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  1. FFS, it’s that time of the year again ,the Tui population are looking for sex and are up all night singing their hearts out ,the little guys can actually fly around at night in their quest for love but man their all night love songs get a bit repetitive.



    • I’m just asking since the American medical association had declared racism a public health threat, do I need to get a yearly check up for racism?
      Is there a vaccine yet?

      Or are we waiting for Biden to have one of his tame companies produce a fake one like his ballots?



      • The cause is the same reason you love your kids. In group preference has evolved to preserve your genetic material. Same as tribalism and other forms of group loyalty.

        It is normal human behaviour. It is not a sickness. It is essential for survival.



        • The modern concept of “racism” is probably one of many weapons that is used by groups with an agenda to “bring down the establishment” (because at heart, they are closet aristocrats who would lord it over the common man).

          Other weapons include;
          – Righting the wrongs of the past
          – Social justice
          – Equality of outcome
          – Making the sons guilty of the crimes of their grandfathers



          • Did God know something, about why the guilt, and so punishments must continue?

            Exodus 20: 5
            5 You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me,

            Is it that jealousy, that could be an evilness, is actually natural and so a part of God’s nature?

            Redemption is offered, but repentance, acceptance of the crime is all a part of it, to “set the captives free”.
            Or is it perspective bought about by the march through the institutions?



  2. I’m no computer expert so can someone tell me if my signing up to parler would endanger my access to you tube ? 1/2 an hour after doing so I was suspended from you tube luckily only on the device I signed up with ,very strange.



    • You got suspended from YouTube very soon after signing up for Parler?

      Are you a YouTube video poster or excessive commenter? Did you sign up for Parler on the day you posted a hate-speech filled rant?

      If not, then that is fucking sinister! I have Parler on my phone and have been signed up for a long time now, but I’ve had no impact on my YouTube account (only a viewer not a poster or commenter). Will report if my renewed usage of Parler results in being kicked from YouTube.

      BTW revtech if you are a content creator then do share details, always good to get more likes, subscribes and views.



    • revtech120, hard to know if just a glitch, but too much seems to be set up one way.
      No reason for suspension? for how long? or could be debate of different access ways.

      I had notification by google that something very recently was taking over an account, hence I had to put in a new pass word.
      I just do not trust anyone;’s software now.

      Word Press getting its largest blogger Conservative Tree House to find another host.
      Bitchute told to change its servers.

      Far too many Utube, Face book, Twitter, having suspensions or cancellations.

      Yet in those forums one can find BLM, antifa, islamic websites, that are doxxing, and threatening.

      Even on YSB, you may be put into moderation for a wrong word, some we may be aware of, and others that we are not aware of, well so far.
      Other ones are being controlled on their topics, like vaccines, Covid, elections, and just where does it stop?

      So as Edward Snowden, noted, they are creating lists, but those lists were started centuries ago, so that certain people can be taken out, as being an immediate threat and or “Pour encourager les autres” as some else 1400 years ago noted, “I am victorious by terror”



      • When this is done and considered OK then this set a precedent and the right wing and free speech supporters should close their accounts move to the opposition like Parler, my guess is if a significant number of the 70 Million who voted for Trump closed their accounts and the business owners stopped their advertising things would change faster than light speed.



    • Be care out there revtech120 & DP
      It could be worse, like your bank accounts.

      The account had been closed. Without apparent irony, the balance had been appended as a cheque.

      ‘Laura’ could be any of us. But she is also Laura Towler, one of the founders of Patriotic Alternative. Towler is a sort of next-gen BNP type, a net-savvy white identitarian who campaigns against mass-migration, and occasionally winks to her Telegram followers about ‘you know who’ (they know alright: The Jews). It would seem that Towler had been expelled from Santander for her views. But in line with the bank’s conditions, this has not been made clear.
      I had to click off the X for the subsribe part and it cleared.

      A surprising number of names shut down, and in a full studied way.
      Laura Towler, also portrayed as an unlikable person.
      Mark Collett, done over by another banking system in a far off country.
      Brittany Pettibone and Martin Sellner
      Enrique Tarrio, by a bank a continent away.

      and so the list continues on,- former InfoWars staffer Joe Biggs, Project Veritas associate Laura Loomer, and Martina Markota, a Trump-supporting performance artist.

