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Just this once, I am proud to be called a racist.  Only a fuckwit would make such a claim of “Buy my book or you’re racist”

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  1. “FUCKWIT” Is the most appropriate word for the worst president in the history of the USA ,bathhouse Barry is responsible for the mess that America has become and along with that smelly old creature Clinton also responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent people worldwide,he was a total failure yet the MSM carry on with the narrative that he’s loved by all .



  2. If anybody actually believes that Cindy is going to mandate the use of some pathetic shambles of a tracing app and once again expose her useless government to ridicule over it’s unreliability for the “team” to see I have a 30 year old Thai girl with a mini skirt and high heels who’s been working on the streets of down town Patpong for 10 years who says she’s still a virgin to sell you .



  3. Giving every Kiwi a $100 e-voucher to spend via the Covid-19 contact tracer app is being touted as a way to revive tourism and help prevent further lockdowns.

    Getting the Government to invest $500m in travel vouchers is one of the recommendations Otago University MBA student Anthony Gardiner makes in a research paper looking at how to deal with the pandemic’s impact on tourism.

    He said distributing vouchers to redeem on tourism attractions, accommodation and transport via the Covid cell phone app would encourage its use, and cost about 1 per cent of the Government’s $50b Covid response and recovery budget.


    Tourism Minister Stuart Nash this week confirmed the idea of a travel card loaded with cash for Kiwis to spend domestically on tourism was under consideration, but he said a lot of work was needed before making a commitment and cost would be a factor.

    These loons never stop spending other peoples money.
    Does he think that they won’t become currency?
    Fucking idiots from university.



  4. Latest from Hobsons Pledge

    Refund expected after editor’s Maori ward advert whinge

    “Stuff should refund money paid for an advert after the editor of the newspaper in which it appeared publicly criticised it, Hobson’s Pledge spokesperson Don Brash said today.
    The advertisement in the North Taranaki Midweek newspaper, paid for by the controversial lobby group Hobson’s Pledge, asked readers to collect signatures calling for a referendum on the New Plymouth District Council’s latest proposal to establish a Maori ward.
    The advertisement was booked in the name of Hobson’s Pledge and we have advertised with Stuff for around four years, Dr Brash said.
    The names of contact persons were included in the advert, as was an address that was clearly not a Stuff address, he said.

    If the newspaper thought for a minute that readers may not realise that the advertisement was an advertisement, it could have placed the word “advertisement” at the top of the advertisement, Dr Brash said.
    This is surely a unique situation, when a newspaper accepts money for an advertisement, knowingly publishes the advert, and then publishes a story complaining that the advertisement was misleading, he said.
    If as the complaining editor wrote, the role of a news organisation is to both inform and facilitate fair and robust discussion, the advertisement has certainly succeeded, as has Stuff’s original decision to publish it, Dr Brash said.”

    See https://i.stuff.co.nz/taranaki-daily-news/news/300162580/north-taranaki-midweek-advertisement-fell-short-of-our-values?fbclid=IwAR1VlGkNpDJlbMU3_-3samdi4hNrNMWPy-FVWcPiF0ypApo-kVQtAFtQ5RM



    • Yes these papers think they are a law unto themselves.
      I had a front page advert on the bottom of a farming paper. They took a premium for the position. When the paper came out, they had a 4 page supplement over the whole paper. I eventually got the add for half price.
      Another paper took my advert, extolling the good client results they were achieving using my products. In the same issue the paper had an editorial slamming products like mine as being useless.
      I told them to get fucked, didn’t pay that bill or did any further advertising with them.



  5. How to kill your tourism.

    Kiwis could be jailed for drinking alcohol in Bali under proposed Indonesia booze ban

    People who consume alcohol in popular tourist hotspot Bali could face up to three years in prison if proposed laws pass.
    Indonesia’s Parliament is re-debating legislation first proposed in 2015, that would ban all consumption of alcoholic drinks and bring jail terms of up to three years for offenders in Indonesia, home to the world’s largest Muslim population.
    The Bill seeks to ban the sale, production, distribution and consumption of all beverages containing more than one percent alcohol.


