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  1. Because you are communist fuckwits of course.

    Great its raining and looks like it will all week.
    Just what we all need.

    And how about the highly paid depolrables that now are in charge.
    FFS Most of them could barely wipe their own arse.



    • Viking ,a hell of a lot of them would like to fiddle with other peoples arse’s though, lets not forget they have already stated its the “queerest Government on the planet”, we should all be so proud NZ is “PUNCHING ” above it’s weight again….LOL.
      You gotta wonder what Trump would be thinking when Mahuta and her delegation arrive at the White House for an official vist,? My guess would be “Nobody told me we were hosting a delegation from the tribal highlands of Uganda, make sure you frisk them for weapons FFS”



      • Full time employment, world travel? top hotels,

        Needs to be hardy, resistant to heat, cold, wind.
        as a only cloak and a piupiu will be worn.

        Be fit, to be able to jump up and down at moments notice, swinging a stick for 5 minutes at a time.

        Gravitas is also needed with full make up on permanently.

        Prayers, sing song action groups, will be on notice to give ambiance.



    • Rain! More proof of climate change (along with all and any types of weather – also Covid, poverdy, waaaayshhiissssmm, islamaphobia, Trump, earthquakes, hunger, wars, shooting stars and dead birds at the feet of wind turbines).

      All proof that we need to burn down the economic system that has lifted 3.4 billion people out of poverty and introduce full blown totalitarian communism.

      Hard to be a disbeliever.



  2. US election: Dick Brass – Trump won’t survive the Army of the Dead he helped create

    Trump will not win tomorrow’s election because Americans will not and cannot re-elect a man whose reckless handling of the pandemic has contributed to the death of more than 230,000 of us. And it’s still climbing at about 1000 deaths a day, heading toward 300,000 by the time Joe Biden is inaugurated in January.

    That is why Trump has lost the support of America’s seniors, a key group that carried him to victory last time. That is also why the polls clearly favour Biden, nationally and in the few heavily contested battleground states where the election will actually be decided. It doesn’t mean there won’t be cheating. It doesn’t mean the intentional slowing of the US mail won’t cost Biden a lot of votes. It doesn’t mean there won’t be violence as his armed supporters and his army of lawyers attempt to strong arm a Trump victory. It might get bloody. But he is going to lose at the polls.


    Dick Brass was vice-president of Microsoft and Oracle for almost two decades. His firm Dictronics developed the first modern dictionary-based spellcheck and he was an editor at the Daily News, NY.

    The last sentence tell it all doesn’t it.
    The left are woirried that Trump will take away their wealth, their devious tatics around tax.
    That’s all.



  3. What did you think was a mask,

    The state of Victoria has the “rules of the mask” and the police will enforce them.

    Some ministry jerk here in NZ will have this lined up for the CoVid cabinet to put in place.

    Face shields, bandanas, or scarves or loose snoods, loose Buffs® or loose gaiters on their own will no longer be considered a sufficient face covering.

    Download a poster of what face masks you can and can’t wear (PDF).

    Those posters, yeah right.
    Your scrolling mouse wheel will be worn out by the time you get to the bottom of how they define, and the rules, regulations, exemptions etc..

    The new restrictions have police enforcing the most bizarre set of rules.

    One lady, with an exemption, was forced to remove a bandana.

    She told me they made her remove her face covering “because it’s not good enough, but he prefers me to spread the deadly contagious virus.”

    We witnessed another man getting fined for wearing a fitted gaitor as per the new regulations.

    So some smart arse in NZ will think those regulations will be “fit for purpose”.

    Just as we have seen, the inquiry in Victoria was set up “fit for purpose” that Peta Credlin has shown is just a corrupt cover up and white wash for the government.



  4. I find it strange that the MSM keep ranting on about how diverse our parliament is. We have x percent Maori, x percent Pacifica etc. What does skin colour or ethnicity have to do with anything? Surely we would want the most competent people available running the show? Why is diversity such a good thing? They seem more interested in creating tribalism and look how well that ended in dumps all over the world. Then to top thing’s off they make Mahuta minister of foreign affairs. Frankly, can anyone think of anybody less qualified for the job? She has been utterly useless and is only there because of her family. It would appear nepotism trumps diversity, they should send her on a junket to Japan they just love facial tattoos over there.



  5. A lot of people are sad that much loved actor Sean Connery has died.
    I always try to look for the ‘silver lining’ around every cloud – we’re going to have a lot of decent films on TV this month!



