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  1. So the brown censorship starts.

    An author has had her books pulled by Mighty Ape after comments she made on Twitter about new Foreign Affairs Minister Nanaia Mahuta

    Mighty Ape NZ confirmed to the world on Twitter that they had made Olivia Pierson’s books unavailable, after her comments on social media.


    Apes have more brains than this woke outfit.
    Never buy from them again.
    The author is entitled to their opinion and entitled to say what she thinks.
    But not any longer.

    Those stupid people who vote labour.

    Pierson said Jacinda Ardern had gone “full wokelette on stilts” for appointing Mahuta as Foreign Affairs Minister.

    “Facial tattoos are not exactly a polished, civilised presentation for a foreign diplomat in the 21st century,” she said on Twitter. Her Twitter bio describes her as NZ-based.

    And you can bet if there was a book disparaging trump they would be promoting it as hard as thay could go. fucking wanlers.



    • Many good points there Alice.
      If they seized the guns to make citizens safe.
      Then other things should simply be seized to make citizens safe, that is if they want to continue on that line.
      Make those “woke critters” stand by their points.
      That not only guns to be eradicated, but followers of a proven ideology should also be totally removed for the peoples safety!
      Show that in the doctrines of Al-wala’ wa-l-bara’ that are taught in a number of supposed holy books.
      All taught as a “European” leader poetically put it;-
      …The mosques are our barracks,
      the domes our helmets,
      the minarets our bayonets and the
      faithful our soldiers. …..

      Read many good books of the doctrines, the purposes behind them, and the history.
      All dangerous things should be fully eradicated. make them eat their words, as they endanger other citizens with their stupidity. 🙂



  2. Cactus Kate, and know how to challenge “In plain speak – fuck you wokey pokeys”
    [Lord] Sumption between that period became and is now a retired Judge. A very important and qualified one. No one dares question his comments they have just ignored him.
    He is an expert.
    There are precious little legal minds willing to challenge him.
    Not able to be cancelled for these opinions.
    He can say whatever he pleases and not fear losing his job or more importantly in this day and age – his penis.
    If only the New Zealand Supreme Court retired were as courageous.
    One cannot imagine Dame Sian suddenly having a come to Jesus moment and unleashing and ripping her figurative robes off and championing the rights and freedoms in this post Covid era to the extent she practised judicial activism in her reign!
    Nah it’s all very quiet and comfie in Jacindastan for Madam Fletcher. …..
    ….. He has many other lectures available for free online but the clarity of his thought and explaining very difficult public and constitutional legal issues is second to none. ….
    In plain speak – fuck you wokey pokeys.

    Find those lectures, listen, think & ponder on, to help fully clear the indoctrination of “Jacindastan’s adhan” of wokeness.
    Lets learn how to do this most elegantly, reason by reason, point by point. 🙂
    To cut through the crap, and push the buttons on even little council bureaucrats, etc.. 🙂



  3. I note that Fruity is having orgasms galore over the US election on his Kiwislob lefty blog.

    One thing Fruit has talent in – whining out of one side of his mouth about the alleged maltreatment of Yiddish folk while whining out of the other side about Trump.



  4. Lone wolf? Known Wolf
    Right mosque? Wrong mosque? yeah, naaahh; yeah. right.

    was well known to security services, having previously been jailed after travelling to the Middle East to join ISIS
    “ISIS sympathiser” and he had been released early from prison …..
    ……. attended a de-radicalisation programme, but that “despite all the outward signs that he was integrating into society, the assailant apparently did exactly the opposite”
    Nehammer added the fact he managed “deceive the judicial system’s deradicalization program to secure his release” …..
    …. become a member of a mosque which was already being monitored by security services. ….
    …. admitted he had “got into the wrong mosque” when he appeared before a judge in 2019. …..


    Where is the allegiance of the representatives of the good, disarmed citizen?
    Do they just say this is collateral damage of just living in a multiculti city?

    Others would not be concerned with any collateral damage on making many countries safer, if this proven mad ideology is totally removed.
    Much of it should go back to the Middle East.
    Others can go to North Korea, Venezuela, or CCP China.



  5. I watched Alan Jones last night. He said he had spoken to the boss of Ladbrokes –they are worried because they are taking multiple bets of over $50,000 on Trump to win. He told Alan they did not even have that size of bet on the Melbourne Cup.

    Alan also spoke to the great Aussie journalist, Miranda Devine who is now working in NY ( NY Post, I think). She is predicting Trump with over 300 electoral college votes.