      “many of those bans are mere cascade effects.”

      Take the time, to read the article, see how far reaching the financial minions are that have so many times caused issues just in finance, that discuss, debate, issues like “free speech” “tribalism” “religiosity” etc. etc..

      We need some how a counter measure banking system, even though I know many have searched around, and so far come up with zilch, as it seems another part is taken over by the bigger sharks,

      Maybe I am a little paranoid, but this did go through with out going into moderation, noting all the possible trigger names mentioned above. 🙂



  3. O-sen@0648

    Re:: ‘If racism is an effect, then what is the cause?’

    Perhaps Jealousy, Envy, Laziness, all prompted by a perceived lack of whatever the targetted group (since noticeably it’s always ‘Whites’ who are accused of such things, NEVER the accusers who are apparently as pure as the driven snow) have?

    Curiously, many of the ‘allegers’ seem to be fair of skin, so perhaps their actions are prompted by a need to identify with a self-perceived victim group (with whom they actually have no commonality) and so make themselves feel good…

    Noticeably said ‘complainers / allegers’ rarely seem inclined to actually get themselves off their (metaphorycal) couches and actually DO something to change their own situations.

    It’s FAR easier to sit and whine…



  4. Who remembers economist Ludwig von Mises’ famous quote: “There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion”.

    Last week the Reserve Bank monetary committee had two judgment calls to make: how the economy is going and predicting the economic future. They got them both wrong.
    It is hard to determine how the economy is going. All the data is out of date. Despite noting a “rebound in economic activity is under way”, the committee believes “the economy is subdued”.

    Today that indicator is the ANZ Bank’s truckometer index.

    “Heavy Traffic Index in October was 7.1 per cent higher than a year ago, while the Light Traffic Index is 5.9 per cent higher than a year ago (3-month average),” said the ANZ. November’s index continues the trend.

    The heavy trucks index indicates what is happening in the economy now. The light traffic index is an accurate predictor of the next six months.

    Seven per cent traffic growth is an economy roaring out of recession. There is no need for the bank to further stimulate the economy.


    Concur completely.
    Had a conversation yesterday with a customer who owns several car franchises. Never sold so many new cars, waiting list for some models.
    People , he said seem to have lots of money.
    Notice that the :poor” appear to have disappeared and that people are not maoning about rentals so much. Govt. subsizing them no questions asked. Rents going up and up and up.
    Someone is going to get hurt, big time.



  5. The left are planning a wealth tax. So an elderly widow subsisting on a pension, will have to pay a wealth tax, because her property is worth so much. Also an unemployed family man on a benefit.

    I see they are also after tax dodging property investors Mikey.



  6. Cindy will cut off her nose rather than endorse a Trump man.

    Judith Collins accuses Government of ‘playing politics’ over Trump assistant Chris Liddell’s OECD nomination

    “There are certain things Governments need to do. One of them is to back New Zealanders and I would have thought it’s a no-brainer for the Government to do the right thing – back Chris Liddell unless they’ve got some other New Zealander who they think has got a better chance.”

    Collins suspects it’s Liddell’s work for the Trump administration that’s the issue.

    “I can’t think of any other reason,” she told RNZ.

    “If the Prime Minister’s got something she wants to say about Mr Liddell she should front up.”

    Whether Ardern will back Liddell’s nomination is already causing political tension in New Zealand.

    Liddell also has the backing of ACT’s deputy leader Brooke van Velden who agreed with Bridges that New Zealand should back him and that the Greens’ opposition is “further evidence” they should be “nowhere near power”.

    Ardern says the final decision still hasn’t been made over who Cabinet will support for the role, and citizenship isn’t the only thing to take into account.



  7. House prices to double in seven years, and there’s nothing Jacinda Ardern can do about it – property expert

    A property investment expert says New Zealand house prices will more than double in the next decade, and there’s not a thing the Government can do about it.