    Well that will piss the ausies and the saudis off.



          • Not about Indonesia but this brought back to mind something the “last great explorer,” Wilfred Thesiger, told me in 1992. Gavin Maxwell, the author of the famous “Ring of Bright Water,” took Thesiger on a sailing trip up the East coast of Malaysia which was then one of the last and most pristine paradises on Earth on the one condition that Thesiger did not write about the journey. Maxwell was afraid of the terrible impact of mass tourism (see Thailand for details), the curse of beautiful places all over the world, and, true to his word, Thesiger never did write up the trip.



    • The increasing up take of islam, guided by the acclaimed “perfect man”, Mohammad.
      What do they care for Bali, basically seeing many that live there as infidels.

      Another form of corruption, a bit extra to continuously pay in bribes, and allows those to extort some more with menaces, and a form of black mail to control one for other nefarious purposes.

      And so our tourism will be killed too, like how keen are you to even pass through, Manchester, Bradford, Rotherham, and many other similiar areas now in the U,K.



  6. Bird feeder. The feeder I made a while ago gets eaten in one hour. It gets a dozen sparrows, Goldfinchs, on platform spreading seed over the side to get their favorite, another dozen on the ground all charfing down.



  7. A really important question about democracy

    If the Don is not able to reverse the most obvious and brazen electoral fraud in US history, then what does that mean for democracy?

    If the most powerful nation on Earth, with a watertight constitution – where Trump supporters (probably nearly 80 million of them) crawled over broken glass, past para-military opposition forces to vote – can’t hold free and fair elections. Then what is the point of democracy?

    If it is a sham in the US, then we can absolutely guarantee that it is a sham everywhere else.

    If the cabal of the radical left/robber business barons/MSM can get away with this heist then we are all dis-enfranchised. If our vote counts for naught then why are we consenting to pay taxes? No taxation without representation!

    If Trump loses, then democracy is dead. There is no way back. Once it is mainstreamed for a few mega powerful interests to determine who governs there are no mechanisms that would allow a rolling back of the corruption (well other than a generational bloody conflict/revolution).

    As the US election heist has played out, my election day suspicions about NZ’s elections deepen. Statistically improbably things are beginning to look very much like election fraud in the US, NZ had an even greater number of statistically improbable outcomes too?

    NZ quaintly and innocently likes to think of itself as a corruption free nation. In truth we are a corruption-DETECTION free nation.

    No sane person believes Cindy won more than 50% of the vote. No sane person believes vast swathes of the SI party-voted red! How long before NZ is using Dominion voting machines in our elections?



  8. Jacinda Ardern made a huge song and dance (Sad Speech/Frowny Face etc) about the Pike River anniversary.
    Yet she completely ignored Aramoana.
    And she blatantly snubs any War Commemorations (Where there was much,much greater loss of life).
    One can only assume it because Labour are still clinging on to hope that they can send John Key to jail or something..
    Everything is the Nasty Nats fault you see?



  9. Michigan, deals to people who try to make a stand.

    “it is really outrageous what these folks have had to go through.”
    He added, “the threats, the blackmail, the extortion.
    That’s those terms that apply here.
    When you have people threatening them physically, threatening their children, their families, their own, …
    that really should have the Department of Justice moving in, but we’ve seen very little to be happy about in the way of justice from the Justice Department.
    For too long it has been the department of injustice, and it still is as long as Christopher Wray is head of the FBI.”

    Louie Gohmert to Newsmax TV: Treatment of Michigan GOP Canvassers ‘Outrageous’
    6 min 44 secs : 19 November 2020

    It was known back in January that the voting machines were hooking up to the internet, despite that they were not supposed to be able to.
    Then sealed by the threats of doxxing & violence.