  6. Jesus people just can’t get over the Cannabis referendum can they?
    Some guy I know on FB was losing his shit and basically abusing anyone who voted ‘No’.
    The Stoners are certainly showing their class…



    • Not verified yet.

      HAPPENING NOW: Terrorists enter a #Hilton Hotel in #Vienna, Austria & begin taking hostages, as security forces scramble to respond to this large-scale terror attack.

      Did seem like a more than 1 shooter, only one down,
      Police will be stretched trying to figure what is going on.

      Seems like there are at least half a dozen have been killed.
      Plus more are wounded.

      Rumour of ISIS taking some credit. Possible that this is a bit more organized and planned?



        • Sorry wg, not a direct answer, to your question.
          This article shows where Biden and crew support a lot of muslim brotherhood, ISIS, Palestinian, Iran etc… goals, and the subtle way of bringing USA down.

          Donald Trump played Captain Obvious when he said that if elected President, Joe Biden “will open the floodgate to radical Islamic terrorism.” The President declared that “under the Biden plan, the horrifying attacks in France will come to our cities and our towns.” ….

          the average Biden voter has had it drummed it his/her/xis head for years now that opposition to jihad violence is in itself yet another form of “racism,” and that the root problem is not Islamic terrorism but “Islamophobia,” which provokes terrorism as a response. ….

          …… The possibility that they might have reasons of their own to do what they do, reasons that have nothing to do with what non-Muslims are doing, does not seem to occur to her. ….

          …….. Those who have more respect for Muslims as human beings understand that a key reason for the recent jihad violence in France is not memories of French colonialism,
          but the fact that Islam mandates death for non-Muslim subjects of the Islamic state who mention “something impermissible about Allah, the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace), or Islam” ….

          Too consider that many ISIS have been able to slink into Europe or be returnees with the illegal legalizing UN Global immigration Pact.

          Many more to come.
          27 OCTOBER 2020
          The Syrian Kurds have begun the release process for approximately 15,000 Islamic State family members from the notorious al-Hawl internment camp on the border with Iraq.
          The Kurds have long complained about an utter lack of European support and their inability to permanently guard the many prisoners at the camp.

          The Kurdish administration has issued an amnesty for Syrian inmates in the al-Hawl camp and has begun their release. In al-Hawl, it is mainly women and children of ISIS terrorists who are held in captivity.
          Used google translate.

          ISIS has been hanging on, and soon be able to regroup, probably under the radar for a while.
          Just looking to up its visibility, attraction.



    • Sort of funny as to find this per google search, but it is not in the Herald link, well not yet.
      Possibly still to verify.

      New Zealand Herald
      Austrian police say several injured after gunfire in Vienna
      Several people, including a police officer, are injured. Multiple reports from local Austrian media say terrorists have entered the Hilton Hotel in …

      Possibly in the commotion and confusion, with many establishments taking full on security precautions, there is nothing more to this, so no Bombay Hotel massacre.
      So if there are hostages that means the surviving gun man is surrounded.
      Seems like not the hotel but the restaurant that was initially shot up, could be where the hostage stand is taking place.

      So was Austria a great colonizing power of muslims.
      Just a little bit as it did have Bosnia, in the Balkans, years ago.



    • So after this, the reporter will mask the executions, wanton shootings, etc… opinion-eds of poverty, colonialism, privilege, etcc.
      The candles, teddy bears, welcomers, “they are us” “je suis”, flowers, “interfaith” Abrahamic religions, hymal songs. etc. etc… ad adnauseam

      The next victims are lined up as the devout pious muslims, who really do know how to bring peace on earth. //

      5:32. Because of that We ordained for the Children of Israel: that whoever kills a person— unless it is for murder or corruption on earth — it is as if he killed the whole of mankind; and whoever saves it, it is as if he saved the whole of mankind.
      Our messengers came to them with clarifications, but even after that, many of them continue to commit excesses in the land.

      5:33. The punishment for those who fight God and His Messenger, and strive to spread corruption on earth, is that they be killed, or crucified, or have their hands and feet cut off on opposite sides, or be banished from the land.
      That is to disgrace them in this life; and in the Hereafter they will have a terrible punishment.