    “House prices are going to continue to increase. Here’s a prediction for you – in seven to 10 years’ time, house prices around the country – the median house price will be at least twice what it is now,” Church told The AM Show on Wednesday.

    “That’s a reality. It doesn’t matter what the Government does, it doesn’t matter what the Reserve Bank does. We’ve got 50 years of empirical data that tell us that that’s what’s going to happen.”



    • There was one man back in 1929, who proved to be wise at that instant.

      When he recognized that even the “shoe shine boy” was advising him what to invest in, he clicked, and sold down all his stocks and shares;
      Fortuitously cashed up, when the 1929 stock market crash hit
      That is how Joe Kennedy founded his family dynasty.

      The problem is knowing when the bell rings when it has reached the highest, and or when it reaches its lowest.
      Does the bell toll for you?

      The “joker” in the pack of cards now is the government.
      Can they walk on water?



    • House prices double.
      That wouldn’t be inflation would it?
      Nah couldn’t be.
      Food ,rent, cars both new and used ,rents, salaries , council rates etc all up!
      Not inflation either I suppose?
      NZD wont buy what it used to.!

      We couldn’t be being lied to —- could we?



    • Spark/telecom is only a retailer after the separation in 2008 (by Sorry for being a man)
      The issue now is that the very dodgy publicly listed Chorus is the infrastructure provider.

      The structure that Sorry Man put in place means that whilst there is a commercial arrangement in place for retailers towards Chorus , Chorus call the shots.
      They are tighter than a ducks arse and try not to spend.
      As a clue, their share price has gone from about $5 in Dec 2019 to nearly $9 now.
      They were bringing in Indians on 3 month holiday Visa to install fibre – until this year that was easy.
      To preserve their funds Spark dont like to spend with Chorus.
      It is a bit of a cluster.

      Spoke to a guy last week who had similar install problems.
      You never deal with the same person twice.
      This is in contrast to 5 years ago when I had problems.
      The retailer (Spark or Voda, 2deg etc ) requests. They (Chorus) allocate the job out.
      The way it was 5 years ago the one person gets the job, and that person does not get paid until it is done. So if that tech cannot fix then it does not get sorted.
      I had that. The tech was a recent import whose father was a monkey and he was the missing link.
      After 5 visits, no solution, I looked up the companies office and where the Directors have home address listed; wrote snail mail letter to several directors at their home about how an expose was on its way.

      Action and solution followed.
      When they F with, you give them the broomstick up the a*se treatment .
      A nuclear response. Press the button.

      If it is a dodgy install (controlled by Chorus) Spark have little say and Chorus use subbies who themselves may use subbies .
      It is far from a functional arrangement.
      I’m sorry for being a man.
      This is what happens with split responsibility.

      Same shit, different day.
      This is where the road builds are so complicated. Govt lets contract to private sector who then use subbies and any problems are elongated by having to work through lawyers.
      Good faith bargaining is a cute concept for schoolies.
      Hence big problems on the Transmission gully and huuuge delays from this very thing.

      As the biggest retailer Spark has the most clout but Chorus is a boat anchor.
      Voda are generally shite for service . 2 Degrees are still small enough for service and want the business.



  8. For once I agree with steroid Nash. Keep the rabble out and only bring in high end tourists. Much like Thailand is doing now. You want to go over there anytime soon for a holiday you will need to show at least 25000 nz dollars in your bank account before they give you a single entry tourist visa. Good job I say. Keep the low class ferals (( Kea )) out.




  9. Very important, must watch and send this to your MP.

    Dr. Roger Hodkinson, Chairman of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons committee in Ottawa, CEO of a large private medical laboratory in Edmonton, Alberta and Chairman of a Medical Biotechnology company SELLING THE COVID-19 TEST:

    “There is utterly unfounded public hysteria driven by the media and politicians. This is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspected public. There is absolutely nothing that can be done to contain this virus. This is nothing more than a bad flu season. It’s politics playing medicine and that’s a very dangerous game.

    There is no action needed….Masks are utterly useless. There is no evidence whatsoever they are even effective. It is utterly ridiculous seeing these unfortunate, uneducated people walking around like lemmings obeying without any evidence. Social distancing is also useless…..