    Then there is the press release by the secretary of state Michigan

    False claims from Ronna McDaniel have no merit
    NOVEMBER 6, 2020
    In response to the false claims made by Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, the Michigan Department of State issues the following statements of fact: ……


    …… Yeah right …. a “see through” sticking plaster on a cut artery.

    It seems very systemic of how Michigan is run, almost like a Mob, and what they are prepared to do



  10. There was some discussion here yesterday about Pike River. I did not comment because I really don’t know much about the disaster but this morning I received an e mail which was sent to the Breakfast show yesterday which you may find of interest:

    Men died because they could not escape from the mine.
    They could not escape because there was no second portal.
    There was no second portal because the mine was not properly designed.
    It was not properly designed because there was no-one with the authority to say that it was not properly designed.
    There was no such person because there was no Mines Department with a Chief Mining Engineer.
    There was no Mines Department because Max Bradford had scrapped it.



  11. Dear Editor, I have noticed a significant increase in blogging on YSB over the past few months. Congratulations for hosting the BEST NEW ZEALAND BLOG!!!

    Fruity won’t be pleased. But to be honest I think he’s lost much of his interest in Kiwiblog.



  12. China sends warning after Five Eyes express ‘serious concern’ at Hong Kong policy

    “The Chinese people will not provoke troubles, but we never flinch when trouble comes our way. No matter how many eyes they have, five or ten or whatever, should anyone dare to undermine China’s sovereignty, security and development interests, be careful not to get poked in the eye,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said on Friday morning.

    “We deplore and firmly oppose relevant country’s finger-pointing over China’s Hong Kong affairs, which is a flagrant violation of international law and basic norms governing international relations.”



    • Capricon One, Tarquin, Alice, [+ nasska, (whack that weird karen too.) 🙂 ] and all on YSB.
      Always good to keep on exposing, questioning.
      The arm gets tired playing “whack a mole” or “whack a moron” or “whack a karen”.
      But persist with reasoning, lifting the lid, exposing the truth on their fears, pushing for their accountability.

      The government points the finger back on the people, as if every one elsewhere are doing it right, Wrong!

      The Next Crisis?
      17 mins 34 secs. : Premiered [circa 7:00 am NZ time]
      By “Computing Forever” the animation red head & beard.

      Those tracer apps, have been a world wide hoodwink.
      As mentioned from 15:40 onward.

      The whole reason for those apps, what may be put into effect to net work, internet people in as in my comment on the post;- “Time to ask the question here?”



    • From Cap 1’s link:

      ……”What I do know is that it’s a weird one when the public appetite is there, but for some reason the Government won’t push it.”……

      I can enlighten you even though you’re a queer, controlling bitch. It’s because countless health experts tell us that they don’t stop coronavirus. In fact they don’t even hinder the virus or make it take detours. If any fabric was thick enough to stop virus droplets from flying in ten abreast you wouldn’t be able to breathe through it.

      Just another do-gooding, dozy Karen! Regrettably “the public” are as thick as you.



  13. For those following the US election –it is all coming out now. Go over to The Gateway Pundit, they have a heap of posts today including a few covering Sidney Powell and Rudi’s press conference. To many to just link here –go see.

    But I will post this one –a computer sleuth has worked out they tried the fraud in ALL states but President Trumps lead was too great in most cases like Texas and Florida. I would love to see the real data for California.




  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEiEEfRDS58
    Laurence Fox | Reclaiming British Culture

    Eminent actor and musician Laurence Fox, known for his many distinguished roles in film and television has recently launched a new political party in the UK. Reclaim sets out to uphold fundamental principles like free speech, defend British institutions from creeping cultural Marxism and promote a positive image of the United Kingdom and its many achievements.
    1 hour



  15. Fucking crooked fucking liars

    Remember the bleeding hearts? Remember the wringing hands? Remember the sanctimony when Sir David Attenborough’s wildlife programme on Netflix showed ‘harrowing footage of polar bears falling to their death” which that fucking old lying twat Attenborough told us was due to man-made Climate Change?