      The “Children of Israel” the Jews were recognized as to have angered allah.
      The “Children of the Book” were led astray, and their path has led them astray, to the point of corruption.
      The secularists, atheists, defy allah, by simply not believing, and so very easily become corrupt.
      This is all prayed about, often multiple times per day.

      Pagans, heathens, are simply to be treated as a chattel, and so easily to be chucked out dead onto a rubbish heap.

      Np one looks to see that supporting laicism, secularism in full cultural vigor; is more than just like a red rag to a certain following, that sees it as a major shirk, a major mischief in the land, so that certain difficult duties have to be fulfilled.



  7. Jokes, cartoons, Free Speech, Free Expression has been seized and so disarmed.
    So the choice of weapons have been narrowed?
    This begs the question, who else will find that violence works.?

    “Security for us is unfortunately not a theoretical, moral, or political consideration,” Nybroe said.

    “I wish it was different, that we could express ourselves freely, as we do in all other matters. But violence works,” he added.

    “Only in one circumstance do we show caution – that is, in fact, a censorship inflicted on us by threats: we do not show drawings of the Prophet Muhammad,”

    Some interesting points in the comments, that lead on from the emboldened part.

    “There is no security, no safety, in the appeasement of evil”.— Ronald Reagan



  8. Some interesting projections for the US elections . I hope they are right !!!

    But in many ways the House and Senate results are probably more important. If Trump wins but loses the House and Senate he becomes a lame duck President. Alternatively if the Republicans win the House and Senate but Trump loses then the Democrats are really toast but I cannot really see the latter result happening.


    Great Twitter videos especially the one from James Wood




  9. Good morning all
    Was told by an very intelligent and ernest Gen X that he can’t wait until the world wage and driverless cars are introduced!
    I asked him how that would work, apparently, businesses will be heavily taxed as automation will mean they won’t need employees.
    The next questions stumped him, I asked why would I want to invest in a business just to pay tax to support people who didn’t actually do anything, and alternatively why would I want to go to work to design
    / maintain those robots and driverless cars when my mates were at home on their PlayStations, or in bed with their equally obese partners, and getting paid the same as me!
    The answer, comrades, is that we all need to strive for equality for everyone….I guess, greater equality for some exsists outside George’s story. The pigs are walking upright amongst us….



  10. Blog leader— rents up!

    It is lnflation Inflation and inflation.
    Pour money in to every thing and inevitably prices of everything goes up.

    Inflation is the only way this crew will get out of the debt they created.



  11. They were applauding the government this morning on how diverse they were with Maori, PIs, white european and LBGTQ*****s in their cabinet..?
    Well, that’s the National Party fucked then, they have no queers whatsoever !~



  12. The Daily Mail moves away from boobs and bullshit to present a very good analysis of the new British lockdown.

    The lockdown is Based on lies.

    “But the truth isn’t nearly as terrifying.
    For while 29 hospitals are shown on the slide, the full dataset, published by NHS England, actually includes 482 NHS and private hospitals in England – at least 232 of which (and probably more as some entries were left blank) had not a single Covid-19 patient on October 27.

    This is hardly surprising since official figures showed there were 9,213 patients in hospital with the disease on October 31, compared with 17,172 at the spring peak.
    Even back then hospitals were far from full and the Nightingale units were virtually empty.”

    Very good analysis and taking apart the BS ‘official line’

    Boris Johnson is being railroaded.
    There are powerful forces at work.

    It is clear that Treason May was meant to be the puppet PM in situ while this Annihilation Reset happened.
    Macron and Merkel were in place already.
    The 3M
    Merkel, Macron, May.

    There is rebellion in the Conservative Party.
    The facts are there.
    The analysis is being manipulated.

    Truly, a quality article in among all the dross and misdirection from MSM.
    Graphs, analysis and taking apart the official (invalid) official line.
    I have copied it intact as it may be removed.



  13. The Victorian police are happy to fly another flag, to honor the anniversary of another country.
    The police just do seem to be reasonable.

    “Police ATTACK flag-bearer and desecrate flags in Melbourne”
    3 mins 11 secs

    It would appear the police, by the flag, they are happy to fly in Melbourne, have declared who they work for.
    Just where are those police recruited from?
    What ideology have they been trained in.



  14. Is this the beginning of a change in Victoria?.
    Always good to find allies, from where ever they come from.
    I wonder if the key word is “sustainablity”? What the police in Victoria was doing was unsustainable.