    Positive testing results do NOT indicate clinical infection. It is simply driving public hysteria and ALL testing should STOP immediately….using the province’s own statistics the risk of death under 65 is 1 in 300,000. The scale of the response is utterly ridiculous…all kinds of business closures, suicides …. you’re being led down the garden path.”



  10. Stuart Nash, who wants to ban campervans without toilets, says he’s never been caught short on the road

    “We get all these vans driving round at the moment that are not self-contained, so the driver or the passenger wants to go to the toilet – we all know examples of this – they pull over to the side of the road and they shit in our waterways,” Nash earlier told RNZ.

    “We’re a very attractive destination for a whole raft of tourists right across the socio-economic spectrums and I think tourists will turn up here but they just need to know when you come to New Zealand there are some rules you need to abide by.



  11. The Health Ministry is getting ready to ask for the Government’s approval to introduce Bluetooth tracing to the NZ Covid Tracer app.


    The technology has been used in Singapore and Australia, and utilises a phone’s Bluetooth chip to record close contacts.

    It uses those signals to “shake hands” with other phones that a person is in close contact with.



  12. Lefty elite are entitled to their long, lazy summer break.

    House Leader Chris Hipkins hits back as Judith Collins criticises Government’s ‘lazy’ Parliament schedule

    “I’ve never heard anything like this before,” Collins told The AM Show on Wednesday, questioning the Government’s schedule which will see Parliament rise on December 9 – two weeks after the formal opening – and reconvene two months later on February 9.

    “Two months,” Collins said in disbelief. “This is extraordinary that the Government’s taking so long to bring Parliament back and I can only say the answer is because they have almost no legislation other than a tax rise to get through.”

    Collins added: “I think it’s amazingly strange… It does sound awfully like a lazy Government. But that would be a negative thing to say.”



    • They have always had time off from Mid Dec until Early Feb.
      Collins knows this.
      She has been around 18 years there.

      It is time this role as MP was officially made part time..and remunerated accordingly.

      They have had so much time off – all MPs -this year it is ridiculous.
      The Minister of Health was at home in Dunedin mucking about while we supposedly had a pandemic.

      The ones I feel sorry for are the poor All Blacks.
      They did not have to ‘be an all black ‘ for a year and then come back and win less than half their games.
      They were looking at not ‘being home for Christmas’
      So Sad.
      Until the Aussies rejigged the timetable so wee TJ was not upsetty wetty.

      They don’t get a bone crunching game against World Cup holders, South Africa.
      Phew, A Real game. After recent pathos, imagine the score there!

      Some tender All blacks are so exhausted they are coming back early because, y’know, they have to play Super duper (woke-terower) rugby in February and might be a tad tired.
      The 1972 /73 All Blacks were away from beginning of November until end of Feb. Unpaid. no summer. Modern ABs have so much time to work on their hair and nails and dancing !!

      There are so many overpaid , underworked crybabies out there.
      Can they just STFU.

      Of Note
      >Ann Hartley (L) – the grandmother of Material Turei’s kid – was a list MP in 2007 and was elected in November 2007 to North Shore City Council.
      That was easy.
      She gave notice in February and collected 3 months extra pay despite no work to in all that time.

      >Worse was Christine Fletcher (N) who stood for Mayor of Auckland City Council in 1998. She won. She had said if elected she would resign parliament.
      However she did not. By hanging on until the 1999 election she clocked up 9 years and secured the sweet pension.
      Instead, because sitting days were so few, she flew down mid week for 30 weeks to do the minimum. Pension secure, paid as MP and Mayor.

      Either make Parliament part time because that is what is, or cut the number of MPs back to less than 100.
      Remember last year Ardoom was able to spent 7 weeks or so in Australia over summer.

      Notional have no moral high ground here.



  13. Don’t these Green MPs talk to each other? On one side with Davidson you have them worried about the poor etc. then on the other you have Shaw saying ban the importation of petrol and diesel cars. I realise that includes both expensive new cars as well as 2nd hand ones but if you look at the latter –who buys them , the people Davidson supposedly wants to help.