  6. The Victorian police, showing their connection to the UN “strong cities”
    showing how they have perfected their strategies and tactics.
    Many good questions being raised how the police end up criminalizing citizens, forcing them to even break “social distancing” etc..

    Police TRAP & BASH lockdown protesters in Melbourne today
    9 minutes : 00 : • Nov 3, 2020

    Those fines seem like the police are “highway men” and if enforced will be show the judiciary system at its communistic worse.
    The police fly the red flag, and take a knee at other protests. 🙁

    “A sign of a Marxist government is that they let criminals go and arrest political enemies”
    ~ Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    Interesting in checking for that quote, no verification, but interesting rabbit holes. 🙂



  7. Kiwi lefties reckon they can speak for all Kiwis! Wrong again!! 😏

    Donald Trump Jr’s map showing Kiwis are backing Trump ridiculed online

    Kiwis are mocking Donald Trump Jr after he tweeted a map suggesting New Zealanders would vote for his dad if they had the chance.

    “As a Kiwi I can definitely tell Trump that New Zealand is in the Biden camp,” said @DukeofWaiheke.

    “Lol, there’s no way New Zealand would vote Trump. Our election last month kinda said that loud and clear,” said @vnessfraggle, referring to the left-leaning Labour Party’s landslide win in October.



        • NZers are often heavily against Trump.
          Australia is worse.
          People here quote Sky TV AU but it is like a single blade of grass in a field of ignorance and lies.

          It is in direct proportion to the time they take their orders from corrupt, lying, dirty MSM.

          I gave up trying to educate.
          The ignorance runs too deep.
          It is hard enough to do with climate lies or Covid fear.
          My New years res 10 months ago was to give up trying to educate fools.

          There are some who simply want to wear ignorance as a badge of honour.
          That is their right.
          I retain the right to tell them they are wrong..and not waste energy on a free education – which is basically wasted on fools.



          • She hadn’t heard about Hunter Biden and his forgotten laptop and wanted to know why? I told her she was being fed propaganda. It will give her pause for thought but she probably gets all her politics via TVNZ and FB?



  8. For those who are interested in a detailed look into a US poll , listen to Leighton Smith’s latest podcast. He talks to the head of the Democracy Institute in DC. They were one of the few pollsters who picked the 2016 election result correctly. There are picking Trump again but they discuss the results of various questions in detail –really interesting stuff.
    Leighton intends to talk to the guy again later in the week after results are in –that is, Leighton will have 2 podcasts this week instead of the usual one.



  9. This is the guy who Bolger and Farrar support.

    Richard Grenell
    just indicated that he wants the
    to approve of his policies. He mocks
    for not getting the UN’s approval.

    In other words they support someone who clearly wants a NWO.



  10. Meanwhile the wheels are falling off the NZ economy.

    Covid-19 spurs worst unemployment figure in NZ since records began, but Government upbeat

    According to numbers released today, the seasonally-adjusted number of unemployed people rose by 37,000 to reach 151,000 in the September 2020 quarter.

    The latest number puts New Zealand’s total unemployment rate at 5.3 per cent – up 1.3 percentage points from 4 per cent in the previous quarter.

    The rise in unemployment is the largest quarterly rise since the statistic began to be recorded in 1986, with the next highest being a rise of 18,000 people in the June 2009 quarter during the global financial crisis.

    Finance Minister Grant Robertson painted a rosy picture of the numbers, saying they were “better than expected”.



    • You say
      “unemployment rate at 5.3 per cent – up 1.3 percentage points from 4 per cent in the previous quarter.”

      Did you really believe the ‘official figures’ pre-election?

      Pretty much every NZ Govt Dept has been compromised in the last 3 years.

      It took what Klarkenfuhrer dabbled in to a whole new level.
      Pretty much nothing can be relied on

      the places are stacked with misandrists and women with degrees in Wimins studies and Anthropology.
      They have nowhere else to go.
      Govt employment it is; and often paying more than the private sector plus continued full pay and job security during lockdowns.
      It used to be 40 years ago the Public service was lower paid than the private sector but offset by job security and high pensions.
      Now it is good pay plus job security.

      A lot of local councils are stacked with really sicko Englishwomen with very marxist/controlling ideas.
      The Aussie dyke ‘Jan the Ban’ from Massey Agricultural college is a good example of what is out there.

      The situation is dire.
      The CEO of the Ministry of Health pretty much lies on a daily basis
      He is not ‘neutral public service’ any more.
      He is also setting up the billiard table for another lockdown.
      Importing dozens of Covid cases to support it.