    Is it really fair to become so apprehensive of the very people who have made it their job to serve and protect us? We can only judge them by their actions.
    It is now apparent that some officers share these same concerns.
    Concerns about what they are being asked to do.
    Concerns about oppressive rule and their part enforcing them.
    They see the erosion of trust occurring and as human liberties and freedoms are removed from their family, friends and communities in which they live, the burden is heavy.
    But one brave officer has had the courage and conviction to speak out.
    A Senior Constable from the New South Wales police force, Alexander Cooney has asked the Commissioner in an open letter to challenge the directions they are being given, instead of simply acquiescing to them and in the process, restore community trust and a return to normalcy.
    He has started a movement he calls “Cops for Covid Truth” and his letter is a compelling read.
    At Advocate Me, we have thrown all our resources in supporting him and openly inviting Police Officers across all the States and Territories to join his movement.
    A unity is forming here in Australia and around the world.
    People are demanding truth, transparency and accountability in government and with some members of the police force lending their weight to this probe,
    it may be the very thing that shifts the balance of power in this way.


    One can click through and go to that letter.
    Also interesting just to read their side notes.

    When will the change of heart be confirmed? to be believable?
    Can that policeman, Alexander Cooney withstand the tyranny from the rest of the “woke hierarchy” who will view this as an insurrection, who will stuff around his career.
    Well I hope for many years he never has to pay for a drink in the pub. 🙂 or pay for a doughnut & coffee, 🙂



  15. So people are not allowed to comment?

    Helen Clark, Māori Council denounce portrayal of Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta in international press

    Helen Clark and the Māori Council have spoken out against international media for describing Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta as a “tattooed Maori woman” and fixating on her appearance.

    “It’s a disgrace that one of our most recognised Māori leaders, who just happens to be a woman and carries a moko, is subjected to headlines that do more to grab attention and readers than it does to actually celebrate what has happened here – a Māori woman bringing a new perspective to the world of international affairs,” he told Newshub.



  16. Act newsletter:

    Thank You Tour Starts Today

    It’s been a fortnight, and ACT misses campaigning. Plus, there are so many people to thank for contributing to ACT’s 2020 success. There are new MPs to meet. Then there’s the question: What Happens Next? So, David Seymour and new ACT MPs are embarking on a 12 stop Thank You Tour. Please check out the schedule.

    What Sort Of Labour Government?

    We’ve been asked ‘what sort of Labour Government do we face?’ Labour must have supporters urging them to implement true socialism (if only it had been tried somewhere). But how will they actually behave? Some commentators say that they’re determined to become the new National Party, semi-permanently in government. Free Press believes they have few ideas, and fewer Ministers capable of implementing them, so the commentators are probably right.

    Running Out Of Options

    New Zealand is becoming an outlier for deficits, size of government, and economic growth. We are lying out at the wrong end on nearly every measure according to the IMF’s 2025 forecast. The New Zealand Initiative’s Bryce Wilkinson summarised it here. The truth is that the Labour Government will have limited space for dumb policy.

    But If They Wanted Some

    The Human Rights Commission has heaps. Who knew that 1970s labour laws were a human right? How have incomes risen for the last 40 years? The HRC is a taxpayer-funded lobby group masquerading as a government department. We all love human rights but only the Human Rights Commission thinks attacking free speech advances human rights. They need to go.

    A Great Day To Be A Kiwi

    It’s not every day that human rights actually expand. The Soviet collapse was the last big advance in human freedom. There’s been few breakthroughs against a backdrop of creeping decline since. But, the grim global picture is a for another time. On Friday we found the New Zealand public voted 2:1 to expand human freedom.

    The End Of Life Choice Act

    Mentally competent adults suffering a terminal illness will have a genuine choice about how they go and when they go. They’ll be able to have control and greater dignity as their life ends. Over the years to come, thousands of New Zealanders who might have suffered excruciating pain and indignity will be able to go on their own terms with their own timing. ACT stands for freedom under the law.

    True North

    Assisted dying bills have been defeated twice in New Zealand. Around the world, most such bills fail against vociferous opposition. How did a single rookie MP, who is still only 37, pull off such a feat? David Seymour knows where his north star is. A freer society really is kinder, because it respects the dignity and autonomy of every individual. In short, David Seymour succeeded because he understands the cause of human freedom.