  14. Anyone having trouble with theBFD site. Apparently Slater is degrading the service for non subscribers by fiddling with the cache whatsits. I do notice though that he hasn’t been as rude and insulting to his commenters latterly. Good to see he is getting over his stroke episode.



        • Kea ,and sadly their Children will pay the price, our Children won’t be immune to the shit coming over the horizon either, it’s ironical that the countries Worldwide that have been living with hard times for decades won’t even notice any difference in their living standards as we race down to meet them.



  15. A waste of time Senate inquiry, and only to blur the cover up, to give the illusion of democracy.

    The Ministry Of Truth [Feinstein] Has Spoken: Stop The Steal Is A Violent Group That Was Removed From Facebook.
    2 mins 47 secs : • Nov 17, 2020
    Senator Feinstein’s questions, and Mark Zuckerberg’s reply

    Fienstein wanting to have the “great reset” in controlling guns and frees speech as
    Mrs Feinstein “I am really worried about Americas rallying to keep their freedom.” but only for some.
    Already she has some involvement with CCP and also the Dominion and Smartmatic voting systems.

    Zuckerberg “not to use facebook for civil violence or un-rest.”
    No problem for antifa, BLM, islamic doctrines, that encouraged riots, fires, looting, injury,that were espoused.

    That hearing did bring out there is a form of tracking of users working in with facebook, google and twitter.

    No real connection to reality, to the life of people.



    • A bit of good nitty gritty from a Senator on the co-ordination of google facebook and twitter.

      BREAKING: Josh Hawley Uncovers SECRET Facebook Content Monitoring…
      11 mins 5 secs. : • Nov 17, 2020

      Zuckerberg:- “um um um”.

      Sentra a tracking form across the internet, and keeps a record but ‘Z’ “not familiar with this” yeah right.

      So some of this is being teased out as Cascades can occur as mentioned here, where people become totally “canceled”

      I wonder if Parler connects to some other parts?



    • A good transcript and there is video 2 mins 31 secs. also if you want.

      “Then why is Twitter right now putting purported warnings on virtually any statement about voter fraud?” Cruz pressed.

      “We’re simply linking to a broader conversation so people have more information,” Dorsey said.

      Cruz shot back, saying, “No you’re not. You put up a page that says ‘voter fraud of any kind is exceedingly rare in the United States.’ That’s not linking to a broader conversation, that’s taking a disputed policy position. And you’re a publisher when you do that.”

      “You can take a policy position, but you don’t get to pretend you’re a publisher and get a special benefit under Section 230 as a result,” Cruz added.

      Also a trap was set and Dorsey was snapped in it. ouch :-).

      So after the election, a lot of the swamp creatures started stirring, but are being swept up.



  16. Some new points like on Georgia.
    A repeat of , but a little bit further about Dominion and Smartmatic.
    Then again it will need to be getting thumped, repeated so that people can ponder on it.

    Major developments in key states | Sidney Powell
    10 mins 06 secs : • Nov 17, 2020

    Fraud claims still accruing all the time.
    The founder of Dominion publically says he can alter easily a million votes.
    The whistle blower close to Hugo Chavez saw how Dominion worked in Venezuelan officer who now lives in the USA;

    CIA director fired, The CIA should have been well aware of the fraud.
    So why did the USA CiA do nothing?

    A hostile media to her, yet to gather the evidence so it is all done correctly.
    A concern is that witnesses are scared, and even afraid for their lives.
    Motives, Millions of $ involved, corrupt wealth,

    Go for it Sydney Powell, and good on Newmax.
    Utube note:- no incitement or violence here. 🙂



    • Cleaning up Nevada double voting.

      “This lawsuit presents that 15,000 people voted in NV and another state, it also presents dead voters”
      43 seconds : • Nov 17, 2020

      What type of people vote twice?

      Trumps declares his victory in Nevada.

      Trump electoral college candidates in Nevada file election contest.
      Nevada’s electoral college candidates pledged to President Donald J. Trump today filed an election contest under Nevada’s election code, citing substantial irregularities, improprieties, and fraud that occurred in Nevada’s 2020 presidential election.
      The contest was filed in the First Judicial District Court in Carson City, Nevada, on behalf of six Nevada citizens and voters who were candidates for presidential electors in Nevada.

