biden family conspiracy. ….
    ….. Associate Professor at Peking University who reportedly is a contributor to the anti-Trump Bloomberg News. The report is 65 pages, ….. …… as to its validity ……
    ……. The virtual black-out of all four stories and the excuses offered by the news directors of many censors have not blinded the public. ….
    ….. three possible investigative bodies available to Trump. ……
    ….. Assuming AG Bill Barr is willing to do his job, history may be made post-election …..
    ….. The first step of the Electoral College does not take place until Monday, Dec 14. …..
    ….. Two of the three constitutionally available methods of investigation are tactically available to the RNC: A Senate Commission; or the Appointment of a Special Counsel, at the request of the Judiciary Committee, by the Dept. of Justice. …..
    ….. if Barr fails to appoint a Special Counsel he must, by law, inform the Judiciary Committee of his exact reasons. ….
    ….. By definition, Biden is in it deep. ….
    ….. If legitimate, to waste political treasure of this magnitude too early in a single pre-election attack is not likely for men as crafty as Bannon and Giuliani. ….. …… play the long game of the post-election day ….
    …. With the scripted investigations thus already nicely raging in the minds of the Electoral College, and the court of public opinion, the EC has the ability to be Trump’s checkmate.
    The Reality of the Electoral College.
    The constitutional provisions of the Electoral College have been reported far too simply. ……
    ….. The public meeting of the electors must take place on the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December, which will be December 14, 2020. …..
    ….. But, on Dec 14 – just forty-one days in– each state’s EC must vote in public. What will be the mood of these Electors six weeks, and possibly two ongoing investigations, after election day? ……
    ….. However, by law, any state body of Electors might instead be influenced to collectively, “object.” ….
    …. This meeting is also, by law, public. ….
    …. an entire state might ultimately- after days of watching the results of Biden’s true character surface daily- exert its 10th Amendment rights and chose to object to Biden’s certification. …..
    …… Although a president-elect with a criminal conviction can indeed still be elected president, any state can at least temporarily stop the proceeding for an examination of new charges by the full House. ……
    ….. As for the voter, this is certainly not a farfetched possibility. On, Oct 26, the Google search for “Can I change my vote“ was reportedly surging nationally. And, by Jan 6…? ……
    …. Trump’s senate.
    The sound of pitchforks is an interesting sound for it tends to carry on the winds. …..
    ….. The answer on both days could be: shoulder to shoulder packing each and every State House rotunda. ……
    ….. The author offers this plausible evaluation to the reader in the spirit of bi-partisan presidential contempt. ….
    ….. appreciate this possible brilliant strategic checkmate by Giuliani and Bannon. …..
    …. The American voter, no matter which horned and tailed, crimson-red phoenix does rise from these flames, constitutionally, politically, or militarily, will in less than a week, and sixty-four days after have to watch, wait and see. …..


    I also see that it was not figured that Trump retains power until he relinquishes on the fateful inauguration day.

    Apologies for falling down a rabbit hole, and being so long in summary.

    Editing while this has gone into moderation.
    So funny as many things I have looked at, then can not get back to,, and also for different reasons, like copyright. or the old error etc…
    So some of those names may be known as corrupt? chinese connections?
    Any way thanks to Ed in advance for having to check that their is no porn horror or whatever.
    I thought of looking at the comments on that link, but my mind is taking it in.
    Still the Trump rallys would seem to make it appear that many US citizens do not want any more nonsense, but just to get back to work and living.



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