    Aside from the totally ludicrous proposition that walrus’s could be as inconceivably dumb as the human race in wanting to commit suicide because of the lie of Chicken Little Climate Change – it’s now been proven that it was (as sane people at the time said) because of Polar Bears hunting them (frankly if I had nearly a tonne of big white scary bear after me – I’d fucking jump too).

    Time for Attenborough to be put in the same senile sanitarium as Biden I think.

    What a fucking lying cunt Attenborough is.

    We are being lied to by the MSM all day, every day on everything!



    • What a fucking pathetic world we live in – an absolute piece of shit like Attenborough gets a knighthood for fake science and a real scientist like David Bellamy gets ostracised for telling the truth.

      What a pathetic species we’ve become.



    • Yes nature can be brutal.

      Nazism was brutal.
      Communism is still very brutal.

      Who will be brutalized in the War on Poverty? or BLM.

      “If this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it,” said Hawk Newsome, chairman of Black Lives Matter of Greater New York, during an interview with Fox News.
      “I could be speaking figuratively, I could be speaking literally. It’s a matter of interpretation.”
      “We go in and we blow up countries and we replace their leaders with leaders who we like. So for any American to accuse us of being violent, it’s extremely hypocritical.”


      Just so we know what the ordinary citizen is up against.
      Woke or Wake up?

      A two edge sword.
      Revolutions can be very brutal.
      War, to win, is also very brutal.



    • The memes, full of an agenda. hmmm
      Do not think, and all “wrong think” will be done away with.
      Just learn and obey.
      Trust us! yeah right, but sadly many of those in fear, the kevins & karens do.

      I think all the left do this, and that is why they remain cohesive and any differences are totally accepted so as to continue their relentless march to “power & control” for the sake of “safety & security” for all.

      The right, well we, reason, even disagree, on certain points and parts.
      Herding a bunch of cats, until there is an actual dog thrown into their midst, when we simply shut up and disappear.
      We then turn around, like the committee of mice, and say that a bell should be put on the cat, those leftist bastards.

      Only occasionally do we really group up, when we see the costs of that control, being so costly on freedom and liberty.
      Usually almost too late.



    • Red Radio this morning.
      Hear the derogatory remarks by their correspondent “Simon Marks” to take Rudy Giuliani’s credibility down.
      5 mins 42 secs.
      Just unbelievable, out of context and not on any points that Rudy fully covered.

      RNZ do not want to be totally caught out, so do not put into writing what Simon Marks said in the report.

      Naturally one becomes very attuned to figuring the opposite of what they say.



    • Giuliani dished by media.
      Even in Braybots nemesis link above, it is mentioned that some of the press questions and answers were edited out.
      ….. summarily dismissed Thursday by Fox News, whose reporter ostensibly called lawyer Rudy Giuliani a liar.
      Without any independent verification, Fox News’ White House correspondent Kristin Fisher claimed Giuliani’s statements were “light on facts,” “baseless,” or “simply not true.”
      “That was certainly a colorful news conference from Rudy Giuliani, but it was light on facts,” Fisher said in her report. “So much of what he said was simply not true or has already been thrown out in court.” …….
      …… “Giuliani, he opened by making this really bold and baseless claim that a lot of this alleged nationwide voter fraud that he’s referring to all come from one centralized place,” she said afterward.
      “He called it a nationwide conspiracy. And, yet, he failed to provide any hard evidence to back up that one specific claim, especially when you’re really dealing with a claim that cuts to the core of our Democratic process.” ….
      ….. one reporter suggested the legal team was losing and dropping cases.
      “It’s not our case, ma’am; don’t lie to people,” Giuliani shot back, saying his team has only has three lawsuits running.
      “You’re lying.
      “Our lawsuits have not been dropped all over the place.”​ …..
      …… “I know you keep reporting, falsely, that we have no evidence – that we have no specifics acts of fraud,”
      Giuliani scolded reporters. “That’s because the coverage of this is almost as dishonest as the scheme itself.
      “The American people are entitled to know this. You don’t have a right to keep it from them.
      You don’t have a right to lie about it.
      And you are.”
      Giuliani reminded the media he cannot turn over the signed affidavits under the penalty of perjury from witnesses for fears of retaliation against them, publicly or professionally.
      “We’ve lost lawyers in this case, because they’ve been threatened,” he said.
      “We have lawyers who need protection.
      What’s going on in this country is horrible, and the censorship that you’re imposing is making it worse.”