      Kiwis ‘do the right thing’ as asked and ‘the flu ‘ numbers are low so they conspire to import covid to exercise more control.
      The playbook is being written in London.
      The price of doing the ‘right thing’ is more pain, fear and control.
      Civil disobedience is the answer.
      You will not be rewarded for being weak and meek.



  11. Some more multi culture imports to NZ

    …. Twenty-eight men were removed on two charter flights to Auckland on Tuesday and Wednesday (27 & 28 October). …..

    The s501 cancellation cohort had been convicted of a range of serious criminal activities in Australia including
    armed robbery,
    causing grievous bodily harm,
    deprivation of liberty and
    domestic violence offences.
    Two had links to Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs. …..


    Just who will be do the “welcoming” committee job, for these recidivists?



    • I think they will be disappointed Kea. Trump has got Florida and is ahead in Ohio, so going on historical results Biden does not have much show. Even the Las Vegas bookies have changed odds in favour of Trump –they must have been looking down a big hole on the lose side of the ledger.

      The important thing now is for the Republicans to hold onto the Senate –that is crucial !!



  12. Well it looks like they’ve learned about managing expectations:

    “Incoming Transport Minister Michael Wood isn’t promising shovels in the ground on Auckland’s light rail by the end of this political term.”



  13. Bet they are nasty Lefties making death threats against her voicing her opinion.

    Author receives ‘death threats’ after criticising new Foreign Minister’s moko kauae

    An author claims she has received hundreds of death threats after criticising Foreign Affairs Minister Nanaia Mahuta’s moko kauae, which she called “not exactly a polished, civilised presentation”.


    After her book’s removal from sale, both BFD and Slater blasted “cancel culture,” adding “as such we can’t recommend our readers use you [Mighty Ape]”.



  14. “The Government’s COVID Response and Recovery Fund pumped $49 billion of borrowed money into the economy at a rate of $11.7 million an hour.”

    ACT warns unemployment ‘will only get worse’ as 37,000 job losses prompts benefit boost plea

    The Government is being urged to “urgently increase benefits to liveable levels” while ACT is warning job losses “will only get worse” as the unemployment rate rises to 5.3 percent.

    ACT leader David Seymour said despite the Government’s “luck” with COVID-19 and “massive fiscal and monetary stimulus”, it still hasn’t prevented a “big rise” in unemployment.

    “The Government’s COVID Response and Recovery Fund pumped $49 billion of borrowed money into the economy at a rate of $11.7 million an hour for six months. Our unemployment numbers will only get worse as the stimulus wears off.”

    He said the Government needs to stop the “out-of-control spending” and get on top of debt.



  15. Hilarious stuff on the media

    Rapper Lil Wayne’s girlfriend has ungirlfreinded him after he came out in support of Trump.
    She is a ‘plus size model’
    Ie a fat chick !

    Hollywood trashers appearing in almost nude pictures to get attention on a day that they are not getting attention

    the media copping crap all over the world as the stations show ‘results’ that are hours behind.
    ..When Sleepy was looking ahead…

    NY Times gets arseholes over claiming media filth are the arbiter of ‘who wins’
    Whats new?

    Finally lots of Biden gaffs are being revealed.
    He is a sick man.
    I mean that in a compassionate way.
    However Democrats like Fruity dont do compassion….just blind rage fueled by hate.



  16. Climate change happening in Auckland tomorrow – Thursday.

    It looks like a big rain day – not many in recent months.
    Then back to no climate change for a while.
    Possibility of the harbour bridge being closed.
    We are back to frightened wimps in charge.

    I see NZTA are desperately trying to change their name to ‘waka who who’ after all the cock ups under the NZTA banner in recent years.
    Taking a leaf from Transdev/Veolia or whatever who have some of their contracts.

    Had a friend who purchased on the Kapiti coast last year (nice spot) expecting the Transmission gully to be open in first half 2020 as scheduled.
    This has ballooned out to ‘not before 2022’ at best.
    She is rather pissed.

    Government Minister extraordinaire James Shaw will have so me work to do on Thursday to explain this climate change – before it is back to normal.
    Personally I blame the cows and goats and Chuck B’s V8 !!



  17. Well one thing is for sure, the pollsters had a terrible night AGAIN. I think it was Frank Luntz (sp?) who said a few days ago that if the polls were wrong again their industry is dead –well I guess he got that right.

    I wonder if some intrepid journalist will do some digging and make a list of the wasted money from the socialist billionaires –Bloomberg, Steyer , Soros, Zuckerberg, Bezos etc. It must be billions.



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