      “Trump campaign launch lawsuit in Nevada Press Conference (full video). 2020-11-17”
      20 mins 48 secs : • Nov 17, 2020

      “No fraud presented”, but now running down the complaints across the state, that is now shocking.
      No help from the state to sort out the mess, so it is the complaint way, and it all takes time.
      Possibly even more complaints will come forward.



  17. A good steady thorough report.

    A rigged election that insulted many, many Americans, encourages half a million people to converge on Washington, D.C., to stage a huge rally and march as a call to “Stop The Steal”.

    Facebook has quietly changed Biden’s identity to a “political figure,” after once having marked Biden as the “President-elect” after Election Day.
    But as more and more fraud is uncovered in the general election, Facebook changed Biden’s status to “Projected winner,” and finally changing it to “political figure”; three ranks of demotions in a row.

    Trump: I Won the Election; Million MAGA March for Trump | Front Page
    19 mins 18 secs. : Premiered 82 minutes ago [@ about 6:00 pm NZ time.]

    The $’s raked in by the salaries by Biden’s friends in the Cancer Charity.
    All $$ from the death of his son.

    The march, ‘Stop the Steal”
    Estimate half a million in Washington, but also in many other state cities.

    CCP and son of Biden, and how the flow of money is being exposed.

    The rise of liberalism, hand in hand with socialism.
    Trump said “we do not worship government” a contrast to the CCP.
    Still the CCP also keeps fighting on, not to Trump, but about Pompeo.
    Are the CCP rattled?

    A very patriotic Trump speech at the end. “Never give up” May 2017 @16:32 to the end.



  18. Fmr CIA Director Brennan asks some of Trump’s officials “take action to wrest the Presidency from The President”.

    1 min 10 secs. : • Nov 17, 2020

    No respect for law, constitution, or the Federal system, or even the legislation.
    Talk about inciting a coup, for his agenda, to cover his cover ups.
    Was he not a leaker of disinformation about Trump.
    Could even be considered an incitement to violence. and also CNN.

    Lock him up.

    Also note that Kamala Harris has not resigned as Senator, so does she really believe she is a vice President elect! or thinks she can “double dip”?

    Never give up Trump, and this election is filtering out the shit.
    Remember them.



  19. A man was chosen for jury duty who very much wanted
    to be dismissed from serving. He was trying every
    excuse in the world, trying to get out of it but none
    of them worked.

    On the day of the trial he decided to give it one more
    shot. As the trial was about to begin he asked if
    he could approach the bench.

    “Your Honour,” he said, ” I must be excused from this
    trial because I am prejudiced against the defendant.
    I took one look at the man in the Grey suit with
    those shifty eyes & that dishonest face & I said,
    “He’s a crook! He’s guilty, guilty, guilty.” So your
    Honour, I could not possibly stay on this jury!”

    With a tired annoyance the judge replied, “Get back
    in the jury box. That’s his lawyer.”



  20. The judge does not believe his own eyes.

    A suburban footballer who grabbed a nurse off a Melbourne street and dragged her into an alleyway has been acquitted of attempted sexual assault.

    Melbourne nurse dragged into alleyway before assault | 7NEWS
    1 min 31 secs. : • Oct 20, 2020

    Should have been one of those nasska jury trials 🙂

    Possibly only his head should have been deported.



    • Judge Mandy Fox

      Probably not a ‘him’

      So it is OK if Judge Mandy Fox is dragged down an alleyway and raped.
      I’m sure in the aftermath the rape would just be ‘a misunderstanding’

      Judges often are the pits.



  21. Dominion confirms Clinton donation; 2 charged for voter fraud; Tesla to join S&P 500 | NTD Business
    Whole video is 26:36

    It will start on the 9:00 mark and concludes at 13 mins 40 secs on MZ’s donation.

    Mark Zuckerberg donates hundred of milllions of dollars to key election boards in key swing states,
    To receive the money there were written contracts that had to be met, or no money.
    Strangely a lot of the money went to Democrat, poll inspectors,



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