      Why do these journalists just report, noting the facts, or even errors, but they push and insert their views, censor other parts, so their agenda is part of the program.



    • Further to the points I made above about Michigan, and its “band-aid” press release.

      Also in line with Rudy’s points.
      An affidavit by one on the county board.

      “Late in the evening, I was enticed to agree to certify based on the promise that a full and independent audit would take place,” said Hartmann in his affidavit.
      “I would not have agreed to the certification but for the promise of an audit.”

      “This vote was followed by public derision from our two democrat colleagues. I, and Monica Palmer, who also voted against certification, were berated and ridiculed by members of the public and other Board members,”
      Hartman state in the affidavit. “This conduct included specious claims that I was racially motivated in my decision.
      This public ostracism continued for hours during which time we were not provided an opportunity to break for dinner and were not advised that we could depart and resume the hearing on another date.”


      Then on the affidavit go to No. 18 and see what was really inflicted on them.

      They did very well, considering the pressure, disrespect and threats, figuring that an audit was the way out.

      This is behind why Trump would be wanting to meet, though this is sourced from NBC with their take on things. 🙁



    • The Sidney Powell part of that full Press Conference for the ones wanting a small bite. 🙂

      “Massive Election Fraud” is Provable Says Trump Campaign
      13mins 38 secs.

      Slightly repetitious. but she adds to it incrementally by explaining by a slightly different angle in some parts and slowly it is all drilling down with more new facts and new ways of how the voting was altered.
      Also the different ways of payoff, to entice those elected, to agree to allow these machine systems.

      This voting system has connections to Auckland.
      I do not know if just for local elections, or did also work during national elections, sort of under the radar.



  16. I think I’m going mad.

    Can someone please, please, please tell me if complete economic and social collapse with hyperinflation, fake employment, massive unemployment and the collapse of our ability to provide basic services is necessary before this CoronaFraud is finally brought to an end by either the ballot or civil insurrection or war?

    Asking on behalf of a friend.



  17. Urban Dictionary.

    Soy face
    The face a nu-male makes when taking a selfie with his mouth gaping open.

    Also known as glory hole face.

    “Joe’s always on instagram taking selfies with that really awkward soy face.”

    by uncle__fester June 04, 2018



    • More likely not too happy that Klaus Schwab is being portrayed in a negative light,
      The more the sunlight is turned on them, then people can see some of the flaws, that raise more questions.
      Some serious flaws, like Prince Charlie supporting them. 🙂

      The inter connection of the UN supporting the WEF World Economic Forum, and also linked to WHO, organisation that championed Mugabe, supported China.
      The WEF seems to be putting all internet into UN systems of control.

      Trying to back down, just a little, to reduce the bad exposure, but bet on continuing to gain political influence, and tied in with the bureaucracy so as to entice the kevins & karens.

      Besmirching anyone for their fear of the “great reset”, “build back better” as if conspiratorial, as if being over the top, and should get back to their full adulating support, that it is only “kindness” & “well being” is the main reason to be. …. yeah right.

      Now where did Winston Peters sign us up?
      Muller National Party signed NZ in for “zero carbon” 2030.
      Shaw & Greens want more signing up to UN ideas.
      What is Ardern signing us up to now?



    • It is a Reset.
      A huge reset and overthrow.

      It is all about control and overlording.
      -Kick out petrol cars, replace with electric golf cars;
      Completely controlled and using geo fencing.

      -Digital health certificate.
      -Observation of everything you watch on the internet.
      (which is why they will be slow to ban alternate sites, they want to see what people visit and build a profile.)