    What’s Truly Amazing…

    Most MPs go to Parliament for reasons other than expanding human freedom. Many campaign to increase state control of peoples’ lives, to impose their whacky theories and values on other people. The more you think about it, the crazier it is. Only a Party Vote for ACT brings in MPs who are committed to expanding human freedom because it’s the only sustainable way to increase human wellbeing.

    Speaking Of…

    We are astonished at the Greens’ naïveté. No minor party has ever made the five percent threshold after a stint in Government until the Greens in 2020. Free Press knows that they were surprised at their own election result. Only two weeks later, they have decided it was not a fluke but their new normal. It’s led to an incredibly dumb decision to join Labour.

    The Upshot

    The Greens are happy to vote for the Labour Cabinet’s budgets and never criticise its climate policy. Why? So that two Green MPs can ride in limousines. Julie Anne Genter and Eugenie Sage will take the pay cut and fish out their taxi charge card. Chlöe Swarbrick will have to help people with real problems as a the MP for Auckland Central, while a radical Marxist lectures her about dialectical materialism. We feel for Chlöe.

    One To Watch

    By contrast, we are impressed with the new Marxist Green MP, Ricardo Menéndez March’s principles. He says he will not swear allegiance to the Queen. We presume she must be a symbol of oppression in the great class struggle. And you have to admit, she does have class. If he doesn’t swear allegiance, he cannot take his seat in the House. No take seat, no pay. Not many MPs would give up their salary on such a fine point of principle. Free Press predicts he is one to watch.

    Media Contact: Andrew Ketels (021 894 284)
    or Brooke van Velden (021 193 5265)

    ACT New Zealand · 27 Gillies Ave, Suite 2.5, Auckland 1021, New Zealand



  17. TVNZ reported “if Trump wins the election he doesn’t have any policies”. Do they really not know what he has achieved? Tame and that other woman in the US following the election are supposed to be political reporters but have as much understanding as a sea sponge. They live in their own echo chamber! Not to mention Trump being nominated for several Nobel prizes for peace treaty’s in the ME.

    Hannity shares final list of Trump’s promises kept



  18. This from Chris Trotter on the new cabinet.. Pretty fair appraisal given the tint of his glasses.

    A Curate’s Egg Cabinet: Much of it is bad, parts of it are excellent.

    My fave bit:
    “Horse-trading is an old and honourable political tradition – but there are limits. No amount of fluffing-up the elevation of Nanaia Mahuta to Minister of Foreign Affairs – “the first woman in our nation’s history appointed to hold the portfolio” – can disguise the sheer awfulness and irresponsibility of Ardern’s decision.”



  19. I am really, really pissed off this evening. To say I am fuming would be an understatement. My car failed its warrant of fitness today for a small cosmetic dent which has been there for at least ten years since I backed into a tree stump whilst out getting firewood. Apparently new rules were introduced in April which mean dents more than 5mm deep in certain areas are cause for failure. For Christ’s sake it is a 4×4 truck not a fucking aircraft.



  20. Why are these new community cases in Chch in their homes? FFS.

    “The second person to test positive was in isolation at home in Christchurch but would be moved to a managed isolation facility. Meanwhile, the person to test positive on Monday remained in self isolation at their home.”



  21. High expectations and big challenges for Labour’s newly-named Cabinet

    New Police Minister Poto Williams, taking over from Nash, is the first Police Minister of Pacific descent.

    “I think it’s important that I bring that cultural element to the work,” she said of her cultural upbringing.

    JustSpeak criminal justice advocates said it was notable Williams was of Pacific descent.



  22. Craig Lord 4 Auckland Mayor
    34m ·
    LOLOLOLOL Phil Twyford MP – his new job.
    Minister for Disarmament and Arms Control
    Responsibilities include leading New Zealand’s anti-nuclear stance and the implementation of the New Zealand Nuclear Free Zone, Disarmament, and Arms Control Act 1987.
    Support for this portfolio is provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
    Other organisations:
    Public Advisory Committee on Disarmament and Arms Control
    This portfolio is funded through Vote Foreign Affairs and Trade
    Anti-Personnel Mines Prohibition Act 1998
    Brokering (Weapons and Related Items) Controls Act 2018
    Chemical Weapons (Prohibition) Act 1996
    Cluster Munitions Prohibition Act 2009
    New Zealand Nuclear Free Zone, Disarmament and Arms Control Act 1987
    Nuclear-Test Ban Act 1999
    So now now that he is in charge of it I guess I have to worry about stepping on land mines.



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