      Don’t worry about the Russian or Chinese. They are the least of your worries.

      2020. The year of change.
      -Stop you going to the gym, golf course, tennis court, beach etc.
      Can’t visit relatives or elderly people, even parents.
      Education on line. A ) we can see exactly what you are doing b) you can’t mix with other young people and pick up bad ideas. Even the kids that went to University in the UK are confined to dorm in many parts.

      Line up for the supermarket. We will tell you when you can go in. Limited numbers of some items.
      Close other retailers. You need a new washing machine? – apply at Party HQ for a certificate to request.

      Practicing for the near future.
      You may cycle or walk- mode of the future.
      This is a real reset.

      Everything from the 1900s is evil. Don’t forget.
      Cars, fossil fuels that made the world a smaller place, Christianity, white dominance (and creativity) , creative music, creative movies.
      -The ‘arts’ are now corralled and controlled. You get a break if Simon Cowell or some other prick like him says so.
      -Movies:- mass produced shite with lots of big names crammed in , explosions n crap; inferior remakes. Lots of woke movie crap and female 120 pound heroines beating up 5 x220 pound guys at a time. Since 2015.

      The idiots implementing it are white fools- Ardern, BoJo, Trudeau, Merkel, EU pricks.
      Hence the desire to have a part Tamil, part negroid female as Prez of the USA ASAP.

      .. and the ones communicating it are white fools = media dogshite. Too many to name.
      Douglas Murray is correct- the Strange Death of Europe.

      Eventually it will be limited movement- as we have it now – It is not an accident.
      In Auckland we could not leave in August. Borders patrolled by the army.
      A precedent is established.
      Under emergency of course; Y’know, to keep you safe.
      You still can’t realistically leave the county.
      Melbourne, Adelaide all used to it now.
      Pockets of the UK are ‘geo fenced’.

      Keep your petrol car after 2030 – Ok.
      However, Evil petrol at $5-$10 per Litre from 2027.
      See how that goes.
      The drums have been beating.
      UK is already moving to $charging for vehicles to go to certain areas.
      Announced this week.

      A lot of the ‘last five years’ since what will become Year Zero (aka. 2015) has been prepping for this.
      Govt funded media (just like, you know, that other place, Pravda etc…)
      Changing language, splitting people up by offsetting them using preposterous concepts to get emotions running and like BLM.
      George Floyd. The MacGuffin.

      This is well planned and being executed fast.
      This is the 21st Century version of Crofting being put in place.
      If you are good you will get your allotment and get by on subsistence living.
      Don’t get big headed. There is salt that needs adigging.



        • Yes.
          Not yet finished product.

          Not to worry, the Prinzess will make weed legal to relieve the misery- like the vodka freely flowing in her spiritual homeland , Comrades.
          The precedent is there- most referenda are ignored.



            • Good on you AP.
              I trust the job is working out well.

              I took the uncompromising stance in August 2018.
              Before that I believed in to and fro, listening to the other person etc.

              But that (8/18) was the time where free speech got smashed.
              Notional stood by and blubbered in the corner, as usual.
              Liebour were in full support and the Gweens,.. well I don’t give a flying fudgecake what those pricks think.

              Aug 2018. The time for education and compromise was over.
              This was the time the two Canadians were banned and Akl council locked them out of council (ratepayer) venues. When it was rebooked at Powerstation the shitty, lefty scum threatened to cause great trouble. The owners/leaseholders were contacted and threatened.
              At the same time an Aussie feminazi cnut as the HNIC at Massey Ag College banned giddy old Don Brash from speaking.

              Numbers up.
              No compromise, no quarter.
              I got all old testament… an eye for an eye,



  18. The Government will make an emergency benefit available to people on temporary work, student or visitor visas who can’t return home and/or support themselves because of the coronavirus pandemic.

    Social Development and Employment Minister Carmel Sepuloni made the announcement today that the emergency benefit will be available from December 1.

    The Red Cross programme is set to end on November 30 after having supported over 12,300 people with basic needs like food and accommodation since July 1, when it began, Sepuloni said.

    “We want to ensure people eligible and most in need continue to get support with their basic needs while trying to return home as soon as they can, if they are not able to find suitable employment,” Sepuloni said.



  19. A nice clear summation of how the elections issues are progressing.

    As we have said before, Trump seems to have a clear shot at winning the election fraud charges.
    He even has the effort to face the Chinese Communist Party at the same time during this critical time of exposing the election fraud.

    The U.S. Army sent five military aircraft to the South China Sea in a row.

    The U.S. military demonstrated precision missile interception capabilities in response to the threat of frequent Chinese missile launches from the East Wind.
    According to the U.S. Army, based on preliminary data, the test met its primary objectives and demonstrated the capability of the Standard 3 missile to intercept ICBMs.
    This test missile intercept by the U.S. Army is a show of force for the CCP.
    Don’t think that just because the U.S. is victim to this virus and the U.S. election is chaotic right now, that the CCP can do anything it wants.

    “Trump Will Appeal to Supreme Court; Nevada: Eligibility of 99.8% Voters are not verified |Front Page”
    23 mins 14 secs. : [circa 4:00 pm NZ time]

    The facts slowly coming out, and being banked as evidence.
    Positions being changed to enforce the laws, and others now will be looking to scatter if they can.
    “The days have eyes, the night has ears”, so putting on notice the ones who are cheating.
    Brings most interesting perspectives and background, of what others say. and perhaps their motives. 🙂

    Showing that CCP is flexing, in many ways, to gain control of many countries.
    Worth thinking on their insidious ways as mentioned.
    Just think on what is already in NZ borders, the Confusions Institutes, sister cities, that are into local councils and other business deals that seem to stay below the media’s radar.



  20. ‘Stuffed’ and their lies.

    They push climate change and rising seas and crap.

    I was curious about what happened to the wreck of the Hyderabad that went up on Waitarere beach in 1878.
    I remember it as a kid and playing on it sometimes.
    The sands have now shifted OUT and buried it .

    Stuffed loves to use its scaremongering lines.
    Scary voice: If you are against climate change you are against us!

    People calling out Stuffed over the ‘growing beach’
    Amazing the comments were allowed to remain.
    Back in the day. 2017. You wouldn’t get away with that heresy now. No Siree.

    and 2013
    “Coastal processes mean a constant supply of sand replenishes the dunes at Waitarere, rarely eroding away.
    The beach at Waitarere extends by over a metre each year as a result.”

    Uh Oh. I hope the non believer that wrote this has been beaten with the rattan and fired.
    Telling the truth in journalism. That is NOT acceptable.



  21. He still takes Sidney Powell seriously.
    Yet Tucker wants to control her.

    “Tucker Carlson SLAMS Sidney Powell for not Providing Evidence Election was Taken from Trump”
    10 mins 40 secs.

    Still Sidney and Rudy have to be careful, the names of people, affidavits, threats around.
    Would you trust Fox News?
    So why is Tucker upping the anti?
    Some Republicans also gave the ok for the smartmatic Dominion machines too,
    What happened to the evidence posted to Tucker about Biden’s lap top? BLM or hidden now?
    What is the game? I only want the truth to emerge.

    Yes ok to be a bit skeptical, but the evidence should only be provided to the courts, is how I see it.
    The courts are the ones to do the deciding and I know it is the media system in the USA.
    By what date, well consideration of Dec. 14 th is one such date.
    Jan 17the2021 is another timely decision time too.

    Patience, by all is needed, and time to get and sift the evidence to get the bottom line that will stand up in a case to be put before the courts.



  22. Dismal Wellington:

    Wellington, New Zealand has received less than four hours of sunshine a day this month, and is on track to suffer its gloomiest November on record.

    “We had 12 hours on the first and everything went downhill,” said MetService meteorologist Lewis Ferris. “We’ve had 66.7 hours in total and that’s a long way from the average of 210 hours.”
    “The smallest number of sunshine on record is 133 hours, back in 1954,” said Ferris, whose extended forecast reveals the next 10 days all feature thick cloud cover, meaning the record will almost certainly go. Also, that year of the previous dullest November, 1954, falls bang in the depths of solar minimum of cycle 18–further supporting the low solar activity/increased cloud cover hypothesis.
    All this cloud has, unsurprisingly, also seen Wellington exceeded its monthly average rainfall — the city is now just 60 mm short of this being its wettest November on record. While elsewhere in New Zealand, the sea-level cities of Dunedin and Invercargill were recently blanketed in rare spring snow. While further north, Napier was besieged by flash flooding in what was described as a “one-in-150 year” event.



  23. Two Aussie priests are in a bathroom using the urinals. One of them looks at the other one’s penis and notices there’s a Nicoderm patch on it. He laughs and says,’I believe you’re supposed to put that patch on your arm or shoulder, not your penis.’ The other one replies, ‘It’s working just fine. I’m down to two butts a day.’



  24. ACT’s David Seymour criticises Jacinda Ardern’s housing deposit promise Treasury warned against

    “In fact, financial support is likely to increase prices when supply is constrained. The Accommodation Supplement and HomeStart grants [the previous name of the First Home Grant policy] are examples of demand-side assistance.”

    “This is classic Jacinda Ardern: Introducing policies that seem kind but actually make matters worse,” said ACT leader David Seymour. “She’s like a fire-fighter with a hose full of petrol. Pouring more taxpayer money into the housing market will only make the housing crisis worse.”



  25. Please take care of yourself this Christmas, A recent joint study conducted by the Police & the Transport Agency indicates that 23% of traffic accidents are alcohol related.
    This means that the remaining 77% are caused by arseholes who just drink coffee, carbonated drinks, juices, milk, water, and stuff like that.
    Therefore, beware of those who do not drink alcohol, they cause three times as many accidents .
    This message is sent by someone who cares about your well being.



  26. News just in
    You probably won’t see it in NZ until Wednesday and then heavily modified

    The lockdown in South Australia has ended.

    It transpires that the key person worked at a Moozlem pizza and kebab joint.
    He was being paid under the table
    Not clear what his immigration status is as well
    He was working in a MIQ facility and under the table at the kebab/pizza joint.

    He lied to investigators as the second job was not ‘above board’
    Said he was a customer.

    A bit slack of the authorities
    They started severe lockdown Wed night.
    Meant to run 6 days (like NZs one in August, ha ha)
    Just cancelled it
    Back to normal
    Huge losses to businesses
    School Graduation ceremonies cancelled around the state today – kids saying farewell after years of college – cancelled .

    Toppie Coppie boy says
    ‘That clearly changes the circumstances and had this person been truthful to the contact tracing teams, we would not have gone into a six-day lockdown.’

    They locked down the whole frigging State based on unverified lies of a teenage minimum wage worked probably called Mohammed
    His boss and the other workers at the joint probably lied as well. Clear that the boss did .

    The Diversity Dividend ///

    Fuck me sideways.
    A lot of anger in SA right now.



    • That is one of the reasons Covid would be so high in Belgium, when cities like Molenbeek city have a high muslim, plus continuing immigration,

      The U.K. similiar and the lock down is not policed as Friday prayers seem to continue, and 1000’s keep coming across the Channel.

      Their loyalty is not to a country, but to the ummah, the muslim community;

      Run in the Otago DailyTimes

      wasn’t satisfied with “the feeling they got from this”, South Australia Police Commissioner Grant Stevens said, speaking at the conference.

      The review team went back to re-interview the man, who finally disclosed he worked several shifts at the pizza bar.

      Premier Marshall said it was not yet clear what the man’s motivation was.

      Just carefully self censuring, not mentioning ethnicity, culture or ideology.

      Would that be to protect the police.
      One would think that the police have a lot of “hate think” a form of racialism to pick on the victim again.



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